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Subject: Bats and Balls by Laurence Nightingale Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and contains sexual situation between men and boys of varying ages. If such content offends you please do not read. Also, if you are under 18 or it is illegal to read such work in your country, please do not read. The author does not condone any of actions that occur within this work. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to events that may have occured is coincidental. The author reserves all copyright claims and as such this story or parts of this story may be duplicated or published outside of the website where it is posted without the consent of the author. This story, which will consist of 6 chapters, contains the following codes: b9, Mb9, M+b9, jo, oral, anal, coercion, consensual and constains situations involving adult men and a boy. Please proceed accordingly. Nifty depends on the donations of its readers! Consider donating today fty. Bats and Balls by Laurence Nightingale Chapter 1 (b9) Tommy was excited. Scared too, but he’d never admit it to anyone. Today was his first day as bat boy for the Dripping Springs Cowpokes minor league baseball team. The Cowpokes were a part of the Texas single A minor league, the lowest rung in professional baseball. Players could progress up to AA or AAA minor league teams, but the chance of making it to the pros was slim. For all intents and purposes, the single A league was comparable to a mid-level college team without all the educational requirements. The players were primarily guys who were solid high school players but didn’t catch any college recruiter’s eye. There were also a fair number of older men who had other jobs but loved playing the game. To be fair, all the players had other jobs-one did not get wealthy from playing single A baseball. Uncle Dan, who was old friends with the manager of the Pokes, had pulled a few strings to get him the job. Typically, the bat boy was ten to twelve years old and usually a standout player from the local little league circuit. The kid who was supposed to serve this year, an excellent twelve year old pitcher, had suffered a serious arm and leg fracture in a bike accident and was in casts for most of the summer. Tommy just turned nine in May, but Uncle Dan could be persuasive. Most people see and hear about the big money in the majors and assume all the lower leagues are flush with cash as well. Nothing was further from the truth. At this low level, nearly 85% of revenue came from ticket sales during the summer-only season. Some money came in from local advertising and community sponsors, but only a pittance came from the upper levels of the franchise. A player could expect to make $250 a game, or $9000 for the season, another $1000 if they made the August post-season. Even so, the operation was run on a shoestring. Whereas most AA and AAA league teams had a whole cadre of bat boys, ball boys, and locker room assistants, for the Pokes all these and more were rolled into the bat boy position. It was a lot of work and the only payoff was being able to travel with the team to see all the away games in addition to those at home. Tommy’s parents proved a bigger obstacle than the manager. It was one thing for a nine year old to help out at games and be home every night; it was another thing altogether for the kid to be out on the road every other weekend on a team bus. It was only after Tommy threw a god-awful fit that his parents gave. He hadn’t acted up like that since he was four years old, but the recent third grade graduate knew it was still an effective tactic to push them in the right direction. The last of the objections fell away when they learned their neighbors’ son Connor Page, now twenty-one and a former babysitter for Tommy, was the team’s catcher. The man himself, along with the team manager Bryce Andersen, came over to talk to Tommy’s parents. After going over what would be expected of Tommy, as well as both men making personal assurances to watch out for the boy, they finally acquiesced. But they made Bryce promise that the moment the boy didn’t want to do it anymore, they had to find someone else. At which point Tommy interrupted and said he wanted to be a bat boy forever. His parents looked at each other, rolled their eyes, and got the promise from the manager. Before they left, Bryce took measurements of Tommy with his mom’s help. Since he was significantly smaller than the last bat boy, they’d need to special order a uniform for him. He was so excited about the uniform that he found it nearly impossible to hold still while they measured his waist, arms, and inseam. In frustration his mom said, “I like the idea of you being occupied all summer more and more. You’re driving me nuts, kid.” He worked hard to stay still after that. Bryce just smiled and said nothing. The next afternoon Connor showed up at the door and asked if Tommy was free for a few hours to meet the team. The players started conditioning training almost a month ago, but they wouldn’t start actual practices until the beginning of next week. Tommy’s job didn’t start until