Oca 25

Aunt Cathy Pt. 36

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

Misty was getting worked over. In a wide-kneed stance, mom was eating her out while Bonnie was working at her butt hole. Mary and Cathy had nipples suctioned while kneading away at her tits. She was a mess of ecstasy. Caught between either hissing groans, don’t stop’s, and various swear words, (fuck yeah, shit, more bitch) or begging them. Can’t prove it, but it sure looked to me like she was in perpetual orgasm.

This wasn’t an all-take no give situation though. Not tied down she was utilizing every movable part of her body to full reward. Mom was getting pussy smothered every so often, Misty staying planted till her ass got a good slap, when she rose you could catch a glimpse of mom’s juice-soaked face framed by Misty’s thighs.

Mary and Cathy had fingers at work between their legs, and judging by the way their backsides were wiggling, I think Misty treats clits with her fingers like I do with my tooth gap. Bonnie was the only one not receiving any human attention. She had what sounded like a six-cylinder vibrator between her legs, and that apparently wasn’t doing the trick. When red greased it up and slid it where her tongue had been busy, it tricked Misty though.


Popoff looked a little dumbfounded. “I didn’t even know she liked that?” On-screen Bonnie retorted Misty.

“Fuck is right tiny girl. Somebody better either eat me, finger me, or scissor, I want some too!!” I saw mom grin, then move, (you would of thought she was on a mechanics creeper the way she did it) from her current geyser to a muffy red one she activated. When her lips met Bonnie’s crotch, a boner-popping groan escaped with a deluge of woman juice to boot.

Was my turn to comment, “This shit keeps up I’m going to have to get ma a snorkel.” In different circumstances that may have got a laugh but the ladies, had ramped up the show.

Mom and Bonnie had locked into a nail-digging sixty-nine. Misty had somewhere down the line acquired a long, double-ended dildo, which she was brandishing like a baton. Mary and Cathy had been ordered on their backs with a good space between their pussy’s. Misty pushed each end into the opposed slits, got a middle grip on the toy, and slowly started fucking them.

“You older ladies think you know all the tricks. Never both been fucked by one woman though.” Speed increase. Cathy started the hip moving first with a grunt, “Uh-huh, Your turn Mary.” A good third more jelly dick moved into Mary with the expected results. Hips went sky-high. Misty let out the most maniacal giggle and started a mixed routine of slow, fast, medium, all-out nitro, fucking of both women.

Sob lit a cigarette. “I thought you quit?” He just motioned to the screen, and I borrowed one. Popoff never smoked, he took one now though. (Remember your first smoke?) He turned a myriad of Kermit green, almost passed out, then threw it down waving it off as nope.

Then there was stunned silence. These five women were making position changes faster than formula one drivers and had moved into a pentagon-shaped daisy chain. There’s no need to go into who was eating who, all were happily munching away. Some, with death grips on the bed, others held pink lips open for easier access… Bonnie had her nails dug so deep into Mary’s tits it blew me away she wasn’t bleeding.

All three of us just sat there gape-mouthed watching, (not a lot of listening to do. It’s kind of hard to talk with your mouth full of pussy. To some of the hottest girl-on-girl sex ever. That whole sound thing was about to change in what I can only describe as a mad sex scientist way. Pop reached a leg out to stamp out the butt. The smoke was bugging him, by the time we looked back to the screen there were four very confused faces. Cathy was not in bear sight.

“What the fuck are those things?” The plain fact Bonnie was asking her meant my wife was up to something. That meant one thing, it was about to get hotly weird. When Cathy walked into view, Bonnie’s query was şişli escort backed up by us three. My aunt had five sets of the most bizarre vibrators I’d ever seen. The toys were shaped in an elongated ‘u’. One end was a glans, the other an anal plug, and in the middle was a usb port. She also had in tow five wires, a usb hub, and a cord trailing off behind her.

Bonnie got the most wicked sparkle in her eye and looked at auntie with a big grin. “You, have way too much time on your hands, and a wicked sense of sex. This is going to be fun.” It always intrigued me how mom and Bonnie picked up on certain things faster than the other when it came to Cathy’s antics. Mom did catch on about two seconds later.

“I don’t get… oh. OH MY!!!”

The women all knelt on the bed boobs to back, inserting the toys from boob’s side pussy to back side’s butt hole. Grunts, groans, and a few comments on questionable size-to-space ratio, then Cathy handed out the usb cables got everyone plugged into the hub, and brought the power cord close to the input. “Ready girls?”

You ever see national lampoons Christmas vacation? I swear she was holding those two connections like Clark Griswold about to light up his house at Christmas.

Popoff brought me and sob to the floor. “That backup generator is still set to go right?” Every once in a while that guy, I swear.

