Tem 22

At The Clothes Store

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More out of lack of ambition and the need to get out of the office for a while, I walked into Jeremy’s, the clothing store near my office to see what was around. As it is a designer outlet store, sometimes you find wonderful clothes and sometimes you don’t find anything.

I’d been sort of dumped earlier that day, by Instant Messenger, by a guy who is intelligent, witty, and has nice abs. He’d been consistent all through our relationship, so while it wasn’t a total surprise he was moving on, it was still disappointing.

I was poking around the clothes, seeing what was new, what was affordable, and what would look good on me. I’d taken a late lunch, and the store wasn’t very crowded.

After looking at some dress shirts and suit jackets, I began working my way through another rack. The store had received a shipment of Ralph Lauren Purple Label clothes from somewhere and was trying to move them.

After going through the polo shirts, I can across this shiny purple turtleneck. The material was stretchy and sexy and while it was brighter than I would normally wear, I wanted to try it on instantly after I saw it was artemisbet yeni giriş my size.

Back to the red velvet curtained changing stalls, I took off my shirt and wrestled the turtleneck on. It literally fit like a glove. My nipples were standing up and I was glad I had shaved my chest that morning.

“So this is how it feels to be on the Italian National (soccer) Team,” I thought, as I ran my hands over my abs and up to my pecs.

“How does it look?”

I looked in the mirror and then turned in fear, thinking someone had been watching me; before I could think, I poked my head out of the stall and saw this guy, talking to someone else in another stall.

He saw my red hair flash out of the stall, eyed my shirt, and smiled at me. I smiled back, he was CUTE. About my height (I’m 5-10) with nice brown hair, lithe, wearing a not too tight black shirt and black pants. His shirt hinted at a nice chest and there was no hair peaking out of his collar, which I liked.

He looked at me, said something to the person he had been talking with, and walked over to my stall.

“Let me see,” artemisbet giriş he said in his oh so sexy British accent.

I was nervous, but stepped out for his inspection.

“Nice,” he said. “Purple is your color.”

I mumbled some thanks and my appreciation at his style.

“You have to buy it.”

“Ahh,” I murmured something about price, places to wear it, etc. It was a workout/clubbing kind of shirt. He smiled at me and said that he had the perfect pair of pants to go with it.

He said something to the person he was with and walked with me up to the register. I’d changed back into my office clothes. He stood close to me as I was paying and I could feel his hand running over my ass as I signed the receipt.

He had an apartment not far from the store, further down on 2nd Street. We stepped into the elevator.

“I’m Tony.”

“I’m Tori. Its nice to meet you.”

“Same here. Umm, I didn’t, uh, take you away from anything or anyone, did I? Weren’t you there with someone?” I asked nervously to fill time as the elevator went to the fifth floor.

“Roger, we’re friends, artemisbet güvenilirmi but we never stand in each other’s way when something good comes along.”

I believe I blushed when he finished his sentence. The elevator door opened and we walked to his apartment.

We made a little small talk, determined we each worked close by. He sweetly took my hand and led me to his bedroom. We kissed at the foot of his bed; his hands explored my chest and nipples as I fondled his tight ass. We pressed closer to each other. Then he pulled away, sat down on the bed, and said “strip.”

So I did. Shoes and socks first, running my hands up to my belt. I slowly undid it and lowered my pants, revealing my boxer-briefs and the tent I was making in them. I kept my eyes focused on him as I continued. He told me to leave the shirt on and pulled me over to the bed.

I’d like to say we slowly, languidly made love that time, but time was short. He was wonderful and I did my best to keep up with him. Part of me didn’t want to wear the condom, of course, but we both did. I had no complaints and neither did he.

We cleaned up and headed down the elevator to get back to work. We kissed one more time and I asked him if I was going to get to see the ‘perfect pair of pants’ he had mentioned earlier.

“I totally forgot,” he said slyly, “I guess you’ll just have to see them later. I should be home around 6.”

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