then, but Connor thought he might have fun meeting the guys when they got together for dinner after their training. His mother objected immediately, saying she didn’t want him around a bunching of men drinking. Connor had to stifle a laugh, “No ma’am, there will be no drinking. Bryce would kill us all if he caught us drinking. Absolutely not drinking, no parties, nothing until after the season is over. Unless you want to get benched.” As soon as she nodded yes, Tommy bolted for the door, but was held back by her hand on his shoulder. “Tommy, you can’t go like that,” she said indicating his ragged shorts, lack of shirt and bare feet. “Go change your shorts and put on a clean shirt and shoes.” “Oh, he’s doesn’t have to dress up. This is pretty informal.” “I’ll not have him leaving the house looking like a bum.” The boy was only gone a minute before he raced back down the stairs, somehow able to navigate the steps while pulling a tank top over his head. “Good lord, you’ll kill yourself if you’re not careful. Calm down. Connor will wait for you.” He slowed down the last few steps before dropping to the floor at their feet and put on a pair of walking sandals. “Now you need to be good and listen. Do everything Connor tells you to do. If I hear you cause any problems, you’ll spend the summer in your room. Understand?” Her face was stern and Tommy knew she was serious. “Yes mom, I promise I’ll be good and do everything Connor says.” “Good boy, now give me a hug.” He hugged his mom, firmly but briefly, and was out the door, a chuckling Connor following behind. Connor drove a big two-door pickup truck. He used it for his job at his dad’s landscaping business. The truck was well-worn but he loved it. Tommy had never ridden in it but he knew it. Connor always drove it over when he would babysit years ago. He pulled open the passenger door and was about to climb in when Connor stopped him. “Just a minute buddy. Gotta get your booster seat in first.” Tommy hated the damn booster seat. As the youngest and smallest kid in his grade, he was one of the only of his classmates who still required a booster seat. “Do I have to?” he whined. “Your mom said you did. I’m not getting in trouble with her, so yes you have to. Besides, what the big deal? You’ll be able to see better anyway.” Connor put down the seat and Tommy climbed in. He insisted on fastening the seat belt on his own-he wasn’t a baby. He wished he was big like Connor. The man’s 6’2″ frame towered over his own 4′. He’d always been an athletic guy, even as a young teen, but he really put on a lot of muscle in the last three years since joining the Pokes. His thighs and butt (Tommy giggled when he thought of the word) grew especially massive since his position as catcher required constant crouching. No athlete had a bigger butt than a catcher, except maybe hockey players. He giggled again. “What are you giggling about?” Connor said, briefly looking over at the nine year old. “I was thinking about your GREAT BIG BUTT!” he shouted before bursting into laughter. “Oh laugh it up buddy,” Connor said, laughing a little himself. “I earned this great big butt. What’s your excuse?” “WHAT!?” Tommy said, indignant, “I don’t have a big butt.” “Are you sure? Looks pretty big to me.” “It is not! I have a small butt!” “If you say so. I guess we’ll have to compare butts later and see who’s right.” The prospect of a butt contest caused Tommy to descend into another round of giggles. Connor drove into the city park parking lot near a community ball diamond. “We can’t use are regular diamond till practice officially starts on Monday, so we meet here.” The boy unbuckled and opened the truck door. He slammed the door shut. “Hey be gentle on the old girl!” “I’m sorry…” Tommy said, horrified that he already screwed up. “I’m just playing with you. Old Bessie’s a tough one. You can’t hurt her. Come on, I see the guys over there. Let’s go,” Connor said, putting a big hand on Tommy’s thin shoulder and propelling him along. They walked to the back field where a group of about two dozen men were stretching out. Tommy recognized some faces as he had been a fan of the Pokes since he was six but there were news players as well. The team seemed about evenly split between white, black, Latino, and Asian players like Connor. Connor’s dad met his mom while he was stationed in Japan with the navy, and the couple and their four kids had lived two houses down from Tommy’s parents for almost three decades. “Guys,” Connor said, standing in front of the group, “I’d like you to meet Tommy Long, our bat boy this year. I brought him along so he had a chance to talk to y’all before practice officially starts on Monday. He’s gonna watch us workout and then join us for the team dinner afterwards.” Tommy suddenly felt shy when the attention of all these big men was focused directly on him. Unconsciously he moved closer to Connor. “Don’t let this little show of shyness fool you, the kid’s a real pistol.” He looked down at the boy, “You can come over with me and sit down; I need to start stretching. Just stay out of the way, ok?” Tommy nodded and followed the man. Connor sat down next to another guy Tommy