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BAHAMA MAMABahama Mamabyzaza10010©After circling the island with its magnificent blue water and beaches, our plane touched down in the Bahamas at 4:30 in the afternoon. It was a long flight from Chicago’s O’Hare airport, where we transferred flights from Eppley Airport, in Omaha. I was really looking forward to a great week in the sun and getting out of this brutal Midwestern March weather. This winter was particularly cold in Lincoln, and I’d been working particularly hard during my current semester at the University of Nebraska. I’m a biochemical engineering major, hoping to be accepted into a veterinary school when I graduate. I’ve always wanted to be a vet growing up, but the volume of work so far has been brutal. I was really looking forward to NOT thinking about organic chemistry and biology for a week!My younger brother sat next to me on the plane. He turned 18 several months ago and was finishing up his senior year of High School in Omaha, still trying to decide what he wants to do. He’s yet to be accepted to college, primarily because he hasn’t applied anywhere. “I can’t see paying for college until I know what I want to do,” he’d say to me during the heart-to-heart discussions I’d have with him. “Jason, you don’t want to end up working in the corn fields for the rest of your life, do you?” I’d ask. He’d just laugh and say “the world needs to eat, ya know.”Jason is a typical high school k** from Nebraska. He plays football and parties with his friends in the back of his truck. He’s not the most ambitious k** in the world, but then again, not many of the guys I know in Omaha were all that ambitious. I was the studious one in the family. I always put studying before sports, or dating or even having fun. “Your sister is such a geek,” Jason’s friends would say as I walked past them carrying 20 or so pounds of books. “Damn straight,” he’d say, “that’s so she can take care of me,” and he’d jump up and help me with my books. Jason was very protective of me as we got older, particularly if I was around any of his friends. Or any guy, for that matter.Jason and I have always had a good relationship. As the older sister, I always tried to look out for him, particularly after our parents got divorced and Dad moved away to Chicago. But that quickly became irrelevant when he shot past me in 6th grade both in height and weight. He now stands 6’2″ and weighs about 225. Your typical Nebraska farm boy. I, on the other hand, got my size from my mother’s side of the family and I rocketed to a cool 5’2″ and 105 pounds, soaking wet. “I can’t wait to have my first legal drink, Sara,” Jason said to me as the plane landed in Nassau. The drinking age in the Bahamas in 18. “Yeah, you can finally figure out what a beer tastes like, since I’m sure you’ve never had one,” I said sarcastically as I punched him in the arm. “That’s true. Never had one, I swear,” he pleaded, feigning innocence. “I’m looking forward to finding out what all the fuss is about.” We both smiled and looked out the plane window at the palm trees surrounding the Nassau airport.”I don’t know about you, but I want a drink with an umbrella in it. I don’t care what color it is or what it tastes like, I just want to lie on a lounge chair and have someone bring me a drink with an umbrella.” I said with a smile. “And a straw.””Yeah, and I’m sure you’d like Pedro the cabana boy to help you with your suntan lotion as well,” he laughed. “Pedro. Or Jose. Either way is fine by me,” I smiled. “I do need to lose this pasty white complexion though. I haven’t seen the sun in months. I need this trip.””Well, it will be interesting, that’s for sure,” Jason said as he nodded his head to the other side of the plane where my father sat with his new wife, Wendy. My parents have been divorced for over 13 years now, so even though my mother has not had a serious relationship since he left, it’s not really that big a deal that my father finally found someone else last year. He started dating Wendy a couple years ago and they’ve been head over heels in love ever since. Dad owns a machine parts company on the outskirts of Chicago and Wendy is one of his newest salespeople. She’s perky, adorably cute and, although I hate to admit it, lots of fun. She’s 27, which is strange for me because she’s actually closer to my age than my father’s, but they both seem extremely happy to be together. Mom and Dad have always had a pretty cordial relationship, and it wasn’t an especially “ugly divorce”. I was 7 and Jason was 5 at the time, so we didn’t really understand what was happening. It’s weird for Jason and me since we live with Mom in Nebraska and Dad lives in Chicago. We only see him a few times a year at holidays and such and we only met Wendy one time before their wedding in Vegas (yes, it sounds cliché to run off and get married in Vegas, but that’s what they did!)It was Wendy’s idea to invite us to the Bahamas so she could, “have some fun and get to know her stepc***dren.” I never really thought of myself as a “stepc***d” particularly for someone only a few years older than me, but for a free trip to the Bahamas in the middle of the winter, I’m happy to play the role of loving daughter.Jason, on the other hand, had a much different reaction. Since Dad moved away when he was only 5, Jason has essentially been the man of the house for my mother and me. He resented Dad for leaving and not really making a huge effort to maintain his relationship with us. He’s never been to one of Jason’s football games, which I know hurts him deep down. When mom told us about the Wendy and Dad’s offer for a week of sun and fun, I was thrilled but I believe Jason’s response was something like “I’m not going anywhere with that old man and his giggly little tart.””Jason!’ Mom screamed. “I’ll have none of that. This woman is your father’s wife and you’ll not talk that way about her. You will show her some respect. And your father is finally trying to rebuild his relationship with you. He loves you very much and he’s trying. You should try too.” Mom stared back at Jason with anger in her eyes. She never spoke badly about Dad and never allowed Jason or me to either. Jason finally relented. “OK, fine, I’ll go. What the hell, I could use a break from this cold anyway.”When the plane parked, they wheeled some stairs over to the door and we got up to get off the plane. I stretched my arms over my head to work out the kinks and Jason reached over and began massaging my shoulders. He’s always had a very strong grip and was always able to quickly knead the kinks out of my back and shoulders. “That feels nice,” I said. “It’s such a long trip,” I said as I tilted my head and neck from side to side.”Juan, the cabana boy awaits,” he said as we gathered our bags and headed off the plane.We met up with Dad and Wendy at the luggage carousel. They were holding hands and she was whispering in his ear and laughing. “There they are,” she squealed when she saw us. “Over here guys,” she said as she smiled and waved.Wendy had already taken off her Chicago Bears sweatshirt and was wearing a flowered tank top and jeans. “Wasn’t that a great flight?” she asked us both. I just love the Bahamas. It’s sooooo beautiful here.””Great,” I deadpanned. ” Where can I get a drink?” I smiled and Wendy giggled. “The place where we are staying makes the greatest Bahama Mamas on the island,” Dad added. “Bahama who?” Jason asked.Wendy jumped in. “Oh Jase, you’ll just love them! Bahama Mamas. The island specialty. Lots of rum and fresh fruit juice. They’re to die for,” she giggled and touched his arm.”Do they come with umbrellas?” I asked. “Absolutely,” said Dad. “You can’t even taste the rum.””That’s all that matters to me, then!” I said as our luggage arrived and we went out to look for our ride to the resort.******************The Bahia Mar timeshare resort on the south side of the island was everything Dad said it would be. Our airport van turned into a private graveled driveway lined with tall palm trees that were waving in the breeze. Several golf carts passed us along the way taking various guests to their rooms. The resort was a collection of bungalows, each painted in a pastel color tucked in amongst the trees. We drove past a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by cabanas and a few clay tennis courts. A couple rode by on horseback as we meandered down the road towards the main entrance. You could smell the honeysuckle flowers and the salt water in the air. I was really starting to relax. By the time we arrived at the main entrance to the resort, it was close to 6:00 and we were all getting a little bit hungry. Our van pulled up to the front entrance of the resort and several members of the hotel staff ran up to greet us. “Mr. Wilkerson?” the bellman asked. “Yes, that’s me,” Dad replied. “Welcome to the Bahia Mar, Mr. Wilkerson! You and your family will be staying in the coral suite for the duration of your stay. I think you’ll find the accommodations suitable for your needs,” he added.We got out of the van and a woman walked up to us smiling, carrying a tray of drinks – all had umbrellas!!Jason jumped out of the van, “Bahama Mamas, I presume?””Yes sir,” she answered proudly. “These are our specialty.”Jason grabbed two drinks and handed them to Wendy and me, then grabbed two more for him and Dad. We all toasted our arrival, and Dad said, “Here’s to a great week of fun and relaxation.””I don’t know about you all, but I’m starving,” Dad said. “How about we change and come back here for dinner at the main restaurant. I’m told they have the freshest fish on the island.”Sounds great,” I said, “and keep these drinks coming!””Very good, Mr. Wilkerson,” said the bellman. “I’ll reserve a table for your family overlooking the water.”The bellman loaded our luggage on the back of the golf cart and we all climbed on for the short trip to our bungalow. The cart had three rows of seats. Dad and Wendy sat in front and Dad put his arm around her, pulled her close and kissed her lips. Jason and I jumped in the back. He grabbed my knee and whispered in my ear, “This could be pretty great after all.” He kept his hand on my leg for the short ride to the bungalow.I smiled and gently kissed him on the cheek, “I’m glad you’re being a good sport. Let’s have some fun.”We pulled up in front of our bungalow and went inside for a look. Dad opened the door revealing a large living room and an adjoining kitchenette. The unit was decorated with a tropical décor, with lots of colorful paintings of fish and beaches hanging in various places throughout the bungalow. The furniture was a tasteful rattan style in bright greens and yellow. From the entrance to the living room I could see the master bedroom off to the left down a hallway, and the bellman told us there was a bed and pull-out couch up the stairs in the loft overlooking the living room. It was perfect.The bellman brought Dad and Wendy’s luggage into the master bedroom and Jason carried our luggage up to the loft. At the top of the stairs there was a queen sized bed and a pullout couch against the wall. I quickly jumped on the bed and pointed to the coach and said to Jason, “You’re on the couch, fella. I deserve the bed more than you.” “We’ll see about that,” he said as he jumped on the bed and tried to wrestle me off the bed. He grabbed me around the waist and literally picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder. He was so strong, and I could feel the muscles in his back as he patted my ass. As I hung over his back, I began to smack his butt. “See how you like it. Now put me down,” I screamed as he dropped me down on the couch. “You’ll have to work for this bed, Sara.” Somehow you’ll have to get me off it,” he said with a smile as he jumped back on the bed. “That’s not fair,” I pouted as I picked up a pillow and tossed it at his head. “I’m just a little girl and I need my beauty sleep.””You’re beautiful enough,” he said with a wink. “Besides, I’ll be having my first drinks ever, so I’ll need the bed to nurse my hangover.” “Yeah right,” I laughed. “OK, tell you what. You sleep in it tonight and we’ll switch every other night.””All right, I guess that could work.” He said.”But bursa escort I get the shower first,” I yelled as I got up, grabbed my suitcase and dragged it into the bathroom in the loft.