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Bad Girl needs a friend … or fifty (Hayley’

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Alex Mae

Bad Girl needs a friend … or fifty (Hayley’Hayley arched her back, hands behind her, staring up at the ceiling. She held the pose for a few moments before bringing her hands to her hips, sitting up on her knees.”Good,” the voice said from above her. A hand pushed slightly on her back, “now let’s work that back side.”He guided Hayley down, her hands on the ground with her ass up in the air, “That’s it.”Hayley glanced up at the yoga instructor. She sighed when he moved away from her and to the person in front of her. She had taken up yoga because she wanted to get into better shape before Parahoy. Barely a week into sessions and she was finding it hard to concentrate. The instructor was incredibly hot and every session got her so worked up. The day after her first class she had dreams of his hands on her back, pressing her down and mounting her. She knew the guy was married with k**s and had shown no interest in her other than as a paying customer. She couldn’t help it though. Even now, days later, it was hard to get the thoughts out of her head. Thankfully, there were others in the class.Hayley caught the young man behind her staring at her ass. He tried to look away but wasn’t fast enough. She smiled and decided to give him a show, stretching her legs out at the next command the instructor gave. Then lying flat on her stomach Hayley lifted her ass in the air and gave it a wiggle followed by a glance over her shoulder. The young man was practically drooling and this time didn’t stop staring.When the session was over she walked over to a bench and took a swig from her water bottle. The young man walked up next to her and sat on the bench. He began putting on his shoes but he was obviously checking her out from the side. She was still hot from the session and his gaze only made it worse. Hayley put the water bottle down, leaned over to him and whispered, “back door, five minutes,” and walked away slowly, never giving him another glance.A few minutes later he came out of the back door, into an alley. He barely had time to close the door before Hayley was on him. His back hit the closed door. She found the outline of his cock over his pants and in seconds she was on her knees pulling him free. She wasted no time wrapping her lips around his head and throating him fully. The sound of Hayley slurping and gagging on cock echoed down the alley. Minutes later the guy let out a groan, pulling his cock out of her mouth and shooting thick rope after rope onto her face, hair and open mouth. It was so messy that some of it hit her stomach and chest. Hayley finished him, cleaning his cock with her mouth but was still covered in cum when she stood.”Fuck,” the guy groaned leaning back against the wall, “I didn’t even get to taste that ass.”Hayley smiled at him, “Maybe tomorrow,” she said, giving him a wink before opening the door and re-entering the building.————Hayley joked and laughed with her bandmates. It was the first night on Parahoy and they had a small section by the pool all to themselves. Okay, sure, it was out in the open where everyone could see them but it was still somewhat intimate for being on the main deck. She’d spent the entire first day with a few members from other bands on the cruise and was now chilling out with her own guys as the evening became night.Eventually Brian and Taylor slipped away, leaving her alone with Zach. Hayley sighed, throwing her head back and just enjoying the night air.Zach playfully pulled her hair as he got up from his seat. It almost made her fall over but she recovered and yelled, “Jerk!” with a smile on her face. “You leaving me too?” she asked. He stood up but was met by a group of people coming over. A couple of girls looked nervously from Zach and then to Hayley. They took pictures with them but noticed more were close by waiting for their turn. Soon, there was a line of around a dozen or so. Once or twice during pics Hayley felt a hand grip her waist or fall down her back towards her ass. When one of them gently squeezed her backside she reached down and grabbed hold of the guy’s ‘package’ roughly and gave him a look as if to say “fair is fair.” The guy coughed, looking ashamed, then quickly guided his girlfriend away. After a while Zach left as well. Hayley smiled and took pics with the last few stragglers. She waved bye to them and started gathering up her stuff. Someone cleared their throat nearby.Hayley glanced up to see a couple of guys standing a few feet away.”Oh, hey!” she greeted.”Do you think we could…” one of them asked, holding up a phone.Hayley nodded, “Sure, just let me…” she sat down her stuff and made room for one of them on her left. “Thanks, you have no idea how happy he is to meet you,” he said, raising his phone as his friend slid up next to Hayley.The guy was tall so Hayley barely came up to his chest. She smiled for pics, arm around his back. He was so lanky that his right arm wrapped around her entire body. The cool night air was a little chilly so her nipples were already hard when his fingers grazed against them. Hayley jumped just a little but he didn’t react. Just kept smiling at the camera. Then, his hand cupped her. It was just slightly but it was enough. She could’ve called him out but instead decided to use the same tactic she did earlier on a guy. Hayley slid her hand down and was gonna grab him roughly. She was halfway there when she felt him. He was hard, his cock pressed up against his thigh. She let out an “Oooh…”The guy taking