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Bathhouse Pictures Ch. 02

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The third time may or may not be charmed, but it took three bathhouse visits before another chance arose to make further hard core pictures of sex with another man.

Admittedly, the visit’s first hour was without highlights, nothing much happening in the steam room, where at least 8 men were. Upstairs, there was some good porn playing, prompting me to enjoy a hit from my little brown bottle, but the theater space remained empty. The same applied to the whirlpool after going downstairs again.

Returning upstairs to the theater space, several men were around, without any sexual contact. Holding my towel and bag outside a porn booth, I finally had to push past a man without interest in either entering or in myself, to be able to start watching the porn on the platform. Subsequently, without anyone strolling by.

Leaving the booth, thinking about how today resembled those rare occasions where simply nothing sparks, seeing the clock at 4pm was more than vaguely depressing. I am fully aware of just how much luck is involved in being able to enjoy such a wonderful bathhouse, a fact that only seems to increase the occasional disappointment.

Returning to the booth after another interval downstairs, being alone made it simple to set up. Getting mildly turned on by the porn, several men walked by as I played with a slowly growing cock. Finally, one stopped, just out of sight. He likely could see me stroking a now fairly hard cock, looking in the mirror across from the platform. Wondering what it showed, I watched myself, getting stiffer, knowing that another man was seeing, though obscured from me. And spreading my legs, to provide a good view of my rod.

Shifting position gradually, it became clear that he was at least potentially interested in entering, hand rubbing the front of his wrapped towel. Finally he entered the booth, reaching for my stiff cock, causing a moan to rise. I responded by stroking his lower thigh a bit before letting my hand rise to his cock. Wearing nothing but a towel is surprising sexy – such direct access to a man’s cock, so easily deniable while growing irresistibly turned on.

“Should I close the door?” he asked, a bit breathlessly, rubbing my cock gently as I licked his nipple, playing with his large and growing cock underneath his towel. He was on one knee, starting to slump a bit, both of us growing hornier while being touched by a skilled stranger, the direct prelude to the sexual pleasure we knew would happen. His aroused cock was thick, making me think that a condom would not be practical. Leading to the dirty thought of going down on him anyways, though not to the point of having him cum – that is a line which a simple stranger is not going to cross, regardless of temptation.

Mind hazed with horniness, I pulled back a bit from his slickly wet nipple, my response to his inquiry a fairly blank “doesn’t matter to me.” Having sex with other men in public or private is perfectly fine with me, with either just one man, or four or five at the same time. He twisted a bit, reaching back to close the door, taking off his towel as he straightened, my hand guiding him closer.

Moving over, I took out the poppers bahis şirketleri bottle and condoms, leaving the camera inside the bag. The video playing on the screen in the corner was of a man with a hard cock getting rimmed, knees spread next to the head of the man doing it, kneeling down to suck the rimmer’s rigid length.

We were soon laying together, both of his shoulders against the wall, myself turned slightly, supported partially on my left arm. We started playing with our cocks, side by side, the porn only occasionally drawing a bit of my attention, before becoming completely entranced jacking off watching another man’s sexy cock. Bringing back memories of some of my most intense early orgasms, reading porn mags with a friend, starting to jack off, watching him cum as he watched me, all pretense lost.

Now, naked and with porn available, the spell of cock was taking over, just like it did then, during my first shared orgasms. Those first experiences of cumming with another person had matured over the years, without losing their influence on my desires. Glancing at his face, his gaze was on my cock stroking, just as mine had been on his.

Playing with myself while watching him stroke, slowing down after another peak, it seemed a good opportunity to get the little brown bottle. Pausing, saying ‘poppers’ a couple of times, then offering them in his direction. His eyes remained closed, as he provided no reaction at all. I unscrewed the cap, took a long hit, closing and putting away the bottle promptly.

A pure feeling of lust expanded my shaft, openly looking at another turned on man, knowing just how good it felt. A hand returned to my cock, sensations focusing on how perfect it felt to be jacking off with another man, porn playing. Gay porn in this case, but hard cocks turn me on, especially mine is as hard as theirs. Porn has always been an abiding interest of mine, starting with those not quite hardcore late 70s magazines.

And just like then, the sexiness of another man’s cock centered my attention, the awareness of porn playing fading under the reality of seeing another man play with his stiff length, horny as I. Finally breathing out, careful to keep my hand from moving too quickly underneath my cockhead, my mouth started to say things like “fuck yeah .. cock sex .. hot cock .. sexy cock.”

He was thicker, and erect, his cock was roughly the same length as mine. His eyes opened again, taking in just how I was stroking myself, watching my dick. Making him pump faster, causing me to do the same, soon approaching the edge of orgasm. Both of us were able to resist immediate desire, a difference from my first times. Long experience has proved that orgasm is better after delaying its first all too tempting appearance from taking over.

This lesson also applies to poppers, at least when riding that first hit past its delightful peak. A skill acquired decades ago, together with my first girlfriend, one of a couple of women I’ve known that enjoyed sex with poppers as much as any man. The raw animal power of poppers is overwhelming when turned on, grinding together and talking dirty.

