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Subject: Bad Husband 3 BAD HUSBAND 3 By Jesse Christian Hey fellas! Chris here! Thanks so much for all the horny emails and messages I’ve been receiving. Was worried everyone would think I was a bad husband for the stuff I’ve been getting up to but glad to have your support. Hopefully you don’t mind hearing about this little adventure either. So I realised I never gave you a full description of myself. Well I’m late 30’s, cropped rusty hair (still got a fair bit of it luckily – no receding hair line just yet haha), light trimmed beard some of the time (not always, but like how it defines my chinline – I don’t do the ZZ Top thing by any means), keep in pretty good shape at the gym so lightly toned – not a big muscle guy but proud I’ve kept my definition and kept the body fat down. Got a lightly hairy chest that leads down to my belly with a good snail trail that goes down to my pubes. Haven’t got into manscaping just yet but who knows? Maybe I will some day. For now, got a nice amount of hair around my ass crack, balls and of course my pride and joy, my 9″ cock! It’s uncut though the skin slides all the way back when I’m aroused so it almost looks cut. It’s a pretty straight thick piece of meat with a gentle curve up towards the head where all my love juice blasts out when I’m excited. Which to be honest I’ve been trying to calm down lately. After fucking some unknown college kid’s ass through a glory hole at the shopping mall while my son waited outside, I tried to hold off man sex. And I actually did a pretty good job. Lasted almost a year. Jesse by this point was 14 – Debra, my wife, and I were still a great couple but our sex life was still dead. So I had an idea to spice it up – a trip to Hawaii! I booked us a suite at one of those beautiful beachside resorts in Waimea. I thought Jesse would enjoy playing around in the pool making some friends while Debra and I could stay wrapped up in the room, for a week of sex to rekindle our relationship. We arrived to the warm, balmy weather and I was immediately taken by it all. Something about the smell in the air – coconut oil, jasmine flowers and all the beautiful smiles from everyone – something so arousing about it all. We checked in at reception and one of the young staff members, Kai, gathered up our bags and led us to our room. Couldn’t help but notice Kai was a bit of a looker – sexy tanned skin, maybe 20 years old, sarong wrapped around his waist showing a cute bubble butt. Looking at his butt as he walked us to our rooms I couldn’t help but think about that Cute Latino and sliding my cock into his ass – how good it felt – so tight and hot. I was so lost in my reverie I didn’t notice him turn around and catch me checking him out! He winked and flashed me a cute grin – like he could totally read my mind. I blushed, hoping Debra and Jesse didn’t notice their breadwinner getting bashful in front of the staff. I tipped him after he deposited our bags, his fingers lingering on mine as he took the bills out of my hand, leaving us to our room. So minor disappointment kicked in immediately – the suite which I thought would be two separate rooms linked by a door turned out to be one big room. So the king sized bed I planned on spending most of the holiday fucking my wife in was right next to the single bed where my teen son would be sleeping! This was not ideal! I just hoped Jesse would be happy to spend the whole week poolside so I could unload this massive load of cum that had been brewing inside my nuts for the last week into my wife. We unpacked our belongings and did the usual settling in stuff – walking around the pools, checking out the restaurants nearby, seeing what activities were on offer ankara escort bayan at the resort. Jesse’s eyes lit up at the pool – I’ve probably already mentioned it but he’s an awesome kid. A bit shy but outgoing and positive – always open to trying new things. He couldn’t wait to get his board shorts on and jump in the water. Debra agreed it was a great idea and when we went back to our room, she went straight into the bathroom and started putting on her bikini. Jesse meanwhile was rearing to go. “How about you head down, Jesse” I told him. “Your mother and I will be down to join you soon.” But Debra stepped out of the bathroom. “I’m ready now,” she said. “Let’s go.” I gave her a look. “Shouldn’t we talk to hotel reception first about getting our suite? We can join Jesse down a little later…?” I suggested giving her a pointed look. I did not want to wait to blow my first load of the week! “I’ll wait outside,” offered Jesse seeing the look in my eyes. Once he was gone, I tried to pull Debra into a hug. “C’mon babe. I thought you might like to spend a bit of private time…? Just us? `Relaxing’?” “I hope that’s not why you booked this holiday, Chris. If you want to relax, get a massage. I’m going swimming!” Damn! Shot down! Was pretty unimpressed. I pride myself on being a good provider