*************************************We all showered and changed and Jason and I walked over to the restaurant around 8:00. It felt fantastic to take a hot shower and put on a light dress. I’ve been wearing bulky sweaters and boots for so long, I almost forgot what it felt like for my skin to be exposed to the fresh air. I loved my little yellow dress. It was low cut, although I didn’t have a ton of cleavage to show off with my B cup breasts, but, what can you do? The hem of the dress ended about 4 inches above my knees. I have shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes, which (if I do say so myself) look great with the yellow dress. Jason had showered and changed into Bermuda shorts and a blue polo shirt. His green eyes sparkled when I sat down. “Wow,” he said, “don’t you look particularly hot tonight!” I beamed, “Why thank you kind sir,” and I put my hand out for him to kiss. He grabbed it, and dramatically bowed his head and gave my right hand a very gentle, very sensuous kiss. It made me a little uncomfortable as I thought I felt his tongue during the kiss, so I quickly pulled it back and we both laughed and set off to find some new drinks. “Hmmmm,” I thought.Dad and Wendy joined us a few minutes later and sat down. Dad was wearing a blue shirt and light sports jacket. He was wearing light brown chino pants and sandals. He pulled out the chair for Wendy while she sat down. He gently kissed her on the lips and sat down himself. Actually, Dad looked quite handsome. He wore his hair longer than most men his age and he combed it back. He looked a little like a cross between an aging hippy and a college professor. It was actually kind of sexy. Wendy looked absolutely radiant. Her blonde hair was long and straight, hanging down to the middle of her back that swayed back and forth when she laughed. Her blue eyes complemented her hair and showed off her clean, pure skin. She had on a very low cut red dress which showed off her braless C cups very nicely. You could see the outline of her nipples underneath the sheer fabric of the dress. I noticed Jason staring at her chest and I subtly elbowed him in the ribs and he laughed embarrassingly. The waiter brought another round of drinks and we settled in to enjoy the warm breeze, the smells of the ocean and the gentle lapping of the waves 30 feet away.Dinner was spectacular. We all had fresh fish and salads, and were enjoying our second bottle of chardonnay while we listened to the house calypso band playing local favorites. Jason leaned back in his chair and patted his stomach. “Dad, I have to say, that was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I really appreciate you doing this for us.” He reached over and caressed my arm, “Actually, we both really appreciate it.””Yeah, thanks so much Dad,” I added as Jason gently rubbed his finger tips across my forearm. I don’t know if it was all the alcohol or the location, but I really didn’t want him to stop and was disappointed when he pulled his hand away. “Well, I’d like to take all the credit, but it really was Wendy’s idea.” He put his hands gently over hers and looked into her eyes. “She really wanted to get to know you both so much better and thought this was a great opportunity to spend some quality time together.” Wendy blushed. “I’m just happy you both agreed to join us. I know I can never replace your mom, but I’d like us all to have a close relationship.”Jason got up and walked around the table and hugged Wendy around the shoulders. “It’s OK, Wendy. I always liked you, but Sara, well, she’ll always be a problem,” he said as he looked over to me and started to laugh.I smiled a crooked smile, and then slowly, dramatically flipped my middle finger and we all laughed.We finished up the last of the wine and Dad asked for the check. “Well, I think we’re going to turn in,” Dad said. “Are you two coming?” “Actually, I’d like to stay here at the bar for a while and enjoy the music a little longer. I think there’s another umbrella drink with my name on it back there somewhere.”Jason said with a smile, “I’ll stay too. I need to make sure the cabana boys stay away from my little sister.” We all laughed.We both thanked and hugged Wendy and Dad again. “All right then. Good night now. Don’t stay up too late.” Dad and Wendy began walking back to the bungalow hand in hand. We could hear them laughing as they walked down the path.”What do you say, Jase. You up for another Bahama Mama?” “What the hell. I’ve already had five. Plus the wine. What’s one more?” We moved over to a small table in the corner of the bar and ordered our drinks. The table was small and round in a dark corner of the room, near the water. There was a small candle in the middle next to a bowl of peanuts. The chairs were low to the ground and very close to one another. We sat for a moment and watched the few couples dancing on the small dance floor to the left of the bar. “What do you say Sara? Wanna dance a little?”I smiled. “Sure, why not. We’re on vacation, right?”He stood up, took my hand and led me to the dance floor. The band was playing a slow, Bahamian love song and two other couples were dancing closely to the romantic tune. Jason wrapped his arm around my back and we began to slowly rock to the music. I nuzzled my head into his shoulders and enjoyed the moment. I could feel his hands caressing my bare back as he held me tight. He was slowly lowering his hands to the small of my back just above my ass. His fingernails gently scratched my back which made my skin tingle in anticipation. I could feel that he was getting hard and began pushing himself lightly against my crotch. His fingers began to slide further down my back and he gently caressed my dress at the top of my ass. While I was enjoying being with him like this, he was still my brother and I knew we shouldn’t go any further. I looked him in the eyes and gave him a sly smile, “Careful there fella, you’re getting a little close to where you shouldn’t be.””What do you mean?” He acted