Still laying down, I needed to get bahis firmaları up to position myself between his legs. Holding his shaft, it was simple to place it against mine, starting to press against him, my other hand playing with a hard nipple. Soon matching my humping rhythm, his hand replaced mine, causing me to almost orgasm at the sensations of his cockhead against mine, his touch beyond my control, struggling to keep from giving in so soon.

Pre-cum had started to make the stroking far too tempting, and it was obvious that the man under me was even closer to cumming, as my hand replaced his, pressing our jutting rods together. A fantastic sight, emboldening me to mention having a camera, pumping my fist along our shafts over his hand, looking at our sexy lengths. Again, a complete lack of response, making me gaze directly at his face, asking if he would take pictures of me going down on him. Adding that this would be my first time, knowing that my words were almost moans, a wave of pure horniness cresting as I said it.

Moving off, I knelt between his spread knees, taking the camera out of the bag. Lifting it in my left hand after turning it on, he shifted. Transferring the camera, my now free hand went to his cock. He took a moment to find the right button for taking pictures, making me direct his finger to the right after glancing at what was happening. A simple interruption, but he was not as hard as just a moment before.

The first picture he took has my fisted cock centered, but the flash whited much of the detail out of my fingers touching his dick. The next picture was better, capturing the start of my first naked blow job. The smell was dryly musky and fantastically sexual. Much as I remembered from years past, when gloryholes were the usual place for me to get off. A setting where temptation was much easier to contain within a defined framework.

However, today, knowing that remaining cautious was unnecessary, a decision that just seemed to flow, the flash of the camera adding to the sense of freedom. Letting my tongue lightly glide along his dry skin, enjoying a too rare treat, getting ready to let my mouth fully experience the reality of cock for the first time.

I couldn’t stop jacking myself, the combination of flooding sensations bringing me to a last limit, completely turned on and just enough in control not to cum. Experiencing the same lust as when going down on a woman at the peak of her natural cycle, without any lubricant or latex involved. Soon, unable to stop from licking his cock, its scent was replaced by taste, my tongue and lips spreading slipperiness over his stretched skin. This time, showing a reaction to what I was doing, his arm slowly sank as my tongue and lips grew closer to his cockhead, the camera rolling off his settled hand onto the platform.

Clearly enthralled having his cock explored by a stranger’s mouth, I was fully aware of what he was enjoying. Along with knowing by this point, both of us were beyond any ability to use a condom, much less thinking about one. Letting myself enjoy what a natural cock sucker desires, accepting the full pleasure after all these years.

The taste of cock kaçak bahis siteleri remained irresistible, leading me to coat his length in saliva, my mouth bathing his length. Followed by getting on top of him again, bringing our shafts together, pressing his slippery skin against mine, intimately arousing. Soon, I couldn’t resist moving my hand back and forth over our merged cocks, kissing him on his lips as he grew harder again. Our cockheads seemed to merge, as his own thrusting brought me to the very edge of cumming.

Pushing more forcefully, my cock pressing along his length, I rose off my hands, balancing on my knees. His hand replaced mine, increasing the delight of feeling my length sliding his licked dick. Sitting straight, taking another hit of rush as his hand tightened its grip, it became impossible to stop thrusting harder as I breathed out, cock to cock with a horny stranger.

Sometimes, sex with a man is all about ‘fucking’ – which is distinct from any particular style or place. Taking pleasure without concern for the person being fucked being a part, along with the awareness that your partner wants nothing more than being fucked. Unsurprisingly, we almost reached the pinnacle, remaining restrained, recognizing mutual skill in finding irresistible pleasure right at the edge of orgasm.

Tweaking his nipples, my pulsing cock sliding over his, the slow increase in friction was the best sign that it was time to go down on him again. Taking up the abandoned camera, I became the photographer after that few minutes pause, taking pictures from another perspective. Quantity did not really make up for quality, though a couple of shots were acceptable to put on the web. Digital makes things easier, compared to film or video tape – particularly for reviewing and sharing.

The indescribably erotic smell of bare cock while taking pictures of my licking between a man’s legs was an immense turn on, pushing me right to the beckoning boundary of becoming a pure cocksucking slut. Or at least closer to the reality. Nothing extreme, exactly, cum remaining uninteresting even when this turned on. A good thing, considering how completely I’d abandoned caution, taking pictures of myself having sex with a naked stranger at the baths.

Letting the camera down, doing another deep hit from the little brown bottle, I used the camera a couple of more times, holding my breath as long as possible. Breathing out, beginning to babble, playing with myself, saying things like I shouldn’t, sexy cock, can’t stop, fuck yes. Always getting closer, being seduced by the reality that here and now, his sexy cock was mine.

He took up the camera as my fingers positioned his rod, not quite as hard as before. Smelling it, fisting myself, he held the camera, taking pictures as I tasted a cock for the first time. Experiencing the reality of a man’s bare cockhead sliding past my lips was intensely sexual, in a way previously unimaginable. My mouth surrounding another man’s sexual center was overwhelming, even more riveting than the first time my own cock was sucked when I was 18.

Leading me to cum almost instantly, spurting uncontrollably, lost in a first timer’s total concentration at experiencing the reality of a man’s cock. Knowing why so many men at the bathhouse are eager to go down on strangers, while also knowing I had taken a small step in a direction that continued to beckon irresistibly.

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