and I’ve tried to walk the straight and narrow but it’s hard when my wife seems to have no interest in sex. “Fine. You go swimming. Maybe a massage is just what I need.” So Debra left and I called hotel reception to book an in-room massage. I knew it wouldn’t be one of those dodgy `happy ending’ ones at a high class resort like this but it would probably be enough to get the blood circulating into my body and out of my blue balls! I watched some TV in the room while I waited until I heard a knock at the door. My cock gave a throb when I saw who it was – Kai, standing there with a massage table and a huge grin. I don’t know why but for some reason I assumed I’d have a female masseuse. It didn’t occur to me that one of the bellhops might also be a masseuse! “I’m here to take care of you,” he said with one of those sexy smiles of his. “Ummm.. err.. sure this way.” I stammered as I led him into the room. He set up the table, laying it with towels and cloths for me to lie on. I stripped down to my jocks and stood awkwardly behind him, waiting until I could slide on the table. My cock is 5″ soft but luckily my jocks were keeping it hidden. As soon as I could lie face-down, the safer I’d be! He turned to face me and laughed. “Oh sir, this is lomi-lomi massage.” “So…?” “You don’t wear underwear. I’ll cover you with this cloth.” Oh fuck I thought. I quickly whipped down my jocks, trying to conceal my stiffening manhood. I didn’t want to be seen as a pervert by this young guy, flashing my meaty cock at him. I’m sure he got sick of people coming over using the island like a brothel. I just wanted a G rated massage. I had a wife. I had a son. This wasn’t the time for anything kinky. I lay down, face first on the massage table, took a deep breath and tried to relax, my meat sandwiched between the table and my abs. He took a deep breath and started applying oil over my shoulders in wide, sweeping strokes. Oh boy, did it feel good. Was just what I needed! The kid had strong hands to, pressing deep into the tension in my shoulders and working his way down my back. This really was relaxing. Everything was going well until he started working his way lower and lower down my back, closer to my tight glutes. His hands swept over my ass cheeks, sinking deep down to my thighs and brushing between my legs. His hand nudged my balls and my cock gave a little etimesgut escort leap against my stomach. Was it just my imagination? I tried to control myself – I focussed on other things. The fact I was in a hotel room I was sharing with my wife and son. Our house back home. Sixteen years of memories together! But those wandering hands of his kept swooping down between my ass cheeks, lingering as they teased my hairy nutsack. I tried to control my breathing but that didn’t stop my cock from stiffening beneath me. “Is everything OK?” asked Kai as his thumbs drove deep into my muscular cheeks. “Oh yeaaah,” I couldn’t help but moan. “Can you please roll over? I need to work on your front.” I froze. I knew the minute I rolled over he’d see my big stiff cock and he’d think I was a total creep. But there was nothing else for me to do. I’m sure he saw this happen all the time. Probably not as big as mine but he’d be used to embarrassed customers who got a little too excited. I rolled over and he gave a little gasp. “I’m sorry,” I blushed. “Just got a little worked up. It’s been a few days.” “It’s so big. You do look like you need some release,” he whispered as he started applying oil to my thighs. His hand brushed over my cock and I got so hard I thought the damn thing would snap off. His hand circled around it again and gripped it properly. He started gently stroking it up and down. “Oh wow – you…. shouldn’t… don’t.. my wife….” I whispered weakly. “… Is a very lucky woman,” he said back with a grin. And before I could stop him, he swooped forward and swallowed half my cock into his deep throat. “Jesus!” I moaned. “Please stop – my family…” He paused as if he had heard me and took a deep breath through his nostrils as he allowed his head to sink down the rest of my shaft, his nose working his way down to my pubes. All 9″ of my manhood was in this sexy boy’s throat. “Oh god you’re good,” I panted as he started slowly bobbing up and down with his head, coating my cock with his saliva. “You’re not going to tell anyone?” He looked up at me with innocent eyes – “I just want you to feel good, sir.” He cupped my balls with one of his hands while his other hand reached up and played with my hairy chest. I’d only fucked guys through glory holes before so wasn’t used to how good it felt to have my nipples played with while a dude worked over my meat. He pulled off momentarily to rub some oil on his hands. He then started gliding his hands up and down my torso, right down to my cock as he wrapped his fingers around it in one smooth motion. I’d never felt anything like it. All I could do was lie back and let my eyes roll back! I suddenly felt the massage table creaking