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Ann – Part Three

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Ann went to the kitchen for some paper towels. I was still catching my breath, enjoying the aftermath of my own orgasm, and leaking cum out of my limp cock. I watched as she walked, her tits swaying, and all that cum on her arms and chest. She was attractive, sexy and erotic. When she returned she cleaned herself, then me, then the floor and couch. “Can you cum again?” she asked. The answer, of course, is yes. But then I had to admit that we might have to wait a few minutes before I would be ready. In such situations, and to preserve some male dignity, when I’ve just cum and the lady wants to continue, I can gain a little recovery time by turning my attention to the lady’s needs. “I want to play with your pussy some more.” I said, more in the form of a question than a statement. I got a bit of a stern response. “One thing you need to know is that I don’t want to be asked whether I want to do something. You know what you like and what you want to do. Just do it, and if, for some very rare reason, I don’t want to do it, I’ll let you know and we can talk about it.” Okay, most times, unless I’ve really lost it and don’t want to wait, I usually either ask the lady if she wants to do something or tell her what I want to do. If Ann didn’t want it that way, it was okay with me. I helped her sit on the couch again, and lifted her legs, bending them back at her knees and spreading them apart, giving me her bare, wet pussy. I buried my tongue in her sweet hole and licked and sucked on her lips and clit. I had just cum, so it wasn’t so much a matter of whether I was in recovery mode or was turned on. Just for the record though, I was still turned on. Right now it was more that I wanted to do something different than just finger her pussy and clit as I had done a short time before. Again, Ann was very vocal telling me how it felt to have my tongue in her slit, and that she loved having her pussy and clit played with. I kept my attention on her love button this time, eventually sucking it into my mouth, and flicking it back and forth with the tip of my tongue. She moaned and groaned loudly and arched her back to push her pussy into my mouth. “Mike, fuck me! I need to be fucked! Please, fuck me now!” I was hard again, Ann wanted to be fucked, and this would be our first time. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom, her tits bobbing up and down and my hard cock swaying from side to side, as we rushed to her bed. Whether it was instinctive or not, Ann lay on her back on the bed and I started to move my swollen shaft between her spread legs. “Wait!” she said. “I know I said you could do anything you wanted and need not ask or tell me. But I have an exception. That thing between your legs is not going to fit into me; at least not without a lot of effort and probable pain. We need to go slow and I need to be in control. Okay?” I knew what she meant; I’d been in this situation before. I knew that she would eventually accept all of my cock in her pussy; a pussy can be very accommodating when needed. Just look at the pictures on the internet of women with baseball bats or cans of beer in their pussy. But try telling that to a lady who has not had a cock in her for a while and is looking at a prick with a girth that, from her perspective, looks like it will split her in half. I lay on my back, told her there was no hurry, and she should go as slow as she needed. Ann put some lube on the head of my cock, a little on my shaft, and some on her pussy. She maneuvered herself over my cock, held the stiff shaft with both hands, and slowly sat on my cock, maneuvering the head into her pussy. That part went fine. It took us another 20 minutes or so, maybe mersin escort longer, and more lube and great patience on her part, to slowly slide my cock into her slit, a little at a time, stopping often to let her accommodate to the mass entering her love hole. Even when I was all the way in her, Ann was cautious about moving. Slowly, she inched her hole up and down on my stiff tool until she was sliding up the whole shaft and then taking it all back inside her. During this whole time, Ann never expressed any pain; nor did she express anything that might be interpreted as pleasure. Hers was more of a calculated, determined, resolute effort to get used to something that, to her, looked liked it would never, ever fit in her love hole. Once I was deep in her wet hole, and she had become used to my manhood, she bent forward, her head and boobs on my chest, and her hands holding onto my shoulders. Slowly, very slowly, she began to slide her slit up and down on my cock. Any apprehension, concern, worry or hesitation on her part was slowly replaced by low, quiet moans of pleasure, which, in turn, became louder as she began to increase her pace. “Oh, my God! This feels so fucking good. Your cock completely fills me up.” She kept sliding up and down my shaft, still somewhat slow, but with an increasing tempo, a tighter grip on my shoulders, heavier breathing and louder moans and groans. She raised her head off my chest and looked at me. She didn’t say anything at first. She just had a surprised look on her face; a “what’s happening to me” look. