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BBC Adventure PT3

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BBC Adventure PT3I left James apartment with his words ringing in my head, “Be back here Saturday at 4:00pm.” Neither my wife or I usually worked on Saturday and I had no idea of what kind of excuse I could use that would let me get away for a few hours Saturday afternoon.I headed home to get cleaned up before my wife got back at her usual 7:00pm time. All during the drive my mind replayed the sex that he and I had. His aggressiveness followed by an explosive orgasm and then his tenderness immediately after. It was mind blowing sex of a kind that I’ve never experienced before. I realized I wanted it to happen again. The frenzy, even the r****g of my mouth and throat until his orgasm burst deep inside of me, followed by tenderness as I gave him prolonged sexual stimulation and a second mind blowing orgasm.I realized that I was becoming addicted to sex with James and wanted more. I also realized it could be dangerous as he might become more demanding of my time and mouth. I cared deeply about my wife, however cock calls, his cock. I couldn’t help myself. Sex with James was all about him. I was fully dressed each of the three times I had gone down on him. He had not touched me other than to grab my head or a few light caresses of my hair. Saturday came and I lucked out. My wife said she had plans to go shopping with a girl friend of hers. I knew from past experience that shopping was a several hour adventure for the two of them.At 4:00pm Saturday I was back knocking on the apartment door. The door opened and I stood there looking at a well built black man in a police uniform! I was dumbfounded until the man said, “I’m Tyrone, James is my younger brother, he told me he was expecting you.” I walked in and he shut the door behind me. I didn’t know what to say! I looked around for James, he wasn’t there. Tyrone said, “James will be right back.” I nervously stood there not knowing what to say or do. Tyrone just looked at me not saying anything either.I started to say something. Tyrone said, “Shut up.” His hands were on the utility belt he was wearing that held his gun and other things a policeman uses.We both heard a key in the door and James walked in. He said, “I see you two have met.”James started unbuttoning his shirt as he walked up to me saying, “Ready?” I looked at his brother and saw Tyrone unbuckling his utility belt, laying it on the table, then started unbuttoning his güvenilir bahis shirt! Turning back, James was stepping out of his pants. He simply said, “Get undressed, Tyrone is joining us.”I was stunned! I started to protest. Tyrone had his shirt off and although he was not as tall as James, he was thicker, more developed and he probably worked out. He walked closer to me, tightening his muscles saying, “He told you to get undressed.” I undressed. Both brothers were now completely naked. Tyrone was ever darker than James. His semi erect cock wasn’t as big as his younger brothers but was still bigger than mine by several inches. All three of us were naked as they lead me to the bedroom telling me to get up on the corner of the bed on my hands and knees. I complied! Tyrone said, “James likes his cock sucked, I like to fuck.” With that he picked up a tube of lub from the night stand, smeared some on his fingers and then pushed them into my ass!I was shaking! I never dreamed I would be in a spot like this! James stood back slightly as Tyrone climbed up on the bed behind me. I felt his rough hands on my hips positioning my ass and pulling me back toward him. I cried out as he pushed the head of his cock into my asshole! Tyrone simply said, “Shut up.” He steadily pushed his hard cock in and out of me going further in with each thrust. I groaned as it hurt a lot!I looked to the side and in horror saw James with his cell phone camera taking snap shots of his brother fucking my ass! My mind was on fire and I knew those pictures were not for my benefit!Tyrone continued to work his big cock deeper into my ass. James moved in front of me until his monster cock brushed my face. He grabbed the hair on both sides of my head and without hesitation pushed into my mouth! I moaned, gagged and then tried to relax as the brothers worked me over from both ends!Tyrone was taking longer deeper strokes that felt like they were going to tear me apart! James was working my mouth as aggressively as his brother was working my ass!I flashed on my wife out shopping and couldn’t believe I was doing this! How had my need to suck cock turned into something so out of control! My ass was being reamed deeper with each of Tyrone’s hard thrusts as James was pushing into my throat again and again. I had no choice. I had to endure what the brothers were doing to me and then my body betrayed me as I realized it türkçe bahis was pushing back toward Tyrone, wanting more!They continued to