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Subject: Bacchus Springs, Chapter 24: Gaslighting This is a work of fiction and contains scenes of explicit gay sex. Any resemblance to actual places, persons, or events is coincidental. If you are not of the legal age to read adult stories or are uncomfortable with gay themes, please stop reading now and close this document. Bacchus Springs, Chapter 24: Gaslighting, Copyright 2022 Tripp Savidge. All rights are reserved. Do not duplicate or distribute in any form without the express permission of the author. Bacchus Springs Chapter 24, Gaslighting by Tripp Savidge * Scene 1 * Sinha “Sin” Dara “I keep telling you, it’s not a problem. I was glad to get out of there. It was getting awkward.” I leaned back on the headboard and pulled one of the pillows into my lap. Being with Emma was surprisingly relaxing. “Hm. I’m still deciding if I should be freaking out or if it’s okay just to feel uncomfortable. It’s not like we’re super close or something, but I’ve known Uncle Bernie since we were little. Knowing he’s being initiated?” Emma shuddered. “Maybe both? David didn’t seem all that surprised, so I guess that’s good.” Emma laughed, “Nah, he’s just good at hiding it. Dad said he is worried.” “I think that is a given whenever you’re dealing with the gods.” “You don’t have to remind me. I still haven’t gotten over being groped and fingered in front of a crowd.” Emma sighed. “You think he’ll be okay?” “I don’t think Bacchus will hurt him. He likes David too much to do something that would upset him. And you seem to be adjusting pretty well.” “I guess. The sex is pretty amazing, though I wish you enjoyed it.” Emma poked me. “David helped. It’s not so bad.” What was I going to say? I was gay. If it weren’t for the adjustments David had made, it would be horrible. Now it was “okay,” and I could feel good about taking care of Emma. “Dad said they’re going to help you, so that’s good, right?” “Yeah.” But it would have been better if “she” hadn’t insisted that they had to torture me first. Why did she have to be listening? “You meet any cute guys yet?” I knew she had been looking. “No. A lot of creepers and pervs.” Emma crossed her arms and scowled. “My expectations might be a little high. You’ve seen the men in this house. Certainly no one who compares to you. I know, I know, you’re not ‘available,’ satyr and all that. But still, you’re so hot and sweet and damn, but you know how to take care of a girl.” “Thanks. Goddess trained and all that.” I tried not to think of my time on Olympus. It still gave me nightmares, and I would do everything I could not to end up there again. “Given that your dad and David are both servants, I’d expect Bacchus will look out for you.” “That doesn’t make me feel better. I’m not stupid or blind. The goddess we don’t mention is the wildcard. I know from talking with Ashley that if it were just Bacchus, he’d pick someone pretty who’d make good babies and hand me over. I also know I’ll have to share whoever I marry with the entire male population of Bacchus Springs.” “Might not be quite that extreme, but yeah, you’ll have to share.” I didn’t want to give her any false hopes, and in a household with David and Jon-the man would have to be blind and a saint not to get on his knees or bend over regularly. “Do the other satyrs get jealous of you? I’m not sure what to do about Kennedy. We’ve been friends forever, but she’s not taking this well.” Emma gestured to herself, and while I preferred men, I recognized a beautiful woman when I saw one. I wondered if Aphrodite had done something to make her more appealing in addition to the physical changes. “Yes and no. They used to, but they hated me enough it balanced out, and then ‘the thing’ happened, and now they all pity me.” “I’m sure they didn’t hate you,” Emma argued. “Oh, they did, and I deserved it. I was an arrogant asshole. It’s what got me into trouble.” “Kennedy could be like that. So I can understand. You’re sweet now, though.” Emma leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I don’t know how she’ll ever adjust to sharing Jake.” “She doesn’t like Jon? I thought it was impossible not to.” I would give almost anything to get in that man’s bed, or his dad’s, or Dean’s. Fuck, this household really did have the hottest men. I understood why Emma might be jaded. Even her younger brother was turning into a wet dream. Okay, I’d spend the night with him too. Hmm… I wonder if he moans like Emma? “That makes it worse. She can’t deny he’s more attractive and being so sweet and kind on top of it? I’m surprised she hasn’t burst into flames.” “I agree, it doesn’t look good for her. Is Ashley the same?” Emma laughed. “Not even close. She adores Jon and Jake and would gladly do her best to keep both of them happy. She says that her parents set expectations early, and she thinks it is looking better than she’d hoped.” “If you want, I could ask the other guys. They might know something, especially Benny, he’s almost constantly with Bacchus.” “Thank you. I’m glad you could come over, even if it wasn’t for sex.” Emma kissed me on the cheek. “It was a pleasure.” I glanced at my watch and realized it was getting late. “I better go. David asked me to stop by before I left.” “See you soon?” Emma asked. “Whenever you want. Give me a call, and I’ll do my best.” I tucked Emma in, pulling up the covers and kissing her forehead. “Night, princess.” “Goodnight, Sin.” I stepped out of her room and eased the door closed. I turned and saw David watching me from the hall by his bedroom door. The expression on his face and the way his eyes raked over my body made me feel like I was already naked. “I was afraid you’d forget.” David walked to me, never taking his dark eyes off mine, then took my hand and pulled me into the room he shared with Dean. “Is something wrong?” “I was told that I was taking too long.” David gave me a meaningful look that told me who made the comment. I wanted the curse to be gone, but I wasn’t looking forward to the cure. With Aphrodite setting the terms, I knew it would be unpleasant. David must have sensed my apprehension because I’d barely stepped into the room when he pulled me into his arms and pressed our foreheads together. “Remember the end goal, Sin. You’ll get through this.” Thank the gods he was the one to dole out my penance. I knew some of the other erotes wouldn’t be nearly as considerate. “Hey, Sin.” Dean was sitting on the bed watching me. I still did a double-take, even having known him for a few years. He’d always been handsome but now… Somewhat like Emma, it was more than just being physically attractive. David sat down beside Dean and looked at me. “You need to be sure, Sin. Once we start, there’s no changing your mind. If you’re okay continuing as you are now, you can turn around and walk out. No one will stop you. If you stay, Aphrodite has dictated what I can do, what I can’t and…” David paused and looked at Dean. “Some things that are required.” I bit my lip as my stomach dropped. It wasn’t a surprise. I knew she was still angry. At least David didn’t expect me to answer. “I don’t know what you did, Sin, but whatever it was, don’t do it again,” Dean said. It was still strange not to be able to acknowledge what he’d said. I could think of words and responses all day, but they’d never reach my lips. I was not able to communicate or acknowledge my curse in any way. “Please help yourself to the bath if you’d like to freshen up. You’ll be spending the night with Dean and me.” David gestured to the partially open doorway. “Don’t bother dressing when you’re done.” I felt my face flush as I walked past them into the luxurious bath. I had no idea what they had planned for me, but I wasn’t a novice. You didn’t spend as long as I had in Bacchus’s bed without knowing how to prep. Stepping back into the bedroom, I was nervous about what was coming. David and Dean were lounging on the king-sized bed, talking. “Oh, my…” Dean said, looking me up and down. “Sexy, isn’t he? Do a slow turn for us, Sin.” David sat cross-legged and leaned forward to watch. “His build is very similar to Jon’s, but I think Sin’s hips are narrower, and he’s certainly darker,” Dean observed. “How does his lust taste?” “Hm. Not sure yet. He’s still too nervous. But we’ll get there.” David crawled off the bed and moved to be right in front of me. He leaned in and whispered. “She gave me all the details, so we know you can’t respond. Relax and let Dean and me enjoy you.” The heat of his breath on my ear was a painful reminder of my limits. I wanted to moan and lean into him, but I couldn’t even twitch. His hands ran over my chest and shoulders. “You spend a lot of time in the gym. This body is a work of art.” David’s hands teased my nipples. “At least some things still work.” Dean chuckled. I knew he was referring to my dick. As soon as David had stepped in to whisper, my cock jerked. For whatever reason, “it” could still respond-up to a point. “Very nice.” David licked the rim of my ear as his hand wrapped around my shaft. He gave a languid stroke. “There you go, Sin. I knew there was some lust in that pretty body somewhere.” He took a deep breath and squeezed my dick at the same time. “Ambrosia…” “Good?” Dean asked. “Delicious. There’s a nice bit of desperation, making it a little spicy.” David stepped back and walked around me. He gripped my ass cheeks. “Nice muscle tone, I bet you can get a good grip with these babies.” He squeezed my ass cheeks, separating them enough I felt the air on my pucker. “Can I touch?” Dean asked. “Of course, but first. Sin, undress Dean. Slowly,” David stepped away and sat on the bed. I wondered how the curse would respond. My understanding was I could follow orders, but no more. Dean stood and watched me as I gripped the bottom of his tee and began to lift it. Fuck was he ever ripped. I was a little jealous knowing Bacchus had done this for him when I’d had to work out religiously to get where I was. When I had the shirt off, it struck me that Dean had a muscled, athletic build similar to Matthew, maybe not quite as big but certainly as porn- model worthy. I knelt and began working on the belt, then the waistband of his jeans. Dean’s thick cock was already trying to burst free. My mouth watered, and I had to close my eyes for a moment before sliding the zipper down and pulling the jeans over his muscled ass and thighs. Why did he have to be so hot? I knew it was meant to be torture, but fuck already. Looking at his knees as I worked the denim the rest of the way so he could step out. Knees shouldn’t be a turn on, but damn he had nice legs, and those knees needed licking. “Dean, turn around and show Sin that beautiful ass,” David said. Given that I was already kneeling, that put the golden mound of man-flesh right in my face. If I moved forward a couple of inches, my nose would be in that delectable crack. I thought I was doing pretty well until the bastard bent over and his globes separated, showing me a perfect tiny golden pucker with just a hint of pink. