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AUTO RECYCLINGLacey came over with a friend of his it was obvious that they both had been drinking heavily they were both giggling and acting crazy but I didn’t care so I had a couple of drinks to catch up you know and a short while later Lacey decides he wants a blow job so he drops his pants right there and tells me to suck his cock we’ve played this game before with other friends so I take off my clothes and drop to my knees I take his big black cock into my mouth and begin to suck him off he is enjoying himself a lot holding my long blond hair in both fists as he mouth fucks me hard I gag a little when he goes too deep and they both laugh like it was a joke or something yeah funny ha ha jerks…anyway finally he cums and I drain his cock dry sucking it till it is clean and empty I think he is going to back off and offer my mouth to his friend like he always does but not this time this time he keeps my head held firmly in both hands and suddenly he begins to pee I am surprised but have enough sense to close my lips tight around his cock as I do not want yellow pee on my white carpet I see his intentions right away and I gulp down the warm tangy flow when he finishes he pulls his cock from my mouth and then offers my mouth to his friend who takes his place quickly before I can change my mind not that I would mind you I always do what Lacey wants no matter what and he knows it…I take his friends cock into my mouth it is big and very dark with a plum colored head and large hair güvenilir bahis covered balls his pubic hair scratches my nose as I take him deep then he grabs my hair and begins to mouth fuck my just like Lacey had done and he pounds my face hard!I gag a few times when his cock slides past my tonsils and laughter erupts from both of them more funny stuff I am cracking up inside ha ha ha…He grunts and explodes into my mouth and cum shoots from my nostrils as his load is so great I can’t swallow it fast enough more laughter what a fun time were having yuk yuk yuk…After he finishes he scoops the cum from my upper lip and feeds it to me then he shoves his cock back in I know what is coming and I am prepared for it as he unleashes a strong stream of urine into my mouth my mouth fills and then empties as I gulp and gulp trying to keep up with it I feel my belly distending as it fills so very full I feel it begin to rise up my throat and panic as I think of my carpet stained with terrible pee oh no but no I am spared that injustice as he finally shakes the last few drops into my mouth and pulls out of me…I begin to say something but Lacey has a large ball gag that he shoves into my mouth he fastens it behind my head and then comes in front of me he takes my cock and fits a rubber thing on the end of it and tapes it down tight then he takes a clear rubber hose and attaches it to the rubber thing and then attaches the end of the hose to a nipplte on the ball gag my eyes widen in horror türkçe bahis as I see the idea behind the device when I recycle Lacey and Takur’s pee it will fill my bladder when my bladder becomes too full to stand it I will pee into the hose which will transfer it to my mouth and then I will have to swallow it back down and the cycle will continue until the hose is removed…OMFG I am in trouble but I do not have time to wonder about it as Lacey and Takur want to have sex now they drag me to the bedroom and throw me on the bed they take off their clothes and jump on top of me I groan in agony as my full belly is compressed between them and I feel my bladder begin to fill as my body furiously begins the job of recycling their pee I feel their hard cocks rubbing against me and feel Lacey frantically greasing up my asshole with KY lube then I am placed on to of Lacey facing the ceiling and his cock slides into me easily helped by all the lube he greased me with after he is inside then Takur gets his chance and he stuffs his big hard thick very black cock deep into my anus I groan into the ball gag and as they begin to fuck me my bladder quickly fills soon I am full of pee and have to let it go so I do and it rises up the hose a bright yellow line rising to my mouth it gushes into my mouth then splashing against my teeth and I begin to gulp it down so as not to drown on it and as I void my bladder they continue to fuck me their big black cocks stretching my white little asshole so güvenilir bahis siteleri wide my legs are flapping like a wounded bird as I dance between them and the urine continues to flow into my mouth finally it stops but I can feel myself filling again and know it wont be long before I have to recycle again…Lacey and his friend are having a ball laughing and fucking me and my hose is flapping on my belly and my bladder is almost full again as Lacey cums inside of me grunting and groaning and his friend takes his cue as he unloads a might blast deep inside my asshole…And I watch again as the urine rises in the hose…I am held between them as my body voids its bladder once again and I gulp it down once again until it stops and then it is over as they remove their cocks from my ass and Lacey takes me and removes the hose from my cock then he removed the ball gag from my mouth and my lips are stretched wide and are sore a little from the thing he then goes and gets a large spoon and I look puzzled until he takes my legs and holds them up wide as Takur digs out their cum from my asshole with the spoon…I am then fed their cum spoonful by spoonful until I am empty I think I have eaten some of my own feces as well as I taste something foul in my mouth and then finally I am let free and I rush to the bathroom to void my aching bladder properly and after I do I jump into the shower and wash the taste out of my mouth with it’s hot streams and as I lather myself I think about what I have just experienced and am amazed at how well I endured it Lacey had come up with a nasty new trick for me the bastard god love him and I smile as I remember both their cock inside me…maybe later I will get some more…Never THE END!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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