roughly work me over, fucking me for a long time. Tyrone was taking long hard strokes going full length into my ass each time as I felt his balls slapping against my ass again and again. Several times he brought his open hand down on one of my ass cheeks and then the other, spanking me with hard stinging blows. He seemed to like doing that a lot.James had not let go of my head and was varying his thrusts. Sometimes pushing in as his brother pushed in, at other time pushing into my throat as his brother was pulling out of my ass! I was moaning, groaning, even whimpering some. Breathing when I could, enduring when I couldn’t. My body was being bruised, battered, used, but continued to respond on its own pushing back into Tyrone’s hard forward thrusts. I had never felt this kind of sexual experience ever! Being used, an object for their sexual pleasure. My cock was dripping a trail of precum onto the bed.The brothers continued working me over. I had no sense of time passing. Tyrone fucking me with a piston type action adding the stinging slaps as he felt like it. James working his big cock deep into my throat with each of his strokes.Tyrone started moaning, going even faster and then pushed his big cock deep in my ass blowing his semen into me! His rough hands held my hips tight against him as he ground his body against my ass then pushing me forward flat on the bed with him laying heavy sprawled full length on top of me his twitching cock still embedded in my ass!When he did that James cock came out of my mouth, he stepped back and I was vaguely aware of more pictures taken.Finally, Tyrone got up pulling his softening cock out of my ass and headed toward the shower. James crawled up on the bed, told me to roll over on my back and straddled my chest bringing his big cock toward my mouth. Without preamble he thrust it back hard into my mouth. James started face fucking me as I laid, pinned to the bed.I tilted my head back to help me breath but it also opened my throat and James pushed in further. I wanted this! I was addicted to this young man fucking my throat with his big black cock! His hips thrust forward again and again as he bred my mouth like some kind of a****l! My hands were pulling on his ass urging him to use me! He fucked me like that güvenilir bahis siteleri for a long enough time that Tyrone finished his shower, brought his clothes and equipment back to the bedroom and dressed while watching us. My eyes shifted over to Tyrone as he approached the bed. James continued to fuck my mouth. Tyrone told James, “You’re right, he does like it.” He reached down, grasped my nipple between his thumb and finger and gave it a hard sharp pinch! He said to me, “I have to go to work, but I’ll be seeing you again.” He left.I heard the apartment door close behind Tyrone as James kept up a steady rhythm fucking my mouth and throat. Without pulling completely out of my mouth, he pivoted around, standing back on the floor and pulled me around until my head and neck were hanging over the edge of the bed! In his new position he really started fucking my mouth and throat! He was sliding his monster cock into me in long fluid strokes! Somehow I was able to take more and more of his length without gagging as much. I moaned around his meat and started doing a better job of sucking and licking it as it slide in and out of me.My whole world narrowed down to this. Me being used by this young black man with his beautiful giant cock!Suddenly I had an out of body experience. It was like I was standing in the room watching the two of us on the bed. The 40’s something white guy having his mouth fucked by the young black man! The image was astounding! Back in my body, my hips arched and I exploded in an orgasm of the kind I’ve never ever had! I hadn’t touched my own cock! When that happened James went faster and deeper, growled and climaxed himself!After emptying himself, he slumped down on the bed beside me, both of us gasping for breath. Him from his orgasm, me from my orgasm but also being able to breath again without having his big cock lodged in my throat!I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I felt a warm wet wash cloth cleaning my face. I opened my eyes and saw James tenderly washing and cleaning me. My head was still hanging over the bed, James was sitting beside me cleaning his cum and my saliva off of my face and throat.He said, “You better shower, I know your wife won’t be shopping much longer.” I was under the shower spray with my head bowed, the hot water running over me when I realized I had not said a thing about my wife or what she was doing!I turned off the shower, got out and ran naked, dripping water looking for James and found him standing without clothes in the living room and demanded, “How do you know what my wife is doing!” He just looked at me not saying anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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