immediately bursa escort recognized. “Hi Dalton!” he said. The man smiled at him and said, “Hey bud, Connor told me you’d be here today. Glad you’re on the team.” Dalton was Connor’s youngest brother. At eighteen, he was the youngest player on the team. He had more distinctly Japanese features like his mother while Connor looked more like his father. Unable to restrain himself, Tommy threw his arms around the sitting man. “Good to see you too. But I need to keep stretching. Why don’t you take a seat and watch what we’re doing. You can stretch too if you want.” Tommy sat down a few paces away from the Page brothers. He mimicked the various moves the team did and was feeling like a real member of the baseball team. The team stood and Connor had Tommy take a seat in the stands while the rest of them ran laps around the field. This was less exciting than stretching. At first, the boy looked at the men as they ran by him, smiling at the ones who were familiar to him. After their third lap and with no sign that they were going to finish anytime soon, he lost interest. Soon he was wandering up and down the stands, singing a silly song to himself. “Tommy!” a loud voice said behind him. He turned around, startled. “I said we’re going to play a few innings and we need you down here,” Connor said. “Ok!” he yelled and ran down the stands to the field. The players were already taking their positions. There were twenty-five players on the Cowpokes. They split into two groups of twelve. When on the field, nine guys would be in the usual positions and the remaining three would serve as base umpires. While batting, all twelve would go through the rotation. The final man was a veteran player and one-time major league player Doug Struck. A break-out star in high school and college, he played for the Dallas Pioneers for five seasons before retiring back to his hometown of Dripping Springs. The official story went that he was exhausted from the pressure of performing at an elite level, but everyone knew he quit the majors because he was no longer willing to keep his sexuality a secret. After taking a year off, he joined the Pokes who had no problem at all with him being out. After a few high profile relationships that went nowhere, even the local press lost interest. Doug was now the captain and de facto leader of the Pokes. As the only player without another job, it fell on him to find accommodations for road trips, arrange charity appearances, and keep team’s morale high. At 38, he was the elder statesman of the team, and he shined in the fatherly role. In these pickup games, he always served as the home base ump. “Tommy, you know who Doug Struck is,” Connor said, as he introduced him. The boy was immediately starry-eyed-this was Doug Struck, a baseball celebrity and Tommy’s personal hero! He stood saying nothing. Doug smiled kindly and put a hand on his shoulder. “Nice to meet you Tom. I’m umping at home plate so I’ll be helping you learn your job. You need to pick up bats after the guys are done hitting and return them to the rack in the correct spot. You also need to run after stray balls and bring them back. Finally, at least for this game, I need you to get drinks for the guys when they need them. Understand? And don’t worry, I’ll be here to tell you when to do things.” “Ok,” Tommy replied, bashfully. Doug was so kind to him, he immediately felt a swell of affection. The game got underway and Tommy scrambled to do all the tasks. He loved being on the team and all the guys were friendly, especially Doug. By the end of the game, Tommy had a full-blown crush on the older man. They played four innings. No one was going all out, it was more of a friendly game to shake off the spider webs. Tommy ran a lot and by the end of the game he was just as sweaty as the rest of them. They all helped gather up bats and balls and stow them in the back of Doug’s truck. Guys got into their cars and were pulling out of the lot, heading to Mama Rosita’s, a favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in town that offered a lot of healthy options, a necessity now that the players were on a fairly strict on-season diet. Tommy walked between Doug and Connor as they went to their trucks. “Can I ride with Doug?” Tommy asked. “Oh I see, you meet the big guy and all of a sudden I’m not good enough.” “No, that’s not, I mean…” Tommy stammered, horrified he offended his friend. “I’m just playing with you. Of course you can ride with Doug if he doesn’t mind?” The last sentence was a question to the man, who nodded assent. “Let me get your booster.” Once the booster was in place, Tommy climbed into the front seat of the pickup. It was a huge truck, a lot bigger than Connor’s and it looked new. “How did you like your first day as a bat boy?” Doug asked after he started the vehicle and backed out of the parking space. “I really like it!” Tommy gushed. “It was a lot of running but everyone is really cool and I like being on the field and I can’t believe how loud the bat is when a ball hits it.” He was talking non-stop, wound up and joyous. Doug just smiled and let the child talk. His enthusiasm was refreshing to a guy who’d played ball