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Back to church

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Back to churchAs we were tiding up after Sunday Service, Caroline was showing another lady what to do, I asked them why, she said “I’m going on holiday in a few weeks and Jean is doing my job”, “Oh Ok” I said. We carried on doing our respected jobs when Caroline asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, I said I did. When we’d finished we went into the back room.Caroline was making the tea as Jean was talking to me about the church etc. She was 70 years old, widowed for six years, lived alone and the church was her life. She was 5’5″, blonde/white hair, looked to weigh around 17 stone, too large for her small frame. As we sat drinking our tea and chatting about church matters I looked at Caroline and winked.She smiled at me. Then Jean said she was going to go and Caroline showed her out, when she came back we fell into each others arms and began kissing, as I kissed her I was feeling her tits and she was moaning. suddenly the door opened, and there was Jean. I said to Caroline “You didn’t lock the door did you”, and she looked embarrassed and said “No”.As we were in a clinch with my hand on Caroline’s tits, Jean stood and looked gobsmacked. I said “Come güvenilir bahis over here” and Jean walked over to us. I moved closer to Jean and kissed her, she let me, as I began snogging her Caroline sat down. Jean and I were soon getting into it as I put my hand on her breasts through her blouse, she moaned.Unbuttoning Jeans blouse I soon discarded her bra, and her tits were all mine, licking and sucking she said “It’s been a long time”. I said “Caroline clear the table”, as she did I walked Jean over to it, sitting her on the edge I put my hand up her skirt and touched her pussy through her knickers, she sighed.Opening up her legs, I rubbed thr front of her gusset and she was moist, licking her nipples and rubbing her she was breathing heavily. Then suddenly Caroline came round to the table and started to lick Jean’s nipples, as she did I opened her legs as far as they would go, laying her down on the table, lifted up her skirt and licked the outside of her knickers.As Jean moaned and gasped, my rock hard cock was being released, as my pants slipped down Caroline had her mouth round my cock. As I pulled Jean’s knickers to the side I easily slipped türkçe bahis my tongue onto her clit, as she moaned I slipped a finger into her warm old cunt, she was gasping as she said “I’m coming”, as she did her fluids erupted and my face was awash.Caroline let go of my cock as I pulled Jean’s knickers down, positioning her on the table I pushed my rock deep into her beaver, she groaned. Caroline was back to nibbling her nipples as I fucked Jean slowly. A few minutes on as Jean said she was coming again, Caroline slipped her finger on to Jean’s clit as I banged her she came again.Pulling out of Jean and turning her around so she was knelt on the table, I teased her cunt with my cock, as Caroline rubbed Jeans nipples, I pushed in up to the hilt, and started to shag her again, she was groaning and gasping. As I shagged her faster Caroline was licking my ass, I knew I couldn’t last much longer.As I fucked her at speed Jean shouted “God I’m coming again” I knew I was, as she made the climax noises it was too much for me and I pumped my seed right inside her cunt, as she moaned and groaned so did I as my spunk burrowed itself deep inside her. As I pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri my cock out of her she knelt there breathing heavy.Then Caroline turned her onto her back and started to lick my seed from her fanny, as she did Jean had an aftershock orgasm and my seed ran out of her and Caroline lapped it up. As she fingered Jean to get it all out I was getting hard again, what a sight! I lifted up Caroline’s skirt, pulled down her beautiful panties, and pushed my 6″ into her warm wet hole.Shagging her was awesome she was so tight, as I built up speed she was still licking Jean, and she was fingering her cunt and her asshole. After a good ten minutes Jean said she was coming again, Caroline said she was also, as both lady’s screamed out their orgasm, I knew I wouldn’t be far away, as I plummeted her deep wet cunt she squirted.Pulling out I came round to where Caroline was buried deep in Jean’s cunt, waved my cock in front of her, she grabbed it and immediatley shoved it in her mouth. I was screaming as I shot hot spunk down her throat, she swallowed every drop. As we got dressed and Jean said Thankyou. Caroline kissed me. I said “Didn’t know you swung both ways”, she said “Neither did I”.As we were going Caroline said to me “There’s a nice pretty young girl in the congregation that I fancy can we try it out sometime”, obviously I said “Yes”. And with that I went home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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