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Aunty Sue’s visit

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Aunty Sue’s visitThere was a knock on the door, I got up to answer it. “Aunty Sue!” I exclaimed. My mum’s friend, Sue – not my real aunty – had come to stay and have a girly night out with mum. She gave me a hug and kissed me before going to see mum. It was their annual birthday meeting, so they planned to paint the town red. They opened a bottle of wine and went to get dressed. I watched in awe as they pranced around the landing in their underwear talking about what to put on and how to do their make-up. They were both 41 but you wouldn’t know. They came down and gave me a mini fashion show. “What do you think?” asked my mum. “Very sexy!” I said without thinking. “ummm, very nice I mean”, I corrected myself. They giggled. They were both wearing low-cut figure hugging black dresses that showed how well they looked after themselves. I’d offered to drive them and pick them up but they said they would make their own way back. I dropped them both off and watched them walk away into the club. I was comparing their bodies but they both looked stunning. They both had a lovely wiggle as they walked. I drove home having inappropriate thoughts.Jenny, my girlfriend, came round to keep me company but we ended bayburt escort up arguing so she went home and left me alone. I started watching saucy videos on the computer. I’d had a few drinks with Jen so was feeling a tad tipsy. I watched some role play videos with older women and it got me aroused. Just as I got my cock out to have a wank, I heard my phone beep. It was mum and Aunty Sue saying they were in the cab on their way back. I turned off the computer and started to tidy up.There was a knock on the door, it was mum and Sue. They were very drunk so I let them in and offered them a coffee, “coffee!”, mum said, “I think we need something a tad stronger than coffee son”, she said. I told them to sit down and I’d fetch them a drink. I went to the kitchen and brought 3 glasses of vodka and coke. We sat down and watched telly while having a drink. It was a bit cold so I offered to fetch blankets for them, mum declined so I just fetched a blanket for Aunty sue.Mum was sat in an armchair, while I was sat on the 2 seater sofa with Sue, we sat watching telly while they had a girly chat about their night out. Mum seemed to be dozing off but Aunty Sue was wide awake. bilecik escort She threw the blanket over me and tucked me in, I noticed that mum had fallen asleep on the armchair and her dress had risen up. As we watched telly a film came on and they announced that it had strong language and scenes of a sexual nature. We sat watching and a sexy scene between a young lad and older lady came on. Aunty sue put her hand on my leg. Her hand stroked my thigh and she gave me a cheeky smile. I look over at mum to see if she was awake but she wasn’t. The scene in the film was getting quite graphic and Sue’s hand moved further up my leg. My cock was starting to grow, Aunty Sue teased me by rubbing her hand over my crotch and then back on my thigh. She gave me a surprised look as if she was impressed by the size of my cock. She carried on teasing me, more and more. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and rubbed my cock over my boxers before pulling it out. My cock was as hard it has ever been, she started to wank me which felt amazing. The film was still going with the young lad fucking the older lady. Aunty Sue started to wank me faster as I watched the film.I knew I was about to have escort bayan the biggest ejaculation known to man, she knew what she was doing and was enjoying it. Just as I was about to cum mum moved, Aunty Sue whipped her hand away as quick as she could but mum was still out cold. Mums dress had risen higher though, revealing her black knickers and parts of her arse. Aunty Sue looked at me with a look asking whether she should carry on from where she was. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock so she knew exactly what I wanted. She teased and then started wanking my cock. I started watching the telly again but I couldn’t help but glance at mum, lying there with her sexy knickers showing. I started to imagine cumming on her bum. My cock started to throb ready to shoot my load, I was imagining grabbing and squeezing mum’s bum as Aunty sue wanked my cock over it. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a gasp as my cock spurted spunk all over Aunty Sues hand. “ooh, you naughty boy!”, Sue whispered as my cock throbbed and let out the final few bursts of spunk. Aunty Sue grabbed a tissue and wiped her hand. I tidied myself up and got up to go to bed. We never spoke about that night but I still think about it every now and then. Sue met someone a few weeks later and ended up living with them, a few hundred miles away. We never saw her as much after that but I bet she remembers that night, even if she didn’t know what I was thinking or looking at when I shot my load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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