since he was four years old. At Mama Rosita’s, Doug helped Tommy order. While they waited for the food to be made, Doug told Tommy to go around to every guy at the table to introduce himself. He should shake their hands, tell them his name and how old he was, and ask them how long they’d played for the Pokes. The first two guys were Connor and Dalton so he was over his shyness by the time he went up to unknown men. At first he was slightly overwhelmed by the pervasive of smell of masculine sweat in the fairly small private dining room they sat in, but by the end he was breathing deeply, mesmerized by how each man smelled slightly differently. He got to the last two guys when the food arrived. He looked at Doug and the man told him to finish his introductions before he ate. João Olivera was a young name from Brazil and this was his first year on the team. João was an excellent ball player and could most likely play in an upper level league, but his trainer suggested he spend a year here to improve his English skills and acclimate himself to life in the US. Next to him sat Antonio Martinez. This was the start of his third year on the Pokes. Originally from the Dominican Republic, via New York City, he moved to Texas in his school when his parents, both in the military, were stationed here. In the real world he was a studio technician for a recording studio in Austin, but he loved baseball and was happy to be able to continue playing the game. Tommy returned to his seat and Connor asked him, “So remember everyone’s name? Cause they’ll be a test later.” The boy looked at him, anxiety clear on his face. “Connor, be nice,” Doug admonished. “Tom he’s kidding. You’ll learn everyone’s name soon enough, but there’s no rush. Everyone remembers your name and that’s the important thing right now.” After they ate, the crew said their goodbyes and headed their separate directions. Doug drove Tommy home. Once there he walked the boy to his front door. Tommy’s father answered and was shocked to see his only son with Dripping Springs’ own baseball celebrity. “Oh hello,” Dad said, “Mr. Struck, please come in.” “Thank you, but I need to go. Just dropping Tom off. He did great today. Someone will be here around 3:30 on Monday afternoon to pick up him for the first day of practice.” He looked down at Tommy. “Make sure you’re ready to go before then. Bryce should be around sometime in the next few days with some uniforms for you. Be sure to wear it. Anyway,” he said, turning to Dad, “pleasure to meet you. Please call me Doug. Have a good night.” With that the man returned to his truck, got in and drove away. His dad made him take a bath which Tommy had to admit felt good after such a sweaty afternoon. It was already 8pm, so it was straight to bed for the boy. Usually he would protest, but tonight he was ready to sleep, tired and content from a truly exciting and wonderful day. Chapter 2 (Mb9, jo, oral, coercion, consensual) On Monday, Tommy was dressed in his uniform including his helmet and ready to go by 2:30 even though he knew no one would pick him up for an hour. He buzzed around and was such a pain in the butt that his mother was tempted to drive him to the field and drop him off herself. At about 3:20 there was a honk outside. He was out the door and yelling goodbye before his mother could even get to the door. Tommy was surprised to see an unfamiliar red pickup truck but he ran over to it without hesitation. Antonio Martinez was inside. “Hey Tommy, get in so we’re not late,” the man said in slight New York accent which Tommy thought was kinda funny. He almost had his door closed when his mother appeared beside him, holding his booster. “Forgetting something?” she said, drolly. “Mom!” “Those are the rules. You don’t use the booster then you stay home.” Fuming he stomped out of the seat and grabbed the seat. “Hey hijo,” Antonio said sharply. “Don’t disrespect your mother!” Tommy looked at the man’s angry face and his shoulders sank. “Apologize to her now, put your booster in the seat, then get in.” He turned to his mother, “I’m sorry mom. I know I need the booster. Thank you for brining it out for me.” She smiled, “Your welcome. Thank you for apologizing.” And looking at Antonio and smiled, “Thank you…um, I didn’t get your name?” “Antonio Martinez, ma’am. Nice to meet you. If I allowed such disrespect, my mother would kick my butt.” She laughed and closed Tommy’s door. “Have a good practice!” she said and waved as they drove off. Maybe this summer will be a growth experience for Tommy after all. Much like the workout on the other day, Tommy spent a lot of time sitting and watching for the first hour. Then they had batting practice and he got to chase balls all around the backfield which was a lot more fun. After that he put away the bats while the men threw balls back and forth. They finished up practice with a dozen laps around field. Bryce took Tommy down to the locker room while the team ran. He showed him all the tasks he needed to do after every practice and game. He had to hand out towels to the guys as they bursa escort bayan got out of the shower and pick them up and put them in the bin afterwards. He also