pics chuckled, “I told you he was happy.” Hayley suddenly noticed how quiet it was. Other than the three of them this side of the deck was mostly empty. A few people could be heard laughing on the other side and music was playing somewhere below, giving a rhythm and beat beneath them but that was it. “Would you like to see how happy you make your fans?” the guy with a phone asked.Hayley’s heart was beating fast. She probably should… the guy slid his hand under her top, groped then rubbed her nipple through the sports bra she was wearing. The camera man took another pic. The flash on the phone reminding her of being on stage. All eyes on her. Hayley groaned, sliding her hand down the guy beside her. He was wearing thin pants so she could feel his outline perfectly. He wasn’t the thickest but his length was good.”Sit down,” she breathed. For a second she didn’t think he heard her until finally he slid out from around her and sat in the chair she was in earlier. Hayley stepped up to the chair, standing over him. Her heart was beating so fast, “Pull it out,” she breathed.He did as requested. His cock was thin but a good eight or nine inches long, “Unbutton your top,” he said.Still standing, Hayley reached up and slowly unbuttoned her top. One by one, until the loose shirt hung open on her. The bra was still on but her hard nipples were straining against the fabric.Hayley turned sideways, her back to him and sat in his lap. She leaned back into him, his hands rested on her bare midriff. Slowly, he slid them up until he cupped her chest through her bra. This made her groan. The click of a phone taking pics brought her attention back to the guy’s friend.Hayley made eye contact with the guy holding the phone. Hayley could feel the entire length of the guy under her, straining against her thigh. She raised her hand behind her and cupped his head to steady herself, then slowly began grinding in his lap. She even gave the guy taking pics a smirk while doing so.The guy under her tugged on her sports bra, pulling it down so that her nipples were free. Hayley gasped when his fingers began playing with her hard, exposed nipples. She moaned, nodding her head yes while biting her lip. Her heart was beating so fast, a need between her thighs so hot that she barely registered the other guy until he picked up her legs, removing her pants. Seconds later, the only thing between her bare skin and the cock underneath her were a thin pair of pink panties.She could feel her own dampness through the night air.”Pretty little wet pussy,” the guy who had the phone whispered. He was on his knees now, the phone trained between her legs. She felt the guy underneath her reach down and pull her panties aside, giving his friend with the phone a clear view. The guy beneath said, “I know what it needs,” and began playing with her clit. Hayley jumped slightly in his lap, a hitch in her breath. She heard the phone snapping pics and let out a curse, head falling back against the guy underneath her. She grinded on his lap, biting her lip while a wave built in her. She was so distracted that she never saw the guy with the phone stand up until she felt herself being lifted up slightly, and her panties slid off. Then she was back on the guy’s lap, flesh on flesh. His cock was hard, pressed up against her wet pussy.”I don’t think…” Hayley groaned, “we should probably…” she was so wet that his cock slid along her pussy lips easily. The last vestige of rational thought was immediately pushed away when she was lifted up again and the head of his cock entered her pussy. Mouth hanging open, Hayley pushed down with all her weight taking him in her fully. She barely had time to ride him a for a few seconds before a pair of hands pushed her back slightly, her legs lifted off the ground.She looked up to see the guy with the phone earlier. The phone was gone and so were his pants. He still had his shirt on, cock peeking out from underneath it. He raised her legs up, spread them and slid between her thighs. Hayley bit her lip as he mounted her in the chair with his buddy underneath her. His cock head pushed into her already occupied pussy, making Hayley whimper then cry out when he slid in more. “Oh fuck!” she let out, her pussy stretched out by the two men inside her.The guy on top of her gripped her thighs hard and shoved himself into her hard. The guy underneath her let his buddy do the work while he played with her clit. She shuddered when he rubbed her clit, her exposed tiny tits shaking over her sports bra with every thrust the guy on top gave her.”Been waiting years,” the guy mounting thrusted hard, “to fuck that pussy,” another thrust, “so tight,” he breathed.The guy beneath her groped her tits, pinching her nipples. She mumbled something incoherent as he began thrusting up into her from below. Both men tore into her pussy, stretching her walls. Unable to hold out any longer, Hayley came. She was just recovering from her orgasm when she felt the guy on top of her pull out and herself lifted into the air. Her knees hit the deck floor. She opened her eyes to see the two men standing over her, cocks inches from her face. One of the guys roughly pulled her top off, one arm at a time. Then her bra was unsnapped and fell to the ground. The other guy cock slapped her face and she immediately wrapped a hand around it. Soon she had both hands wrapped around cocks.”Hope you’re hungry,” one of them said, the other snickering.Hayley licked her lips, staring up at them both while jerking their cocks. Then ran her tongue over both of their tips, giving them a cum hungry whore look. When the first guy began groaning Hayley opened her mouth, tongue out as he erupted. The first rope so big bursa escort half of it went into her mouth, the other half across her face. She heard the other guy groan but wasn’t fast enough, the other half of her face plastered with a thick rope. Hayley took each of them into her mouth, squeezing out the last few drops.On her knees, Hayley wiped at the cum on her cheeks just as the flash and snap of a phone above her drew her attention. The man who had the phone earlier was holding it up, taking as many pics as he could of the cum covered singer.