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Bad Grandma 3

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Bad Grandma 3Grandma set the baby powder down and pulled her Polaroid camera from the night stand. ” I just want to take some photos of your great cock to ad to my collection Joey. Is that okay with you?””It certainly is Grandma I love it!” Joey replied.Connie started taking photos of her grandsons long, fat cock. “You got your big cock from your Grandpa Joey, he was hung like a fucking horse! Biggest cock I ever had except for some of the black guys he brought home for me.” She said with a twinkle in her eye.”Did he really do that Grandma?”” Yes he did Joey, he was quite the pervert and brought guys home all the time for me to suck and fuck. We were quite the match, I loved sucking and fucking other cocks and he loved watching me. I was a hot number back in the day Joey, good looking with a killer body.””I think you are beautiful with a smoking hot body now grandma ! ” Joey replied staring at her big thick nipples. “Thank you Joey, you’re not just saying that because you want grandma to suck your cock are you. ?””No I am not Grandma, I have always thought of you as a hot woman. My cock always gets so fucking hard looking down your top or up your dress. I think of you when I jack off too and my friends are all saying you are such a sexy grandma.” Joey said twitching his big cock around.”Thank you again Joey, that makes me tingle all over hearing you say that.” She put the camera down and sprinkled baby powder on his thighs and balls. Moving her hands down güvenilir bahis to rub the powder on his inner thighs. “We are going to get along just fine Joey! I will be your cock whore just like I was for your grandpa. Do you have any of your friends you would like to see me suck and fuck honey ?””All of them Grandma!” Joey quickly replied. Thinking of her having 2 and 3 cocks at the same time like he had seen in the magazines.Connie gripped the base of his rock hard young cock, squeezing it as she lowered her head. Flicking her long tongue out she licked her sticky precum up from the huge purple head. ” Mmmmmmmmm you taste so good honey do you want me to suck your cock ?””Ohhhh yes yes yes!!””Tell me what you want Joey, grandma loves dirty talk. Do you want to fuck my mouth.” Her tongue slid up and down his thick heavy veined shaft. Kissing and licking every inch of his long, fat cock, moving down to lick and suck his tight balls.Joey jerked his hips all around, her warm, wet tongue felt so wonderful sliding all over his hard flesh. “Ohhhhh Grandma suck my cock…..suck my cock…please suck my cock!” he pleaded.Connie looked up at his lust contorted face moving her sexy mouth up she slipped her lips over the big mushroom head. Taking her grandson’s big cock in her mouth and eagerly sucking it.Joey moaned and squealed like a wounded a****l as she started bobbing her head up and down loudly sucking his cock. “Oh yeah that’s it SUCK MY COCK…….that türkçe bahis feels so good!” His grandma looked so hot and sexy with his cock in her mouth. Something he thought he would never see. Staring wide eyed at her taking all of his massive cock into her mouth, his balls pressed against her chin. Cody was good at sucking cock but Grandma, was so much better. “You such a good cocksucker Grandma!”Connie fondled his big balls sucking his young cock like there was no tomorrow. She was a pro at sucking cock and loved doing it. She was one of the few women who loved the feel and taste of a cock and cum in her mouth. She knew it wouldn’t take Joey long to cum, his cock oozing precum. Raising up she let his cock slip from her mouth. “Oh Joey your cock is delicious.” she moaned rubbing his sticky cock all over her face. “Stand up for me Joey.”Joey quickly stood up as she told him to put his hands on her head. Wanting him to pull her hair and fuck her mouth hard. He put his big hands on her head slipping his finger through her silky hair. Looking down at her opening her mouth wide. “I’m going to fuck your mouth Grandma.” He moaned pulling her hair shoving his fat, hard cock into her inviting mouth. His balls slapped against her chin as she took all of his cock between her lips.Connie moaned with delight reaching around grabbing his tight, little round ass. Pulling him back and fourth allowing him to fuck her mouth hard and fast. Nothing excited her more than sucking güvenilir bahis siteleri cock. She had wanted to suck Joey’s cock since the first time she seen it. She was making slurping and sucking noises as he pumped his massive cock back and fourth in her mouth.” Suck my cock, suck my big cock Grandma…………ohhhhh your mouth feels so good…so good! ” Joey jerked his slim hips back and fourth even faster ready to cum in her mouth.Joey’s thick, hot cum squirted into Connie’s mouth like a fire hose. She swallowed and sucked as her mouth quickly filled with his tasty cum. Her mouth filled a 2nd time as her lips milked his erupting cock. The force of his sticky stream of cum slowed as her mouth filled yet again. She let his still hard cock slip from her mouth, the last of his cum splashed across her face. Looking up at him she opened her mouth and swished his warm sperm around in her mouth, allowing some of it to overflow her lips. Savoring the feel and taste of his delicious cum, she stood up.Joey parted his lips when Grandma kissed him, moaning when she spit her mouth full of his warm cum into her mouth. He too enjoyed the taste of cum, swishing it around in his mouth before spitting it back into hers. They exchanged his sperm back and fourth each of them swallowing some of it each time. When the cum was gone she pulled away from him licking the cum from her lips. ” That was so delicious Joey, I loved sucking your big dick!””I’ve never felt anything so fucking good, you are fantastic at sucking cock grandma!!” Joey moaned.”Now it’s your turn sweetheart.” she whispering moving up laying on the bed. She moved her long legs apart so he had a good view and easy access to her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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