Eki 20

Bath Time Ch. 02

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Your lips met mine repeatedly as we made our way into the bedroom. Dripping wet, you laid me down on the bed and took a step back, breathing in and whistling a little. I felt the blood rush to my face as my cheeks turned about ten different shades of red, no doubt. My legs were spread wide open, my head of auburn hair rested on the pillows of our luxurious bed. Finally, after what seemed like eternity of you staring at me, you kneeled down and began to kiss along my neck, all the way down to my tummy. Your tongue dipped inside of my belly button, causing me to giggle and squirm. Hands found the back of your head and stroked your soft hair, urging you to continue. Obviously being careful to avoid my still wet pussy, you kissed around my thighs and my knees, stroking the skin softly with your hands. Making your way back up to my now very aroused pussy, you grinned at me. I mumbled unintelligable words and stared down at your, taking in deep breathes and trying my hardest not to cry out for you to do nasty things to me.

Like some sort of ancient torture, you stuck your tongue out and slowly ran it up my wet slit. A moan escaped my lips and my eyes shut. My breath became faster, causing my breasts to rise more rapidly. Gingerly probing with your tongue, you sent incredible sensations through-out my body. My back arched and my hands stroked your head as you slowly dipped your tongue inside of me repeatedly, careful not to touch my sore, swollen clit. In an attempt to drive me wild — Which worked — you slowly circled your tongue around the swollen little nub. “Please…” was all I managed to say, and it was all that you needed. You fastened your lips around it and began to suck hard, fingers moving quickly to penetrate my aching pussy. My hands ran through your hair, and I screamed almanbahis filth in between the “Oh God”‘s and “Mmm..”‘s. Your fingers pumped in and out of me at a furious rate, my breath became irratic and I began to cum. The familiar sounds of sucking and licking filled the air, accompanied by my own moans of ecstasy.

“Feel better?” You quietly asked. I could only nod in response, my heart still pounding, my eyes still half closed.

Minutes passed before I could finally speak. Mini-orgasms were sent through my body as you licked my cum from my pussy lips and slowly pulled out your fingers. “Wow…” was all I managed as you climbed on top of me. “That was… Wow…” You laughed at my disbelief and kissed me. I could taste myself on your lips, and the thought repelled me for a minute, until I realized that it came from my body and wasn’t that nasty.

With a little nudge, I got you to lie next to me so that I could bestow the same treatment upon you that I had just received. My hand lazily glided down your stomach to your still-erect penis. I spit in my hand for lubrication and began to stroke you slowly, causing moans to sound from your mouth, letting me know that I was doing just fine. I sat up in order to make it easier to jerk you off and moved my hand up and down at an increasing rate. Your hips moved slightly and your lips parted, “Ohhh..” You moaned after I leaned down and quickly flicked my tongue out to touch the head of your penis. I still marveled at it, the way it stood straight up and the veins nearly popped out of the skin when you were really excited… The way I could make it hard once I had already had you cum in my mouth. I used to lie with my head on your stomach and watch as you jerked off for me, it turned me on so much to watch the white globs almanbahis giriş of jizz spurt out.

With no hesitation what-so-ever, I leaned down further and took your head in my mouth. My breasts jiggled as I pulled back with a quiet “pop”, causing a moan of protest to come from you. Your hands immediately went to the back of my head, stroking my hair, and I obeyed as you wished. My tongue licked the underside of your cock, my hands gently fondled your balls; and once two or three minutes of this had passed, I wrapped my lips around your cock and slowly eased it into my mouth. I moved up and down slowly, getting used to having a thick foreign object invade my mouth. Soon my head was bobbing up a down as fast as I could, moans escaped my own throat when I heard yours. My hands squeezed your balls gently and I felt you twitch — My efforts had finally paid off, and you came in my mouth. Trying hard to swallow as much as I could, a little bit dribbled out onto my chin, which I quickly licked up as I looked at you. With a smile, I licked off any remaining cum from your half-flacid penis, and gave it a final little kiss once I was done.

You stared at me with a shocked look on your face. “Umm.. Wha..” I cut you off by kissing you softly, sucking your tongue into my mouth and lying down on your chest. My arms wrapped around your neck and held you close to me, causing my breasts to be pressed flat against your chest, the nipples fully erect and sore, begging for attention.

My mouth moved from your lips to your ear, which I gently tugged on, causing you to breathe in deeply — Something I knew always turned you on. I whispered softly, “So what do you want now, Aaron?” You moaned as I gently bit down on your earlobe, my hands tracing around your chest. “Hmmm?” I sat up canlı bahis siteleri so that I was now straddeling your chest, and knew by your reaction that you could feel my wetness as I pressed down. My hands moved to my nipples and pinched, your eyes stared at me and your jaw was slack. I reached for your hands and placed them on my breasts, and whispered again, “What do you want, Aaron?” You reached behind me and smacked my ass, causing a little yelp to escape my lips. I leaned down again to suck your long, soft tongue into my mouth, stiffening once I felt your hard on against my backside.

I sat up again and pushed up so that you could move yourself directly underneath my dripping wet pussy. Your right hand moved to my shoulder and pushed me down hard, causing a gasp to arise in my throat. The soft head penetrated and rammed right into my cervix, sending chills down my spine. Staring into your eyes I moved up and down, moaning as I went along.

“I love you…” You softly proclaimed, stroking my cheek. I bit my lip and sighed.

“I love you, too…” My mind was aflutter, my heart could not stop beating as fast as a humming-bird’s wings. Tears sprung from my eyes as we moved together faster and faster. A look of concern arose on your face, but I flashed a re-assuring smile. “It’s nothing you don’t already know…” I realized, then, that it wasn’t just a dirty thing we were doing — We were making love. And you were gentle and sweet and loving in every movement you made. This is what it’s supposed to be like when you lose your viriginity, I thought to myself, though I was far from sweet and pure. I kissed you softly before cumming yet again that night. My head was thrown back and my eyes fluttered shut, your hands stroked my skin gently and your mouth had since locked onto one breast. My pussy muscles began milking you, desperate to feel your cum inside of me. I moaned and moved over you faster, and soon my wish was granted. I kissed you again, wrapping my arms around your neck.

And I was whole.

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