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I had to concentrate on breathing. No man should have an ass that pretty and not share. Fingers carded into my hair, and David tipped my head so I looked into his dark eyes. “You want it, don’t you, Sin? You’d like to taste his sweet ass and get your tongue inside him so he’s ready for a good fuck?” David’s voice was deep and slow, making every word clear. He had to know I couldn’t answer as I continued to stare at him with what I assumed was a blank expression. His eyes sparkled, and a grin spread across his face. “You forget, Sin. I’m a love god. You don’t have to say a word because I know every depraved, lustful thought running through your mind. It’s bad news for you because ‘she’ knows it as well and set down some very strict rules on what I can do.” I’m in such deep shit. My eyes dropped, and if I’d have been able to, I’d have whimpered. David had already unfastened his pants, and even through the denim, his cock was fucking huge. As I stared, he pulled off his shirt and slid his pants down, letting his horse dick flop out and smack me in the face. He grabbed it and ran the head over my lips and cheeks. “Do you like dick, Sin?” David asked. “Don’t be cruel, David. Everyone knows Sin is gay and loves dick,” Dean said. Please, please put it on my lips again. I wanted to open my mouth and taste him so badly. Fuck he was huge, and I’d heard Matthew and Blaze raving about how good it felt. “Climb up on the bed, Sin. Start out on your hands and knees with your head toward the headboard.” David reached down and slid his hands under my arms to help me stand. His touch sent fire through my veins, and I wondered if it was his power or from how much I wanted him. “What are we doing?” Dean asked. “I thought we’d start by tasting his sweet ass. You want to go first?” “Yeah.” Dean made it sound like David had asked a stupid question as he rolled his eyes. How was this going to go? I barely had time to wonder how my body would react before I felt a wet tongue slide down my crack and tease my hole. Fuck, it felt amazing. I’d missed this sooooo damned much. Oh, fuck! I screamed in my head as Dean gripped my hips and pushed his tongue inside me. He was eating my ass like it was the best thing ever. “You’re doing great, Dean. He fucking loves it. You’re driving him mad,” David narrated. I wanted to cry when Dean pulled away. “I didn’t realize how weird it would be for him not to be able to respond, so thanks for telling me. I thought I’d lost my touch,” Dean said before resuming. “Never, baby. No one rims ass like you. You’re the best.” There was a pause before David spoke again. “Keep going, he’s making all kinds of delicious lust. I’m going to feed very well tonight.” Fuck. If he fed… That meant he’d likely push the lust back into me. Fuck. Fuck. I’d been with erotes before. I knew how this worked. But that was when I could do something about it. “Your turn.” Dean pulled away. How had I never associated how much a good ass eating got you thinking about being fucked. I swore my hole was clenching and throbbing in hopes of enticing a dick inside. I’d never been much of a bottom, but at the moment, I’d give almost anything for a cock in my hole. Not sure why David said Dean was so good; as far as I could tell, they were pretty close in phenomenal ass eating skills. Or maybe that was more a sign of how bad off I was… “This is a fine ass. Made for fucking. Once we get you all fixed up, Sin, we’re going to have lots of fun together. You’re going to have dicks in your man-hole so often, you won’t feel right without one inside you. That’s what ‘she’ wants, you know.” Shit. I wasn’t surprised. All I could hope was that I’d come to enjoy it as much as I had topping. Then again, she was angry enough, she might want me to suffer for a very long time. “On your back and lean up against the pillows,” David directed. David and Dean positioned themselves on either side of me, their hands trailing over my body. Dean grabbed a bottle and poured some liquid in his hand then poured more into David’s. They then began spreading it over my body-oil. My skin heated and tingled and the scent hit me, woodsy and musky. Dean started playing with my nipples while David coated my cock with the oil and began stroking. Not like he was jacking me off, more like a massage, using both hands, his fingers, and his palms. He did my balls and my inner thighs as well, regularly returning to my cock until it was so hard it hurt. “A beautiful dick.” David ran his palm over the head of my cock over and over again. Inside I was screaming, but I couldn’t so much as blink. “He’s got nice nipples too. Bet they’d be hot if he got them pierced.” Dean pulled and pinched, making my dick leak even more. Then he took one in his mouth and teased it with his tongue and teeth. David worked my cock like a master, and I’d have been writhing if I could move. It felt so incredibly good, and I was getting really close to blowing. He wrapped his hand around the crown and rubbed faster. Even the curse didn’t stop me from panting, and I’m sure my eyes were looking a bit crazed. “Look at you… It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Sin? You can’t do this for yourself anymore.” David chuckled as he watched my face. His other hand cupped my balls and squeezed, and I knew it was finally going to happen. FUCK! I screamed in my head as David and Dean stopped and pulled back at the same time. I was almost there and then watched in horror as cum started to pour out of my cock. No orgasm. No sense of release. “Beautiful. Look at that rich cream just oozing out for us, babe.” David scooped some up and watched me as he brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. “Delicious.” He scooped up more and fed it to Dean. “I want more,” Dean said. David licked up the remaining jizz and kissed Dean, I assumed to share my load. “I’m sure there’s more.” David began stroking me again while Dean returned to my nipples. I desperately wanted to ask him what he was doing and if he’d let me cum, but couldn’t form the words. David leaned in and kissed me, and I could still taste my spend. “Did you forget, Sin? You’re being punished. But I can still milk you dry. All I have to do is get you right to the edge,” he whispered against my lips. No, no, no, I mentally pleaded only for David to speed up his stroking. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, he got more oil and slid his finger inside me. “I’ve heard that if you massage the prostate, a man releases more cum,” David said as he found my sweet spot. “Certainly works that way for me.” Dean laughed. “Can I play with his dick, too?” “Of course, the more hands, the better.” Oh, God. I wasn’t going to make it until morning. Somehow the universe heard me and decided to prove me wrong. Even after I’d already given them six loads without an orgasm, my cock still responded. No more. No more. I screamed in my head, but they didn’t stop. This time only the tiniest dribble bubbled out of my rock-hard dick. “Maybe it’s time to give him a break,” Dean said as he sucked the head as if that would give him more. “We’ll put on a good show for him. You ever been up close and personal watching other guys fuck, Sin?” David took my hand and wrapped it around his dick, stroking himself with it. “Are you going to fuck me now?” Dean asked. “Better, we’ll take turns fucking each other, and Sin can help keep us nice and wet.” Even my tears failed me because they should have been streaming down my cheeks by this point. I was starting to wonder if ending the curse was worth this. * Scene 2 * Bernie Martinez I woke with a smile. Casey wasn’t usually a snuggler, but I was very aware of her breasts pressing into me as she teased my dick. Wait, Casey doesn’t have big boobs, and she doesn’t have two mouths. “What?” I sat up with a jolt. “Where?” I glanced around the strange room and had no idea where I was or how I got there. That was almost as shocking as finding myself in bed with two strange women. I don’t do stuff like this. “Awe, I wanted more time,” a soft female voice whined from under the covers. A voice that was definitely not Casey’s. “Time to move, ladies. You had your shot.” A somewhat familiar blond jock was standing with his arms crossed at the foot of the bed. I stayed still and took some deep breaths. What was wrong with me? Casey’s going to kill me. I should be … huh, my mind was strangely blank. I knew there was something, but I couldn’t think of it. There had to be a logical explanation for all this. That thought vanished when someone squeezed my dick, and I saw a blond and a brunette crawling out from under the covers. What the fuck? I put my face in my hands, closed my eyes, and tried to remember. The last thing I could recall was interviewing with Bacchus, and then… Nope, nothing after that. “See, now you’ve gone and freaked him out!” the jock scolded. He walked beside the bed, reaching out and putting his fingers under my jaw, turning me to look at him. “Deep breaths. You’re going to be fine. Everything’s good. Kayla, time to go.” The guy gave the dark-haired woman a scary glare. “You’re no fun, Benny. You get all the pretty ones. He finally brought one home for us. Can’t we play with him a bit longer?” “No, Kayla. That means you too, Heather,” Benny said, and I noticed the blond scowl at him. They both walked out of the room, not a stitch of clothing as if it was normal. “Sorry about them, they’re a bit desperate, and you are pretty hot,” Benny sat on the side of the bed. “Do I know you?” I didn’t remember him clearly, but I had this gut feeling I should. Nothing was making any sense. I am so confused. I closed my eyes again. “Eh, it’s complicated. You’ll probably feel better after a shower. There’s a bath through that door, and I set your clothes on the chair. Don’t worry, they’re clean.” Benny pointed at an open door, then at the side chair where my stuff was neatly folded. I grabbed my clothes and walked into the bath. I tried to be quick in the shower because I was hoping for answers. Nothing was coming back to me, and getting clean raised more questions as I had to scrub to get off a good bit of crusty stuff. Pretty sure it was jizz. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I caught my reflection and froze. There was something wrong, but I wasn’t sure what. It was me. My body, but I had this sense it was somehow “different.” Benny was still sitting on the bed, looking at his phone when I returned. “Better? Ready for breakfast?” He stood and gave me a big smile. “I’m so fucking lost right now I don’t even know where to start.” Benny cringed and gave me a guilty look. “Sorry. I can tell you that’s normal, and it will eventually all make sense, but it’s going to take a while. Once Bacchus claims you, it messes with your memory for a while, but I promise it will all come back. Let’s eat, you have to be starving.” He walked to the door and waited. “There is nothing ‘normal’ about this situation.” I followed him and had the strangest flash of an istanbul travesti image of Benny, but it was like he was between my legs… No! No! I shook my head and heard Benny sigh. At least now I could tell I was still at Bacchus’s estate. This was no ordinary house, and I had to hurry several times as rooms or features caught my eye and made me pause. We went into a huge dining room with a table that probably could seat thirty-at least. “Good morning, Bernie. How are you feeling?” Bacchus asked as he strode toward me. Fuck was he handsome. He didn’t stop until he was pressed against me, his hand holding the back of my neck as he drew me in and kissed me. I melted into him, letting his tongue claim my mouth as I welcomed the heat and strength of his body. I was a little freaked out at how naturally it came. That was when the memory of him fucking me after the interview came roaring back into my head. “Um…” I stuttered when he released me, trying to remember how to stand on my own. Bacchus chuckled and led me to a chair he pulled out at the table. He took the folded cloth napkin and shook it before placing it in my lap. I stared at the table as if I’d never seen a place setting or silverware before. What the hell? I’d had sex with my new boss. My brain froze for a second. Wait, when did I accept the job? I don’t remember… Shit, what is wrong with me? “I got it,” Benny said from somewhere, and I turned to look for him. I froze, staring into Bacchus’s eyes-beautiful warm brown with sparkles of gold. “You did well, my pet. Eat a good meal, and you’ll feel better.” Bacchus returned to his seat at the end of the table and picked up a delicate China teacup. “Here ya go. They’ll be along shortly to get you tea, coffee, juice, and anything else you want.” Benny set a plate of food in front of me. “It smells wonderful.” I took a few bites and took a sip of water while I gathered my nerve. I was just about to ask questions when a server came to ask me about drinks and special requests. Okay, when she said waffles, I might have had a moment of weakness. Coffee poured and heaven requested, I fortified myself with the hot brew. “You don’t need to be so nervous, Bernardo,” Bacchus said. My head jerked up to look at him. Reflex because the only time I was called Bernardo was when I was in trouble. “I am so confused, and I can’t remember,” I admitted. Bacchus shrugged and smiled as he sat his teacup on the table. “How about if I give you the highlights?” “Sure.” That might at least give me enough so I knew what questions to ask. “You’re my servant, Bernie. I know that doesn’t mean much now, but over time, you’ll figure it out. You accepted the job to work for me and will be moving to Bacchus Springs along with your family. Last night we had a celebration of sorts, welcoming you to the family. I know that it’s all a bit foggy, and you don’t remember, but you will. The memories will come back over the next few weeks.” He paused to take a drink. “What kind of celebration?” Maybe it would explain why I woke up with two women in my bed. “The very best kind.” Bacchus laughed. “An orgy of epic proportions, and you were phenomenal. You’re going to do so well here, Bernie.” “Orgy?” It might have come out as a squeak. “Mmmm. I do love a good one. Benny, what else would you highlight for your new brother?” Benny sat beside me and put his chin on his hand as he looked at me. “You were attractive before, now you’re fucking hot. Don’t worry about people not recognizing you or freaking out, that’s part of Father’s magic. They’ll come up with their own reasons why. You no longer have a gag reflex, and as you proved many times over, you can deep throat like a pro. You also have Bacchus’s signature magic ass. That means you’ll always be snug and feel amazing, no matter how many dicks you take.” Benny winked. My stomach might have flipped at that point. “So, the orgy included men?” My voice might have broken a few times. “Lots of men.” Bacchus grinned. “I don’t remember…” “It will come back. It’s better for you to let the memories come to you. Think of it as your mind’s way of accepting and incorporating the experience. Benny, can you give David a call and let him know it’s time?” “Yes, Father.” Benny left the room just as someone brought my waffles. “Any suggestions on how to convince my wife and kids that this move is a good idea?” Strangely the thought of the new job and moving didn’t bother me at all, but I knew that wouldn’t be the case for them. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your wife.” Bacchus waved his hand dismissively. “Now, don’t be surprised if you start getting more propositions. It’s part of the package, but you need to decline any offers for now. For your own safety, stick to people who have my mark.” He held up a hand. “I’ll show you what I mean before you leave. So, let’s talk about some of the other things you’ll be doing for me.” * Scene 3 * David Martinez I was nervous about what awaited me. Maybe I should have let Dean come with me, I thought but quickly decided that no, I’d made the right choice. It would be awkward enough seeing me and Dean needed to rest after the night with Sin. I still felt a little guilty and somewhat wished I hadn’t known what was going on in his head. Lesson learned, never cross Aphrodite. I’d just pulled out of the alley onto the side street when “The Imperial March” began to play, and the caller ID “Hellspawn” popped up on the screen. I seriously considered ignoring it but knew it would just make things worse. “Hello,” I said as soon as I hit the hands-free button. “Where the fuck are you?” Tony’s voice boomed in the car. “Hey, brother. I’m doing great, thank you. How are you? Guessing you came out of hiding.” “David. Where. The. Fuck. Are You? I was just at your house, and there were strangers living there.” Tony’s voice was coming out more like a growl. “Pretty sure it’s their house now. And as you might have guessed by the background noise, I’m in the car.” “Quit fucking around. You moved, didn’t you?” “Um… I think that would have been obvious when you met the new owners of our old house.” God, sometimes I wondered how we could possibly be related. “I called the firm, and you’re no longer on the directory. What the fuck? Tell me you did not move to that bumfuck town. I told you NOT to take that job.” “You should really see someone about your temper. In case you missed it, I am an adult and get to make my own decisions.” “Jensen was behind this, wasn’t he? There’s no way Kelly would have supported this.” Alarms went off in my head, and I had to take a second. Those were disturbing words, and I realized I needed to be careful how I responded. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Kelly rolled out the red carpet when I came to interview. She couldn’t have been more supportive.” I didn’t add the caveat that it was only until I decided to take the job. But the bigger worry was how would Tony know? There was an uncomfortable pause which told me I’d need to let Bacchus know of this new development. I hated to think Tony was involved, but then again… “She wouldn’t,” Tony said. “I was there, she really did. Was there a reason for your call, or did you just miss yelling at me?” I was really done with the conversation. “You shouldn’t have done this, David. It was a mistake. I warned you there was something off about that town. We’ve sent numerous agents to investigate,” Tony argued. “And you also said they never found a thing and all came back saying it was a lovely little town with nothing going on. Go back in your hole, Tony. I’m done.” I ended the call and frowned. That was disturbing on too many levels. I turned into the drive for Bacchus’s estate. Remembering my first visit and reaction, I parked at the side entrance. I’d no sooner closed the car door when I saw Benny coming down the steps. “Hey, David.” “Benny. How’d you get stuck being the one to face off with me?” I tried not to scowl too much. This day was already going sideways. “Bacchus said you were less likely to hit me since I’m almost family, and he figured Matthew or Blaze would be too distracting.” Benny gave me a forced grin but still kept out of striking distance. “What can you tell me?” I figured it was better to get it out of the way. Benny shuffled his feet and didn’t meet my eyes. “He, um, got claimed and maybe got a bit of a tune up?” “Why did you make that sound like a question. Did Bacchus make him a satyr?” “Not exactly sure of the details.” Benny shrugged. “He’s a servant for sure but doesn’t feel like a satyr, and he might be a bit hotter than he was when he arrived?” “And he was initiated?” I was starting to get frustrated since it seemed like Benny didn’t know all that much. “Oh yeah.” Benny snorted. “I was there for that part.” I waited, expecting details, and Benny must have picked up on it since he got fidgety. “Nothing all that different. Standard Bacchus orgy with all the satyrs. Oh, and Kayla and Heather joined in too. He did great.” Oh, fuck. A satyr telling you that your brother did “great” at the orgy wasn’t exactly comforting. “Maybe you should just show me to Bernie?” “Sure. You’re not mad at me?” “No, Benny. I know you follow orders like the rest of us.” “If it makes you feel better, he was pretty into it.” Benny smiled, and I did my best to hide the cringe. I was all too aware of Bacchus’s powers and how easy it was for him to seduce a man and make him do whatever the god wanted. I’d just have to see for myself. We were almost to the dining room when Bernie stepped out, followed by Bacchus. I will admit to being stunned for a moment; Bernie looked good, real good, and I didn’t remember him ever being that fit. “There he is!” Bacchus greeted, walking over to me and pulling me into his arms. My body responded without thought, and I didn’t even think of Bernie again until Bacchus stepped back after he pulled his tongue out of my throat. Bernie was staring, his mouth open, his eyes wide. My response was to ignore it, take a deep breath, and continue as if nothing had happened. I looked at my brother again, this time realizing that while he looked younger and in better shape, he still looked like Bernie. “Interview went well, I assume?” I said while noticing Bernie’s new status as one of Bacchus’s. As Benny had said, not just part of the flock but a full servant, like Dean, the mayor, and so many others. “He did great! I’m really looking forward to having him on the team. We have so many projects in queue for him to get started on.” Bacchus patted Bernie on the back, and I couldn’t miss how my brother melted a bit and stared at the Greek god. It dawned on me that I really shouldn’t ask too many questions in front of Bernie. I was more likely to confuse him or raise new issues. “Anything I need to know, Bacchus?” “Bernie’s going to be a little out of it for a while yet. Probably best if you drive his car back to the city. I had him enter the important numbers on his phone, and I’ll put Devon on standby if he needs, you know, any special attention.” Bacchus