collected dirty uniforms in another bin. Usually the bat boy did the laundry by himself but since he was younger than usual, Bryce told him he and Doug would help, at least at first. He would need to learn to fold towels and put uniforms back in the correct lockers as well. Finally when everyone was done in the shower, he needed to squeegee out the communal stall and spray it with sanitizer to prevent mildew. It all seemed like a lot to Tommy, and he was unsure if he could do it. Bryce reassured him, telling him most of the jobs would be done while the guys were here. In the past, bat boys usually only had to work about thirty minutes after the guys were dressed and he thought it would be the same for him. As Bryce was finishing showing Tommy where things were, they heard the sound of the guys coming into the locker room. Tommy quickly went over to the large cart stacked with big white towels and pushed it near the entrance to the shower stall. The locker room wasn’t huge. Right when you came in, there was the coach’s and manager’s offices immediately to the left with a small press gathering area just outside. On the right was a door that led to the lockers. Three of the walls were covered in tall lockers with narrow benches in front of them. On the far wall were the communal shower stall on the left and the bat boy’s office on the right. It wasn’t really an office but rather an open room that housed the washer and dryer as well as shelves of towels, detergent and other odds and ends. A long wide wooden table used for folding towels spanned half the area. The towel cart that Tommy was currently standing in front of was stowed under the table when not in use. The players were all in a good mood, happy to be back and playing again. Tommy watched with wide eyes as they stripped out of their practice uniforms and jockstraps and strutted naked to the shower. They all stopped to ruffle his hair, giving him prime viewing of their dick and balls. The only adult penis he had ever seen before was his dad’s and then only for a second here and there. But now he had a buffet of male genitalia on full, unabashed display. He marveled at the variety he saw. Some were big, some were quite a bit smaller; some were uncut like him, some had their foreskin removed; he saw black, brown, red, and blond pubes and a couple of guys had no pubes at all from shaving their crotches. He knew he should stop staring, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away for a second. If the guys noticed, they just smiled and winked. No one yelled at him. When a guy finished showering, he stepped out of the stall dripping wet and got a towel from Tommy. They crowded so close to him that time and again his hand would accidentally brush against their package. Very quickly his hand and the sleeve of his uniform were completely wet. Even Doug made sure to push his hefty package against Tommy’s small hand. When he mentioned his wet arm to Bryce, the manager told him to take his uniform off next time. There was a bit of a lull, so Tommy quickly stripped off his uniform and stood in front of the cart in his superhero briefs. He was quickly aware that every eye in the room was on him. He blushed but got nothing but smiles in return. This was no big deal, he told himself. They are more naked that I am, he thought, and they don’t mind it at all. After the last guy left the shower and took a towel, Tommy rolled the cart back in place. He took the squeegee-admittedly a little too big for him, but he could just manage it-and went into the stall and pushed the puddles of water to the drain. He slipped and fell in a wet spot and got his underwear soaked. Bryce had been keeping an eye on him and said, “Probably easier for you to take everything off next time. That way your clothes will stay dry. You can use this empty locker here on the end. But give me your briefs and I’ll throw them in the dryer.” Tommy was suddenly very nervous. Wearing underwear in front of a bunch of people was one thing, but being completely naked was another altogether. But what choice did he have? He couldn’t wear wet underpants home. So he slowly peeled off the wet briefs and handed them to Bryce. The fact that the room had gone quiet and every eye was on him was once again lost on the boy. Naked, he picked up the squeegee and finished the task. Then he got a bottle of sanitizer and sprayed it all around the stall like Bryce had told him to. After that he wheeled the clothes cart out from the laundry area. He went around the semi-circle of lockers, asking every man for his dirty uniform. Each and every man bent over to pick up their dirty clothes, giving Tommy an up close view of their butt, including their assholes! Then they stood and turned around to give him the clothes. They seemed to be thrusting their packages forward to give the boy an extensive view of their penis and balls. As before, the boy was fascinated by the wide variety of male bodies on display. After collecting all the uniforms and wheeling the cart to the laundry, he went around to gather up the towels. This time the men would throw the towels in front of him and he’d have to bend over to pick them