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Big Tits

Subject: At the pump station (gay encounters) One Saturday a few years ago my wife’s mother was rushed by ambulance to the hospital for a suspected stroke. My wife and her sister immediately took off for the 3-hour trip to the hospital. My brother-in-law and I were to drive over the next day and relieve them. At that time I was 46 years old, 6 foot, 175 pounds and in reasonably good shape due to cycling and running. I am not particularly muscular as I have an office job and not so much physical exertion. My wife and I had had a rough patch and our sex life was meager at best. I had started to explore my bi side and had had a few experiences with man to man hookups. Most of them had been quite vanilla and I was open to try some new experiences. That evening I was horny and craving cock. I went to a local rest area where I had been lucky before, but on this night there were only a few elderly tourists stopping for a break. At midnight, disappointed and with my hungry ass unfulfilled, I drove home and logged onto a local chat room for gay hook-ups using the nickname “Cock hungry”. There were very few chatters, and no one seemed serious about meeting. Around 1:30 am someone logged in with the nickname “Cunt hunter” logged in. I wrote “Hi” and he answered, “looking for a cunt to ruin, interested?” I sent him my data. He was a man of few words and his only answer was “hard 10 inches, ready?” I was a little wary of this guy, but my ass twitched at the thought of 10 inches and I answered yes. He instructed me to meet him in the parking lot of a local Home Depot in 15 minutes. I arrived first at the deserted parking lot and soon a motorcycle came rumbling up. The rider dismounted ankara escort and took off his helmet. He was wearing faded jeans, biker boots, a flannel shirt and a leather riding jacket. He had long hair and a scraggly unkept beard. I was a little afraid of him and unsure if I wanted to go through with this. He came over to me and I got out of the car. He looked me up and down, roughly turned me around, grabbed my ass pushing a thick finger in my crack. “You’ll do” was his assessment. He led me down a wooded path beside the parking lot and every so often he would push me roughly and I stumbled forward. I was really starting to have doubts about this and wondered how long it might take for anyone to find my body if he decided to kill me. We came to a clearing where there was a small brick pumping station. He pushed me down on my knees, unzipped his jeans and hauled out the promised 10 inches. It definitely passed inspection, a full meaty, veiny, uncut cock resting on two large hairy balls. He had clearly not been in the bath for a couple of days as his dick was rank and musty. He grabbed my head and pulled me on to his cock which started to stiffen. I immediately began to gag, not because of the size of his dick, but because of the smell and taste of sweat, piss and dried cum. It was tangy, bitter and acrid in my mouth. He sensed this was a challenge for me and held my head tightly with both hands and forced me to swallow his now rock-hard cock. I had no experience as a deep throater, but now I had no choice but to allow his fat cock head to continue further. He put his hand around my throat so he could feel his cock there. I hadn’t taken even � of him in my mouth and was choking, çukurambar escort gagging and squirming. He started pulling his cock and pushing it back in, each time forcing me to take a little more of its length. I was pretty much passively allowing him to face fuck me when he slapped my face and told me to “fucking suck his cock”. I was stunned but obeyed and sucked hard as he thrust his cock deep into my throat. I had sucked most of the bad taste off his dick and was beginning to enjoy the experience. I was even starting to enjoy his hitting the back of my head to urge me on and I knew I was doing well when his heavy balls started slapping my chin. I began to lose some of my fear and my cock responded by stiffening in my pants. He removed his hard cock from my mouth and smacked my face and cheeks roughly with it. I tea bagged each of his heavy balls individually and got another gag sensation with the tangy, acrid taste. He was turned on by my gag reflex and started to face fuck me deep and rough laughing cruelly when I when I would vomit spit. He would smack me hard and say, “get up on the horse again” and force his cock down my throat. Still on my knees, he walked behind me and suddenly kicked my ass hard enough to knock me forward and face down. He then instructed me to strip and he took his belt and looped it around my throat. He smacked my cock and balls and pinched my nipples hard and laughed when I winced. I was getting scared again, but my cock remained rock hard and I was still horned up by his abusive treatment. I was forced to stand with my hands against the pump house and my legs spread. He spat on two fingers and pushed them dikmen escort into my ass and rotated them roughly. He got three fingers in and I was afraid he might be a fister, something I had never considered to try. He however pushed his cock against my hole and started to drive it in. When he reached my ring and I was giving some resistance, he pulled hard on the belt, snapping my neck back, diverting my attention away from my ring muscle. He was now in and pumping hard. When he felt like I might be slacking a little, he would jerk the belt snapping my head back. He liberally peppered my ass with smacks, pulled my nipples and smacked my cock and balls. At this point, my emotions were overloaded with the conflicting senses of fear, pain and pleasure. My body was experiencing mostly pain, but my brain was translating this into pleasure. I was in heaven feeling his big cock thrusting in and out of my ass, feeling his hard hand smack and torture me. He pulled his dick out of my ass, jerked me down on the ground with the belt. He came close to me, pumped his cock and shot his gigantic load of semen over my face and chest. I greedily licked, gathered and swallowed his spunky semen. He jerked me down on the ground on my back and put his motorcycle clad boot on my chest and told me to cum for him. I started to stroke my cock enjoying the view of his big cock and balls over me. He slowly began to piss over my cock and balls as I pumped. I opened my mouth to signal that I wanted his piss and he sprayed my head and chest. The sensation drove me over the edge, and I erupted into orgasm with my entire body shaking and trembling. By the time we were done, dawn was breaking. I had just enough time to drive home and take a shower before my brother-in-law picked me up. When I got into the car, he looked at me and said “fuck you look pretty rough, man”….and I replied “you should have seen the other guy” and we both laughed….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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