winked. I knew only too well. My worry was whether Devon would be enough. I’d had both Matthew and Blaze… fuck, how is he going to do this with Casey and the boys at home? “I’m fine to drive myself home, Mr. Bacchus. I’m confused but not impaired,” Bernie argued. “How sweet.” Bacchus cupped Bernie’s cheek and kissed him. Even I could see that Bernie’s knees went weak. “Trust me, this is better, and remember, I’ll take care of everything with Casey.” Fuckety, fuck, fuck. If I wasn’t worried before, I was now. When Bacchus released Bernie’s cheek, he turned to me with a smirk. [“So little faith.”] Bacchus’s voice echoed in my head. “I look forward to seeing you again, Bernie. Our office will contact you with all the details on Monday. Welcome to the family.” Bacchus gave Bernie a brief hug then sauntered off. “Okay, then,” Benny muttered, turning to look at me. “You okay getting him home? He should be good for a few hours.” “Great.” I was nodding at Benny wondering when this all got to be “normal.” “Bernie, you have Devon’s number, so if you start getting uncomfortable, call him,” Benny said seriously. “Uncomfortable? Why would I…” Bernie turned to me. “You have any idea what he’s talking about?” I wish I didn’t, but sadly, I understood very well. “I’ll explain it on the drive.” * Scene 4 * Liam Martinez A chill went down my spine, and the hairs on the back of my neck rose. The momentary distraction almost got me ganked. I shook my head and focused on the game. We were in the middle of a battle, and if I lost it now, my friends would kill me. Even over the game, I thought I heard strange voices. Was Dad home? With my headphones on, I wasn’t sure, and now was not the time to check. When we won the round, I let everyone know I was pausing. Taking off the headphones, I listened but didn’t hear anything. Maybe it was my imagination. After we finished the next battle, everyone decided it was time for a break. I grabbed my water bottle to get a refill and headed downstairs. I stopped when I got to the family room. Mom and Noah were sitting on the couch, staring at…nothing. Weird. When I walked past to the kitchen, they didn’t say anything, didn’t turn their heads, just kept on staring. I turned back and stood in front of my mom. “Mom?” She jerked, and her eyes jumped to mine. She looked like she’d just woken up and was still dazed. “You okay?” I looked at Noah, and he was giving me a curious expression. “Hmm?” She paused. “Yeah, just thinking of all the things we’ll need to do before we move.” “Move?” I looked at Noah, who still looked out of it, then back at Mom. I was pretty sure I remembered her telling my dad there was no way she was moving for his job. “Yes, dear. To Bacchus Springs. This is such a good opportunity for your father.” She looked away and frowned. “I’ll have to give up my job and my friends…” She was quiet for a moment then in the creepiest way ever, smiled. “But that’s not what’s important. Your dad needs this opportunity.” “So we’re moving? Did he call? How do you know he even got the job?” “Of course he got the job, and no, he hasn’t called. I just know.” Mom stood and walked away. “So much to do.” “Noah?” He turned to look at me and blinked a couple of times. “Huh?” “What’s going on? Why do I feel like I got punked?” “‘Cause you’re stupid?” “Seriously, Noah. Did something happen? Why did Mom change her mind?” Noah looked confused. “I don’t know why.” He looked around the room. “Where’d he go?” “Where did who go?” No part of this conversation was making sense. “There was a man. Like movie-star handsome, and he wanted to talk to us. I remember thinking…” Noah scowled at me. “Never mind, I maybe got distracted. I can’t remember what he said. I can describe him though.” “Did Mom know him?” “Don’t think so,” Noah said, staring off. “Where did he come from?” Noah tipped his head as if thinking. “He was just ‘here.’ I don’t remember him coming to the door. Weird, huh? Guess I should think of what I’ll have to do before we leave.” Noah stood and headed for the stairs. What the fuck? I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I heard a car in the driveway and went to look out the window. It was Dad’s car, but it looked like Uncle David was driving, and I was sure I saw Dad in the passenger seat. I heard the garage door and went into the kitchen to meet them. “Dad?” I called out and got to the kitchen to see the door open. Dad stepped in and closed the door. “Where’s Uncle David?” “Oh, hey, Liam. Uncle David? He’s probably at home, why?” “Wasn’t he driving…” I opened the door into the garage and looked, but no, Uncle David wasn’t there. I turned and looked at Dad again and realized he looked younger and definitely thinner than when he’d left. He looked really good, but how could he change that much since yesterday? “What happened to you?” “What do you mean?” Dad’s expression looked apprehensive. I waved my hand at his body. “You look different?” “What? He said you wouldn’t notice.” “Who said? And how would I not notice? Dad’s something really strange is going on. Mom and Noah are acting like pod people, and you got younger. Please tell me I’m dreaming.” “Liam, can you do me a favor and pretend I don’t look any different until I figure this out?” “What?” What the hell was going on. Could I be losing my mind? “Please. I don’t have answers right now, but I’ll figure it out, okay. Could you tell me why you think your mom and Noah are acting like pod people?” “They both think we’re moving and are okay with it. Wait, did you get the job? Are we moving?” “I did, and yes, probably, though I need to talk to your mom. How did she know I got the offer already?” “I don’t know!” I ran my hands through my hair. “Noah said some guy was here, but Mom doesn’t remember him, and Noah doesn’t remember what he said.” “Oh. That makes sense.” Dad nodded. “NO. That doesn’t make sense. Dad, what’s going on?” He mumbled to himself and walked off, completely ignoring me. From the back, I realized he wasn’t just thinner, he had muscle. How the fuck? Maybe I should lie down. I put my hand to my forehead but didn’t feel feverish. I sure hope I wake up soon, this is creeping me out. * Scene 5 * David Martinez “He’s not here?” “I’m sorry, dear. He’s not planning to come into the office today,” Barbara said. “He said he was going to work from home today and had ‘things’ he needed to do.” “Okay, thanks. I just thought I’d check.” I knew I was fidgeting and from the look of pity Barbara gave me, she knew. “It’s all going to work out just fine. You adjusted. I’m sure your brother will too. Bacchus said he was very impressed.” “Did he say anything else about Bernie?” “Hm.” Barbara looked off for a moment. “Not much, he mentioned calling HR to take care of some follow-up so he could get your brother started as soon as possible. I’d think you’d be excited having more family live close.” “It’s complicated.” “Oh, sweetie, you just described Bacchus Springs.” Barbra laughed and turned back to her computer. I knew Bacchus was avoiding me. Probably because he didn’t want to answer my questions about Bernie. And damn, I had so many questions. My gut told me Bacchus was up to something, but I couldn’t figure out what. Fuck, I was still adjusting to the knowledge that my little brother liked dick. But if Barbara knew more, she wasn’t going to tell me. I walked back toward my office. It didn’t bother me that Bernie was bi, what got me was how we’d gone this many years and I never even guessed. And it was going to be so fucking awkward. There was no way to hide what I was or what life was “really” like in Bacchus Springs when my brother was a servant. Shit, shit, shit, what did that mean for the boys? Not to mention how Casey was going to handle this. In the short time he’d been at the house before I’d driven him back, it was already obvious there were going to be challenges. Bernie had looked at Dean and Ethan with a hunger I’d never seen in my brother. And I didn’t even want to acknowledge how he looked at me. Fortunately, nothing happened, and no one mentioned the elephant in the room. The drive back had been one of the most uncomfortable trips ever. I’d started out with the obligatory: “You’re not going to believe this, but…” Then told him the basics about Bacchus, Bacchus Springs, me, and Jon, and what he could expect. He didn’t ask questions. He didn’t really say much beyond accusing me of being insane and trying to gaslight him. That hurt. “You, okay, Mr. Martinez?” Kelsey’s question interrupted my thoughts. “Oh, yeah, sorry. Stuck in my head.” “Mr. Pappetti stopped by while you were away. He said to tell you all the offices will be ready for your new hires, but you’ll probably want to work from home a day or two to avoid the noise and mess when they work on the small conference room.” Kelsey pointed over her shoulder at the room that was going to be converted to an office for Grayson. “Did he say when?” “He said he’ll confirm, but he was hoping it would work for you to do this Thursday and Friday. I checked your calendar, and you don’t have anything scheduled for in person.” “Thanks. That should be fine.” I sat at my desk and did my very best to distract myself with work. There was nothing I could do about Bernie except be available when the questions started, because I knew they would soon. * Scene 6 * Benny Donaldson I paused to catch my breath. You didn’t keep Bacchus waiting, but I’d been all the way out by the pool when he’d sent the mental summons, and I’d needed to put on clothes so I’d been running. I gently opened the door and slipped inside. I quickly saw that Devon was also there, and Bacchus was on the phone. He gestured for me to enter and pointed at the couch where I took a seat beside my fellow satyr. “Yeah, double the retention bonus they offered him. I want him to start as soon as possible and offer him the signing bonus if he starts next Monday.” Bacchus was silent for a moment, I assumed listening to the person on the other end. “Offer for him to stay at the Resort though I expect he’ll end up staying with David. Yeah, that works. Anything else you need from me?” Bacchus winked at us. “Great, thanks.” He ended the call and stood, coming around to sit on the edge of his desk. “Good things are happening, boys. Devon, I expect you’ll be hearing from Bernie any time. He’s got to be getting horny by now.” “Any special instructions?” Devon asked. “Pretty simple. Make it good for him, and try not to let the wife catch you. She’s not quite ready for that. You can raid the supply cabinet for sleeping draughts, they might come in handy. Oh, and if you can mess with the older son, I’d appreciate it.” “What do you mean by ‘mess’ with him,” Devon asked, giving me a glance. “I softened the change for the wife and younger brother. Made sure they’d accept the ‘new’ Bernie and the move. The wife will take some work, but the younger son will fit kadıköy travesti right in. I left the older one alone,” Bacchus said. “Why?” I asked. Bacchus laughed. “He’s a bit stiff and repressed. We need to