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B7 Chapter 4 Rhiannon Takes Over – Transformations

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B7 Chapter 4 Rhiannon Takes Over – TransformationsChapter 4: Rhiannon Takes Over – Transformations The Enchantress was released from Dee Dee’s machine, and stood before everyone. She felt slightly queasy and disoriented, but other than that, had no ill effects. “You and me, we’re gonna have a little fun and games,” said Rhiannon. “If you’re smart honey, you’ll just go with the program, and not try anything. Not only are you outnumbered, but I can take you down again, if I have to.” “Very well,” said the Enchantress with a touch of hesitation. She remembered all too well how Rhiannon had slammed her down earlier. Not only did she not want to repeat that, but there was now a fire burning in her loins that she could not deny. Despite her dislike and disdain for Rhiannon and the Vectrans for interrupting her, the Enchantress looked down, and saw Ebony’s monstrous cock coming to life, as she possessed her body. In no time at all, her cock was at its full erect length of just over four feet. If anything, it was even larger and harder than when she had used it on Jeanne earlier. Unable to restrain herself, the Enchantress reached down and stroked her cock, marvel-ing at its strength and power, and the sensations that even light touches could bring. “By all the gods!” she exclaimed. “No wonder every male I ever met was so obsessed with their member. This is incredible!” Across the room, Dee Dee turned to Tiffany with a startled look. “I thought Rhiannon was going to punish whoever took over Ebony’s body.” “I’m lost too,” said Tiffany. “Looks like all she’s done is make that maniac even more powerful than before.” “I heard that,” said Rhiannon. “Remember what I said earlier. Everything’s going just fine here.” With that, she quickly removed her clothes. At this point Rhiannon had chosen not to reveal her cock between her legs. Changing her voice to a more pleasant tone, Rhiannon turned to the Enchantress in Ebony’s body. “All right, sweetie. I have no doubt you enjoyed yourself earlier, like you mentioned. But you haven’t tried it with someone who’s really ready for you, and truly knows how to handle a cock like yours. I want to suck that monster until its dry.” The Enchantress strode proudly towards her, her mighty cock before her jouncing with each of her steps in a wild dance, until she stood in front of Rhiannon. She stood as if in chall-enge, legs apart and fists on hips and licked her lips while smiling wickedly at her opponent. Rhiannon showed no fear at the huge form of Ebony, even though she knew that the Enchantress possessed her mind. So far, she had not displayed her own cock to the goddess. “Come here, bitch,” commanded Rhiannon. “I want to see if you really know what to do with that piece of meat that you’ve got between your legs.” The Enchantress wasted no time. She quickly reached out and grasped Rhiannon’s head, mashing her jaws onto her cockhead, wrenching them open and, with a quick rolling motion of her hips, crammed the pulsing cock into her now gaping mouth. “And now we shall indeed see if you can back up your own boasting, mortal!” The Enchantress gripped Rhiannon’s head and began a savage pumping fuck. The other girls in the room saw Rhiannon’s throat being distended by the massive, dark brown cock. As it worked its way towards the Vectran girl’s gullet, small slobbering and gulping sounds emanating from Rhiannon as she involuntarily sucked on the giant member sliding down her throat. A muffled moaning could be heard. The Enchantress grunted as more of her cock slid down Rhiannon’s throat, her hips twitching in rhythm as she thrusted forward. Soon she was over Rhiannon’s head, the mighty cock sluicing in and out of Rhiannon in great, breath-taking lunges. The Enchantress’ grunts intensified, and everyone in the room watched as her cock seemed to grow even larger as she plunged it into Rhiannon. Everyone plainly saw Rhiannon’s belly bulge as the huge cockhead found its way into her body cavity. Incredibly, there was no show of panic or flailing of limbs by Rhiannon. It was definitely a strain, as she fought to maintain belugabahis giriş her composure, but Rhiannon seemed to know what she was doing. Soon, Rhiannon was kneeling before the Enchantress with her head fully back and belly swollen, impaled by Ebony’s huge cock, while the goddess continued to possess her body, and hunched over her. The Enchantress’ breasts jounced and shuddered with each of her intensifying thrusts as the goddess groaned with the increasing ecstasy coursing through her. For over five minutes, Rhiannon fucked and sucked her cock with her throat. Then the Enchantress’s grunting changed to a moaning keen, and beneath her Rhiannon suddenly seemed to be wracked by a series of internal explosions. The Enchantress’ first flood of cum was now spurting into Rhiannon’s belly. The rippling explosions increased in intensity, and soon the cum was pouring into her even faster. The Enchantress now issued a ringing cry of triumph, and the shuddering form of Rhiannon’s belly began to stretch, ballooning out to an incredible size. Rhiannon’s belly continued to expand, and everyone could see the gigantic member nearly splitting her apart, Rhiannon’s body stretched over its length like a living condom. The Enchantress grunted then, and began a steady stream of profanity, reverting in her passion to her ancient, native language. Her head flailed