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Awesome Foursome

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Awesome FoursomeI came out of a bus at bus stop. as I movedmy hand in pocket toremove mobile phone, I heard a female voicecalling me from behind. Ilook back. she was Ekta my school classmate.let me describe her. sheis fair, she has attractive eyes. serousness inher lips & she isbeautifull..she has small boobs. I said “ohh!!hi…how are you”..she replied withsmile “fine”… then we started our chit-chat,while walking on road.I was so busy in talking with her, that I wasgoing with her way toher house. she reminded me that. I feelembarrased. she said”ok cometo my house now”..I said “I wont mind” andwe moved. she had crush onme in school days. we used to stare eachother during class hours. shecame on last day to propose but I movedaway, as I was loving someoneelse…. we reached at her house. Ektaknockedthe door. twice, thrice.but there was someone inside who was notopening the door. finally hersister named pooja opened a door. she wasbehind a door & she wascovering her body with towel. Ekta wassuprised to see that. we wentinside. pooja wanted to say something tostop us but she didnt dare.we saw a guy behind her on underwear. thenlittleclash began between bothsister. like “what was going on, who is he &so on… from that I cameto know that, that guy is pooja’s friend & weinterupted them. nowekta feel embarased to get me here. I talkedto her. to make her calm.I said both of tuzla escort them to continue. I said “I willnot reveal it outsideon a condition that I want to see you bothfucking”. ekta was suprisedlistening that and she went somewhereinside the room. they bothcontinued in a cowgirl position and I wassitting infront of their sofa onanother sofa. I was lookingat pooja’s nice big ass bouncing up & down.by listening her moaningin sexy voice I cant control my self. aftersometime I removed my dickand pumped in her asshole from behind. asher friend’s dick was in herpussy. as I did that she screamed harder withpain. may be this is herfirst double penetration. her friend wasdisturbed & tried to stop me.I continued & said in little voice “let me doit, I will not tellanyone”. they both have no choice. they letme to do. As I waspenetrating from behind holding her ass. Iwas moving my hand over herback, to make her feel sexual sensation. thenI increased my speed.she was saying in moaning hard voice “yeah!!like that… fuck memore”.. then I told her friend that I want totake his place & I gotready on sofa. when she was moving on mydick. ekta came there. shesaid this & that to me to make meembarased. but I dont care. I stoodup & moved towards her. while my dick washanging. ekta’s eyes movedtowards my dick for a while & I sawbrightness in her eyes at thattime & she moved her eyes away. I wentclosed tuzla escort bayan to her till my dicktouched her. I touched my lips over her ears.she said in softinnocent voice “be as far as possible”. Italked with her & convincedher for sex. I removed her clothes one by onetill she is naked. thenI made her sit on sofa. next to them. I sawther were having doggystyle position.. I spread her legs wide open &began to lick her hairypussy. It was pink from inside & blackborders. I like to lick herborders as it tastes good to me. she wasmoaning in sexy voice. tomake her more enjoyable, I squeezed hernipple from one hand at thesame time. then I penetrated her in sameposition. she moans harder infirst pump. like AHHH!!!” and I continuedpenetrating her. then theyboth also took same position like us. besidesus. me and that friendtook same rythm of penetration, while I wassqueezing her sister’shuge boobs. that friend tried to touch ekta.but she didnt allowed. Ifeeled good. I said in mind “she is only ofmine”. then I sat on sofa& demanded ekta to be top on my dick incowgirl position. she came &rides on my dick keeping her soft hands onmy chest. that gave me relief. I wassqueezing &sucking her boobs at the same time. I evenbite her nipples softly.she moans harder like “Ahhh!!”” I like that..then I hold her ass &started penetrating very fast. she moanes &tried to hold me tight. escort tuzla asshe didnt got a grip on my chest. shescribbled her nails on mychest.. I didnt say anything… while I was inaction. I saw himcumming inside pooja’s mouth. she swallowsit. pooja has nice hugehanging boobs. I put ekta aside suddenly. Iwent and demanded titsfuck from pooja. she gives it in a better way,shaking her boobs andholding my dick in it. I was in full ofpleasure. I saw jealousyfeeling on ekta’s face, while she wastouching her boobs, may be sheis jealous because she doesnt have enoughbig boobs for tits fuck.I called ekta towards me. she came andstood by my side. I kissed herslowly. while tits fuck was going on. then Irest on sofa with ekta. Iwas on back side of her. then I pumped mydick inside her anal. I wentslowly as I noticed soon load with come outof my dick. To satisfy herI started pressing her boobs from behind &kissing her back side ofneck at the same time. this went on for along time & I went inorgasm.finally I cummed fully inside her. Icould feel my hot cum.I continued penetrating, but this time veryfast. I could feeltiredness in my chest. I stop suddenly. Istood up. I saw pooja waslooking at us. while wearing her panty. I wentbehind her, pulled herpanty down till her thigh and again startedpenetrating her anal frombehind by holding her. her whole body wasshaking, including herhanging boobs. I was looking that frombehind. when I feel like I amgonna cum. I intimated her & told her to siton floor. she does and Icummed little this time. but on her boobs.then I spread it all overboobs using by dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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