innocent and slid his hands back up to safety. “It’s just gravity pulling my hands down there.” He winked and looked deep into my eyes.”Yeah, gravity and your first taste of alcohol, “I said as I hugged him tightly. “Come on, let’s finish our drinks before we get ourselves in trouble.” I grabbed his hand and led him back to the table where our drinks were waiting. I knew it was wrong to play this game with him or even think like this, but this was such a romantic location and I was feeling particularly lonely, particularly horny. Whether it was too many Bahama Mamas or just the lack of a social life back at school, I was clearly getting caught up in the moment. I wanted to spend more time with Jason. Treat him as a boyfriend, not a brother. But I was conflicted. If we went any farther, our relationship could change forever. I was afraid where that could lead, so I tried to put these thoughts out of my mind.We finished another couple drinks and headed back to the bungalow, both of us extremely drunk. We walked down the path and Jason placed his arm around me. “You know Sara, I really love you,” he said through slurred words. “You’ve always been there for me and I’ll always appreciate that. If there is every anything you need, just ask. I’ll do anything for you. I swear.””I love you too Jason, you know that,” and I wrapped my arm around his waist a little tighter. “You mean the world to me and I don’t ever want our relationship to change.”We arrived at the front door to the bungalow and saw that all the lights were off. I guess Dad and Wendy had gone to bed. I helped Jason up the stairs to the loft. He stumbled a few times, but made it to the bed without much incident. He lay down on the bed with his head on the pillow. “I’ll use the bathroom first, “I said and went in the bathroom and shut the door. Jason mumbled something incoherent and rolled over onto the pillow.As I washed my face, I thought about all the crazy events that happened tonight. I started to build a relationship with my dad’s new wife, whom I seem to like. I re-connected with my father after him living away for so many years. Oh yeah, and of course, I gave my brother a hard-on. It’s been a while since I gave anyone a hard-on. I have to say, even though it was Jason, I liked the feeling. I didn’t think I’d actually do anything about it with him, but it sure felt nice while it was happening. At least I think I’m sure.I hung up my dress and changed into shorts and a tee shirt for sleep. I opened the closet door in the bathroom looking for a towel and heard muffled, distant sounds. Groans and such. Curiously, I listened for the source of the sounds and ventured into the very back of the closet. There were several shelves at the back of the closet with a number of stacked white bath towels and some extra toiletries. The sounds seemed to be coming from behind the shelves, so I removed some of the towels and saw a grate of some kind attached to the wall between the middle two shelves. It looked like maybe an air conditioning vent or some type of fan vent. It was about one foot square and I could clearly hear the sounds coming from the vent. As I got closer, it was clear that the vent was directly above the bed in the master bedroom. The sound I was hearing was my father and Wendy having sex.I quickly backed out of the closet and closed the door. “Oh my God,” I thought, “I can’t be listening to that.” Or could I, I thought.I thought back to what I’d seen in the closet. The vent was a square with narrow slats running horizontally. I wondered if I could actually see into the room. I knew it would be wrong to listen in on my father having sex, but the idea that I could do it without getting caught was very exciting. I didn’t know what to do, so I quietly opened the door to check on Jason. He was sound asleep, snoring loudly on the bed. I closed the door and tiptoed back to the closet. I had to know if I could see. I quietly opened the closet door and more clearly heard my father and Wendy since the towels were no longer blocking the sound. I have to admit that this was becoming very exciting and almost dangerous, and I could feel my nipples getting hard, so I began to rub one through my tee shirt. I started breathing heavier and knew that I needed to calm down a little or risk being heard. I was actually starting to get wet.I closed the closet door to make sure there would be no light shining through the vent and crept up to the wall. The sounds were getting louder and I needed to see what was happening.As I looked through the slats of the vent I couldn’t believe what I could see. From my vantage point, the slats looked directly down onto the bed. I was watching Wendy sucking my father’s cock while it looked like his tongue was buried deep in her pussy. She was moaning while giving him a blow job and having her pussy sucked.I watched for a few minutes while my hand slowly slid down to my own pussy juices. The wetness had soaked through my panties and I began to rub my clit back and forth. I had never had sexual thoughts about my father before, but seeing him like this with another woman sucking his big cock was more than I could handle. I listened when he was about to cum as he began to pant her name. “Wendy! Wendy, I’m gonna cummmm.” “In my mouth baby, in my mouth,” she panted and began to suck harder and deeper on his cock. I could see my father lurch his hips forward and with a final groan, shoot his wad of cum deep into Wendy’s mouth. It looked like she had her mouth down his cock all the way to his balls, so he must be shooting cum down to the back of her throat. It didn’t take long before I was shuttering and having my own orgasm. I fell back on the floor and shoved my finger deep into my pussy as I began to shake. I bit the finger on my other hand to keep myself from moaning and having them hear me. When my orgasm finished, I began to breathe normally, so I took another peek through the slats. Dad and Wendy had bursa escort bayan switched places. Now she was on her back, with her legs spread wide while Dad was fingering her pussy and licking the juices. I knew this was