———-She woke in her bed, face first in the pillow, a pounding at her door.”Yeah!” she screamed out of frustration.”You okay?” Taylor’s voice on the other end of the door.Hayley mumbled, then yelled, “Go away!”She heard a laugh and his footsteps retreat. Hayley rolled over onto her back. She lied there for a few moments before noticing her face was sticky.The guys had takenn her bra, top and pants with them forcing her to return to her room in her current state, nude and covered in cum. As much as it turned her on to be watched there were always consequences. Did anyone see me? She didn’t think they did but she couldn’t be sure. Hayley looked at her phone on the night stand to see it was already past noon. They had their first show at six tonight and she needed to do meet and greets first. “Shit!” she grumbled, getting out of bed and hitting the shower. She put on her outfit, with tight pink shorts and headed out.The fans were friendly as always but she couldn’t help but search for the two guys from the other night in the crowd. She didn’t see them through the entire meet and greet.Hours later Hayley watched with her band mates as the stage was prepared and they were introduced. She eyed the crowd and she saw someone that made her pause. Someone that looked familiar to her but she couldn’t place him. Before she could give it anymore thought they were called on stage. Hayley gave the introductions, and talked to the crowd. Then the first song began and Hayley strutted across the stage.She watched the crowd. Her eyes found the guy from earlier and immediately it snapped into her head who he was.Elijah.He was one of the men from the group of guys who she had invited backstage during their last show of tour four. The only one who didn’t fuck her. She had made a promise to the entire room of men that night that if any of them lasted the entire night without cumming they would be her personal guest on the cruise. It was just part of the game. She didn’t really intend to invite him of course but here he was. Tall, bald and black he was wearing a tight shirt that showed his muscles off. He was eyeing her hard. It made her nervous but also something else. Horny. Extremely horny.Someone tossed some panties on the stage. The crowd laughed as she pulled them on over her outfit. She danced with them on for a half a song then during the middle of ‘Told You So’ slid them off and tossed them into the crowd, giving Elijah a devious smile.At the end of the ‘Rose Colored Boy’ Hayley thrusted her hip out and gave it a tiny slap before heading off stage.The band hung together for a few hours after the show until one by one they called it a night. Hayley went back to her room and showered. All she could think about was the guy in the crowd. She fingered herself for a bit but it wasn’t enough. She got out of the shower, dug her toy out of one of her suitcases and began to fuck herself. After ten minutes she let out a frustrated sigh when a thought crossed her mind. I really should try to sleep, she thought, despite getting out of bed and digging into her case again. She pulled out a light blue, see through night gown and slid into it. The only thing she had on under it were matching blue panties and bra when she stepped out of her room. The hallway was clear. A minute later the night air prickled her skin as she reached the main deck of the cruise ship. There were a small group around one of the pools. Most of them were too busy laughing or talking to notice her but a couple took notice of the tiny singer, quickly pointing her out. “God damn that ass is so sweet,” she heard one of the guys say before receiving a hard slap on the arm from a girl next to him. It made Hayley snicker as she walked past them. She rounded a corner and leaned against the railing to look out at the ocean. A second later she jumped when a pair of hands slid around her waist. She thought it might’ve been one of the guys she walked past but then she heard Elijah’s voice, “Didn’t think you’d get away from me that easily did you?” Hayley moved as if to slide out of his grip and face him but she was quickly turned back around away from him.”You never called me. Did you forget about the game,” he whispered in her ear, “about the rules… your rules?”His hands gripped her waist, running along side her hips and then smacked the side of her ass just slightly through her gown.She was breathing hard, “What rules…” she groaned when he slapped her ass again, “would those be?””That anyone who could resist that night would be your… how did you word it, plus one to the cruise? How you’d share…” he leaned down and Hayley tilted her head as he kissed the nape of her neck, “your bed,” another kiss, “your body,” another, “everything.” Hayley reached behind her, finding him rock hard. He was so fucking big, her heart racing, “What are you gonna do with that thing?” she asked, her voice deep.”Whatever I want,” he said picking her up slightly off the ground and shoving her forward into the railing. She yelped, hanging nearly halfway over it. The only thing keeping her from falling