shake him up a little. Let him see you fucking his dad, Devon. Maybe go so far as to seduce him as well – just enough to get him worked up, shake his reality a little.” “He likes guys?” I asked, hopeful. “Not that he’d admit to, but I didn’t need a love god’s power to figure that one out.” Bacchus gave me an intent look. “Benny, you’re Devon’s backup. If Bernie has as much of an appetite as his brother, it will probably take both of you. Years of repression does that. And same for you, let the older son see you, and if you can get him worked up, that’s even better.” “But you don’t want us actually having sex with the son, right?” Devon clarified. “Not yet. For now, just mess with him.” I could do that. I was also pretty pumped about getting some time with David’s brother. While I’d prefer David, the other one was still pretty hot, and I did like older men. As for the son…well I did love torturing straight boys and those who thought they were too. “Benny.” Bacchus gave me a look letting me know I got lost in my thoughts. He probably knew what they were too. “It’s time to start on Reverend Klatchy’s son as well. It shouldn’t conflict with helping Devon. The sister’s already taking double dick from Julian and Victor, and Juan Carlos said the mother spreads her legs like a professional.” “Does the son have a job?” I asked, wondering how that would work. “No. He’s home for the summer break.” “Anything I should know?” I asked. “He’s his daddy’s pride, athletic football type. Decent looking. Likes to party and has a weakness for beer. That’s probably the best way to approach him. And, Benny, if he’s any good, let me know.” Interesting… I wondered what Bacchus was thinking. Would he have David or Jon turn him into a slut? Pull him in as another satyr? Probably whatever would freak out the Baptist daddy the most. “What are you planning for Mr. Martinez?” Devon asked. “Bernie?” Bacchus grinned. “Well, we’re going to help him make up for lost time. Help him live his life to the fullest. Adventures and experiences he never even dreamed of.” Bacchus started to laugh in earnest, and for some reason, that gave me chills. * Scene 7 * Liam Martinez “Thanks, Mrs. Colburn, I really appreciate the ride.” “Oh, Liam, I am sorry. I have no idea what happened with Will. He was fine this morning. Maybe you guys can reschedule once he’s better?” And not puking his guts out. Gross. I really hoped I didn’t catch whatever he had. “Sure, it’s no problem. I hope he gets well soon.” She pulled into our drive, the rain was still coming down hard, but I shouldn’t get too wet getting to the front porch. I grabbed my backpack. “Thanks again.” I jumped out and ran. So much for our plans. Oh, well… I pulled my key out and unlocked the door. I kicked off my shoes and froze. I heard something from upstairs, but as far as I knew, there shouldn’t be anyone home. Mom and Dad should both be at work, and the jerk was over at his friend’s house. The idea was we were giving Mom and Dad time to talk. Things were still weird, and the tension was thick. I figured I could just hide in my room since Will got sick. Not hearing anything else, I went to the kitchen to get some water and decided to look in the garage just in case. “Shit,” I muttered. Why was Dad’s car home? I glanced up at the clock. Nope, way too early for him to be home already. I heard something again and looked up at the ceiling. Curiosity got the better of me, and I snuck upstairs, trying to be as quiet as I could. I stopped in the hallway and listened again and was sure I heard voices. I could also see that Mom and Dad’s bedroom door was partially open. Watching where I stepped to avoid any of the “squeaky” spots, I tip-toed along the wall. “…ohhhhh, fuck, yeah. Just like that. God, that’s a big dick.” OH. MY. GOD. I screamed in my head. That’s Dad’s voice! I put my hand over my mouth to remind myself not to make a sound. I was frozen to the spot. What the hell was going on? I tried to calm my breathing, so I didn’t get caught. “You like that, don’t you? Having your tight arse stretched open with a big fat cock? Tell me, Bernie, should I fuck you as hard as you just fucked me?” “Fuck, yes. Harder! Please! I need it bad.” “I’m surprised you lasted this long. I knew after all the dick you took over the weekend, you’d be hooked. The other guys are going to be so jealous I had your cock in me again.” WHAT? I bit my finger to stop the cry from coming out. I had to see. I carefully moved closer, my back against the wall, slowly putting my head out only far enough to peer through the opening before quickly pulling back. Okay. Calm. Stay calm, I told myself as my brain registered I’d just seen a strange black guy fucking my dad’s ass. The bed was positioned so it was in clear view from the door. Dad was on his hands and knees with the guy behind him. No, I had to have seen wrong. I looked again and jumped back with a muffled squeak when the stranger was looking right at me, a huge smile on his face. He was good looking and young. Maybe college aged? “Oh yeah, Bernie. Take my cock. I’m going to fuck you so you feel it all day tomorrow. Pump your pretty arse full of my cum, just the way you like.” “Fuck, yes,” Dad moaned. I turned and made my way to my room as quickly and quietly as I could, careful to shut the door-and lock it-without making a sound. “What the ever-loving fuck?” I whispered as I stared at the door. “Dad wouldn’t…” Oh, who the fuck am I kidding? I saw him. A dick, a black dick in his ass! I dropped on the bed and threw my arm over my eyes. “I’m losing it. I’m totally and absolutely losing my mind.” First it was Mom and Noah being taken over by pod people, then Dad came home looking like a model. And no one else even fucking noticed! When I tried to point it out, they looked at me like I was crazy. I sighed and then groaned when I realized I was hard. I glared at my crotch. Traitor, I accused my dick. I mean really, that was my dad getting plowed for God’s sake, and I’m not into guys. What was I going to do? Who could I even talk to? I laid on the bed, doing my best to ignore my dick and the image that seemed to be burned into my brain. I needed to somehow convince myself that the stranger wasn’t nearly as hot as I remembered. I wasn’t gay. What was wrong with me? A soft knock sounded on my door. He couldn’t have heard me. I hesitantly opened the door only to have it pushed, and the guy from Dad’s bedroom swept in and pinned me against the now-closed door. “Hello.” His voice had a slight accent. “Who are you?” I was painfully aware that he was very fit, naked, and pressed against me. “A friend of your dad’s. We just met.” British accent. “Why are you here?” “I thought that was obvious. I came to fuck. Tell me, did you like what you saw? Did you maybe wish you were the one bent over for me?” he pressed in and whispered into my ear. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my own, his body warm and solid. “N…No. Not into guys.” I stuttered. It was really hard to think. “Mm. If you say so. But if you change your mind, I could make you feel really good.” His hand rubbed over my crotch, stroking my dick through my jeans as he ran his tongue down my neck. “I bet you have an amazing arse, just like your dad. And from what I’m feeling, a nice big cock to make a man happy.” “N…no.” My voice came out more like a moan than the firm denial I intended. “Be a good chap, will you. Don’t mention that I was here to your mum or brother. They might not understand.” He stepped back and winked at me as I barely stayed upright. “Later.” He opened the door, pushed me aside, and stepped out. It took me a second, but I turned and stepped into the hall to stop him and get some answers. But he was gone. I looked both ways, no sign of him. How? Shit. How was I going to look at Dad and not freak out after seeing… Fuck. Would he even admit to it? * Scene 8 * David Martinez The house was empty when I got home. It always seemed strange when I lived with five other people. But I guess I was a little earlier than usual, and everyone but Ethan was still at work. I sighed as I changed into comfortable clothes. Hanging up my suit and picking up clothes that Dean had left on the floor and bed. Bacchus had never shown up, so I didn’t have any more answers. I was still considering it a win since I hadn’t gotten a panicked call from Bernie yet. Back in the kitchen, I started looking for options to make for dinner. Dean and I really needed to talk about bringing back the personal chef he’d used. I hated trying to come up with meals at the last minute, and with everything going on, we hadn’t planned. I had my head in the freezer when I heard the doorbell then pounding at the front door. “Weird,” I muttered. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I paused when I got to the vestibule seeing the large form on the other side of the front door. It was distorted, but whoever it was had to be pretty big. My mind flipped through who it could be but none of the possibilities matched. Opening the door, I immediately regretted it. “Tony?” “What the fuck, David?” My older brother barreled past me, almost knocking me off my feet. He turned once he was inside and gave me his signature glare. “Hello to you too.” I closed the door and turned to face him, crossing my arms. “I really expected better of you, David. How could you do this?” Fuck this. I need a drink. I walked past him ignoring how he tried to loom over me. I might be muscled, but Tony is several inches taller at six-foot-six and probably has at least fifty more pounds of mass. He’s a freaking giant. “Can I offer you a drink?” I held up the bottle of whiskey. “No. I don’t drink,” Tony growled. “Probably because you don’t have to deal with you,” I muttered, pouring a glass for myself and downing it. What had happened to the big brother who’d taken care of Bernie and me when Mom and Dad died? Okay, reality check, self. That was only good for a few years. “I warned you, David.” “Mmhm. You did. So to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” I leaned against the cabinet and watched him. “I’m here to save you from yourself.” “Pretty sure I don’t need saving.” I gestured to the room. “I have a great new place. I love my job. Pretty happy with the way things are. Sorry for you to have wasted the trip.” Tony shook his head. “You are so fucked up, you don’t even realize.” “I believe this is where I remind you that I’m an adult and get to live my life the way I want.” “Like hell I’m going to let you throw everything away!” Tony yelled, coming toward me. “What is wrong with you? I’m happy. Can’t you just let me be?” I yelled back. “You don’t even see what you’re doing. But it will be okay. I found a place where they can take care of you. The doctors assure me they can get you straightened out in no time.” “Like hell! LEAVE, Tony!” I used every bit of compulsion I could muster, and my heart dropped to my toes when I felt it wash right over my brother. No, no. no. Tony had me by the throat and off the floor against the wall before I had a chance to move. My power hadn’t worked on him. I was so screwed. “I know what’s best for you, David. Don’t fight me.” I fought. I kicked and gripped his arms, trying to pull them off my throat only to have him slam me so hard into the wall I saw stars. I felt a sharp prick on my neck. Everything went blurry and spun. I slid to the floor when he released me and couldn’t seem to move. “Honey, I’m home!” Dean called. I couldn’t see him but dread filled my soul as I heard my brother curse and stomp away. Seconds later, I heard shouting and a loud thud, then silence. I tried to look around, but my eyes wouldn’t focus. ‘Goddess, help me!’ “Sorry, David, but this is for your own good. We’re going now. It’s all going to be fine.” Tony said as he lifted me over his shoulder. “It’s a good facility, and the doctors have a great track record.” Everything spun faster as the blood rushed to my head when I hung upside down. I thought for a moment I was going to heave, but it passed, and the world went dark. * Scene 9 * Jon Martinez It was comforting to arrive home and see both Dean and Dad’s cars in the garage. Things were starting to feel somewhat settled, and I’d had a good day at work. I walked into the kitchen and froze when I heard shouting. Then some very disconcerting thuds. I stepped into the great room and froze. “Jon? What the fuck happened to you? Don’t tell me they got to you too? You look like a fag. Fuck!” My brain struggled to catalog everything that hit me at once. My Uncle Tony was standing in the middle of the room, hand on his hip, glaring at me. Dad was hung over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry, and it looked like Dean was sprawled on the floor. And fuck, there was blood. “Go pack a bag! We’re leaving.” Uncle Tony yelled. “What’s going on? What’s wrong with Dad? Is Dean hurt?” “Now! Jon! Get a fucking move on. I’ll drag your ass out of here if I have to.” I turned and bolted for the back stairs, pulling my phone out as I ran. I dialed 911 first. “Hey, Jon, what’s the emergency?” the operator asked. I cringed, reminding myself, “small town.” “My uncle broke into the house, and my dad and Dean Jenson are both hurt. I need the Sheriff ASAP and probably an ambulance.” “Oh, no. I got it sweety, I’m calling him now. Did you call Bacchus?” “No. That’s next.” I ended the call and pulled up Bacchus’s number. It rang a couple of times, and then Burchard answered. “Bacchus Estate.” “It’s Jon Martinez, I was trying to reach Bacchus. I need him now. It’s an emergency.” “I’m sorry, Mr. Martinez, he’s tied up at the moment. Can I take a message?” “What the fuck! It’s an emergency, Dad and Dean are both hurt, and my Uncle’s threatening to drag me off!” “No need to be vulgar, Mr. Martinez. I’ll relay your message as soon as he’s available.” Then the asshole ended the call. “JON! I said now! Get moving, we’re leaving!” Uncle Tony yelled from downstairs. Fuck. Fuck. ‘BACCHUS! I NEED YOU NOW!’ I mentally screamed as loud as I could. He said we had a connection, and I damn sure hoped it worked. I grabbed my duffle and threw some stuff in before running down the front stairs. I was just in time to see Tony carrying Dad out the front door, his arms hanging down and swinging as if he were still out. I had no idea what to do. Figuring it couldn’t make things worse, I pulled on my powers and tried compulsion. “UNCLE TONY. STOP!” “We don’t have time, Jon. Get in the car.” I watched in horror as he popped the trunk open and dropped my dad inside. What good were powers if they wouldn’t work when you needed them? I glanced frantically around hoping for the cavalry when I felt a change in the air and smelled roses. It felt as if a storm was coming, and the hair on my arms was standing up. The air felt charged with electricity. “What are you doing?” a female voice asked, and then I saw her, and for the first time, felt relieved to have the goddess present. “Mind your own business, bitch.” Tony growled as he positioned Dad in the trunk. Aphrodite was dressed in jeans and a tight-fitting top. She could never look like a soccer mom – more like a supermodel who just happened to drop by. Oh, and she looked pissed. “Excuse me. What are you doing with my David?” Aphrodite walked closer, peering over Uncle Tony’s shoulder into the trunk. “Lady, mind your own business. This isn’t your concern. You’d best move along.” “Oh dear, that was a mistake,” Bacchus’s deep voice said from behind me. I felt strong hands grip my shoulders, and I was so relieved I had to fight back tears. “He did something to Dad, and I’m pretty sure Dean is hurt too.” I said over my shoulder. “We’ve got it. You can relax.” Bacchus gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze. Aphrodite let out a sigh and put her hand on her hip. She was glowing now, and her hair blew around like there was a strong wind – there wasn’t. “Fool, STOP, DO NOT TOUCH MY DAVID. MOVE AWAY FROM THE CAR.” Even I felt the power in her words sending a chill up my spine. I watched as Uncle Tony stiffly walked several feet up the sidewalk toward the house and froze. Aphrodite walked up to him and poked him in the chest. “DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE,” she hissed at him. I could see his eyes darting frantically as he realized he couldn’t move. I was just about to go to Dad when Bacchus tightened his grip, and Rufus and Jamal came out of the house and walked past us to Uncle Tony’s car. Rufus and Jamal gently lifted dad out of the trunk, and Rufus turned to Bacchus, holding Dad in his arms. “Take him up to his room and make him comfortable,” Bacchus said. “Then stay with him.” “One moment.” Aphrodite walked over to Rufus and Dad and placed her hands on Dad’s head. “Okay, you can take him now.” Jamal closed the trunk and came to stand beside me and Bacchus. Siren’s sounded, and within seconds, the sheriff’s patrol car and an ambulance pulled up on the street. Jamal met Sheriff Campbell and the EMTs, giving directions. Bacchus still had a grip on my shoulders as we watched Aphrodite face down Uncle Tony. “Sister, dear. Perhaps we should move this inside where the neighbors aren’t all watching?” Bacchus said in a calm, even voice. Her glowing eyes turned on him, and I couldn’t help but cringe since I was between them. I could feel the rage and was really hoping I didn’t end up as collateral damage. Aphrodite gave a jerky nod and turned back to my uncle. “Peasant. You will CALMLY WALK INTO THE HOUSE THEN REMAIN MOTIONLESS and wait for us.” Uncle Tony stiffly turned and did just that. “I want answers, Dio.” Aphrodite’s voice was like steel. “Do you want Hades to handle him?” Bacchus asked, still using his “gentle” voice. “No. He’ll be too soft. You and I will handle this.” Aphrodite glared around at everyone still watching and then walked up to me. She placed her hands on either side of my face and looked into my eyes. It was erotic and terrifying. My body responded almost immediately, growing flush and aroused with need. I was used to that happening with Bacchus, but it hadn’t with Aphrodite. I felt like she was looking into my soul. “Did that bastard hurt you?” Her voice was hard and demanding. “No. He threatened me, but you got here before he even got near me.” Her eyes softened, and she gave me a gentle kiss that washed over me like a wave of heat. If it weren’t for Bacchus holding me up, I’d have stumbled when she stepped back. “I will always protect you, my servant.” Aphrodite gave me a loving smile and walked into the house. Sheriff Campbell approached once Aphrodite was inside. “What do you need me to do?” “Help the EMTs and get Dean to the hospital. He’s not in danger, but it would be best for them to check him over,” Bacchus said. “Is Dean going to be okay?” I asked. Bacchus gripped my neck and turned me. “He’ll be fine. I checked him when I arrived, but we need to make it look good.” Bacchus gave a nod to Jed, and the Sheriff went inside. “Trust me, Jon. It will all work out. But I need you to stay back and let us handle this.” Bacchus kissed my forehead before leading me into the house. The paramedics already had Dean on a stretcher and were coming out the door when we got to the porch. Uncle Tony was standing like a statue in the middle of the room while Aphrodite glared at him, and Jamal stood behind him, arms crossed with a matching scowl. I tried not to freak or show a reaction since the goddess was still glowing, and Jamal’s eyes were as red as flames. Sheriff Campbell closed the doors after they had Dean out. He stood next to me and gave me an encouraging smile before pressing his shoulder into mine. “I know it’s scary. But trust Bacchus,” the sheriff whispered. “What would you like us to do, Sister?” Bacchus asked. “Don’t patronize me, Dio. I assure you I’m very calm. I’m just deciding on which way to dismember this mortal fool that will be the most painful.” Uncle Tony’s eyes went wide as they frantically darted around the room. Probably looking for help. He still wasn’t able to move, and I had to wonder what explanations he was giving to himself. Did he know about the gods? Did he realize magic was real? “Perhaps ask questions first?” Bacchus hesitantly suggested. Aphrodite growled. “Fine.” “We also need to deal with the nosy neighbors, and he can’t just disappear. May I?” Bacchus asked. If the circumstances were different, I might have found him so carefully accommodating her amusing. When Aphrodite turned and nodded, Bacchus pulled Jamal and Sheriff Campbell aside and had a whispered conversation. He then leaned in and said something to Aphrodite that I couldn’t hear. But the smile she gave in response made my blood run cold. “Tony, REMOVE ALL YOUR CLOTHING AND BELONGINGS.” Aphrodite’s command charged the air with its power. I was still working to process that my uncle had hurt my dad and Dean. I knew Dad thought he could be difficult, but this was a lot to take in. I shuddered to think what would have happened if he’d gotten us in that car. Watching him strip naked was surreal. You could see the family resemblance, but Uncle Tony was definitely bigger and hairier than the rest of us. He was more bodybuilder bulky than dad, and while his dick was impressive, I was pretty sure Dad and I were bigger. Even so, my uncle was a handsome man. Jamal gathered up the discarded clothing and personal items and stepped out of the room with Bacchus. I only had a minute to wonder what was going on when Bacchus returned with a double of Uncle Tony. They walked by as I stared and had another conversation with the sheriff before they went outside. I heard shouting and arguing but stayed right where I was, regardless of how curious I was to see what was happening. My head turned back when I heard Aphrodite. “This is a day you will regret for the bakırköy travesti rest of your existence.” There was a flash, and I felt the magic surge in the room before I saw the goddess holding what looked like a cast iron neck manacle. She approached Uncle Tony and placed it around his neck with an