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BBC Party

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BBC PartyIn case you hadn’t noticed it, black men are in demand. This is the 21st century and word has gotten out that black men have big dicks and there are dozens of white women lining up to try them out. And this is not just a phenomenon among young women, who obviously have less hang ups about interracial sex than the older generation.There are an increasing number of married women, with the permission of their husbands, who are seeking out big black cock (BBC.) I’m not sure if these women fall into the hotwife category or are swingers, sometimes its a combination of both. This has been documented in an infamous article in Details magazine and also in an episode of the show “Nip Tuck.” I tell you, that I had not experienced these parties myself, I wouldn’t have believed they existed, but they sure do.When I moved to California, I discovered an underground scene of people who organize interracial sex parties and I soon dived in. I stumbled upon a brother, who went by the name King James, on a Yahoo group and he told me he held interracial sex parties. So I decided to attend one.The event was held at a nearby hotel. What is ironic about this hotel is that it also featured a salt and pepper club (a club where white women go to meet black men.) I had been to the club several times and had enjoyed myself there. So one Saturday night I drove to the hotel and entered the lobby, I walked by the entrance of the club and watched people lining up to get in. It was funny that men were spending good money to get into the club, and try to get laid, not knowing that wild sex was going on not too far away from them.I walked through the lobby and one of the staff members greeted me. I wondered how much the staff members knew about what went on at their hotel? kaçak iddaa They had to know about the sex parties, but I guess discretion was part of their job.I got on the elevator and it took me to the fifth floor. I got out and soon found the room. I knocked on the door and was met by King James who welcomed me in. It was a large suite with two rooms, a large bathroom and a patio. I saw a handful of brothers standing around and sipping drinks, and several white couples. The women were older, but most of them were in good shape. A lot of them had that sexy, soccer mom thing going for them. R and B music played in the background and there was a porno on the TV, the vibe was generally laid back.At the time, no one was playing, but it didn’t take long for things to heat up. A tall dark-skinned brother started talking to a diminutive redhead and her husband who towered above her. She excused herself and went into the bathroom and came out in a sexy black, lace negligee. She embraced the brother and started kissing him, he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her on her back, and pushed up her negligee and started sucking and licking away at her shaved pussy. She started moaning and clutching the sheets and making a really loud racket. Her husband grinned in appreciation and said this frequently happened at home to the point that the neighbors often called the police. The brother kept sucking and licking on her clit, until she shot up and screamed loudly and came. The brother then laid down on the bed and the redhead climbed on top of him. She gently adjusted herself on his dick, and then rode him, grinding and rolling her hips until she came again. The brother grunted and cursed as he shot his load into her.After that the party got going. kaçak bahis I started talking to a hard-bodied African dude who was walking around naked his eight-inch dick jutting out. He had his arm around a curvy, middle-aged white woman who had a conservative haircut. They soon started kissing and rubbing against each other. I asked if I could join in and the woman agreed. The African brother positioned himself behind the curvy woman and started fucking her doggy style, I laid on a bed and positioned myself in front of her so she could suck my dick as she was being taken from behind. She had great oral skills and she quickly took my dick in her mouth and twirled around her tongue while she worked her hands up and down the shaft. The African brother continued to pound away at her butt.As I was getting sucked off, I noticed another slender white lady who was wearing a pink bra and panty set. I beckoned her over and she came to me by the bed. We started kissing and she offered me her big, fake boobs to suck on while I was getting blown. It was a great feeling to be pleasured from both ends. I sucked away on her rock hard nipples and reached into her panties with my free hand. She was dripping wet. I played with her clit as I continued to get sucked off by the other woman. Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer and blew a huge load into her mouth. She looked up at me with her mouth dripping with cum and swallowed. The African was getting close too and after a few more pumps, I saw his sweaty face contort and he came in her sloppy cunt.Afterwards, the African and I both put our arms around the woman and thanked her for her services. The other lady I had been working on asked me to finish her off and I reached into her pussy and started rubbing away at illegal bahis her clit until I coaxed a shuddering orgasm out of her body. I decided to take a break and get something to eat and drink. Around the suite couples were going at each other in various positions, doggy, missionary, cowgirl, DP (oral and pussy,) you name it was there.As I was standing around, I noticed an Asian couple, which consisted of an older gentleman with thin, wispy hair and a much younger, slender woman. They were staring at me and so I walked over and starting chatting to them.”You can fuck her or eat her pussy,” he told me.Quickly, I removed my clothes and the woman got out of her clothes too. She stood up and did a twirl showing off her tight ass and small breasts. Her partner began playing with her pussy and working the clit, until she was wet.”Now she is ready,” he said.I slipped on a condom, got on top of her and eased my dick into her tight cunt. Man, it was true what they say about Asian women, this was the tightest pussy I had ever been in. She closed her eyes and braced herself as I settled the length of my dick into her. “Are you okay,” I said. She nodded and told me to continue. So I got to work pumping my cock into her pussy. She moaned quietly as I worked my dick into her.After a good 10 minutes of pumping, her squeals got even louder until she rolled her head back and came. That was it, within a few seconds I felt a jet load of cum shooting out of my dick and into the condom. I climbed off the Asian woman, and another brother quickly took my place.”Good luck, she is really tight,” I said. We both grinned at each other.I gathered my clothes and grabbed a drink as the orgy raged on around me. As I walked through the lobby and out to my car, I looked around at the club goers and hotel guests who were milling around oblivious of the decadent party taking place a few floors away from them. If they only knew what was going on upstairs, I thought and smiled to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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