a good time for me to slip away before I got caught, so I put the towels back in front of the vent and left the bathroom closet. I sat down on the edge of the tub. I was sweating and still shaking a bit from what I’d witnessed. I needed to calm down and clean myself up, so I washed again, brushed my teeth and my hair. I quietly opened the bedroom door and heard Jason again; sound asleep and snoring as if nothing happened.I thought it would be funny if I woke him up and said, “Hey, I just masturbated myself to a great orgasm while I watched Wendy suck dads cock,” but I thought better of it. Instead, I stood over his bed and just looked at him sleep. My baby brother. But he’s also become a man, as I remembered his hard-on earlier. I looked down at his shorts and could see the outline of his cock. It was no longer erect, but it was a nice size. Thick. I debated for a few seconds about what to do next, but my mood got the better of me and I reached down and began gently caressing Jason’s cock. Very gently at first, but then I could feel it start to get hard. Jason shook quickly and coughed, so I pulled my hand back, embarrassed that I might have been caught.”What’s the matter?” he said, confused about what was happening.”Nothing Jase, ” I shook my head and looked away. “I’m finished in the bathroom. You can use it. I’m going to bed.””Oh. OK. Good night Sara,” he mumbled as he crawled into the bathroom.I quickly slid under the blanket of the pull out couch and thought about what had happened. I couldn’t believe how I felt. I was equally angry with myself for allowing things to go as far as they did, but also very excited and horny about what could have been. I pulled the blanket up under my chin and went to sleep.******************************The next morning I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon cooking in the kitchen. The smells had wafted up to the loft. I stumbled out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom with a Bahama Mama headache. Jason was still asleep and had all the pillows covering his head.I showered, got dressed, came out of the bathroom and gently shook Jason. “Wake up sleepy. It’s a beautiful day out there today.” He groaned something incomprehensible and rolled over on his side. I just laughed and said, “OK then. I’m going to eat all the bacon,” and I went down to the kitchen.Wendy had prepared a great breakfast of bacon, eggs, fresh fruit and coffee. Lots of coffee which I drank black. “How did you sleep Sara?” Wendy asked. “It sometimes takes a few days to get used to the time zone.” “I slept great actually. Just enough alcohol to help me pass out. I feel fine now. Jason, on the other hand, still looks dead to the world.” It was awkward for me and I had a tough time looking her in the eye. I mean, she had no idea I watched her have sex with my father. I wanted to ask her, what was it like? How does my father’s cock taste? Did you swallow all his cum? Can he get you off by sucking on your clit? Of course, all I could work up the nerve to say was “The coffee’s great. Thanks for making it.”I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw. I never saw my dad’s cock before. And seeing Wendy’s tight body and watching her sucking his cock and seeing Dad’s tongue deep in Wendy’s pussy…it’s actually making me wet again just thinking about it. And thinking about what I almost did with Jason. Am I crazy? Why am I so horny? What’s happening to me? Just then, my father came out of the bedroom. “Morning sweetie,” he said as his kissed the top of my head. “Beautiful day out there.”I had to keep myself from looking down at his crotch while he prepared his coffee. I wondered what it would be like to suck his cock or having it deep within me. I still couldn’t believe what I saw last night. He walked over to Wendy and hugged her. “How you feeling, Babe?” he asked while he looked deep into her eyes.”Great,” she said. “Can’t wait for today.””Wendy and I are going out on a catamaran today. You want to come along?” He asked.”Thanks Dad, but I think I’d rather just hang out at the beach today. I saw some nice lounge chairs that look like they need someone to crash in them all day.””OK. That sounds like it’ll be fun too,” he said. “You might want to bring your brother along so he doesn’t get into too much trouble.””I will if he ever gets out of bed.”*********************I’d been enjoying the lounge chair for a few hours when Jason stumbled up to me.”Well well, look what the cat dragged in. You still look like crap.””I feel even worse,” he said. “I need a drink.””Ahh. A little hair of the dog. That’ll do it. I think I’ll join you.” We ordered up some pina coladas for me and a few bottles of Corona for Jason. While we waited for the drinks to be delivered, I was looking over at Jason. He really was a handsome k**. He was in great shape since football season and worked out every day. I could see his muscles ripple every time he moved in the chair. Damn, it was happening again – I felt that familiar twinge in the pit of my stomach and I adjusted in my seat as I began to get wet again. He was wearing gym shorts and he had a tuft of hair running from the middle to his belly straight down to his pants. I could see the outline of his cock beneath his shorts. “Stop looking at him,” I wanted to scream to myself. Thank God I was wearing sunglasses so he couldn’t see me gawking. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”I’m going for a dip,” I said and quickly got up off the lounge chair. I stood and took off the tee shirt I was wearing over my bikini. Even though I had small breasts, I was in good shape from working out during the long, cold days of a Nebraska winter. I bent over to give Jason a nice view of my tits. I actually felt good about how I looked.I saw him raise his eyebrows a bit as he looked at my body. “A little skimpy on the bikini, huh Sara,” he said with a smile.”Why not,” I said. “We’re in the Bahamas and I’m on vacation. Besides, you love it,” I said as I winked at him and pushed my breasts together to pretend I had some cleavage. “Come on in the water. It looks beautiful.” I jogged into the water and dove in.I saw Jason out of the corner of my eye following me into the water. It looked like he had the beginning of a hard-on again, and he was trying to hide it from me. He dove in and popped up in the water right next to me.”Hey stud,” I joked to him. “You having fun yet?” I reached over and climbed on his back. “Give me a piggy back ride Jase, just like you used to.” I wrapped my arms around his chest and pressed my tits into his back. He reached down and slipped his arms under my legs to support my weight, like he used to. “You haven’t done this in a long time. You’re a lot stronger than the last time you did it.” I began to massage his chest muscles and his arms. “Big time football player,” I laughed. I continued to massage his chest and moved my hands down to his abs. “How low will I go?” I joked. “You were sliding your hands down pretty low on me last night. Let’s see how you like it,” I giggled, as my fingertips slipped under the top of his shorts and across the very top of his cock. “Hey, I’m a horny teenager,” he said. “I’m up for anything you are.” He then flipped me off his back and I landed upside down in the water. “Nice move stud. You really know how to treat a girl.” I laughed and started to splash him.”I’m still hung over. Where’s that beer?””I don’t know. Let’s go find out.” And we got out of the water and went back to our chairs where our drinks were waiting.We spent the next several hours drinking and making sexual innuendo comments to each other. Of course, the more we drank, the more the comments were becoming specific. Each of us testing the other to figure out if we were really serious or if this was one big vacation tease. It started out innocent enough, but then we were asking each other questions about how we like to have sex and how often do you masturbate. Jason asked about my various boyfriends in high school and about the guys in college. What were they like? Was it wild? Jason even asked me if I ever thought about him when I played with myself. “Sometimes,” I said as I looked at him coyly.It was getting late and we were getting drunk, so we agreed to go back to the bungalow and get ready for dinner. Dad and Wendy were already there waiting for us.”We’re heading over to the restaurant to have some drinks before dinner. Why don’t you guys change and come on over,” Wendy said to us when we walked in.”Sounds great,” said Jason. Dad and Wendy headed out for dinner, and Jason went up to take a shower.This was a strange vacation for me, I thought as I waited for Jason to change. I’m seeing things and doing things I’ve never dreamed possible. And I’m actually enjoying it. I know it’s not acceptable to have sexual feelings for your brother. Or your father. Or his new wife, for God’s sake. But I’m having them all. And I’m sensing the same from Jason. Well, I have a plan to see if he feels the same way. Really feels the same way. And I plan to find out one way or another.*******************************After another great meal of eating and drinking, we all came back to the bungalow together. Dad and Wendy went into their room and Jason and I had another drink in the living room.”So now what do you think about Wendy?” I asked. “She’s pretty hot, isn’t she?” “Yeah, she sure is. And those dresses she wears are quite, how do I say it, revealing.””Yeah. She’s showing off her nipples,” I said to see if I could shock him. “She has nice round tits, don’t you think?”Jason looked at me with wide eyes. “Um, yeah, I guess she does.” I could see this was making him a little uncomfortable and I was enjoying the power. “And think about it Jason. Daddy can fondle and suck those tits any time he wants to,” I said with a gleam in my eye.”I guess he can,” he answered, nervously.I figured it was now or never with Jason. He was nervous enough to wonder what I was up to. But he was also buzzed enough to maybe follow through. At least I hoped so.”Do you want to see them?” I asked.”What??””Do you want to see them?” I asked again.”What are you talking about Sara?””Just answer the question. Do you want to see them?”Well, sure I do. Who wouldn’t?””That’s what I needed to hear. Come with me,” I said as I reached out and grabbed his hand. I turned out all the lights downstairs, and led him up to the loft.”What’s going on Sara?” he asked.”You’ll find out soon enough.”We got to the top of the stairs and I looked him deeply in the eyes. “You ready?” I asked. “I guess so.””Good.” I opened the bathroom door and pulled him in. “Keep your voice down and follow me,” I said as I opened the closet door. I was still holding his hand and I could feel nervous sweat on his palms. My own heart was beating like crazy and my panties were starting to stick to me with anticipation.We moved to the back of the closet and I removed all the towels covering the vent. We could hear muffled grunts coming from the vent, and I knew Dad and Wendy were at it again.”Take a look,” I said and pointed to the vent. “But make sure you’re quiet.”Jason walked over to the vent and peeked through. “Holy shit, Dad and Wendy are fucking!””Shhh. Keep your voice down or they’ll hear us,” I said in a whisper. I leaned over next to Jason and peeked through the vent. Wendy was on top, with Dad’s cock deep in her pussy. They were rocking very slowly on the bed. There was just enough light in the room to see Dad and Wendy clearly. Wendy’s tits were slapping against Dad’s chest. I whispered in Jason’s ear. “Well, what do you think?” I scratched my fingers across his back. “Like what you see?””Holy Shit, that’s hot!” he whispered.I continued to rub his back with my hand sliding down towards his ass. I whispered in his ear, “Don’t say a word or they’ll hear us.” I noticed he was breathing heavier as my hand slid down between his shorts to his ass and I began to massage it. “Shhhh,” I said. I took escort bursa my hand back out of his shorts and slowly slid it down to his legs and started rubbing up and down the inside of his thigh while he stared through the vent at Dad and Wendy. My thumb slid up inside his shorts and touched the outside of his balls. With my other hand