as Kai climbed on top of it and straddled me. His sarong had fallen away revealing a nearly hairless body. His cock was now rock hard too – around 7″ and sticking out straight from his body as he sat on my thighs. He leaned forward over me as he continued working my pecs and abs with his strong hands. His cock rubbed against my stomach. I wasn’t used to seeing a guy’s penis before so close. All the guys I’d played with before and had been through a glory hole and I hadn’t seen them. He smiled at me as he put his weight in his knees, rising up and aiming my cock behind him, gliding my shaft between his hairless ass cheeks. All I could do was watch as he used my cock like his own personal sex toy. My mind was racing. I should stop him. Push him off. My wife could be back any second. Any second! But those thoughts evaporated as he positioned the head of my cock right against his pucker. He grimaced for a moment as he tried to let my mushroom head inside kızılay escort him. Maybe I was too big for him? I could feel my cock almost bending from the pressure of this kid’s weight down on it but I was well oiled and so he was he. Suddenly my pole pierced his ring and the head drove into his ass! I groaned so loudly I was sure they’d hear me next door! “Please Kai.. my son might be back any minute.” His grimace turned into a smile as he let gravity do his thing, sliding all the way down my nine inches. “Then we better be quick. I want your seed, sir. Fill me up!” He slowly started bouncing up and down on my cock, his head thrown back in ecstasy. I could feel his cock slapping against my belly, dribbling pre-cum, as he used my cock for his own pleasure. And hell – I was sure getting a lot of pleasure out of it too. I held onto his hips and started to drive my cock into him. I’d tried to give my cum to Debra but she didn’t want it so if this sexy kid did – then fuck, he could have it. I knew I was truly a bad husband now – fucking a sexy boy in the hotel room I was meant to be sharing with my wife but his ass was worth wrecking a home for! We worked into a powerful rhythm as he milked my cock with his ass muscles. I could feel his ass clenching around my cock, trying to milk me. I’d heard the term power bottom before and I think that’s what this guy was. “Cum in me, sir. Please! I want you to breed me!” Fuck the kid had a dirty mouth on him and it only made me hotter. I was sweating at this point as he rode me like a man possessed. I tried to keep my groans to a minimum as he whimpered, his hands using my furry pecs as leverage to get himself down deeper and harder on my cock. I could feel my balls tightening – ready to unleash a torrent of my hot man milk right inside him. “Kai.. I’m… getting close.” He grinned – that cheeky grin that Jesse would give me when he knew he was getting something he wanted out of his daddy. “Fill me up!” “Ohhh… oh fuck… I’m gonna… here it comes!” I warned him as I drove my hips up to meet his. My cock drove as deep into his guts as it could go as I felt my cock pulsing volley after volley of my married seed right into his ass. I was so focussed on my orgasm that I didn’t notice his cock leaking his own little load over my abs. He pulled himself off my cock and immediately swallowed my cock to the root again, suckling the last drops of my juice. I reached down with curiosity to dab a handful of his cum off my belly. He immediately leaned forward and licked my fingers cleaned. I grinned at what a hungry slut this boy was. I scooped up the rest of the cum and he gobbled it down right off my fingers! We smiled at each other, sweaty and spent. I had an overwhelming desire to kiss his beautiful luscious lips – he looked so cute and innocent. And he cared so much about taking care of my needs. It certainly wasn’t something Debra cared about! But then I heard a rustle at the door. My eyes widened in horror. “Roll over!” he whispered. I rolled over and Kai quickly threw a cloth over my butt and back. I heard him quickly pull his singlet and sarong back on just as Jesse walked into the room. Kai looked up at him, innocently, rubbing the backs of my calves as if he’d just been working on my legs all along. “Oh sorry, Dad!” said Jesse. “I just forgot the sun screen.” I lifted my head. “No worries, champ. Just by the bedside table. I think we’re almost done here anyway.” “I hope you enjoyed it, sir,” said Kai as he started packing up the towels. Jesse walked over and grabbed the sun screen, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. “Can I get one too, dad?” I coughed. “Let’s see how the week goes, bud.” To Be Continued… THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR AWESOME FEEDBACK AND SEXY EMAILS! MUCH APPRECIATED! GOT A BUNCH OF TALES PLANNED ABOUT CHRIS, THE BAD HUSBAND. WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS AND SUGGESTIONS 😉 AND DON’T FORGET TO DONATE TO NIFTY!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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