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Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl

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Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little GirlPart 1Fathers love their daughters. They will do anything to protect them and keep them safe, and that is how I ended up walking my 18 year old Ashlynn, on a leash haft naked, into a room full of horny men.Ashlynn is 4’ 11 3/4” about 89 pounds, with hair the color of milk tea, green eyes with little sparkles of Gold, her measurements are 33D 20 33 with a size 4 shoes. I tease her that nothing grows in the shade. Ash was growing into a beautiful young woman. Not super model pretty, but, she turned heads.Fifteen years ago, while driving her to Day-care, Ash’s mother was killer in a car crash. The police said only her quick thinking saved our Daughter, who came through with only scratches from flying glass. We won two very comfortable settlements that take care of Ash. For years after Ash would have nightmares, I think maybe if I had gotten her some help things might have ended up somewhat different. But I didn’t, so they didn’t. Although we have the money to be comfortable, I have continued to work. As she got older sometime I would go in at night, or weekends. She was good at getting her home work done and about getting herself up and going to school. If I was working she would call each night at bed time to let me know everything was alright.On one of those days, that I had worked all night, it was warm spring day at about 2:45 pm, the kind of day that make teens want to skip chores, and grown men sough off to play golf. The Front door alarm rang, wakening me as I recovered from a late nights working, someone had dropped Ash at the front door. She was terribly ruffed up, holding a little plaid skirt in one hand and Mary Jane Pumps in the other, she had one black stocking on, her favorite white blouse ripped open buttons missing. And, she had no panties on.It is funny what goes through your mind as you stand looking at your ravaged naked daughter. She had bruised swollen lips, dick-sucking bruises. She was covered in dried cum; it was spattered in jets across her bruises bite marked covered breast, her nipples raw with teeth imprints. A big glob of cum was snailing down inside of her thigh, from the red swollen lips of her shaved smooth little cunt. Her eye had a deep glaze and she was smiling. Looking back I should have know something, but, at the time all I saw was someone had hurt Daddy’s little Girl.With her standing naked on the porch, I stepped into the house, grabbed my keys, phone, and then scooped up Ash, jumped in my truck, dialing 911 in route to the hospital.Driving while on the phone with 911 telling them we are on our way to the hospital “No I do not need an Ambulance; I can see the Hospital from here”. As I walked her naked into the emergency room, I noticed, Ash licking cum from her kayseri escort hand, where shed scoop it off the inside of her thigh, she murmured to herself “can’t let it go to waste” as she licking it from her fingers. “No! Baby, no! Stop baby, no one is going to hurt daddy’s baby girl”, I pleaded.The Doctors said they pumped about .5L of spunk (well they said semen) from her stomach; they cleaned more from her anus and vagina, ran STD test. Clean, thank god. She was on the pill, but, they still took other precautions to be sure she did not conceive. The doctors said that at least 10, but he could not rule out 25, guys had used, My Little Girl, as a fuck puppet. (Again not his words)The police Sergeant said there was so much semen and it was so, mixed, he said, well he said, they could not get good DNA. Ash could, or would, not tell anyone what happened. They said that her memory might come, back might not. Every time I called, Police Sergeant Bob, he said they really had nothing to go on. I found out much later why he had nothing to go on.(In hindsight) as told to me by Ash much laterIt was a Thursday night at 10:35 Ashlynn had called me at work and said she was going to bed, just like any night. But in truth, Ash lay awake in bed naked, heart pounding in her chest heart pounding in her chest. Tonight was the night she was going to do it.She did not remember how old she was when she started. At first she would just pull up her nightie and just play with herself after a time she found if she touched herself just so, OH WOW!On nights I was not home, she stopped wearing a nightie, and that had felt so naughty. And then, one night, she opened the d****s so the world outside could see in, could see how bad a little girl she was, as she laid there naked masturbating herself to sleep. She never closed those d****s again.The window she’d opened was off the side of the house, it had bushes and could only be seen into from a funny angle across our neighbor back yard, but, just the thought that someone could look in and see her nakedness as she masturbated was enough to get her panties damp.She started propping pillows up in her bed so she could better see the cars as they made the turn and the head lights would light up her naked body.She realized she needed the lights on when she masturbate if she wanted anyone driving by to see her, on more than one night a car would stop backup so they could get a better view in to her room, on those nights her orgasms would be more intense. Her nipples would get so hard they would hurt as she pinched them (later she put on clips, first the plastic ones for chip bags, later heavy spring binder clips).The first time she opened the window so she could hear and be heard. For a time that was good, then one night as she was