was his weight, pinning her pelvis against the railing. The pain was enough to make her wince. She reached for anything to steady herself, gripping the railing with both hands. Then felt him between her thighs. He’s so big, she gasped. Hayley felt her night gown lifted, her blue panties pulled roughly down her thighs halfway. Then his hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them.”Oh fuck,” she cursed under her breath.A lady walked into view and saw them. Hayley turned her head in the woman’s direction. The lady’s mouth went wide, gaping in their direction at the exact moment that Hayley felt the cock head push past her pussy lips and sink into her.Hayley, hung halfway over the railing, her gown lifted up over her now exposed bare ass. She could do nothing but take it as Elijah sunk deep into her pussy. Every thrust was pain mixed with pleasure.She had no idea if the lady was still watching but it didn’t matter anymore. Hayley let out an unrecognizable sound, mouth hanging open as her pussy lips were stretched with each thrust into her. She gripped the railing harder, trying to gain leverage but Elijah took hold of her hands and pinned them behind her back. She was totally at his mercy. “Such a tight fucking cunt,” he grunted between thrusts, “Would’ve thought it would be stretched out by now.””Fuuuuuck!” she shuddered, “gonna cum!”He immediately pulled back, his cock sliding out of her pussy. Hayley spasmed, her pussy trying to squeeze what was no longer there, whimpering in disappointment. Her feet touched the deck again, panties falling down to her ankles. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock, “Neeeeed,” she whined.With no warning she was lifted up and over his shoulder. He carried her around the corner, stepping around the structure that had previously hid them. The group from earlier on the main deck immediately noticed, gaping at the sight of Hayley Williams being carried over a large black man’s shoulder, his cock hanging out. She felt a tug, her panties yanked off her ankles, then tossed into the group.Elijah carried her into the main hall of the ship, down the hallway, past a couple of guys who watched in shock. They stopped in front of a room, the sound of his card being swiped. The door opened and she was carried inside. It was dimly lit, provided only by one small lamp near a window. Hayley was tossed onto the bed face first, bouncing nearly off of it. He pulled her by the legs to the edge of the bed where he stood. Then grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking her head back, “I’m going to fuck you so hard that when you walk onto that stage tomorrow every person on this boat will know what Hayley Williams sounds like when she’s being fucked like a whore,” he whispered, then shoved her head face first back into the bed.The sound of Hayley’s night gown being torn down the backside reverberated throughout the room. The bed shook as he lifted himself onto it one foot at a time. Her thighs jiggled when he forced them apart. Hayley was already breathing hard, then he slapped her ass and she made a noise that sounded like it came more from an a****l than a petite, five foot nothing girl. When he spread her ass cheeks and spat into her crack Hayley begged, whimpering. She tried to raise her head but that’s when he climbed onto her back and mounted her. His cock was so big… when it slid along her pussy lips Hayley made another whorish moan, grinding at the air where his cock was. Her moan became a cry when he forced his cock into her tiny asshole instead.Hayley gripped the covers on the bed hard and bit into them with her mouth to silence her screams. Once the guy sunk in though, he steadied himself on the bed and yanked her head back up by a fistful of blonde hair, “Scream for me,” he hissed, shoving himself more into her ass making her cry out.She began shaking, her eyes rolling back into her head while yelling incoherent things, “Dirty little whore likes it up the ass doesn’t she?” he grunted between thrusts, “Isn’t that right?””Yessssss,” she hissed out, her asshole on fire as he tore into it. “Louder!””Dirty… little,” she whimpered, “Whore!”He reached over her stomach and between her legs, “You want a cock in this as well don’t you?” he said, rubbing her pussy. “Fuck!” Hayley yelled, nodding her head yes while groaning.A light shined into the dimly lit room, the bathroom door opening with someone standing in the doorway, “My friend here is gonna fuck your pretty little pussy into oblivion is that alright?” he whispered in her ear, rubbing her clit. Hayley shuddered with a groan, then gave the friend approaching the bed a look, “Come here,” she practically growled.Elijah slid out of her ass, and pulled her back to him on the edge of the bed to give his friend room to climb on. The new guy was fit but not overly huge. He was already stripped bare, his black cock shining in the light made from the bathroom. Elijah stroked Hayley’s pussy lips, fingering her slightly while his friend climbed onto the bed, and layed on his back. Hayley watched him, stroking his cock.Elijah tore the nightgown off her, “Mount him,” he said. It wasn’t a request but that didn’t seem to matter.The words were barely out of his mouth when Hayley climbed onto the bed and practically bounced onto the new guy’s lap. The new guy reached up and groped her tiny tits. Hayley lifted herself up and grabbed his cock underneath her. She rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy lips making him groan, then sank down in one motion and took every inch into her. She began to grind in his lap. After a minute bursa escort bayan or