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Back to business with a 22 year old.

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Back to business with a 22 year old.For over 2 years after Jen died I didn’t date at all. My step sister, Vicky kept trying to encourage me to get back “on the horse”, but I just didn’t want to. I sold my home, and moved to London, investing some of my considerable inheritance from Jen in properties. I also concentrated on my career, changing organisations, and gaining a big pay rise, better prospects and the opportunity to travel the world, although I soon found out that such business travel is pretty crap – I visited lots of airports, business area’s and hotels, but got to see very little of the countries I visited. However, it was on one of these overseas trips that I regained my mojo and love of sex.I was attending a bank presentation in Geneva by one of my clients, an oil and gas company. I was one of a dozen or so banking officials who were being briefed on a planned investment, and essentially being wined and dined to butter them up to support the company financially. As the lead bank on the deal, I was expected to try and gain support from these other banks as much as the company, so it was a busy day/evening talking business.The company had booked a wonderful restaurant for the evening meal, overlooking the lake and with distant views of Mont Blanc. The food was first class, and despite the company being a load of bankers, the evening was actually quite enjoyable, primarily because I spent much of it chatting with Chloe, a beautiful 22 year old from the London office of a large French bank (that I worked with regularly to fund a lot of oil and gas deals), and the only woman in the group. She was a graduate, and was accompanying her boss to her first bank meeting. She was clearly keen to network, and had been swapping business cards all day, however I was lucky enough to be seated beside her at dinner.Chloe was about 5ft 10in tall, with long straight blond hair. Her body was fit and toned, and her short skirt showed that she had a wonderful pair of legs which I noticed a number of my colleagues eyeing up during the evening. Having enjoyed a number of drinks before dinner, the whole group was pretty relaxed by the time we sat down to eat, (it was very much a “what happens on tour, stays on tour” situation amongst those attending such events, so we generally got wasted at our clients expense). Whilst she started talking with me very professionally, after another 4 or 5 glasses of wine with dinner she turned the conversation to more personal matters. I soon learnt that she’d recently dumped her “arsehole” of a boyfriend because he’d offered to share her with one of his football mates. I cheekily asked “So you didn’t fancy a threesome then?” Her answer surprised me a little “I have no problem with threesomes, but I like to have some say in the matter, and to be honest, I prefer it when the third person is another girl”. This bought back memories of my threesomes with Jen, and Laura, and of course Vicky, and I couldn’t believe I’d found another bisexual girl.“So what about you Richard? I don’t see any wedding ring.”Chloe’s question broke my thoughts of the past, and dragged me back to the present. “No, I have been married, twice in fact, but the first ended in divorce and my second wife passed away about 2 years ago.”“I’m so sorry” she said, putting an arm around me.“Thank you, but life moves on. So anyway, how have you found your first bank meeting?”“It’s pretty boring really…all these suits and business talk, but I like talking to you Richard. You have been happy to explain things to this newbie, and seem far more confident talking to a young girl like me than the others here.”“I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to talk to a beautiful young lady like yourself”…blimey, the bursa escort drink was starting to have an effect on me too – what a corny line.“You think I’m beautiful? Awww, thanks.”At that moment, our host Thomas (The MD of the company) tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear that he and a number of the others were going to a private members club. I said I might join them later, and he gave me a business card with the clubs address. I looked at it and instantly knew that it was a lap-dancing club, so not the place to bring Chloe to – hence the whisper I realised. As I turned back to Chloe, I found she was talking to her boss, and heard “…it’s not really the place for a young lady like you, so you go back to the hotel and I’ll see you tomorrow”. With that he walked off, joining Thomas and heading off with half a dozen of the others to the club. I looked around and realised that 3 or 4 of the other bankers had already disappeared off to either their beds or elsewhere, and Chloe and myself were accompanied by only 3 others, including two guys from a Chinese bank that I were keen to get on board for this deal. I invited everyone to join me for a drink in the bar, and told Chloe that unfortunately I’d have to