audible click and another flash of power. I didn’t think it was possible for his eyes to go wider until I saw it. He didn’t need to make a sound for me to know he was terrified. Aphrodite conjured a heavy metal chain and attached it to the ring on the front of the collar. “You will tell me everything. Every nasty secret, every fear, every hope until there’s nothing left. I will know you inside and out and make sure to use those secrets to break you. No one hurts my servants.” Bacchus returned and stood patiently until Aphrodite acknowledged him. “May I use your dungeon, Dio? You’re much better prepared for this than I am,” Aphrodite asked. “Of course. My estate and servants are at your disposal. I’ll gladly assist in any way I can. After all, David and Jon are mine as well.” Aphrodite gave an evil grin. “Yes. Twice the pain and punishment seems appropriate.” She tugged on the heavy chain. “Come along, slave.” The magic flared, and Aphrodite and Uncle Tony were gone. Bacchus let out an audible sigh. “Whew. That went much better than I’d feared.” I turned to him, mouth hanging open. “What? Well, it did. She has a temper,” Bacchus said defensively. “No one died, and the house is still standing. That’s a win.” “What about Dad and Uncle Dean? And won’t someone notice Uncle Tony disappearing? I’m pretty sure Dad said he worked for some secret government group.” “Your Dad is a love god, as are you. He’ll be fine. I checked Dean myself and made sure he’ll recover fully. Being bonded to your dad, he’s much tougher than your average mortal. And as for Tony, the Sheriff and Jamal put on a very convincing performance out front for all the neighbors.” “Meaning?” “Meaning that a number of people saw the sheriff tell your uncle to get out of town, and they witnessed him driving off. Jamal will pretend to be your uncle for a day or so before he drops the car off at the airport and takes a flight to Mexico City. At which point he’ll ‘disappear.’ Anyone who looks will find a very clear trail.” “Oh.” I was wondering if I was in shock. I was pretty sure I should be more freaked out than I was. Also, was it really that easy for Bacchus to create a doppelganger? Jamal looked and sounded so much like Uncle Tony I doubt I’d have been able to tell them apart. If he could do that, how would I ever know if the person I was with was the real version? What if Bacchus decided to send a fake Jake? Would I be able to tell? “Shhh.” Bacchus pulled me into his arms, and like always, I melted into him. “It’s all going to be fine. THERE’S NOTHING FOR YOU TO WORRY ABOUT. YOU CAN TRUST ME. Maybe you should rest for a bit so you can be there for your dad when he wakes up? Rufus will watch over him until then.” “Yeah, I want to take care of him. Wait… I need to let Ethan and Emma know about their dad…” “No. We’ll take care of it. You rest. SLEEP.” Bacchus’s voice wrapped around me like a warm blanket as he guided me to the couch. I felt a gentle kiss as I closed my eyes. * Scene 10 * David Martinez “Stop!” I screamed. Strong hands pressed on my chest, forcing me to lay back. “It’s okay. You’re safe. Take it slow,” a deep voice said. It took me a minute to register where I was and who was talking. “Rufus?” “At your service,” Bacchus’s hellhound guard responded. “Dean! He was hurt.” I tried to get out of bed only to have Rufus hold me in place. “Dean and Jon are both going to be fine.” “Fuck.” My head felt all muddled, and I was ravenously hungry-and not for food. “I need to see him.” “Dean’s at the hospital. You can see him when he gets home.” “You said he was fine.” I still felt the grip of terror of hearing Tony and Dean yelling before the ominous thud. “He is. Bacchus checked him before they took him. But we need the doctors to check him over for appearances. Jon was here too, and he’s downstairs on the couch, sleeping. Bacchus thought that was best.” “He didn’t hurt Jon, too, did he?” “No. Jon’s fine other than being a little freaked out. He walked in on your brother dragging you out. Aphrodite and Bacchus got here before anything else happened.” “Oh, God.” I put my hands over my face. What the hell happened? Had Tony finally lost it? Shit, Aphrodite was here? “Wait, is Tony…” I wasn’t sure I wanted to ask. “Not dead, but he’s probably wishing he were. How are you feeling?” “Like maybe it would be best if you stepped out,” I said hesitantly, as I got a taste of Rufus’s lust. That’s also when I realized I wasn’t shielding or locked down. Fuck. “Getting a little hangry? Bacchus said that would happen, and it’s one of the reasons I’m here. You’ve depleted all your reserves healing and burning through the knockout drug your brother gave you. Bacchus said it was best that you not see Jon until you’d fed.” “You know we’re not talking about food hungry, right?” I asked as I battled the urge to let my powers wrap around the man. “Is Ethan here?” “Ethan and Emma are at the hospital with their dad. It’s okay to feed from me, not like it will be a hardship.” Rufus chuckled. “I thought I wasn’t your type. Caleb said-” Rufus laughed even harder and shook his head. “David, I’m pretty sure you are everyone’s type, and while I might prefer ‘daddies,’ you are hardly a twink.” “Ahhhh…” So he meant that Caleb wasn’t his type. Rufus might be the same height as me, but Rufus was a big guy. Meaty with thick, bulging muscles. I figured he still outweighed me by a good bit. “And you understand how I feed? It involves sex. I’m versatile if that helps.” Rufus gave me a huge grin and pointed at himself. “Hellhound for Bacchus. You think I haven’t done or had done to me pretty much everything imaginable? I define versatile, baby. I may have some minor preferences, but I really can’t imagine anything you could come up with that I wouldn’t enjoy.” “I’m pretty sure I couldn’t imagine, and honestly not sure I want you to tell me. I’m sorry, Rufus, but I can’t hold back much longer. Would you fuck me?” I felt guilty for focusing on my need rather than Dean and Jon. And what the fuck was up with my brother? He was going to drag me off for re-programming? My head spun, the need making it difficult to focus. I got it together enough to reach over and pull the lube out of the nightstand. “Gladly. No sane man would refuse a chance at that ass. Besides, I’m betting we’ll have several rounds before you’re satisfied. I’ve heard some things, and I think I need to experience your dick for myself. For research purposes, obviously.” “Makes me wonder what you’ve heard.” I blushed. My body was heating up fast and any other thoughts or distractions faded. “Pretty impressive from what I’ve been told, and I love a good deep fuck.” Rufus pulled off his shirt, and I had to bite my lip to stop the drool. Massive, meaty pecs with puffy nipples that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. He stood and kicked off his shoes, then pulled down his pants and briefs. Fuck, the man was thick and beefy everywhere. Those thighs were impressive, and he might be as long as Dean but definitely thicker. My ass might have twinged at the thought of that beast stretching me open. “Now that kind of look makes a man feel good,” Rufus said. “You’re a big boy, and damn, but I can’t wait to get my hands on you. Fucking gorgeous. No wonder Bacchus keeps you close.” Rufus laughed. “Oh, he loves my ass for sure, but between you and me, he’d rather watch me dick other guys than take it himself.” Yeah, not surprised, but I wasn’t about to say it out loud. You never knew when he might be listening. Thinking it was bad enough. Guess I was lucky he liked taking mine. “I could be wrong, but won’t this work better if you’re naked too?” Rufus asked with a smirk. “Sorry. Got distracted by your beefy magnificence.” Total truth, his dark ashy skin added to the overall appeal. I couldn’t help but think of him being oiled and how amazing he’d look. Rufus turned around and twerked his ass before bending over. His big meaty cheeks spread, showing a perfectly smooth trench and a tiny dark pucker that I knew would be absolute heaven. I may have frozen with wide eyes and my tongue hanging out. Rufus looked over at his shoulder. “You know, I’m beginning to wonder about your love god powers if my phat ass does that to you. Shouldn’t you have seen it all by now?” “I’m pretty new at this, and I guess you’d say I was somewhat sheltered before…” He nodded and pointed, probably reminding me to undress. I’d already started feeding on his lust. It was a boost knowing that I turned him on, and from what I was picking up, he was more than looking forward to it. I pulled off my tee and lifted my hips to pull off the jeans. I got another smirk and a raised eyebrow when Rufus saw that I was commando. “I might have been planning on seducing Dean when he got home,” I admitted. “Lucky man.” Rufus stared at my crotch, his eyes going wide. “That’s big. Though calling it a horse dick is an exaggeration. You ever had one? Those centaurs… Fuck. Forget it. I can tell from your expression you’re way too innocent to be hanging out with Bacchus.” “He may have mentioned that a time or two. How do you want to start?” I licked my lips, looking at how hard his dark cock was. “You really going to let me decide?” “You’re the one sacrificing to feed me. Seems fair.” I was pretty sure Bacchus likely told him to do it, not that it was his own choice. “Spread your legs. I wanna taste that big cock before I eat your ass.” Rufus knelt on the edge of the bed and ran his hands up my legs as he lay between them. “Mm-mm. Now that’s a feast.” He didn’t even pause before taking my cock into his mouth and going more than half-way down on the first go. He pulled back off and grinned at me. “Fuck, you’re tasty. Forgot how good you erotes were. It’s been a while.” He took me back in and this time, got almost all of me down his throat. I moaned and struggled with my self-control not to thrust. His lust was sooooo good, and that mouth… Rufus’s skills had me wondering who had trained him. Was it Bacchus, or did Hades train him before he went to work for Bacchus? I was feeding well and began pushing the lust back into him. I did my usual check to see what he desired and realized the Hellhound had been programmed already. From the magic I felt, by more than one erote. The standard buckets were all full as well as some kinks I’d never have even considered. There wasn’t anything for me to do other than letting the lust take its own course. “I’m going to enjoy having this inside me. But first.” Rufus pulled back and sat on his heels. “Get on your hands and knees, ass in the air. Damn, if you don’t look like one of those Greek Olympic statues come to life.” I moved into position and felt his strong hands grip my ass cheeks. “That’s serious muscle.” Rufus ran his hands up my thighs and over my ass, trailing his finger down my trench. “Mm. A fine looking hole.” I bit my lip as I felt his tongue slide down my crack and circle my hole. He pulled my cheeks apart and started working my opening. His lust spiked, giving my powers a boost. “Ohhhhh, fuck,” I