two she glanced over her shoulder at the guy behind her, “You like watching don’t you?” she asked, giving him a whorish look.”Ride him like your career depends on it,” he said.The guy underneath her reached around and groped her ass cheeks with both hands. Taking the hint, Hayley lifted up and back down on him. His hands guiding her but soon the sound of flesh on flesh could be heard and it was obvious who was doing the work. Hayley bounced on his cock, head flying every which way as she rode him. The sounds of her moaning, and begging in between talking like a dirty whore with every bounce, “Fuck! Me! Yes!” she screamed, leaning forward, grabbing the bed post for leverage. There was no doubt she could be heard from every room adjoined to this one but she didn’t care. All she cared about was riding that cock as hard as she could. The guy beneath her, gripped her ass cheeks harder and began guiding her ass up and down on him. Every time down taking sinking fully into her. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore Hayley felt Elijah climb onto the bed behind her. He shoved her face forward, pushing it against the wall, and climbed onto her back. Seconds later his cock pushed into her asshole.”Oh Jesus fuck!” she cursed, squealing louder the further he pushed into her. Then her head was yanked back by the hair, “Little whore likes having two men in her doesn’t she?”Hayley groaned, shaking her head yes.”Say it!””I’m a filthy whore!” she screamed.He re-positioned himself, burying his cock in her ass even further. His reward was a sound from Hayley that almost made him cum. Her mouth hung open as she spat out incoherent curses. The guy beneath her began thrusting up into her pussy so hard Hayley was spitting bubbles, her tiny tits bouncing fast.When the men came at the same time Hayley let out a cry. A cry that was recorded through the walls, something she would find out later when it was played by people online for years to come.————Hayley applied the red lipstick. Whorish red. She posted the instagram story with the words, “Bad girl needs a friend or fifty,” written in red lipstick on the mirror in front of her. She ended it with a kiss that stained the glass.It was showtime.She bounced on stage, the Parahoy crowd going wild. The thought of most, if not everyone, in the crowd hearing her be fucked last night nearly made her cream herself. Well, that and the toy stuffed into her asshole at the moment.It was Elijah’s doing of course. Hayley had woken up this morning, cum leaking out of pussy and ass, lying between two black men. Elijah gave her ass a squeeze when he felt her stir. Then came his cock. Once he slid into her he whispered the idea of the toy and her wearing it on stage. Hayley was so horny she begged for it and Elijah provided, fucking her with the toy in her ass at the same time. She hadn’t removed it since. Every time she moved she felt it. Every ass shake made her whimper. Barely halfway into the first song she almost came, sliding to her knees and getting on all fours for the front row. Her short gold skirt lifted up numerous times to reveal it. Seeing them hold up their phones and capturing it all only made her hornier. By the third song she couldn’t take anymore. Hayley sat on the edge of the stage, legs hanging over, she let as many people in the front row as possible feel her up as she sang. Her voice cracking when she felt hands under her skirt. Fingers playing with her pussy lips through the green bikini bottoms she wore, a couple sliding in.Hayley leaned back on stage, her legs still hanging over into the front row. She belted out the high notes, her voice cracking as a few members of the crowd finger fucked her into an orgasm. It wasn’t until she climbed back to her feet that she realized someone in the front row had stolen the toy out of her asshole.———– By the end of the show Hayley was exhausted. Her legs felt like jello after cumming multiple times on stage. She was handed a drink and sipped on it. Dehydration was a serious matter for singers and performers. Especially when you get the work out I just did, she snickered to herself. Her phone vibrated. A text from Elijah.I got a present waiting for you in your room it read.Hayley smiled, anticipation and adrenaline replacing her previous tiredness. When she opened the door to her room Elijah stood by the bed. Hayley entered and immediately noticed the guy on the black couch against the wall, “This young man’s name is Phil,” Elijah said, “He’s a huge fan of yours. Traveled all this way to see you and that pretty little mouth of yours.”Hayley stared at Phil, her eyes shuddering halfway open and close when Elijah slid up behind her and began rubbing her pussy lips under her skirt, “Would you like to show your appreciation to him for coming all this way to see you?”She nodded, slipping out of Elijah’s arms and moved towards Phil. She stopped directly in front of the couch, “Take off your shorts,” she ordered. He slid them down and off as Hayley unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Then pulled her top over her head, leaving her in only the two piece green bikini she had been wearing underneath. She climbed onto the couch beside him, leaned over and took his cock into her mouth.Hayley worked his cock, rotating that mouth on him. Phil brushed her hair out of her face, pulling it back into a grip in his hands. It didn’t take long for him to take control, forcing her mouth down further. “God, I love the feel of that whore mouth,” he said.Even though she could feel him near the back of her throat, Hayley shifted her mouth slightly and took him even in further. It