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BBC stud satisfies couple

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BBC stud satisfies coupleNancy guided me up the stairs to the bedroom, i was the lucky pick who had responded to her ad online in search of a versatile black Bi stud. We entered and laying facedown on the bed was her husband John. He looked to me middle aged with peppered hair, totally nude except for a black blind fold. Nancy all of about 5 foot maybe 150 lbs soaking wet, dressed in only a night gown which was undone exposing her somewhat saggy breast and bush down below began to instruct me on what would follow from here.Squeezing a wod of lube into her hand she instructed me to remove my shorts, t-shirt, and undies. I did as told. Nancy grabbed my cock with her lubed hand and began to stroke my flacid rod, she looked up at me and said “he’s a submissive little sissy, have your way with him. Fuck him deep, fuck him hard, and shoot your cum up his rectum.” “I’ll be watching” she added. Nancy leaned in and sucked my nipples as she continued stroking my cock, relax she whispered as she swapped sides of my chest. In an instant all 9 inches of black cock stood erect.Nancy retreated to a lazy boy chair caddy corner güvenilir bahis to the bed, flopped into it and immediately started rubbing her clitoris through her thick bush. I crawled onto the bed mounting John between my legs, guiding my tool between his spread butt cheeks which he held open. His hole was already lubed and waiting to be penetrated. I pressed my cock head into his sissy hole slowly. Warm, tight and giving way to my girth as I nudged inward. I pierced his sphincter and continued to slowly lunge inward, he gasped almost at the same time as I heard Nancy do the same from the corner of the room. I stroked balls deep and eased outward as John let out a ohhh, “you’re big.” “Hush and take it” Nancy said from the corner of the room. My slow in and out thrusts turned into a steady rythm as his hole began to relax and take me with better ease. John clinched each time I plowed into him, squeezing his opening around my cock, what a pleasurable sensation as his ass gave way each time to my thrusts. What a sissy cock whore, I placed my hand on the back of his head and started to really plow. John squirmed türkçe bahis underneath me, Nancy further encouraged, “yeah” “yeah” “that’s it,” fuck him, fuck him hard.I felt John start to convulse underneath me, little cock whore must have came, I continued plowing into him deep, Nancy started to pant deep breaths, “I’m gon-gonna cum” she murmured, I could feel the semen starting to make it’s way up my shaft by now as well. Nancy erupted into loud orgasmic moans as I lay flat out onto John’s back burying my shaft deep into him, I continued to stroke as my seed finally erupted coating John’s inner fuck tunnel, I withdrew, leaned up and squeezed the last few drops of cum onto his gaping hole. By now Nancy was standing behind me, breasts pressed against my back and drawing circles around my nipples with her finger nails. This sent a sensation from the tips of my toes right out the top of my head. Nancy spat into her hand, reached down and started stroking my cock once more. Pinching one nipple and stroking my rod very fast I was hard once again in an instant. “Get up John” Nancy instructed. He got up onto fours güvenilir bahis siteleri and crawled to the side of the bed. Nancy took his place and got into doggy position in front of me, pulled up her gown, arched her back exposing her wet, creamy snatch to me. No instructions were needed, I grasped her petite frame by the waist with one hand, guided my stiff rod into her with the other. “Yes” “harder” Nancy said in a faint voice. I clutched both hands onto her waist and did as commanded. She seemed to be enjoy the pounding more and more with each stroke. Nancy reached under and began to rub her clit side to side as I lunged into her, she pushed her ass back into me with each inward thrust.Nancy’s excitement began to build I could tell, panting breaths again, and she came hard. Loud moans and hard thrusts backwards onto my cock, this woman was a b**st I thought too myself. “Shoot it” “shoot it in me” she said, “hurry up and cum.” I focused and continued to fuck her from behind. My balls tighten and I mustered up what ejaculate I had left and plowed into Nancy, uh!! I sounded off as I shot into her, a tingle shot from the bottom to the top of my spine as my stroking tapered off to none. I was a sweaty used up mess as I stood there looking down at the two of them layed across the bed. One used up black cock, but a satisfied trio nonetheless…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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