I was massaging my already soaked pussy. He subtly stepped apart so his legs were wider. The thought that my brother was staring at my father’s cock deep inside Wendy’s pussy and I was rubbing his leg and balls was making me so hot, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I figured it was now or never, so I dropped to my knees and started unbuckling Jason’s shorts.He looked down at me. “Sara..Sar” I quickly shushed him and continued to get his shorts down.He returned his gaze to the scene below in the bed as I could hear the grunts getting louder. I finally got his shorts and underwear down to his ankles and started massaging his cock which was covered with pre cum. I reached under and massaged his balls while I gently sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth. Jason started to moan. I was actually doing it. I was sucking my brother’s cock! I couldn’t believe it. I moved my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock and took one of his balls into my mouth and gently sucked it. Jason’s knees started to buckle a little so I went back to the tip of his cock and slowly started sucking down the shaft lightly flicking my tongue across the tip. He began panting and I could sense he was going to cum. He started thrusting his cock deep in my mouth and I was starting to gag a little. But I wouldn’t take it out of my mouth. It was like I was almost possessed as I was sucking his cock as deep as I could while I shoved my middle finger in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I could sense he was about to cum since he was panting and moaning loudly. I wondered if he was so loud that Dad and Wendy could hear him, but I was so lost in the moment I didn’t care. I then felt his cock expand and he shot a thick cream of cum deep down my throat. I began to go into a convulsing orgasm myself, panting and moaning while he was shooting another load of cum deep down my throat. Jason leaned back against the side of the closet and slid down to the floor across from me. He was still panting and he look at me deep in my eyes, “Sara, I can’t believe we just did that.””Shhhh,” I said, and I crawled up to him and gave him a slow, deep kiss, sticking my tongue as far into his mouth as I could. “I love you Jason.”***************************The next morning when I woke up, I thought about what had happened to me the past couple days. There must be something about the weather in the Bahamas. Or something in the air (most likely, it was something in the Bahama Mama’s). I smiled. I had sucked my brother’s cock and swallowed his cum while we watched my father having sex. For the first time in my life, I saw my father’s erect cock. I actually wondered what it would taste like or how it would feel deep inside me. I wondered how Wendy’s pussy would taste. Would her juices taste like my own? Intellectually it sounds like I have some sick, deep problem. But emotionally, I wanted more. I wanted to feel my brother inside me. I wanted to experience sexual pleasure with Wendy and Dad. My thoughts about this were becoming insatiable.Jason woke up and came to my bed and kissed me on the top of the head before he went to the bathroom. “Did that really happen?” he asked. “Mmmm Hmmmm,” was all I could say. He smiled, winked at me and said, “I’m glad it wasn’t just a wet dream!”After breakfast Dad asked if we wanted to join him and Wendy on a boat ride out to one of the uninhabited islands. “I was able to get a nice boat to take us around the other side of the island,” Dad said. The restaurant will make us lunch and pack us some drinks. What do you say? It’s very beautiful there. And very private,” he said with a smile.”I’m game. What about you Jason?””Sounds great,” he answered.Later on, we picked up the food and drinks at the restaurant and headed over to the boat. Dad and Jason were packing everything into the front of the boat when Wendy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me aside. “Did you enjoy the show?” she asked with a sly grin.”Huh? What do you mean?” “We heard you, Sara. Last night. Through the vent in the wall. You were watching, weren’t you? It sounded like you were enjoying yourself as well!” I immediately turned beet red and put my hand to my mouth. “Oh my God Wendy, I’m so sorry. We…we heard sounds from the closet and just got curious. I’m so sorry. We shouldn’t have watched.”Wendy gave a conspiratorial laugh. “It’s OK Sara. I kind of liked knowing you were watching us. We both did, actually.””Dad knows! Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed.””Don’t be. He was actually pretty turned on by the whole thing. It was actually his idea to rent this boat and go to the island. Could be kind of fun,” she said coyly as she winked and slipped a finger into the bottom of her mouth. She leaned over close to me and whispered, “Besides, you saw me fucking your father…I want to watch you fuck your brother. It’s only fair.” And she reached down and grabbed my ass. I was flushed and a little surprised, but the idea that Dad and Wendy knew we watched them was making me wet all over again.”Well,” I said with a huge smile, “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.””Awesome,” she said as she led me back to the boat by the hand.We pulled up to the island about 45 minutes later. On the ride over, I kept replaying the conversation I had with Wendy over and over in my mind. Dad knew we watched. And he was OK with it! This trip was becoming more and more bizarre every second and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I decided to go with it and let things happen.Dad and Jason unloaded the boat and we set up camp a few yards down on the beach. Wendy laid out a nice blue blanket for our picnic under some palm trees. Dad was right. This was a very beautiful place. And we were the only people on the island. Wendy bounced around the beach in her bikini unpacking our lunch and drinks and I could tell Jason was ogling her body behind his sunglasses. She gave us each a glass filled with Bahama Mamas and said with a huge grin, “Drink up k**s, there’s plenty more with this came from.”The