made him curse and he began thrusting his cock up into her mouth. She coughed after a few seconds later, then began gagging while he pummeled the back of her throat. When she tried to lift her head up he held her in place, the petite singer kicking her feet on the couch. Finally, he let her up, strings of saliva with her as they hung from her mouth to his cock.She had barely recovered her breath when she felt him stand from the couch and pull her to her feet. He was tall, very tall. Had to be well over six foot three or more. She yelped when he lifted her up into the air. She wrapped her arms around his neck though, legs wrapping around his waist next. On instinct, her mouth hungrily found his, a moan escaping her when she felt her bikini bottoms ripped free. Phil held her up by the ass, hands groping her cheeks as he slid his cock into her pussy.”Oohh fuck!” Hayley cursed. He lifted her up and down on his cock, heads together as she stared into his face while being fucked. Her mouth opened into an O when she felt him slide a finger into her asshole. “You like my tight asshole,” she mumbled, breathing hard. She gasped when he slid the finger into her ass more, “Yesss, fuck it,” she pleaded.Hayley bounced on his cock while he finger fucked her ass. She was in the middle of her orgasm when he took a step forward, lifted her up into the air again and spun her around. Tossed face first onto the couch, her ass in the air, he rubbed his cock head between her cheeks and pushed into her asshole. Hayley buried her face into the couch and squealed as he gripped her ass cheeks with both hands and pushed in further. Hayley flipped her hair, and gave him a sideways glance over her shoulder.He grunted and Hayley felt him unload, mostly because it started flowing out of her asshole and down her pussy. She moaned, then came hard when he began rubbing his cum over her clit and pussy lips. When she was finished, Hayley slid to her knees, “Thank you for coming all this way to see me,” she said, wrapping her hand around his cock and cleaning him dry with her mouth.————–It was the last night of the cruise which meant karoke night with fans. Hayley pranced onto the stage in her red skirt, giving the crowd an eye full.She made sure to sit cross legged, several times uncrossing them slowly to give everyone in the front row a view of her blue panties underneath. Always followed by a wink in their direction. She was feeling buzzed, not just from the crowd and setting but also the drinks she sipped on periodically. When the final karaoke contest ended Hayley jumped down from her seat and hugged the contestants. She took pics with them all, giving the camera man a dirty look on every shot. One of the contestants close to her felt up her thigh and Hayley pressed closer to him during the shot, his hand sliding up and under her skirt. She bit her lip and gave a smile towards the camera when his fingers tugged at her panties, rubbing her softly over them.She shot him a sideways glance, getting up and giving him a hug, “Don’t you wish?” she whispered into his ear, pulling away from the embrace with a smirk on her face.After the show Hayley huddled with her bandmates and other fans. Taylor and Zach went off to play ping pong with a group while Hayley talked with Brian and a string of the final contestants for a bit. She caught sight of Elijah talking to a girl on the other side of the deck, “I’ll be right back,” she said to Brian but he wasn’t paying attention.Hayley slid through the crowd, high fiving a few of them, feeling hands cop a feel occasionally. She playfully slapped them away but not until they had a small taste. When she finally made it through them she couldn’t see Elijah. The buzz of the night was starting to affect her so she headed back to her room.She managed to make it back to her room but was grabbed from behind when she entered. Elijah whispered into her ear, his hand covering her mouth, “Did the little slut like having every eye on her tonight?”Hayley moaned into his hand, nodding. Even though she was tired, her pussy was getting wet by the thought of him in control of her. She tried to speak and he removed his hand, “What are you going to do to me tonight?” she asked innocently.”Something you will never forget,” he said, pinning both of her hands behind her back. Before she could say a word she was lifted into the air. Hayley thought he was carrying her to the bed but he kept going to the other side of the room. She was put on her feet, her back pinned against the far wall. Breathing hard, Hayley looked up into his eyes, “mmmm” she groaned, licking her lips.Her heart was racing. Elijah pressed his body up against hers. She could feel his hardness through the shorts he was wearing. Hayley was shaking when his hand slid under her red skirt, lifting it up. She heard the sound of metal but didn’t realize what it was until she felt the metal close around her wrists, still behind her back. “What…” Hayley tried to move her arms but they were locked together to the wall by the metal contraption. She felt a little panicked at the thought of being trapped but Elijah teased her clit under her skirt and she shuddered, her knees nearly giving out. Elijah held her up, “Someone needs some cock in her pretty wet pussy,” he whispered, breathing almost as hard as she was.Hayley bit her lip, nodding yes.”Those fingers on stage the other day just weren’t enough were they?” he whispered, breath on her neck, kissing escort bursa down it.Hayley shook her head no, mouth opening into an O shape when his finger slid slowly up and down her wet pussy lips. When he slipped two into her she, Hayley