up. Little did he know the move gave the guys repeated views of his ass and his tiny pink virgin rosebud. After all the towels were gathered, Bryce came over the help him roll the heavy cart to the laundry. He told the guys it was time to get dressed and head out and he reminded them to be back and ready to go at the same time tomorrow. In the laundry room, Bryce showed Tommy how to put all the towels in the industrial washer, along with soap and softener, and turn on the machine. Then they dumped the uniforms on the ground. “Since it’s getting late, we’ll wash the uniforms tomorrow,” Bryce said. “But we can sort the clothes while we’re waiting for the towels to finish.” They created three piles: one for pants, one for shirts, and one for compressions shorts, socks and jocks. The shirts were easy: they went straight into a pile. For the pants, every pocket had to be checked. If he found anything, he put it a basket along the wall that corresponded to the number on the uniform. Most pockets were empty, but when he did find something he promptly brought it over to the correct basket. Socks and compression shorts were easy too; just throw them in a pile. But the jocks took longer. Each pouch had a protective cup. He had to unsnap the pouch and remove the cup before tossing the garment in the pile. When he was done, he had to go through with a soft cloth and spray bottle and clean and sanitize every cup and then put it in the correct basket on the wall. The work wasn’t difficult. But some of the snaps were persistent, and it took some work to get them open. Bryce checked on his progress several times but didn’t rush him or offer to help. When he finished, Bryce came back and together they transferred towels from washer to dryer. Then Bryce removed his clothes. “I’m going to take a shower. You can sort my clothes in piles as well then come into the shower.” The sorting only took a few seconds. Being straight from his body, Bryce’s jock smelled strongly of the man and was still warm from his body heat. After sanitizing the cup and putting it away, the nine year old walked in the shower stall. Bryce was rubbing soapy hands over his chest. When he saw the boy, he motioned him over. “Here get wet and let me put some soap in your hands.” Tommy did as the man said and then scrubbed the lather over his slim body. “Starting tomorrow, you should come here wearing your regular clothes. You can change into your uniform down here, and we can wash it with the others. That means your mom won’t have to wash them all the time. Be sure to remember to bring your other two uniforms with you.0” Tommy nodded as the man squirted some shampoo in his hands and he rubbed it into his blond hair, now dark in the water. Afraid of getting soap in his eyes, he closed them tightly. Suddenly he felt Bryce right behind him. He could feel course leg hair against his back and the hot length of a penis resting on his shoulder. Big hands landed on his head and massaged the shampoo into his scalp. This feels really good, Tommy thought. After a few minutes, Bryce directed the boy under the shower spray and washed all the soap from his hair. Still standing right against him, Tommy felt the man’s dick jerk and bump his cheek. Turning around to face him and wiping the water from his eyes, he came face to face with Bryce’s erection. The man tapped it against his face several more times before winking and then turning off the water. The duo dried off. Having nothing else to wear, Tommy had to put his uniform pants back on along with an undershirt. “You should bring these back with you tomorrow so we can wash them,” Bryce said as he dressed into shorts and a tank top. They walked out of the locker area, flipping off lights as they went, and then out the main door. Since they were the last ones there, Bryce locked the door. They walked over to his pickup truck. “I don’t have my booster seat!” Tommy said, distraught. Bryce reached into the back of the pickup and pulled it out. “Antonio dropped it off before he left. Don’t worry, we’re looking out for you.” Bryce drove back to Tommy’s house and parked in front. He turned to the boy. “One thing I want you to promise me. Don’t talk about anything that happens in the locker room ok? That is a private area for the team, and it’s really important to never tell anyone about it. All the guys respect each other’s privacy and now that you’re part of the team, you need to as well. Do you think you can do that?” Tommy nodded vigorously. “Yes! I’m very good at keeping things to myself.” “Good boy,” Bryce said, placing a hand on his head. “Well, now that that’s settled, time for you to go home.” Tommy was surprised when he got out as well. They walked together to the front door. Bryce rang the doorbell. A minute later, Tommy’s mom answered. “Good evening ma’am. I wanted to apologize for keeping Tommy so late tonight. It usually takes a few days for bat boys to get used to their duties so this shouldn’t be regular occurrence. escort bursa Also I was wondering if he’d be able to come in early tomorrow, say right after lunch? Now that we are back into regular practice, I’ll be able to teach him how to do his daily