drinks were great and Wendy asked if we wanted to go for a swim. “I don’t know about you Sara,” Wendy said, “but I don’t want any tan lines. Besides, nobody can see us.” She reached behind her and unhooked her bikini top and it dropped to the beach. I chuckled at Jason’s reaction when she did this. He nearly dropped his drink. I smiled when I saw him staring at Wendy’s tits and her erect nipples. She then reached down and slid her bikini bottom down, revealing a cleanly shaved pussy. Dad smiled at her, and I could see the beginnings of an erection in Jason’s shorts.”Well Sara. What do you say,” she said, curiously looking at my bikini.”What the hell. ” I quickly undid my bikini and stood next to Wendy naked. Dad and Jason got their first view of my body without clothes. I didn’t have a shaved pussy like Wendy, but it was neatly trimmed. And while my tits weren’t as big, my nipples were certainly as erect. I was a little self conscious until I saw the reaction from Dad and Jason.”That’s my girl,” Dad said, obviously admiring my body. Jason stood there almost speechless.Wendy grabbed my hand and led me into the water. “Let’s go.”We jogged across the sand into the water and we both dove in. As soon as we emerged from the water, Wendy grabbed me around the neck and gave me a deep, sensuous kiss. She reached around and massaged my ass and stuck her tongue deep in my mouth.”Wow,” I said with wide eyes, as I returned the tongue kiss.Wendy and I stood in the waist deep water for a few seconds deeply French kissing and groping each other when I noticed my Dad and Jason trudging through the surf towards us.”Not so fast,” Wendy yelled. “Not while you’re wearing those” and she pointed towards their shorts.Dad and Jason looked at each other and Dad was the first to react by quickly dropping his and tossing them to the beach. He stood there with a semi-erect cock pointing slightly towards the left. Jason hesitated a moment, but I guess the idea that we were all naked and waiting for him took away some of his shyness and he dropped his shorts as well. Unlike Dad, Jason was fully erect and his cock stood straight up.They waded through the water and came up to Wendy and Me. Dad moved in first and grabbed Wendy and began kissing her deeply. Jason and I stood there watching, not sure what to do.Wendy and Dad stopped kissing for a moment and Wendy went over to Jason. “Well, I’ve been hoping to do this since the first day we met,” said Wendy as she grabbed him and wrapped her legs around his hips and kissed him deeply. I could see the base of his cock pressing into her pussy lips as he kissed her. Dad looked at me and smiled shyly. “Well sweetie, what do you think? We’re on vacation,” and he waded towards me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I didn’t know how to react at first because I’d been hoping to do this since we got here. Now that I was kissing him and felt his cock press against my engorged pussy lips, I needed him more than ever. He stopped kissing me and slid his head down and began sucking on my left nipple. I began to moan and reached down to find his now fully erect cock. We all groped each other in the water for a few minutes more when Wendy hopped off Jason and splashed back into the water. “OK, Enough of this. I want to get paid back for the show we gave last night. I want to watch this time,” she said with a gleam in her eye looking back and forth between me and Jason.Jason looked me in the eye, raided his eyebrow as if to say, “What do you think?” I smiled and grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s go.”We all walked back to the beach holding hands and went over to our blanket beneath the palms. Jason and I sat down in the middle while Dad and Wendy sat towards the edge. We didn’t quite know what to do next until Wendy sad, “Damn, kiss her already!”Jason leaned over, wrapped his arms around my shoulders and kissed me hard.Wendy clapped. “There you go, k**s.”I was already wet with anticipation after kissing my father and now French kissing my brother in front of Dad and Wendy. Wendy crawled over and sat between Dads legs. He began to massage her tits while they watched Jason and me.Jason and I were passionately kissing when Jason leaned back and lay flat on his back on the blanket. I followed him down and straddled his hard cock facing him. He reached up to fondle my tits so I reached behind, grabbed the head of his cock and pressed it against the lips of my pussy. After a few pushes, he quickly slipped inside me and my pussy swallowed his entire cock. We were rocking back and forth, staring into each other’s eyes when Wendy got up and sat on Jason’s chest with her back to his face. She and I immediately began kissing and fondling each other’s tits, while Wendy lifted up her ass and placed her pussy in Jason’s face. He reached his hands across her hips and pulled her hips back towards his face. She began to moan deeply with Jason’s tongue in her pussy while lowering her head to suck on my tits. Jason began fucking me harder and deeper and it felt like he was getting ready to cum deep inside me. Just then, Dad walked over and put his cock between Wendy and me and we both began licking and kissing it. He began jerking it hard and pointed it towards our faces. He then began to shoot a warm stream of cum onto our lips, cheeks and chins. We both began licking Dad’s cum off each other’s faces while I felt Jason begin to explode inside my pussy. He began to buck wildly as I came with him. Wendy then began to have a tremendous orgasm and was cumming on Jason’s tongue as he lapped up her juices.We stayed there for a few minutes more and finally collapsed on the blanket after what had just happened. As I lay there on my side, I noticed some of Jason’s sperm dripping out of the corner of my pussy. I reached down and scooped up a taste. Dad noticed me do that and said, “Oh, I need to try some of that too.” He came over to me, spread my legs and began to lick my pussy clean of my own juices mixed with Jason’s remaining cum.”Better than a Bahama Mama,” he said.

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