back and forth, until she screamed in guttural release, and rammed her shuddering hips forward again. Now Rhiannon’s breasts suddenly began to swell in rippling growth until their massive dimensions formed twin hills, each crowned with a huge, jutting nipple. The Enchantress now collapsed forward, resting against the shuddering form of Rhiannon, a trickle of cum issuing forth from Rhiannon’s mouth. The Enchantress began to twitch in the massive body of Ebony, moaning and panting, and then stood up unsteadily, the huge column of her cock slowly being withdrawn from Rhiannon’s bloated body. The rest of the girls watched in awe as it was withdrawn from Rhiannon, a seemingly unending length of cock sliding out as the Enchantress staggered back. At least three feet of the heavily veined shaft was retracted out of the trembling body of Rhiannon, until the Enchantress seemed to meet resistance. The Enchantress turned, then flicked her hips in a swaying motion, tugging on her massive cock, wrenching it free. The massive, bloated head of her cock landed on Rhiannon’s bloated breasts with a meaty thud. “By all the gods!” cried the Enchantress. She turned away from Rhiannon, stroking her massive member for all to see. “Never have I felt the pleasures of the flesh to such a degree as just now, mortal.” She looked at Rhiannon’s distorted body with disdain. Almost everyone in the room was shocked by what the Enchantress had done with Ebony’s body just now. “bloody hell,” muttered Clyda. “If she did that to Rhiannon, what are we going to do now?” “Don’t throw in the towel so quick,” whispered Vantha. “Rayleena and I were with Rhiannon the last time we came to Earth. We know what she’s capable of. Wait a few minutes and watch what happens.” The Enchantress now turned on Rhiannon, her cock jutting before her as before, only this time it dripped cum as she advanced, the quivering flesh aimed directly at Rhiannon. Again, the goddess stood in defiant challenge before Rhiannon, a leering smile on her face. The Enchantress looked down at her, and with a sneer, thrust her hips forward until the head of the dripping phallus struck Rhiannon between her breasts. Rhiannon could feel the hot, cum-slicked flesh poking her, and the warmth of the jism that ran down her flesh. “I trust that it was good for you too, mortal?” Rhiannon looked at the Enchantress with a glare of triumph in her eyes. “Oh, that was tasty, all right. I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself, honey. So far, everything is working accord-ing to my plan.” The Enchantress could only stare at Rhiannon in amazement, as she pondered her words. The other girls in the room were confused too; to them, it seemed as though Rhiannon’s plan had belugabahis güvenilirmi backfired. Before everyone’s eyes, Ebony’s body began to shrink. In moments, she was back to her ‘normal’ size of just over seven feet, roughly the same size as Rhiannon and the other Vectran girls. In her own dimension, shock and rage flooded through the Enchantress as she realized what was happening. But for the moment, she was too startled to say anything. “That is incredible, Rhiannon,” gasped Dee Dee. “How did you do that?” “When you’re properly trained, it’s not that big a feat.” Rhiannon caught her breath and stood up. “Given time, I could’ve probably undone the changes Barocca had done to her, and brought her back to her original human height, but you seemed to be comfortable with her in this state. I concentrated on undoing the recent damage; the really special change I made will occur in a few seconds.” An instant later, before everyone’s eyes, what appeared to be tiny flashing lights suddenly began to flicker all over Ebony’s cock. Before the Enchantress had fully realized what was happening to her in Ebony’s body, Ebony’s cock completely disappeared. “What have you done to me, mortal?” she cried out in shock and anguish. “I’ve made you an honorary member of the Vectran race, you smart-mouthed bastard,” retorted Rhiannon. She turned to face the other girls. “Don’t worry, she isn’t feeling any true physical pain. However, the shock of losing what’s near and dear to her, is probably quite traumatic, which is exactly the effect that I was striving for.” Rhiannon now stood level with the Enchantress, and brought her face close to hers. “It might also interest you to know that many of we Vectrans are what you call shemales ourselves. We’ve developed mind control techniques that let us keep our cocks completely separate from our bodies when we don’t want them, and then produce them on demand when it’s time for fun and games. The last thing that my little program did was to send your cock and balls off to never-never land for twenty-four hours. That’s more than enough time for me and my girls to teach you a well-deserved lesson.” At this point all Dee Dee, Tiffany and the other girls in the room could do was stare in stunned silence at the scene unfolding before them. Rhiannon stepped away from the Enchantress in Ebony’s body. Her own form was still grossly distorted, her belly and breasts almost impossibly huge. “The first thing I have to do is channel all of the energy you’ve just deposited in me.” She clenched her fists, and began to breathe deeply. Slowly, the massive bulge of her stomach began to decrease in size. In moments, Rhiannon’s abdomen was as flat and muscular as it had been before. Her breasts were still as large as watermelons mounted on her chest. Everyone in the room stared in amazement at what she had done. The Enchantress was shocked. Even