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Be Careful About Your Desires Pt. 01

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“Why did I come here?” was all I could think of at that moment. While the rest of the party guests were still talking and laughing, I was there, drinking quietly in silence. It was a friend of a friend’s birthday party, all familiar people but few to have a conversation with. So while they argued about nonsense, my friend and I kept drinking while listening to what they were talking about.

Let’s talk a little about me. I was a 25 year old guy, 5.4 ft tall and 116 lbs, a body that had always caused me complex for not being tall like the rest of my friends, and slim build without too much muscle. With short black hair, brown eyes and a sparse beard, the only thing that stood out about my figure was my ass. My ass was rounded and well proportioned, and the object of continuous “rubbing” from some of my girl friends. Those friends who had been nothing more than that, friends.I had never had much success with girls, more than the occasional fling. As for sex, with two of these flings I had made it to bed, but the little experience was the reason for not going further.

At that moment, the party was playing the typical game “I’ve never ever…” Laughing, some of the participants’ secrets were being discovered, while others tried to hide them.

“I’ve never ever… made out with a person of the same sex,” said Axel, the gay friend of the group with a chuckle.

Both Axel and Megan, the bisexual girl in the group, drank. Meanwhile, the rest of the group looked at each other, searching for who might be hiding something. After a minute, a guy mentioned that he didn’t understand how a man could like another man, something I agreed with in my head.

“Well, you don’t know what you’re missing…” commented Axel. Axel was the typical effeminate gay friend. A little shorter than me with a slim figure, brown hair and green eyes. I had never liked to be around him, turning all conversations into something sexual around himself, and avoided being alone with him because of certain comments and advances with other guys that luckily I hadn’t received.

“Anyways, how can you be sure you don’t like them if you’ve never tried it” added Megan. “If you’ve never been with another man, you can’t say you don’t like them.”

(I didn’t know it at the time, but that sentence would be the one that would change my life forever)

People started arguing about whether that statement was true or not, if you needed to be with another man to know if you weren’t gay, or with another woman to know if you weren’t a lesbian. Under my point of view (increasingly impaired by alcohol) it didn’t have to be true, you don’t need to try everything in this life to know if you like it.

“Because you guys are afraid to try being with another guy, because of what people would think about you” concluded Megan. Megan was the girl who, after an extensive list of affairs with men, had long ago declared herself sıhhiye escort to be bisexual, now with a girlfriend for a few months. Megan was also short, with brown hair and brown eyes. She had a well-proportioned body, not thin but very attractive, with a nice ass and nice tits. What made her so sexual and so successful with both men and women was how direct she was, being the one who used to take the initiative and find her flings.

The rest of the night was spent with a lot of drinking and more partying, suffering the consequences the next day. There were still some gaps from the night, but not that sentence. “If you’ve never been with another man, you can’t say you don’t like them.” Why would I want to sleep with a man when a woman has everything I could ever want?

The rest of the week passed without much interest, what I was looking forward to was the weekend again. On Saturday, before going out with my friends, I began my favorite ritual, my masturbation session. In the search for the perfect video, I inadvertently clicked on a video in which a hot girl was holding a cock. Ready for action, I started to masturbate, listening to what the actress was saying.

“…I know what you really want, what you fantasize about doing… close your eyes and imagine yourself in this room with me.” I did as she said, imagining myself with that big titted brunette in bed and what she could do to me made my cock get really hard, and start jerking off faster.

“…I’d get you on your knees, in front of my beautiful pussy, wanting to eat it. You’d do anything without question at this point wouldn’t you?.” Of course I thought to myself, eyes closed completely aroused.

“…with your eyes tightly closed I would open that beautiful mouth of yours, and let you smell that scent of arousal in front of you.” Completely surrendered, I opened my mouth and extended my tongue, wishing to have that sexy woman in front of me. “Now, open your eyes and start licking the gift I brought you… my little cock sucker!”

At that very moment, after a few minutes masturbating and mindlessly horny, I stopped and opened my eyes in terror. In front of me, that gorgeous girl who had me crazy until a few moments ago, with her huge tits and that devilish smile, had a huge cock next to her ready for me.

In that moment, I closed the PC and finished without a happy ending my session. “Shit, between last week’s conversation and this, one can’t masturbate in peace” I thought to myself.

Later at night with my friends, and after a few too many drinks, my friend brought up the conversation from the previous week. “Can you believe what that fag Axel said, that until we have sex with a guy we can’t say we don’t like them?” said with a chuckle.

“Just what I was thinking, I’m going to be suck a sweaty dick instead of a tasty pussy” said another one. “But you know Axel, maybe he was sincan escort trying to get you to give him a blowjob” he said, making the others burst out laughing.