tasks. That way I can take extra time to make sure he really understands.” “I think that would be ok. We usually get done with lunch around 1pm.” “That’s perfect. I’ll be around the pick him up around 1:15pm. One other thing. I’m worried that you will be stuck doing laundry all the time to keep his uniforms in good shape, so we’ve given him a locker to keep his uniforms and we’ll wash them at the club house. He can wear his regular clothes to practice and change there.” His mom seemed a little uncomfortable, “Are you sure that would be the best? I don’t mind doing it.” “I think so. Plus it will teach him responsibility about taking care of his own things. If it’s a problem we can stick with how it is now…” “No I guess it’s ok. If it becomes a problem, you’ll tell me and we’ll go back to the other way.” “Of course ma’am. Well, I need to take my leave. Have a good night.” Looking down at Tommy he said, “See you tomorrow, slugger.” Tommy had his uniforms in a bag and was on the front porch waiting for Bryce by 1pm. The man pulled up a few minutes later, and the boy threw in his booster and climbed inside. As soon as they got to the park, they went to the locker room. “This is your locker,” Bryce said, “go ahead and hang up your clean uniforms. Your dirty one from yesterday should go in the pile with the others.” The man left for a moment and Tommy did as he was told. The manager was back in a moment and handed Tommy a small bag. “I want you to take your street clothes off and hang them up. Then put this on.” Tommy took off his clothes and opened the bag. Inside was a jockstrap just his size. He put it on with delight, happy to have a jock like the other guys. They put a load of uniform shirts in the washing machine. While the cycle ran, Tommy had to return all the protective cups to their correct locker. After that he folded towels. As soon as the shirts were done, he put them in the dryer and put the undergarments in the washer. Tommy was folding the last towel when the dryer ended. He took out the shirts and put them on the long table. He put the next load in the dryer and washer. Then he smoothed out the shirts and put them away in the correct lockers. Over the next hour he washed, dried, and put away all the uniforms from the previous day. Players started to arrive as he was finishing up. They all greeted him as they arrived while he loaded clean towels on his cart. Then he needed to put on his own uniform and get ready for practice. Up on the field, Tommy helped Bryce get out the bats while the guys stretched. The bat cart was heavy and something an older bat boy wouldn’t have a problem with rolling out himself. But it was worth giving Tommy a hand for a minute in order to have the boy on the team. Practice was similar to the day before, as was the time in the locker room. If the players interacted with him more directly and stood close enough to rub their junk on him, it didn’t bother him at all. In fact, he was feeling more and more like one of the team. After all the players left, only Bryce remained as he did his chores. The man stripped down in front of him and told Tommy to join him for a shower after he sorted his clothes. In the shower, Bryce asked Tommy if he could help him wash up. He put some soap in the boy’s hands and told him to soap up his legs. Then he told the boy to wash his butt. Tommy giggled, thinking the request hilarious, but he followed orders and thoroughly scrubbed the man’s muscled buttocks. When it seemed like the boy was avoiding his asscrack, Bryce specifically directed him to clean it, even tilting his hips out some to give him better access. When Bryce was satisfied, he turned around and made Tommy wash his now hard cock and low hanging balls. Tommy was surprised to see how big Bryce’s dick had gotten, but he was eager to do a good job so he washed the man’s genitals with gusto. Bryce rinsed the suds off then crouched down in front on Tommy. He loving ran soapy hands over the nine year old’s body, paying special attention to his butt and penis. The exquisite feelings of having a man touch his penis was new to the boy, and soon his little dickie was hard as well. Bryce guided Tommy under the shower spray and rinsed off the soap. He turned off the water and they walked to the towel cart, their erections preceding them. Bryce dried his hair and spoke, “Looks like my dick isn’t going down by itself. Do you think you’d be able to help me with it?” Tommy stopped drying himself and looked at Bryce, a questioning look on his face. “I don’t know what to do.” “Oh, it’s actually quite easy, once you know what to do. When a man’s penis gets hard like mine is right now, that means it needs exercise. I could exercise it myself, but it works even better when a helper like you exercises it for me. Want to try it?” Tommy wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t know anything about needing to exercise your penis but maybe it was only something that older boys and men had to do. He was a little scared, if he was honest with himself, but he felt so great being a bat boy and Bryce had been so kind to him that it only seemed right for him to help the guy out. “Ok,” he