moaned as he started getting serious. He’d already managed to get his tongue past my ring, and I began to wonder about how big it actually was. No one had ever gone that deep inside me before when rimming. “Damn, that’s a tight hole. I’m gonna have to work to get you open enough for me.” “No, no. I’m ready now,” I moaned. Just like my magic opened up other people’s holes, my own ass had proven to be just as accommodating. I heard the click of the bottle of lube and hadn’t even realized he’d grabbed it. His thumb pressed into me and found that magic spot in seconds. “Ugh.” Damn, he had skills. The thumb started working me in addition to his tongue, and then he changed to two fingers, scissoring me open. When he managed to pound me with three fingers, I was done. “Please, give me your dick.” “Oh, yeah.” Rufus ran that fat prick up and down my crack before pressing against my entrance. My body opened for him, and he slowly slid in. “Fuuuuuuck that’s sweet.” I buried my face in my pillow and focused on breathing as I got used to him and the burn. He stilled once fully seated inside me, and I felt stuffed full. A couple more breaths, and I was ready. “Need you to move now.” “You must have a magic ass. I’ve never had such a tight ass open up for me like that.” He thrust, and I grunted. “G…g…goes with the l…love god…th…thING,” I stuttered out, and then at the end, he hit my spot just right, and a wave of pleasure washed through me. “I am so fucking envious of Dean right now.” Rufus picked up his pace and then pushed me down flat, pinning my legs with his own and grinding inside me. Every twitch sent a jolt to my cock, and he pressed his body against me. I could have felt trapped by the weight and inability to move, but it felt so fucking good I didn’t care. “You’re gonna make me cum,” I groaned as that dick massaged my insides. Rufus must have taken that as a hint because he lifted then slammed down into me, the sound of smacking flesh filling the room. He pounded me into the mattress, pile driving my ass. I felt my orgasm building even without touching my dick. “I wanna see.” Rufus reached under me and pulled my cock back so it was pointed down toward my feet. I was hard enough, it was a little uncomfortable, but given the way he was squeezing my legs together as he fucked me, it added more friction. “UGH!” The next deep thrust pushed me over, and my dick throbbed and pulsed, shooting my load. He pounded right through my orgasm and kept going until my magic told me his hot cum was filling my gut. He stilled, and I could still feel his cock throbbing. “Fuck, that’s hot. So much cum for you. Bet you never had a Hellhound’s load before. We make lots more than ordinary men. Maybe someday you’ll let me knot you.” My brain hiccupped at that as I began wondering what that actually meant. His dick felt normal to me, and if he had a knot, wouldn’t I have felt it? He softened and slowly withdrew, giving a smack to my ass before kissing down my spine and then licking my trench and teasing my well fucked hole. From there, he moved down with more slurping and sucking sounds taking my spent dick into his mouth and from what I guessed, licked up my spilled load. “Damn, you are an amazing fuck, David. I’m really hoping you still need to feed.” I gave a muffled chuckle into the pillow as I realized that I did. I must have been totally depleted because that amazing boning should have filled me, in more ways than one. “I do. Rufus, I have to ask, what did you mean by knot?” Rufus let out a deep laugh as he teased my hole again with his tongue. “You are too damned innocent. In my Hellhound form, I get a knot when I fuck.” “But…” I think he broke me. “Oh, yeah. Required training when we’re first turned. Hades sometimes uses it as punishment and other times as a reward for his ‘guests.’ Some men decide they really like it. Not many women, but there’re always a few. Bacchus likes to watch us take straight guys, usually executive types who think they’re hot shit. He often has the erotes there so they can make them crave it.” “I…I…” total loss for words. “I think I’ll pass.” Rufus laughed again. “Maybe you should try it before you decide it’s too much for you.” “I don’t think so.” I couldn’t even imagine and didn’t think there was any way I’d ever even consider it. “You ready to fuck me now? I want that dick.” Rufus crawled up beside me and lay on his stomach, turning his head to look at me. Rufus’s build was notably different from any other man in my life. I paused to take in the view and appreciate his thick meaty body…and that ass. Okay, I’d admit that I was really looking forward to that ass. I don’t know if Rufus suspected or was getting impatient because he wiggled those magnificent buns and lifted enough to lock my gaze. I started at his ankles and ran my hands over his muscled calves and then the thick thighs before I got to the round mounds of man flesh. I squeezed and pulled his cheeks apart to reveal a smooth crack and the tiniest dark opening. “Fuck.” That hole looked tight. I knew once I started, there’d be no going back so I continued on, running my hands up his smooth back, appreciating the dark, flawless skin and laying gentle kisses along his spine. When I got to his neck, I nuzzled in and pressed my body the length of his. His butt crack practically wrapped around my dick, and I groaned. “Are you sure about this?” Rufus chuckled. “Sure I want that big cock in my ass? Very. Just because I’m a big guy doesn’t mean I don’t like being fucked. I’d have never lasted this long if I weren’t a total dick whore and cum slut. He might hide it from you since you’re new, but it’s pretty much a requirement for being with Bacchus.” I licked along his neck. “Yeah, not surprised, but I’m not Bacchus, and I want you to enjoy what we do.” “Pretty sure I’m going to enjoy having that dick. Can we stop talking and start fucking?” Rufus squeezed his ass cheeks, reminding my dick what was waiting. I licked down his back, spreading kisses over his warm skin until I was between his legs, a plump ass cheek in each hand. I licked down his trench and over his hole, eliciting a moan. I teased at the opening and began working it, surprised at how quickly the muscled ring relaxed and yielded to my tongue. I slurped, licked, sucked, and tongue fucked his ass. When he started to complain, I grabbed the lube and added fingers. It was apparent from the time I started rimming him that he didn’t really need prep. His hole was hungry and pliant, and I was pretty sure I could have just lubed my dick, and he’d have taken me with no problems or complaints. Then again, rimming and fingering this meaty ass was a reward in itself. Adding a little more lube to my dick, I began running it over Rufus’s sensitive hole. He was making the most delicious lust, and I was finally starting to feel a little more in control of my hunger. I pressed against his opening and easily slid inside his silky channel. Fuck, that is so hot, I thought as I looked down at my cock buried in his dark ass. “Fuuuuuuuuuck. That’s big,” Rufus moaned as he tightened around me and flexed, lifting his hips to get me even deeper. For as easily as I entered him, he was tight enough to be amazing, and I held still to make sure he was comfortable before I started thrusting. “Mm. I like your dick. You can start fucking me now. Hellhounds don’t take much prep. I promise, you’re not going to hurt me. I’ve taken a lot bigger and enjoyed it.” “Uh.” No idea what to say. How? Considering his “centaur” comment, maybe I don’t want to know, I realized and focused on feeding and how good he felt wrapped around my prick as I slid in and out. Before too long, I was pounding him and pulling almost all the way out to watch his ass jiggle with my thrusts and how good my dick looked in him. Had to admit this ass was one of my new favorites. “Give me that cock! Pound my man-pussy and make me feel it!” Rufus shouted. I was taken aback but reminded myself that in Bacchus Springs, I was the oddball and needed to trust men who were willing to tell me what they wanted. “Oh, yeah, that’s the way. So fucking deep…” I lay on top of Rufus and ground my hips into him, going as deep as I could while I pressed into him and wrapped my arms around his neck and chest, pulling his head back. “You like being fucked?” I bit his ear lobe. “YES! Fucking love your cock!” I continued until he was almost whimpering and then pulled out, dropping onto the bed beside him on my back. “RIDE ME,” I said, using my compulsion to move things along. Too bad I couldn’t get a boost from my own lust because damn. I watched in fascination as his big beefy body straddled me and slowly took me in. Rufus started fucking himself on my dick, his head thrown back and those full pecs bouncing hypnotically. His puffy nipples had turned into hard nubs, and I reached up and started playing with them. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, so good,” Rufus moaned, his movements becoming more erratic as he leaned forward, pressing his tits harder into my hands. I realized the positioning would work so leaned up and took one of his succulent nubs into my mouth, pulling it with my teeth and savagely sucking it, then did the same to the other. “UGGHHHH,” Rufus cried out as his dick exploded with a geyser of cum shooting between us. I began thrusting as he faltered to take him through his orgasm and continued to abuse his nipples until he was panting and whimpering. “Turn around,” I commanded as I released him and helped him reposition so his back was toward me. His hot tunnel was still encasing my dick, and I pushed more lust into him making sure he stayed hard and horny. “That’s the way. Now fuck yourself again and milk a load out of my cock. YOU WANT TO BE FILLED WITH MY CUM.” Rufus let out a combination cry-moan and began bouncing on my dick. I leaned up, wrapping my arms gently around him so I could stroke his jizz covered dick with one hand while I pinched and pulled on his already abused nipples. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, how…” “Didn’t you know I can make you cum over and over again, nonstop until your balls are empty? I can keep you hard for hours. We can fuck like this all night if you want.” “YES! Fuck me. Breed my pussy, I want it!” Rufus cried out again as his cock throbbed in my hand, shooting another load. His ass clenched, and I gave him what he wanted a nice big load of love god seed that would likely keep him coming back for more. Once we caught our breath, I put him on his back and spread those meaty thighs so I could see his dripping hole. I fingered the leaking jizz back in, then positioned myself and slid back inside. “Oh, fuck,” Rufus whimpered before he wrapped his legs around me and pulled me down for a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around him and continued to pound his hellhound ass. I wasn’t sure how many rounds I could go, but I was planning to try for a record. END CHAPTER 24

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