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Be Careful What You Wish For

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You just never know when one of those moments is going to come along that you will never forget. I had decided to spend my vacation visiting a friend of mine who had moved far, far away. We had always had a flirtatious relationship but as she was married and I was usually involved with someone it never went further than trying to see who could make the other blush harder. This looked to be more of the same as her husband wa s on third shift and wouldn’t be able to spend much time with us. I knew she was probably plotting to embarrass me and I had a few ideas on what to do to her.

Tammy is a beautiful woman, tall and graceful and carries herself so elegantly that unless you know her you’d never spot the mischievous little girl. She met me at the airport with a hug and a kiss and that oh so familiar twinkle in her eye. I knew right then I was in for it. We had a busy weekend planned of shows and shopping and seeing her new city. We both enjoy amusement parks and had made plans to ride the rides. After a dinner at a nice restaurant where I spent most of my time checking her out to her embarrassment, we went back to her house. She was dressed casually but to my mind still looked like a million bucks. Being that my flight had been delayed it was already late. So we decided not to go out but to play cards and talk as we had done so many times before. We are both very competitive and any game we play invariably ends up being spiced up by side bets. I am a good card player but for some reason very seldom win when playing her. I don’t suppose it has anything to do with how distracting she can be.

I lost as usual and ended up having to give her preferred winnings which was a long slow massage. And almanbahisbahis she got a very good one as she changed into her night clothes to get it. If she hadn’t fallen asleep I might still have been stroking her when the sun came up. After sleeping late, we drove to an amusement park some distance away. We were both dressed for a summer day but I have to admit she looked better in shorts than I did. That and a sleeveless top made me glad I wasn’t driving. After a day of riding the rides, we went out to dinner near the amusement park. Over dinner I asked he what she wanted to do that night. She smiled and there was that twinkle! She said that she wanted to go to a club so I agreed .She drove a short distance and I realized she was at it again because we turned into the lot of a “gentleman’s club”. This wouldn’t be the first time she had tried to embarrass me at a strip club although it would be the first time it was just the two of us.

We went in and it was like most strip clubs, dark, smoky and full of women wearing little or nothing and horny guys. She attracted some attention as there weren’t many women in the club then who weren’t working and none so fine. Keeping with her plan to embarrass me, she chooses a table right by the stage where a pretty blond girl was currently dancing. We sat down and ordered some overpriced drinks from the waitress and she began, “So, Which one do you like?” she asked. I played it cool and told her to give me some time to look around, Tammy had danced for a short time, a fact that would shock most people that knew her, and so she was completely at ease whereas I was a bundle of nerves. I played it cool by discussing the merits of the various girls almanbahis giriş on stage and tendering dollar bills. She kept trying to figure out when one caught my eye. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she did something about it. The DJ announced a dancer named Hope and I have to admit this girl was something special. A slender blonde who looked to have her own natural breasts that were nonetheless impressive. Tammy figured out pretty quickly that Hope had caught my eye and met her as she came off stage. She walked back to the table and there was that twinkle. Hope soon joined us wearing a very short robe.

They discussed the prices of the various dances like I wasn’t even there. Tammy wanted to buy me a private lap dance but wanted to see me squirm. I felt safe for a second until Hope said that she could do one for a couple. I rolled my eyes as they negotiated. Tammy had tried this before and I was kind of proud that I hadn’t given her the satisfaction of a reaction. They finally agreed and hope led us to a back room full of couches and pretty dark. It was still early so there was only one other dancer in the room and she finished her performance as we entered. Hope led us to a couch in the back that faced away from the door and told me to sit. Tammy made like she was going to stand out of the line of fire so to speak but I grabbed her hand and pulled her down on the couch with me. “Nope, you paid for a couples dance and you are going to get one” I said. I could tell I had gotten to her as she didn’t seem ready for that idea. Maybe this could be fun.

The music started and I put my arm around Tammy to keep her from squirming away. Hope dropped her robe and stepped up to canlı bahis us, pushing my knees apart to stand almost in my lap. She began dancing and I have to admit having a beautiful naked girl 6 inches in front of you and my arm around another beautiful woman, I was beginning to get turned on. Hope leaned over me and placed her hand behind Tammy’s head, letting her see her beautiful breasts as she sat down in my lap. I’m only human now so I know she could feel how hard I was under the thin shorts I wore.

After making sure I was completely hard by a few practiced moves of her sweet ass she leaned over to Tammy, took her hand and said” Look what I found”. Before either of us realized what she was doing she took Tammy’s hand and placed it on my now very hard cock. Hope wrapped Tammy’s fingers around me and leaned over us so no one could see. Hope still had her hand wrapped around Tammy’s and began moving her hand up and down on my cock while Hope rubbed her pussy against my bare leg.

I looked over and enjoyed the shock on Tammy’s face as she couldn’t not play along without giving away that we weren’t a real couple. She looked at me and I winked. A look of determination came upon her face and she gripped me harder.. Hope wasn’t aware of this byplay and kept dancing .She took her hand off of Tammy’s but Tammy didn’t turn me lose. It was her turn to wink and my turn to squirm.. Hope placed a hand on each of our heads and pushed our faces together. At this point I think we both decided to go along with it and we kissed. With Hope keeling in our laps we had a long and passionate kiss unlike any we had ever shared before.

The song ended and Hope slowly backed away as we reluctantly broke our kiss. Tammy almost regretfully let go of me and leaned back. “Wow “,I said. Tammy just looked stunned as I winked and said “Gotcha”.

A steely look came in her eyes and she said” I’m not done yet…”

To be continued? I appreciate any and all feedback DVOL

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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