be one of the suits for a while as I wanted to chat with these guys. “No problem, if there is anything I can do to help let me know”We retired to the bar, and I ordered a round of drinks and we sat at a table with comfortable armchairs. As I chatted to the Chinese, I couldn’t help notice Chloe sitting directly opposite me chatting to Hans, a guy I knew well from one of the Dutch banks. He was in his late 50’s, and very drunk, and kept putting his hand on her leg, which she kept lifting off politely. I caught a glimpse of her white panties as she again removed his wandering hand, and glanced up to her smiling face. God, this sexy young girl was flirting with me. After we’d finished our drinks, the Chinese said there goodbye’s as they had an early flight the next morning – clearly not used to such events….you never booked an early flight home. As they departed Chloe stood, and said she was also off to bed, which left me a bit disappointed as I wanted to spend more time with her, and I really didn’t want to be stuck with Hans. But that’s the nature of such events, so I politely kissed her on each cheek, European style, and wished her a good night. As I sat back down to chat with Hans, I watched her walking towards the door, enjoying the sight of her beautiful tight arse and long legs in her short black skirt. “I’d like to fuck that” I thought to myself, not hearing whatever Hans was mumbling on about. As she reached the door, she stopped and looked around. She held her hand up and open, and mouthed “5 minutes, meet me outside” pointing towards the exit. I nodded to her.I chatted for a few minutes about nothing with Hans, then made my apologies, saying that I should head off to join Thomas and the others. Hans accepted that excuse, and wished me all the best until we next met. I almost ran out of the bar to find Chloe, who as indicated was waiting outside of the restaurant.“Let’s find a club, I want to dance” she demanded, so I hailed a cab, and off we went. Two hours later, we both stumbled out of the club, having danced like I hadn’t danced for years. The fact that I was the oldest person there by a good 10 years didn’t help. We went back to the hotel we were all staying in, and both got our keys from reception. As the lift doors closed, she threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me fully on the lips. I could feel her tongue trying to gain entry, and allowed it, challenging it with my own as we embraced. As we reached her floor she broke the kiss, and bursa escort bayan thanked me for looking after her all evening. I thought that was it until as the door of the lift opened, she grabbed my hand, and dragged me out. “Come to my room”I didn’t need a second invitation – after two years this was the first time I really wanted to fuck someone, and it was this 22 year old beauty. Her room was at the end of the corridor, and we walked there in silence. As she opened the door and entered, I suddenly sobered up and asked “Chloe, do you really want to do this?”“Richard, I haven’t had sex in 3 weeks and all day I have just wanted to get in your pants. Now get in here and fuck me!”I closed the door behind me and followed her into the room. “Fuck that, a single bed!” I exclaimed. I grabbed her hand and led her out of her room. “If we’re going to do this, let’s have some comfort”. We went to my room on the next floor, where I had a king size bed. Chloe threw herself onto it, kicking off her high-heels as she did so.I lay next to her, caressing those long legs and leaned in for a kiss. She wrapped her arms around me again, and our tongues again met each other. She quickly pushed me onto my back and straddled me. She sat back, and undid her blouse slowly and seductively, telling me how much I was going to enjoy this night. Her blouse came off, and then her bra. Her tits were perfectly formed, hardly moving as her bra came off. Her nipples were small but hard, and I reached up to roll each between my thumbs and forefingers, eliciting a squeal of joy from this young beauty. She then started on me. My tie came off, and my shirt was unbuttoned. Her hands caressed my chest, then she bent forward kissing her way down my neck, across my chest and belly until reaching my belt. This was undone, then my trousers too. She looked up and smiled “Seems you have something nice in here for me Richard”“Call me Ricky, only my……..” I didn’t finish my sentence as her hand wrapped around my hard cock, bringing it out into the open.