On-screen Mary had brought out a splif of Wood-stock glory. I love watching women get high, and that’s only because I’ve got a giggle fetish. The way their cheeks apple, noses crinkle, the light that radiates their eyes, not to mention the jiggling that goes on. I was digging every movement of this part, it would seem so was sob.

“Someone explain… how there are four women, who are twice, or more, the age of the youngest, And I don’t see nothing but the hottest women in the… well, everywhere.”

“Hot is hot brother, not age defined. You outta know that. You get hard if my mom bats an eyelash.” Pop laughed, Got the finger from sob. Probably would of been more but Cathy plugged the girls in. I know the first thing that should be noted are the sex sounds, but it was the music that caught me first.

A much younger me had got caught by my aunt dancing to an Aerosmith song called, ‘Round and Round’. After I’d turned fifty shades of red, she’d told me I danced beautifully, and we danced together. Mom had found us and we have a picture of me, transfixed on Cathy’s boobs, while my aunt had the same old giggle look on her face, eyes rolled to the ceiling. Maybe the impetus? I don’t know. But that same song was playing. The relation between the formation on screen and song title was ironic at best.

Then things got loud.

Considering the positioning of the women there was a lot of frontal abuse going on, sob said, ‘Clits, tits and nipple bits’. My brain saw a very not-safe-for-work cereal box on a store shelf that I would have definitely bought.

You ever find it weird the places you can pick up things from? The whole thing we were watching was not only a turn-on but a lesson in each woman’s sexual likes and dislikes.

Bonnie and Misty were geared toward very hard nipple pinches but as far as their clits went, slow and firm with the occasional pinch brought out the moans from them. Mary and mom didn’t seem to have a preference so whatever goes seemed to be their mantra. At one point mom had Mary’s boobs pulled so high by the nipples they looked like crescent moons. I’m pretty sure both of them would of been just as happy with a orbital sander full tilt, working their pussy’s.

As far as Cathy goes I honestly think her bar is set so high even the Hubble telescope couldn’t find it. And yes that scares me sometimes. On-screen legs were starting to shake with moans getting desperately loud, Mary was the first to crumble, sounding like she was about to pass out.

“That’s enough turn me off!”

Cathy responded with a very, maybe this was a mistake-toned answer.

“I can’t, it’s on a timer!”


You all know Bonnie is a fit, mecidiyeköy escort red-headed, big girl. She had her hands wrapped around that hub and was not moving them anytime soon. “Nobody paid any attention to me till I lit Misty’s ass up. Nobody gets off, or removed until I get mine.” Probably would of worked except the boobs on her back were Cathys’s.

“Is that so?”

Since she’d come up with the whole idea of a, ‘cum all corral’ it didn’t surprise me when she made one singular move that made red throw her arms behind her head, trapping Cathy’s face in her neck. That had the unexpected, but pleasant surprise, of Bonnie’s back arching, pushing those huge fake cannons into moms back who in turn did the same to mary, and so and so on. The eye candy wasn’t the important part though, whatever my aunt’s hand did made Bonnie lose grip and the hub fell free… straight into a puddle of squirt and cum.

Moisture and electronics don’t mix and the thing shorted out. The only problem was it shorted open, not closed, and the toys sped up. I know what your thinking, just yank the dam cord out, but Cathy had made the error of plugging her toys into my hub that was screwed into the wall.

My room ran a lot of five-volt, low amp things, led lamps, a few separate thumb-drive backups, stuff along that lines, and I can be a klutz. So if you wanted to plug something in, it had to go through a rather hefty cord strain relief. That really mattered too, they’d got themself in a position where nobody was going to able to reach that cord with a hand.

The next fifteen to twenty minutes were filled with enough moaning, pleadings for a stoppage, fuck’s, shit’s, and way more than a few I’m cumming again’s, that if they would of all had to pay for each one? We ALL would have been living off instant noodles for years.

Obviously, this whole mary chain game of theirs had gone wrong. “I think we need to go disconnect my wife and the others.” We all got up to leave, I was about to hit off on the tv remote when Bonnie went full-out she hulk. “DAMNNITTT!! GRAB EACH OTHER AND HOLD ON TIGHT!!” With that, she leaned back lifting the whole ring up. Then holding all of them on one knee, wrapped her free leg around the cord and tore it out of the wall.

The screen went blank, Mr. Bear was connected to that hub. Pop and sob

both panicked, I knew what had happened but still lickety splitted with them. Don’t know what they were thinking, but that whole power show of Bonnies stuck something in my head. A red-headed, muscular, massive-titted, green-skinned, gorgeous orc. Why that thought entered my head I have no clue, I’m not a big fantasy guy, but it did, and for some reason, I found it very erotic.

