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Bath House

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I visited the local bath house, about 100 miles from home yesterday. I got there about noon and rented a room with a tv and sling. I cleaned myself out thoroughly and lubed up before setting the tv to a bondage scene with 2 guys pounding a third from both ends. Just my kind of stuff. Then I opened both doors to the room and climbed up into the sling and awaited my first fuck. I didn’t have to wait long as the place was pretty crowded with lots of guys passing by and looking in at me, ready and waiting.

The first to use me was an older guy with a nice cock, not too big, but by no means small either. He stepped between my legs and rubbed his hardening cock against my hole. Feeling it already lubed and ready for him he then pushed the head in. After waiting a minute he slowly pushed the rest in and began to pump in and out at a slow pace. It felt great and I was moaning and telling him to pound me. He soon güvenilir bahis had the sling swinging back and forth with me impaling myself on his cock as I swung in the sling. It didn’t take him long and he just held the sling still while he was all the way inside me and began shooting his load deep inside. When he finished cumming in me we both just sighed as his cock slowly slipped out of me.

As soon as he left someone else stepped up and in one swift motion filled me with his hard cock. It didn’t take long to get a good swinging motion going again and he was fucking me really good. He had about the same size cock as the first guy and didn’t last very long before adding his load to the other one.

I stayed there like I was for a while and still had a lot of lookers but no fuckers stepping up to the plate. After about 15 minutes or so I climbed out of the sling and walked around the place checking thing güvenilir bahis siteleri out myself. I found my way to the maze and it wasn’t long before I was sucking a nice cock through one of the glory holes, when I felt someone begin to finger fuck my hole from the hole behind me. This felt great as now I was being fingered fucked through a hole behind me and sucking the cock through the hole in front of me. Soon the cock starting shooting and was pulled out of my hungry mouth and sprayed its cum all over my face. The fingers were removed from my hole and I was left alone with my own raging hard on.

I began moving through the maze some more when I felt someone rub my thigh and squeeze my cock. Naturally I stopped and turned on my toward the hand on my cock and then felt someone move up against my back. This guy reached around and began pinching my nipples. I rubbed my ass against his cock and iddaa siteleri felt it sliding between my ass cheeks and rubbing against my hole. As I moaned the guy in front of me began to pull my head down towards his hard cock and as I was bent over the cock behind me slid right in my already slippery hole. I was now being spit roasted and loving it. It didn’t take very long for the 2 cocks to begin giving me their baby seed. When they pulled out and I was able to stand up I left the maze.

I went back to my room and after leaving the door open again I climbed back up into the sling. In just a few minutes I was being fucked again by a younger bear type. He gave my hole a good pounding before leaving his deposit along with all the others.

By now I had been here for almost 4 hours and all the fucking and sucking had pretty much worn me out. I decided to get cleaned up (shower all the cum off of me) and head for home. I can’t wait until I can return for another day of submitting at the bath house!

As I pulled out of the parking lot I noticed an unmarked police car begin following me……. But I will save that story for another time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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