said in a meek voice, “what do I have to do?” “Don’t worry Tommy, it’s quite easy once you practice it. First I need you to wrap your hands around my dick.” Not waiting for Tommy to comply, he took the child’s small hand and placed it on his 7.5 inches erection. Bryce’s penis was thick, and Tommy couldn’t encircle it with one hand. The skin felt silky and hot over the hard shaft. “Now move your hand up and down my penis to stroke it.” Again he moved the boy’s hand at first to demonstrate what he wanted but the concept was simple for the boy to pick up. “Hold it firmly, not too loose, not too tight.” Tommy tried several grips until he achieved the right one and Bryce praised him. Bryce let the boy stroke his shaft for several minutes before teaching him the next step. “Continue to stroke my penis with one hand, but now I want you to caress my balls with your other hand. You need to be gentle, but I want you to explore both of them with your hand.” This step took a little longer for Tommy to figure out. He had no trouble cupping the man’s balls, but he would get distracted and forget to keep stroking the shaft. Bryce was patient as he kindly but firmly corrected the child. After nearly ten minutes, the nine year old was moving both hands efficiently. “You’re doing a really great job Tommy. I’m very proud of you. Just one more thing to learn today. I want you to keep stroking my penis and balls, but now I need you to lean forward and put my cock in your mouth.” This shocked the boy; his hands froze and he stared at Bryce with big eyes. “Hey this is not a big deal, son. My penis is completely clean; remember you just washed it? All the other bat boys were able to do this without any problem at all. Maybe I was wrong in thinking you are old enough to be our bat boy this year…” The unspoken threat hung in the air. “No, no!” Tommy immediately pleaded, “I can do it, I can do it!” He opened his mouth and took two inches in his hot little mouth. Bryce groaned in pleasure. “Now follow my instructions exactly. Cover your teeth with your lips and then close them around my penis to form a seal.” When he complied, Bryce praised him. “Good boy. Suck on my dick like you would your thumb or a bottle. Can you do that?” Bryce felt a gentle suction on his throbbing cock. The hardest part was next. “Keep your lips tight and keep sucking, but I want you to bob your head up and down on my dick too. Let me guide you to start with.” Bryce placed his large hands on Tommy’s little blond head and moved him up and down. He kept a shallow depth at first and then slowly pushed him down deeper so he had half his cock in his mouth. “I’m going to let your head go, but I want you to keep going this deep on your own.” Not waiting for a response, he released the boy. To his credit, Tommy continued to suck the man. After a few minutes, he told the boy to resume stroking his cock and balls with his hands. Once he knew what was expected of him, Tommy didn’t find this difficult at all. Bryce’s dick tasted clean and a little like the man smelled. He also tasted something sweet, especially near the tip of his dick, but he didn’t know what that was. He jaw ached a little, but he was so proud of being able to do what older boys did that he didn’t complain. Bryce knew he couldn’t last much longer. Part of him thought he should stop and leave cum for a later lesson. But Tommy had proved to be so open and eager to please, he felt confident the boy would be fine. He felt his nuts pull up in Tommy’s hand and knew he was seconds away. He ran his fingers through the boy’s blond hair and gripped the back of his head. He desperately wanted to thrust but restrained himself. In a commanding voice, husky with lust, he said, “I’m going to shoot in your mouth, Tommy. I need you to swallow down every single drop.” Tommy didn’t understand what Bryce meant. As he brain struggled to comprehend, a blast of hot liquid filled his mouth. It was bitter and salty and before he could figure out what to do, another shot went off. “Swallow it! Swallow my cum Tommy!” Bryce demanded, never letting go of his head. Tommy tried to do what he was told and swallowed the thick mass, but for every swallow, more and more of the bitter liquid refilled his mouth. After what seemed like forever, the flood tapered off and Bryce relaxed his hold on the nine year old’s head. The man removed his cock and Tommy gasped for air. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” the manager demanded and Tommy did. Bryce stroked his dick from base to tip and stripped out several more globs of cum on Tommy’s little pink outstretched tongue. “Nice,” Bryce said when he was finished. “Swallow that down too.” Tommy did. He felt ok, maybe a little shell-shocked, but outside of the slight ache in his jaw, nothing hurt. Bryce released him from his daze with a hand on his shoulder. “Wow, Tommy, you did an amazing job! Probably the best any bat boy has ever done his first time!” Tommy glowed with the effusive praise. His minor discomforts were forgotten and he couldn’t wait to show Bryce again that he was the best bat boy in Cowpokes history!

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