(side story: I made the mistake of telling her that and for Halloween one year she showed up in a set of lower fangs, green body paint, as little clothing as legally allowed in public and high heels, not very orcish, but hot all the same. She teased the shit out of me the whole night. At one point, somebody pointed out that even female orcs had dicks, minutes later she was parading around, a huge strap-on bobbing up and down under her waistcloth. Didn’t do much for me, but a very hot blonde found it enthralling and they both disappeared for quite a while. That woman was having a very hard time walking when I saw her again.)

When we got to my room and flung the door open, if it hadn’t been for Bonnie standing, and four other women collapsed on our bed, breathing exceptionably heavy, I would of panicked also. Those clues were all that kept them from looking dead, but I still burst out laughing at the facial expressions.

You ever hear the term Ahegao? If not, it’s a facial look Japanese toon characters get, super exaggerated, during or after sex. What we found in my room was a live-action version. I’d never thought of sex as war, but these ladies looked like they’d gone through hell, well… maybe more of a heaven / hell thing.

Don’t get me wrong Bonnie wasn’t exactly in primo shape, but she had it together. “Hello, boys. escort istanbul Wanna help me unplug and extract? And razz,

sorry.” She glanced at where the hub used to be. I was blown away. She’d not only pulled the usb hub out but the whole damn electrical box from the wall stud. I had a huge gaping hole in my wall. I just gave her a ‘holy shit’ kind of look. “I’m sorry honey. But it was do or die time.” She was getting kind of wobbly, so I sat her in a chair.

“You rest… and don’t ever let me get in a leg wrestling match with you.” She smiled while the three of us, gingerly, went to remove some toys I was sure Cathy was going to get raked over the coals for. The comments were interesting if only for the fact there were none, not a word.

The only thing we had to decide after that was who was going to sleep where. I got Pop to take Misty to Cathy’s old room, sob was surprised when him, mom, and Mary were directed to mom’s bedroom. That left me with Cathy, Bonnie, and a bed that was more a pool of questionable fluid than a sleeping area.

Fire smoke, sex, and sweat. That meant showers, long showers or baths for eight people, that was going to chew water. “Water.” Shit. Pop and sob got calls asking them to wait twenty till I could get the second boiler online. That wasn’t a big deal. Smell first, check for off, then light it up. (it was old cast iron, with no electric ignition) You got hot water.

By the time I got back from the basement the bed problem had been solved. Cathy had foresighted a rubber sheet for the bed before her antics. All that top bedding was in a pile inside the bathroom door, the bed was fresh, and water was running in the shower. After I’d started playing in leagues where points really mattered, and you got played hard, mom and dad had let me jerry-rig a rain shower head and a plastic bench to sit on under it.

Helped a lot when your muscles hurt like hell to just sit there and let the water soak you. Bonnie and Cathy were now both on that bench just water-logging away. The original head still worked so I stripped and got under that, soaped up, shampooed, and man that felt good.

When I got done, any other man in the world would of been ecstatic at what was facing him, I was just worried. Neither of the two girls had moved an inch. They were too worn out to clean up, and Cathy was on the verge of tears apologizing repeatedly for what had happened. Got to tell you it’s weird to lather up a woman like Bonnie, run your soaped hands all over her, and not get hard, especially considering the body.

Once Bonnie was cleaned up she waved me off, drying herself before heading to bed. I took extra time with my wife, trying to calm her down. It was more of a massage than a bathing. It must of worked, she fell asleep. All that got dried was her hair, the rest got put into bed damp but with an extra blanket.

I’m a side sleeper, wasn’t that night though. Both of them laid heads on my chest and went into a deep sleep, they didn’t even wake up when Mary called my cell; everyone’s actually, with a simple, somber note. “The house is flattened. Sleep. It’ll be there the day after. Love you.” Only mine lit up next, personal message, same sender. “Purples your color. Lucky mom… and thank you.”

How the hell did she know about that? I didn’t think mom would of said anything, but then again heat of the moment, right? I’d opened the comp to watch Mr. bears show, and that was long after mom’s let’s make you a Barney color deed. As I said Mary is smart. Took a bit but I figured it out, she’d tapped into the security cams, and watched the whole thing.

You’d be right if you said the thought of her recording it crossed my mind. You’d also be right in wondering if the whole, ‘oops’ broadcast hadn’t been saved. In the long run, it came down to one thing, sob. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, sob was as solid as they came, so it figured he got that from his mom. So while my chest was being squatted on I sent my own personal text.

“You got into the security cams, didn’t you? No matter, even if you kept the broadcast too. I know you’d keep it secret. And I love you too, we all do. Just one last thing. Purple look’s good on giant tits also, think zip ties. Get your fingers out of there, naughty woman.”

Two walls and a hallway away I heard Mary thunder away in laughter.

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