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Aunt Linda and I

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Aunt Linda and II grew up in a rather rural part of Germany, my Mom had to raise me by her self, since my dad died when I was very young. She did all she can to help me and family be happy and stuff. But by the end of the day she was beat and always went to bed early. That would have made me sad maybe, if it wasn’t for my moms sister, aunt Linda who lived with us in our house.She was a very open and outgoing person, always going on short holidays over the weekends and fun stuff like that. And since aunt Linda had no offspring of her own, she always took me along to give my mom a break.We visited a lot of cities, sights and foreign countries, it was always a blast. Since we were from a more rural backround, we had lesser boundaries. By the time I was a t33nager, I had seen my aunt Linda naked plenty of times. She was no bombshell hotty with huge tits or anything, but she was a nice skinny woman with a tight arse. She always wore her hair short and dressed rather revieling with button up shirts, that were practically made to have a look at her tits. Since we went away a lot, Linda had showed no hesitation in taking her clothes off infront of me. She even started to tease me when I came off age. We once went on a trip to Vienna and had a double bed to share. It was a hot summer day and we just arrived back at the hotel from a sightseeing tour. I was beat and lay down on the bed. Linda went straight to the bathroom and took a shower. When she came back out, she had a towel wrapped around her body. I looked up and in that moment she took off the towel and I could not help but stare at her body. She of course imediately noticed my gaze and asked me if I liked what I saw. I was so embarrassed by the situation, that I just got up and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. Needless to say, the rest of the trip Linda made all kinds of kilis escort jokes about me and boiling red head as she put it. On our way back from Vienna, Linda and I sad in the car and she told me, that it is absolutly normal, that I stared and maybe even liked what I saw. While I was fully aware of the fact, that I could not help my lesser urges, she seemed to be rather font of talking about it. As a matter of fact she repeated it two more times, each time more emphasses on the part that I may have liked what I saw. That made me really curious. And the hopeless, horney and naive t33n that I was I engaged in the situation. Absolutly unaware, that aunt Linda was in full conrol everything that was happening. I never noticed until I was much older, that she never had a live partner or anything of that sort, she was always single, I never understood why. She was pretty, funny and indipendent. Maybe it was that lack of attetion, that made her seek my attetion. After she aked a thrid time, I told her that I did like what I saw. What’s not to like I asekd her back, she had nice little tits, a shaved pussy and a really nice arse! The very moment I uttered these words, I began to blush again. Linda was speachless, she started laughing out loud and then so did I. A couple of minutes later, linda pulled the car over at service area on the motorway to have a smoke and a break from driving. We both got out and once again, Linda steered the conversation towards the “towel thing”. She asked if the things I said in the car were infact true, and so I answerd yes. She was in deed a really hot woman in her 40s. All she did was smile and then we went back in car to drive home. When we came back, I first went to my mom to say hi and give her the souvenir I bought for her. We all had coffee and then we all went to our rooms. I had kırıkkale escort to unpack my bag and freshen up, since I had plans to see my friends that evening. On my way to the big bathroom, I already heard the water filling the tub. Damn it I thought, since my bodywash and my toothbrush were in the bathroom. We had another shower in the basement, which I did not mind using, but I still needed my bodywash and my toothbrush. I knocked on the door and asked If I could quickly come in and take my stuff. Linda was in the bathroom and told me to come in. I tried not to look and purpously turned away from looking at her naked body in the bathtub. She told me to not be shy and grab everything I need. As I came closer to the tub to grab my bodywash, I saw her nice body in the water and could not help myself but get a hard on. Linda immediately noticed and commented on it. Oh you really like what you see now don’t you. She told me to stay for a moment. I asked her why. She looked me deep in the eyes and told me, so I can enjoy your eyes on my body! That remark made me so hard, I almost came right then and there in my pants. With her hand she caressed her breast and her belly down to her vagina. I could not take any more of this, so I just left and went to the basement shower. I went in and took a cold shower, but it was no help. I had to rub one out then and there. When I was done with rubbing and showering, I went back upstairs to get dressed. I put on some clothes and went out for the night.I came back home by midnight and tried to be very, very quiet. As I went by the bedrooms of my mom and aunt Linda, (Both had their rooms on the first floor, mine was on the second) I heard a tv. First I thought it must be my mom who fell asleep with the tv running again. But when I looked into my moms bedroom, it was escort bayan empty. I knocked on aunt Lindas room door and then slowly enterd. She was still awake and watching some movie on the tv. I asked her whether she knew where mom was, and she told me that she had gone out with some friends. I thanked her and wished her a good night, but suddenly she asked me, whether I am to old for a good night kiss? I was confused and a bit horney, so I turned around a told her, no. I went up to her bed and expected a kiss on the cheek, but she gave me a very long and hot kiss on the lipps. My cock was throbbing and I was as horney as before, when I saw her in the tub. All of a sudden she stopped. Looked at me and said good night. I was so full of hormones, I just went upstairs got naked and started to rub one out, when all of a sudden there was a knock on my door. It was aunt Linda, only wearing a nightgown. She asked if I liked what just happend downstairs and all I could answer was yes. I had my sheets covering my hard erection, but Linda knew what I was about to do. She had a cheeky look in her eyes and asked what I was up to. I answered rather honestly with a straight, what do you thing I was about to do! She laughted a bit and then pulled away my sheets slowly. She took a long look at my cock and started touching and rubbing it. I just closed my eyes and felt extatic. As Linda went on rubbing, I grabbed her by the thigh and made my way to her pussy. It was hot and wet, I had my experiences with girls before, Linda was a real milf! As I started my way up her nightgown, I could not help myself and was about to cum. Linda knew what was happening and took off her gown. She said look at me and so I did. As I looked at her naked body, she rubbed my cock to completion. As I was done cumming, she wiped away my cum with her gown and said there might be more to come and left my room. I was falbbergasted and did not understand what just happend, all I knew was, that I wanted more. Aunt Linda and I had really nice “relationship” going for some time. If you like what you read, pm me of leave a comment, I can post more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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