some of the other gods could not manipulate their bodies the way she was now doing. “There, that’s more like it,” said Rhiannon as she felt her tummy with her hands. “You heard me correctly when I said there was energy in my belly a minute ago. When you’re a Vectran, and you have enough experience like I do, you can channel it, and make temporary changes to your body that can be very dramatic. “I knew that our friend here had to have used our technology to transform Ebony’s body the way she did. So I set up the program to make her cock and balls turbo-charged for one time, so that I could use that energy in turn, on myself. Vantha, Rayleena, get out of your clothes, and get over here and get to work on my tits. The energy in them will charge you two up so you’re ready to go. I want her to get a good look at you, and then I’ll get myself ready, because I’m saving the best for last.” Rayleena and Vantha gathered close to Rhiannon. They were both intimately familiar with their commander’s body, having served with her for many years, and there were few secrets about what she could do to herself to them. Although all three of them could assume a shemale form at will, belugabahis yeni giriş they still had an inborn love for huge breasts, and Rhiannon was as huge now as either girl could recall seeing her. Each girl grasped one of Rhiannon’s huge melons, and began fondling and stroking it, causing the meaty nipples to grow hard and erect instantly. Rhiannon grasped one of her rigid nipples in her hand, and guided it to the wide open mouth of Rayleena, filling it, and then forcing it down her throat as it began to spew its jets of milk into the Vectran girl. Vantha now kissed, licked and nibbled hungrily at Rhiannon’s other heaving breast as they mashed against her chest. Her hands reached out to gently pinch Rhiannon’s turgid nipple. She pressed her face into the tit-flesh, surrounding the massive nipple with her mouth as she began to gobble the sweet milk from Rhiannon’s nipple. Both Vantha and Rayleena began to feel the sensation of being stuffed full of the milk from Rhiannon’s tits. Rhiannon sensed the powerful spurts of her milk pumping into her girls, as well as the growing sensation of having to release her own cock very soon. The energy from so much cum stored in her body was already beginning to affect her. By now, her breasts had quickly returned to almost their normal size, but the energy in her body had kept them firm, and they were now two gravity defying mounds. Her nipples hardened until they were painful. They were turning dark brown and growing larger. Each of Rhiannon’s nipples were now over four inches long, and as thick as several of her fingers. Vantha and Rayleena continued to suck vigorously on them, using their hands to literally stroke them like a cow’s udders. After several minutes of this, Rhiannon could finally sense that her two crewmembers had had enough. “All right girls. As much as I enjoy this, you’ve both got more than enough of my juice in you to do what’s necessary tonight. I can hold off for a few minutes more. I want you to show our friend the Enchantress, just what you’ve got for her.” Vantha and Rayleena quickly concentrated, causing their cocks to appear between their legs. The Enchantress’ eyes shot open in surprise when she saw this. But after what Rhiannon had just done to Ebony’s body, and how easily she had just undone her work, realization slowly dawned on her that Rhiannon could very well back up all of her previous taunts and boasting. Rayleena and Vantha stood close together, side to side with one arm wrapped about the other. They said nothing, but their brows furrowed in concentration as they willed their cocks to become erect. Quickly, their thick turgid shafts became erect, like a tree growing in an animated cartoon. In no time at all the head of their cocks were pointing almost straight up, and were level with the nipples of their breasts. Each of their balls was almost as large as a softball, and swayed gently back and forth, as they softly stroked the shafts of their pricks. This was something completely new to the Enchantress. It had taken long enough for her to accept that the girls on Tiffany’s island had transformed themselves into shemales, but their cocks were always fully visible. To see the Vectran girls produce them out of nowhere, as if by magic, was almost unnerving to her. “Very nice girls,” commented Rhiannon. “I’m sure she’s not going to forget what you do to her with those tonight. But I’m the commander of our little landing party, and I’ve got the most strength and experience of any of us.” She turned to face the startled goddess. “And now, ‘Miss Enchantress’,” said Rhiannon, “Miss ‘I don’t care if I hurt anyone when I fuck’, in a very short time, you’re going to get a dose of your own medicine, and find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things for a change. Watch me. Take a good look at what I can do with my body, and prepare to be impressed.” Across the Island, Barocca struggled to her feet. Her body felt like it been through a meat grinder. Every bone and muscle seemed to ache terribly. Jordan and her four ‘clones’ had certainly done a thorough job on her. Barocca couldn’t decide who she hated more at the moment: Jordan for being so rough with her, or Rhiannon and the Vectrans for giving Jordan the ability to do it to her in the first place. She forced herself to ignore her aching body, and set off in the direction of Dee Dee’s lab.

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