standing naked by her window heavy binder clip pinching her nipples painfully, she slowly as quiet as a mouse took down the window screen and climbed out side to masturbate.She masturbate outside her window that first night, after that some nights she would do it in her bed, other nights in the swing, Daddy made for her in a tree in the backyard.On nights she felt particularly naughty she put clips on her nipples stand in the very back of the yard where a street light would just barely light her up, blindfold herself. Then as she called herself names and told herself how bad a girl she was, she would whip her clit with a thin branch, until she’d orgasm, moister from her gaping little cunt running down in side of her thighs.On one Thursday night after Ash hung up her phone, to Daddy, she lay awake in bed naked, heart pounding in her chest. She knew tonight she was going to take a step, a big step. At 12 midnight exactly she stepped out the front door naked. She had decided tonight to walk the four blocks to school naked, if no one saw her she would sit on the back steps and masturbates in the open after she’d came she’d walk home. If someone stopped her she would fuck them, no matter who or how many there were. She made it all the way to school before she anyone. She recognized the Jeep she saw sitting in the school parking lot, she walk right up and said “Hi! You want to fuck”? She knew the driver Bobby _____ Jr. (his dad was a cop) She did not know the others, and she did not care she was going to fuck then anyway. She did know they went to her school. She climbed into the jeep, and sucked-n-fucked all four. They dropped her off at her house about 2:15am. The boys threatened if she did not meet then again they would tell everyone at school she was a whore. Not blinking an eye she ran her fingers up into her cum filled box, that had so recently housed her cheery, scooping out a glob of cum and bringing it to her lips to lick it from her hand. I am not a whore, I’m a slut how many guys can you bring? She asked. They said they may be able to get 10 other guys from school. Bobby Jr. said they could maybe use his house if He could get his dad out. Ash told him she could fuck his Dad too. That was OK, if that was, OK? Ash Called me at work early Friday night, she said she would be going with Beth, to a school function and then spending the night coming home sometime tomorrow afternoon but before 3:00, I told her I loved her and to be careful. She skipped out of the house at 9:00pm, wearing a plaid mini skirt, a sheer white blouse, not completely see-threw, but, almost, black thigh highs stockings and Mary Jane Pumps. As she hiked her leg up to climb into the Jeep, Bobby could clearly see she had on no panties, with the wind blowing across her wet nether lips, her nipples got as hard and big as Gum balls, Ash asked Bobby if they were going to stop to eat. “No” he said. “I just have to fill up on cum”. She replied then set quietly next to Bobby until they pulled in to his driveway as she hopped out of the Jeep she asked in an almost littler girl voice “how many guy are going to fuck me”. Fifteen he told her and one is my dad, she smiled at him. “Mmm good” she said “I am going to drain all your balls. If I can still walk tomorrow then I’ll know you are all fags” she giggled.As she walked in to their house she dropped to her knees unzipped the jeans of the first boy she saw pulled free his cock and rapped her lips around it. They started pulled her close off as she mover through a sea of cock. She sucked and fucked all night stopping only to drain her cum filled Cunt catching in her hands, globs and licking her hands clean.Twice they cared her to the back yard pool and throw her in, she’d clime out splashing pool water in her red gaping cunt to flush out some of the cum before reaching out for more cock. Some of the boys would drop out only to be back hours later, then fucking her some more. Officer Bob Sr. showed up in his uniform to fuck little Ashlynn at about 6:45. By then her cunt was pretty loose so after dipping his dick he asked if anyone had tapped her ass-hole not one boy had thought too. He ran his night stick up her cunt got it wet and then just pushed it up her tight virgin ass hole, pulled it out then slammed his cock in up to his balls, as he hammered her ass he called her names asking her if she like him in her ass she cried “Yes fuck my dirty ass fuck me”. On a back stroke he slipped free looking down he saw her gaping cunt and shoved in his night stick, fucking her with it as deep as he could push it in. As he saw how deep he jammed it in her he got harder and when back to plowing her ass. He called four more of his cop buddies that he knew wanted some of her little u******e ass. The five cops spent the night stretching out her little ass-hole, then having Ashlynn suck them clean. They really enjoyed making Ash go ass to mouth.By 1:30 pm Saturday afternoon all the boys were gone, Ash lay sleeping in a pool of cum. Police Sergeant Bob Sr. rousted her up, round up what clothes of hers he could find threw her in the plastic lined back sit of his un-marked police car and drove her home. He was quite satisfied, after having watched her masturbate many a night he had worked up quite a hunger for her little ass. He drove her up to our house saw my truck, then pulled her naked ass from the car handed her the skirt and shoes pointed her at the front door gave her a little push. As he drove off, she wobbled naked up the steps, falling against the front door, and setting off the Alarm that woke me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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