The only one who didn’t laugh too much was me. The alcohol was noticeable by now, and listening to that conversation took me back to the video from earlier that evening. Suddenly, my dick was starting to get hard. I tried to think of something else, but I couldn’t. Imagining myself in that situation licking a cock instructed by that sexy woman was making me go crazy. Soon after, I said goodbye to my friends and took a taxi back home and, before I knew it, I was in front of my computer with the same video in front of me and my cock already out.

“…don’t worry my little sissy, I know your little secret and it will be safe with me. All you have to do is let yourself go, and I’m going to make you the best cock sucker there is. Or at least second after me sissy!” she said with a wink and a chuckle. The alcohol was making me more and more excited, wanting to stand there with my mouth open in front of that magnificent cock. It was a cock of at least 6 inches, bigger than mine no doubt, which was about to explode in my hand. “Open your mouth wide and let your cocksucking instincts take over” she said as the cock came closer to the camera.

“Don’t stop sucking, feel it cum in your mouth, feel how a real man is making you his little sissy!” “You are a natural at this, keep sucking up and down and don’t forget his tasty balls, kiss them, take them in your mouth, moan with them in your mouth to show this man how much you love being on your knees sucking his cock.” I was licking and sucking wishing that cock was deep inside my mouth. My cock couldn’t be any harder, my hand going up and down rapidly as I felt my orgasm approaching.

“You notice how his cock is about to explode? I want you to beg this handsome man to cum in your face and mouth, to transform you into the slut you really are.” At that point the alcohol and excitement spoke for me.

“Please sir, I need you to cum in my mouth and my face and make me your faggot slut, I’m begging you” was all I could say between moans. At that moment the cum started coming out of the cock, powerful streams of hot jizz that I wished landed in my mouth. At the same time my cock exploded, my cum spread all over my body.

“That’s it my little sissy, enjoy the honor that is to have cum from a real man on your face and in your mouth. Enjoy the taste, because you are going to learn to crave it thanks to me. Next time I’ll dress you like a real sissy for my pleasure.” The horniness hadn’t finished wearing off, and mixed with the alcohol made me take some of the cum I had in my body, take it with my fingers and put it in my mouth. The taste wasn’t bad, kind of salty and hot. Exhausted and still drunk, I cleaned myself up as best I could and went to sleep.

The sınırsız escort next day the hangover was the first thing I noticed when I woke up. The second thing, a weird taste in my mouth, something I couldn’t figure out until moments later. The taste of cum was still in my mouth, something I quickly went to clean up. But the thought was still there. And it stayed there for the rest of the week, no matter how hard I tried. Whenever I was watching porn, I couldn’t imagine myself fucking the blonde actress with enormous tits moaning and taking cock, but being her. On my knees dressed with slutty outfits and makeup, sucking those huge cocks, being put on all fours and fucked hard. All those cumshots that I’d receive all over my tits, inside my ass or my mouth, and feeling like a real slut.

By the end of the week it had become the norm, and the famous phrase came back to haunt my head. “If you’ve never been with another man, you can’t say you don’t like them.” Would I be able to sleep with another man? The curiosity got the better of me, and I took my cell phone to download the famous application for gay dating that Axel had talked about on numerous occasions, bragging about his success on it. Once installed, I put in my name what I had admitted to being the week before to that woman, a “virgin and horny sissy.”

Soon the messages started coming in. Among them from people close to me, with whom I wouldn’t dare do anything in case they knew me or they could recognize me. “Do you have room?”, “Where are you from?”, “What is a sissy?” among a few pictures of hard cocks. The constant attention I was receiving was making me feel horny and desired, and the need to masturbate was increasing.

And then I received the message. “So you’re a sissy huh. Looking for a Master?”. It was a man who lived 35 miles away, far enough away that they couldn’t know who I was, and not too far away that I couldn’t go. After several exchanged messages he told me he was a 42 year old man not long divorced, had dommed a CD recently and was looking for more action.

“I’ve never dressed as a woman” I replied. “Truth be told I had never fantasized about it, but I didn’t fantasized being with a man and here I am.”

“Well with me you are going to try both slut” he replied. “When you come you will wear the clothes that I’ll have ready for you, and I am going to teach you how to be a good sissy for me.”

A week earlier, such a conversation would have turned my stomach. But at that moment, all I could do was masturbate and wish to make it happen.

“I didn’t say I’m going to go,” I replied, trying to back off.

“You’re not going to have any choice after seeing this slut.” Instantly a picture arrived, showing the naked torso of a man, and underneath the underwear the silhouette of a hard cock.

“Right now you can’t wait to see what’s underneath, hot it smells and tastes like, and what would be like to be on your knees in front of a real man sissy” she continued to write. “So when you’re ready, come and get it.”

I couldn’t deny it, my body was asking me to go and sleep with a man, and it seemed like this could be the best opportunity….

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