“I bet this beauty has fucked a few women” she said before slipping it into her warm mouth. I realised then how much I’d missed sex. Chloe’s blow-jobs skills were basic, but nonetheless, enjoyable. After a few minutes, she worked her way back up my body, pausing for a moment to rub her nipples against my cock. We kissed again, and I worked my hands up her thighs, and under her skirt. I grabbed her arse, lifting her slightly so that I could slide underneath her until my head was level with her crotch. I pulled the damp fabric of her panties to one side and ran my tongue along her wet pussy crack, hearing a gentle purring sound from above. My finger tips played with her pussy lips whilst my tongue worked itself along its length and then inside her. She tasted sweet. After a while I could feel her thighs tightening around my shoulders, and I knew the attention I was giving her pussy was having the desired effect. My fingers moved to her clit as my tongue continued to fuck her whole as best it could. Moments later I noticed an increase in her breathing, followed by a gasp, and a shudder as her orgasm hit.She slumped to one side, and I got up and discarded what few clothes I had left. As I did, Chloe wriggled out of her skirt and panties, and lay there on my bed naked. This girl was gorgeous. “Let me feel your cock inside me” I climbed on top and held my cock at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing it along its length, making the head wet with her juices. “Fuck me Ricky, I want you to fuck me hard”I pushed the head in. She was tight, but her wetness helped, and after a few thrusts I was up to my balls inside her. “Fuck, that feels good. Fuck me hard”As instructed I started to thrust escort bursa into her, long hard thrusts, my balls slapping against her tight arse. Not having fucked for some time, I didn’t expect to last long, and this tight pussy felt so good, I wasn’t wrong. After only a minute or so I felt my balls tighten, and shot my load deep inside her. “Fuck yes, I can feel you coming inside me” I carried on thrusting despite shooting my load, maintaining my erection, and hoping a second load may be possible.Chloe asked me to stop and lay on my back as she wanted to ride me. As she positioned herself over me a glob of my cum dripped from her pussy onto my leg. She laughed and said “I’ll come back for that later”. She held my cock and slowly slid herself onto its length.She lent forward and I raised my head to suck on her rock solid nipples as she worked my cock with her pussy muscles. She started to work herself up and down my cock, maintaining a tight grip with her pussy all the time. It felt amazing, better than I’d ever felt before. She sat upright and started to rub her clit as she fucked me. “Oh fuck!” she shouted as another orgasm hit, and I could feel the wetness around my cock increase. I grabbed her hips and supported her as she continued to ride my cock. “Fuck, I’m coming again” she exclaimed, and her body tightened in my hands. She continued to ride me hard, and the inevitable feeling in my balls announced my second cum of the night, which joined the first deep inside her pussy. She slumped on top of me, as we both sucked in air to recover.She rolled to one side, my cock slipping out of her sweet pussy which leaked a mixture of our juices. She snuggled up to my side with my arm around her, her hand playing with my wet, softening cock. As we lay there, I heard her breathing slow and her hand stopped moving. I glanced down to find her asleep, and I too soon drifted off.The alarm went off at 8.00, and I half expected her to have regrets, but thankfully she gave me a big good morning kiss. Unfortunately we both needed to get up and out, me to a meeting with my client, her to meet her boss at breakfast and fly home, but we agreed to get in contact when back in London, and to meet up for a drink “and more maybe?” Chloe added. I gave her my home number and told her to ring that rather than contact me via work.Chloe headed back to her room, and I showered and got ready, before heading off to breakfast. Of course, many of my banking colleagues were there, and I got ribbed about being a lightweight, not having joined them at the club. I laughed it off, and heard about who’d got up to what. I noticed Chloe enter the room and head for the table where her boss was sitting. He looked as white as a sheet, and I later learned that he’d totally embarrassed himself by chucking up in the club. Thomas later told me that he didn’t want him on the deal, although I managed to talk him around, as we needed their money.A few comments were made about Chloe, which I chose to ignore as I couldn’t let on that I knew the answer to some of the questions being proposed, I just switched the conversation back to her boss, by saying at least she hadn’t embarrassed herself like he had.I got back to London about 9 p.m. that night, having spent the day in meetings, and travelling. I was totally knackered when I walked through the door and slumped into my favourite leather armchair. I noticed the light flashing on my answerphone, but expecting it to be Vicky or my mum, I left it. Thankfully the next morning I felt a lot brighter, and as I got ready to head to the office (which was only a 15 min walk from home) I wondered if I should try and arrange to meet Chloe over the weekend.As I went to leave, I noticed the flashing light on the answerphone and thought I’d better see what the message was.“Hi Richard it’s Chloe. I hope you don’t mind me ringing you but I was hoping we could meet up for that drink. Give me a call”And call I did.

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