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum.” She yelled. And she did. I won’t say it was as intense as her orgasm earlier in the afternoon. But it was genuine and loud and I enjoyed watching and hearing her cum. Even as she experienced her orgasm, I could feel her fuck hole continue to slide up and down my manhood while she moaned and groaned during her climax. The loud noises and “pained” expression on her face that was present while she enjoyed the height of her orgasm, again changed to a quizzical expression on her face. She continued to fuck me and look at me, like she was trying to tell me that something that she did not understand herself. “I’m going to cum again. Fuck, I’m cumming again.” she screamed. This time she came with some intensity, an exaggerated look of pain and pleasure on her face, and she did not stop moaning and grinding on my cock for some time. And she was loud. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she said over and over as she arched her neck and looked up at the ceiling, grinding her pussy down on my cock. Ann had experienced two orgasms within a minute or so of each other. The first was as good an orgasm as she had ever experienced, excluding the apparently overly intense orgasm she had experience earlier in the afternoon. The second was another intense one; the kind you look back on as a mind-blowing climax. She had never cum twice like that before. She lay on my chest, my cock still buried in her pussy. She was spent, shaking and twitching, all while she continued to experience spasms of pleasure through her body. “That feels so good! So fucking good!” When she was able, she slid off my cock and over next to me, and took my somewhat limp dick in her hand. “Did you cum?” she asked. “No”, I responded. She smiled, got on her knees, bent over me and took my limp cock in her mouth and hands and gave me a wonderful blow job, running her hands and fingers lightly over the shaft, which tickled and drove me crazy, until I just had to cum. “I’m going to cum.” I alerted her. She kept right on going, slowly, but never missing a stroke, and I spewed loads of cum into her mouth. With each spurt, mersin escort bayan she moaned and swallowed. “Mmmmmmmm. I like it when you cum.” When I was drained of all my juices, I held her close and quietly told her how good it was; she had swallowed me for the first time. “I wanted to do something very personal, and swallowing was all I could think of at the moment.” We talked for a while. Her voice slowly trailing off, and in a short while she was asleep. I didn’t wake until mid-morning, around 10:30. It was a Sunday; Ann was already out of bed; she had showered, and was in the midst of making breakfast for us. I put on my pants and shirt and made my way into the kitchen. Ann’s idea of breakfast is coffee and English muffins. I was starving. Ann was still in her bathrobe. I put my hands inside her robe and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me. “Do you want me again so soon?” she half joked. “What I want is to shave and take a shower.” I used Ann’s well-used razor and luckily did not bleed to death with all the nicks on my face. I got dressed after my shower and joined Ann who was reading the paper in the living room. We had more coffee and read the paper, got dressed and walked a few blocks to a small cafe for lunch. Back at her apartment, she acknowledged that she had work that she needed to get done for the next day. I told her that I understood and I’d leave and we’d talk later. “Just because I have some work to do doesn’t mean that you need to leave right away or that we don’t have some time to fool around.” she said. “Do you want me on the couch or the bed?” was her question. The next two hours were filled with more licking, sucking, eating, and fucking. She came once. I was lucky enough to cum twice. As some time had passed since I had last cum the night before, I was now replenished with my gooey load. So, when I came that Sunday afternoon, Ann got the full amount. It was all over her, from the top of her head to her tits, on her hands, and running down between her tits to her stomach and pussy. “I like cum.” was her observation, as she spread her cum covered fingers in front of her eyes, creating strands of cum between her fingers. We were to meet the following Wednesday evening, but she had to cancel because of her work. When I arrived at her place on the next Friday night, we were like to teenagers in heat. She had not touched herself all week and had been thinking about our first weekend together, and what we had done, what she liked and what she wanted to do or try again. This Friday night, when she answered the door, she was more