cursed then came. Elijah held her up, the tiny singer’s knees almost giving out. She felt her red skirt being slid up her thighs again.Elijah had both hands around her thighs and lifted her legs up into the air. The friction on her wrists still pinned to the wall hurt from the movement but his mouth on hers was a distraction. Hayley groaned through the kiss. She felt her bare ass cheeks planted on something cold underneath her. Then her thighs were spread farther apart, legs held up on his shoulders. Hayley’s eyes widened when she felt the metal clamps close around each ankle. Elijah pulled back from her. Breathing hard, Hayley eyed her situation. Her ass was on a cold surface, suspended about three or so feet in mid air, back against the wall. Her wrists were still bound, tied beneath her and she was spread eagle with each ankle bound at an angle above her. “Perfect little fuck toy,” Elijah whispered, pulling his cock out of his shorts and slapping it against her pussy lips. Despite her situation, Hayley spasmed in place when his cock slapped her cunt.”I’m not sure…” Hayley mumbled, eyes shuddering open and close.”This tight little pussy needs a lot of cock doesn’t it,” he said, rubbing it up and down her lips.Hayley groaned, the last thoughts of defiance leaving her, “please,” she begged.She watched on as he rubbed his cock head against her lips, just enough to tease sinking into her so that she would whimper. Then he pulled back, and slipped into cock back into his shorts.”What?” Hayley huffed, perplexed that it was taken away from her. She jerked her legs, shaking the chains connected to the wall.How the fuck did he get this up without me noticing? she thought, watching him cross the room and open the door. The sounds were immediate. Voices. Many voices.The first guy entered the room, slapping hands with Elijah. He wasn’t alone. The room became flooded with men. Every one that entered immediately locked onto Hayley. Her red skirt was lifted up to her waist, bare ass and pussy were glistening in mid air. She had never felt more exposed in her life. The first guy stepped up, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He was already hard and slipped into her pussy in one hard plunge. He gripped her waist through the red skirt and began pounding her hard. He grunted with each thrust. After a minute he pulled out frantically. The first rope hit Hayley in the face making her flinch. On instinct, she opened her mouth tongue out. The next shot landed on her cheek and then some in her open mouth. He finished by shaking his cock and squeezing out the last cum drop onto her pussy lips.Hayley groaned, barely having time to lick her lips and taste his cum before he pulled away and someone else took his place. This guy was a little heavier than the previous one and wasted no time either. He shoved his cock head into her pussy, pushing the cum left on top of it into her.Eyes closed, she felt her walls take every inch of him. He was going all the way in and then pulling out, only to go back in all the way. Slow but hard. He groped her tits through the red top which forced her eyes open again, “First you came on my fingers on stage and now you’re gonna cum on my dick slut,” he cursed, shoving himself into her with a hard, long thrust. His fingers playing with her nipples, pinching and twisting them through the top. That, along with his cock punishing her pussy was so good but his words pushed her over the edge. She shuddered, eyes rolling into the back of her head. The sound of his grunts intensified and ended with a final hard shove as he unloaded inside her. Hayley whimpered, listening to the noises he made as he finished. Finally, he pulled out. Hayley felt some of his cum leaking slowly out of her. She had barely caught her breath when someone else stepped up next to her. He was a giant. Had to be almost seven foot tall. He had something in his hands. She watched him lower the scissors and cut her red dress down the front halfway, letting the rest hang off of her from the waist down. He lifted his leg up and over her so that he was standing, more like straddling, her chest. His cock was rock hard, a good eight or nine inches. Hayley yelped when he grabbed a fist full of her long, blonde hair, “Spit,” he demanded. He had an accent, but she couldn’t place it. She glared up at him and he gave another her hair another yank causing her to whimper, immediately followed by her spitting on his cock. Her saliva hit his cock and slid down, hanging from his cock to her chest. He inched closer to her and gave her a command, “Open,” the tip of his cock pressing against her lips. When she did, he pushed himself into her until she felt him all the way down her throat.”American whore,” he said, drawing a few laughs from men in the room, “You use to this no?” he said, pulling out halfway and then back in.Hayley looked up at him, then winked.”Yeah,” he laughed then cursed when he pulled out halfway and Hayley wrapped her tongue around his cock head and sucked on it.Hayley’s concentration slipped though when she felt hands on her tits, other men now standing on each side of her. Both of them groping her small titties, one playing with her nips. Despite the men using her body she took the man standing over her into her mouth again with no problem. No problem that is until she felt another cock rub against her pussy lips and slide into her. She couldn’t see the person entering her pussy because of the man standing over her was blocking her view but she could hear him.The sounds of flesh on flesh, his cock thrusting into her with force. She coughed on the man’s cock in her mouth