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Andrews visit III

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Andrews visit IIISucking his dick and rubbing his young hole Andrew started moaning. His legs began to shake. I bobbed my head and tickled the head with my tongue. After a couple of minutes Andrew started breathing quicker, if it wasn’t for me holding his legs he would have fallen over. He stiffened up, then fell against me. I continued massaging his butt. He moaned loudly as I pressed on his tight hole. He finally straightened up and I laid him down on my lap. A sweet smile on his face told me how much he enjoyed it. When he opened his eyes I asked him if he was ready for bed, he knodded his head. I picked him up and carried him down the hall. I asked him if he wanted to go to his room or mine. He pointed to my room. I kissed his forehead and laid him on my bed. Stripping down and climbing into bed,he scooted back against me. I pulled the sheets back and turned off the light.I woke up with the feeling of something on my dick. I looked down and seen Andrew pulling güvenilir bahis on it.I rolled over on my back and pulled the sheets back. I said to slow down some and not to hold it so tight. After a few minutes he finally got it right. He looked up as to get approval. I told him he was doing good. I showed him how to hold my balls and massage them. After a couple of minutes a bead of pre-cum pushed up and pooled on the head of my dick. I told him to taste it. He had a shocked look, but leaned down. I said to stick his tongue out and lick it. Flicking his tongue over my dick head he had a puzzled look. I asked him what he thought about it, he said it tastes funny. I laughed and said maybe you can try it later.I said some people like it and others don’t. I asked him to go back to stroking my dick. As more pre-cum pushed up, I said to use his hand to rub it all over. I told him to spin around and put his butt in my face. He giggled and asked why, I said you’ll türkçe bahis see. I helped him get around and push back. I had full access to his little dick and tight hole. I kicked the under side of his dick, then ball sack, over his scrotum. He moaned loudly as I licked my way back, spreading his butt cheeks, I looked at his tight little hole. I started kissing his cheeks, and licked the sides of his crack. That tickles he said, I told him to pay attention to what he was doing. When I put my tongue on his hole he squirmed and squeezed my balls. I said not so tight. After a couple of minutes Andrew started pushing backward, as I lapped at his young bud. He arched his back and tightened his hand around my dick. I said to play with my balls more. When I pressed my tongue against his hole he flinched, I told him to relax. I licked it again and started pressing on his hole more. His breathing quickened and he moved his hand faster. That’s it, I said. You’re doing güvenilir bahis siteleri fine. His dick was stiff and twitching. I licked the under side of it ,then stroked it. I felt my own orgasm building up. I asked him to put the head in his mouth and suck on it like a big straw. I nearly came when I felt the warmth of his mouth, but didn’t want to frighten him. I asked him to lay next to me.He slid off and lay looking at my dick.I turned on my side and stroked my dick till I was about to cum. Do you want to see something amazing, I asked. Yes he said, I leaned farther till my dick was touching his belly and stroked faster. I exploded all over his stomach and chest, wow he exclaimed. What is that he asked. I said it’s cum. Why is it white and sticky,he asked, I said I’m not sure. I ran my fingers through it and licked them. Andrew asked if he to taste it.I said to open his mouth, and wiped more up. Putting my fingers in his mouth I told him to suck them clean. He said it’s salty I asked what he thought about it. He said he wasn’t sure. I told him not to worry about it, in time he’ll either like the taste or not. I wiped us clean and told him to take a shower and get ready for breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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