than just a horny lady. She was a woman who knew now, for sure, that she liked being fucked; having her pussy and clit played with; having intense orgasms; sucking cock; swallowing and being covered in cum. And this Friday night she wanted all of that and more. Being civilized “teenagers in heat”, we sat down for wine and the Chinese food I had brought with me. Those of you who have been in this situation know just how fast one can consume Chinese food and a bottle of wine when one has other, more interesting things on their mind. We started on the couch, just kissing, and quickly moved to undressing each other, and a lot of nipple play, pussy fingering and cock stroking. I sat on the couch and Ann enjoyed herself sucking on the head of my manhood and stroking the shaft. “Did you cum this week?” she wanted to know. “No. I saved it all for you.” “Good, because I want lots of your cum and I want it all over me. I’m telling you right now, I have never wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked more than I do right now! Can we do that?” I didn’t need to answer her. We escort mersin quickly switched positions, and I fingered her pussy and licked her clit, slowly, just teasing at first, but then harder and faster. When she was almost ready to cum, I would stop. Then we’d start up slow and get faster and harder again, stopping just before she could have her release. She was moaning and groaning, holding my head with both of her hands, pushing her pussy up into my face and begging to be fucked. Ann was flowing with pussy juice and my saliva. There was already a wet spot on the couch and her juices were running down her pussy and ass to the wet spot. I took her hand, pulled her off the couch and hurried into her bedroom. As she climbed on the bed and was on all fours, I slowly ran my fingers up and down her slit. Tonight, I was going to have Ann my way. It would be a night that I hoped she would remember for a long time. She moaned and looked back at me as I slid my wet fingers up and down her drenched hole. Her expression left no doubt that she liked what I was doing, her eyes half closed, biting her lower lip. And, there was that little twinkle in her eye that said I’m all yours and that this was going to be a special night. There was no more apprehension about size or thickness. I slid my cock into her wet pussy right up to the hilt, and she took it all with a loud moan and an arch to her head and back. I fucked her doggie for several minutes. Ann tossed her head and hair around, told me how good it was, and how she enjoyed the feeling of having a big cock in her pussy. I wet my thumb and ran the wet tip over her asshole. Her reaction was a positive one. “Mmmmmm. I like that! That feels so good! God, that feels so fucking good!” Ann was still on her knees, but her face and chest were now flat on the mattress. She had an exaggerated arch in her back, giving me her pussy and ass. She was in her own world of pleasure, moaning, looking back at me with “that” look, the one that says “fuck me”. I slid my thumb into her asshole. If Ann was ever going to try or like anal sex, this was going to be a telling moment. I ran my thumb in and out of her hole all the way up to my knuckle. She has a strange head board, really only a plank of wood, as wide as the bed and only about a foot high. She grabbed the head board to push back against my cock and thumb. “Harder! Harder!” she yelled as she looked back at me. “Do it harder!” I slammed my cock into her pussy as hard and as fast as I could, and did the same with my thumb. She hung her head down, her hair falling down toward the bed sheet; and she made wonderful noises of pleasure. I fucked her doggie and slid my thumb in and out of her ass. She did not last long. Her climax was long, loud, intense and passionate. To my mind, she either gushed copious amounts of pussy juice or pissed, as the bed sheet was suddenly soaked. I slid my cock out of her slit and watched as juices flowed out of her pussy and ran down her legs into the big wet spot. I kept my thumb sliding in and out of her ass, slowly. “Oh my god, I never knew that it could be this good”, she moaned over and over. Ann may have cum, and she may have been still feeling the wonderful surges of pleasure running through her body, but we were not through. I braced her up against the head board and the wall above it. I pinched and twisted one of her nipples hard, causing some pain, all while she was still experiencing the pleasures of her orgasm. She arched her back again, exaggerating her ass, and I slid my cock up inside her pussy. I reached around with one hand and pinched her wet clit between my fingers and thumb, and with my remaining hand and fingers I worked on her nipple. She was on her knees, with her body against the headboard and wall, her hands grasping and clutching at the wall, and she was still moaning and coming off a long orgasm; I started to try and bring her to another.

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