and started gagging, “Uh oh, American whore getting more than she can handle?” he laughed, standing over her, holding his cock in her mouth all the way. The back of her head was pressed against the wall so all she could do was cough and gag, spit and drool beginning to form on the sides of her mouth. Despite her predicament she couldn’t help but cum from the pummeling her pussy was receiving. Her body shook and went limp, her eyes barely moving. Finally, the man standing over her pulled out. Hayley coughed once and then received a slap to the face from him, “Breath, not through yet,” he said yanking a fistful of her hair again. She coughed and sputtered until finally breathing hard. Her mouth was glistening in the light of the room. The entire time the man thrusting into her pussy was getting louder until finally grunting out loud, “Fucking whore,” as he emptied himself inside her.He pulled out of her and instantly there was someone else to take his place, Hayley whimpered at the feel of the new cock entering her cum filled pussy. She raised her eyes up to the man standing over her, then opened her mouth. He began using her mouth like a cock sleeve, thrusting hard into her while yanking her head back and forth by the fistful of hair he held in his hands. When he stopped, and made a sound Hayley felt the first rope hit the back of her throat. She took it all without sputtering. After grunting out his remaining drops he pulled out of her mouth. Hayley looked up at him and opened her mouth, a huge puddle of cum resting on her tongue. She made a show of letting him see her swallowing it. “American whore,” he said laughing while nodding his head in approval. Hayley smiled just as another man could be heard grunting and unloading inside of her.The man standing over her stepped out of the way, his cock still hanging in the air. Hayley whimpered watching him go just as the guy in her pussy pulled out. Another one took his place but was barely inside her before being pulled off by someone else. The men traded shoves, fighting over which one would get Hayley next.A third man stepped around them and up to her. He held something in his hands. Hayley’s eyes got big when she saw the giant dildo. She gave the man a whorish look as he lowered it between her thighs. He slid it into her wet, cum soaked pussy. She had lost track by how many had been inside her but she could hear the noises the toy made inside her, cum leaking out the edges of it. Hayley shuddered, her thighs shaking as he shoved it in all the way. She came when he fingered her clit. Breathing hard, Hayley watched him pull out the cum soaked toy and hold it up to her face. No hesitation, Hayley opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the cum soaked toy with a moan.”Cum hungry little whore aren’t you? You like tasting all the men who came inside you?”In response she rotated her mouth, cleaning as much of the massive cum soaked toy as she could. “You know what turns me on more than anything?” he asked, leaving the toy halfway in her mouth as he unzipped his pants, “Breeding sluts and little cock teases who think they can get away with it and not suffer the consequences.”Hayley’s eyes grew large, dildo still halfway down her throat. She let out a whimper when she felt the guy’s cock enter her pussy. He grabbed the tiny singer’s hips, “I’ve watched you for years, shaking these hips on stage, giving men in the crowd glances, knowing full well what they WANT,” he emphasized with a hard thrust that made Hayley’s tiny tits bounce.”By the time you leave this ship your womb will be seeded. All the cum you’ve taken, if it’s not by me it’ll be by someone.”The toy fell out of her mouth, Hayley letting out a high pitch squeal as her tits bounced with every thrust he gave her. When the man grunted, clearly unloading inside her Hayley couldn’t hold back her own.”That’s right, milk my cock bitch. Take it all in.”Hayley shuddered, partly from the orgasm, partly from his words.She was just finishing when she felt the next guy press himself between her thighs. Hayley recognized him immediately as one of the contestants of the karaoke, the one who had tried to finger fuck her under her red skirt but she had pulled away.”Don’t you wish?” he said, tossing her own words back at her, “let me show you,” he said, grunting along with Hayley as he shoved himself into her.He groped her tits while pumping into her, “As much fun as it would’ve been to finger that pussy I’m going to enjoy this even more,” he said, thrusting forward with emphasis. When she didn’t say anything he slapped her face, “Beg for it.””Cum in me,” she whimpered, receiving another slap.”Louder!””Cum in my pussy! Pleassssse!” she squealed as her own wave pushed her over. She was in the middle of it when he came, gripping her hips and holding himself deep inside of her.Despite her own pleasure, Hayley choked back a cry listening to the man use her pussy as a cum dump.By the end of the line, over fifty men had taken turns on her. Most of them in her pussy, not pulling out until they emptied their balls in her. Cum leaking out of her ass and pussy, Hayley watched Elijah usher the last remaining few out of the room.Hayley was exhausted, her legs still spread and hanging. She didn’t think she would be able to walk even if she were let down.”You’re going to look incredible with a round belly in a few months,” Elijah said. Despite the terror of his words Hayley felt her pussy spasm.”See you on tour,” he said laughing as he walked out of the room, leaving Hayley for anyone to find, completely at their mercy.

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