Kas 22

Beach Body Ch. 02

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Her body hurt worse the second day. Like it was angry at her. She rolled out of bed and cursed at her buzzing doorbell.

“I’m coming!” she yelled at it, clawing her way out into the hall. Her palm slapped against the intercom screen and the blue-filtered image of her father at the gate grinned up at the camera. She whacked the button to let him through then unlocked her front door before clambering onto her couch and sinking into the cushions.

She had almost drifted back to sleep by the time he stepped into the apartment. Adrian observed the mess of tangled limbs that was his daughter embedded in the couch. It looked uncomfortable but cozy at the same time.

“I brought juice,” the man clad in fitness gear offered, shaking a tall container of something green. Nora heard the sloshing but only murmured in response. “What’s that?” he said, leaning down and perking his ear.

“Go away dad I don’t wanna…” she groaned, turning her face into the back of the couch. Adrian shook his head and set down his things.

“Up you get, sleepy head,” he said, lifting her up under her arms, somehow unfolding his daughter until she was on her feet. She managed to stay upright but her eyes were still closed, her lips pouting. Just like when she was a kid, Nora was a bit of a drooler. It was adorable and Adrian couldn’t help brushing her messy hair away from her face and tucking it behind her ear. Nora’s eyes fluttered open and upon seeing her father she dropped back onto the couch reflexively. That was enough bratty behaviour, she decided, foggy brain whirring into gear.

“It’s too early for this,” she complained, wiping her mouth absently then trying to stretch back on her couch.

“Well it’s almost midday,” Adrian noted, turning to pick up one of the bottles of juice and passing it to her. She took it but just let it sit on her lap. “Late night?”

“Basically,” Nora conceded. At this point she mainly made her own schedule, but there was a release deadline last night that required her to stay up pretty late and forget about dinner. She undid the bottle at that thought and took a ginger sip of the green sludge. There was ginger in it, she noted, smacking her lips. It wasn’t as bad as it looked so she took a braver swig.

“But you have today off,” he recalled, which was true, but Nora was regretting scheduling another workout with her dad so soon. She would have much preferred to stay in bed and veg out for the entire day. Adrian would not let that happen of course. “Let’s get you moving then,” he announced, clapping obnoxiously then he leant down and started bodily pushing the couch back. Nora didn’t want to laugh as she was taken for a ride across the room and focused on not spilling her drink onto the upholstery. He clapped again and she winced at the sharpness in her ears. “Get changed,” he commanded. “Let’s get warmed up!”


The soreness was eased away from her muscles as she used them. She stepped up then stepped down and stepped up, in time with her father, mimicking how he swung his arms in case that was part of it.

Nora could appreciate the easy charisma of her father on this second session. She was mentally prepared this time at least, if not physically, so spent less time recovering from the shock to her body and more time watching him. His enthusiasm was infectious, and his encouragements were genuine. And he was so classically good looking. He had a bod. Not a dad bod. A bod, sculpted from years of hard work. So hard. Like marble.

She nearly slipped, missing her step up from the distracting, intrusive thoughts.

“Woop!” Her father took hold of her arm and steadied her. “Careful.”

She felt warm then. Granted she was already sweating, but the solidity of her father was so comforting. She felt so safe. Knew he wouldn’t ever let anything bad happen to her. “Squats!” he announced, shaking Nora from her misty mind. Well that was short lived.


“Good job today,” Adrian congratulated her. Nora didn’t bother lifting her head from the cool, though now slightly damp, kitchen counter. Everything burned, and while she was still having second thoughts about this whole endeavour she didn’t mind the now familiar ache. She didn’t want to move yet. “Are you going to wash up?” he asked, somewhere behind her and she raised a hand and gave a dismissive wave. “Alright I’ll go shower first. Drink,” he added, pushing the bottle nearer to her before taking his bag to her giant bathroom.


He took a deep breath before entering that place again. Nothing bad happened once he stepped through the threshold and his shoulders relaxed. He shook his head at his silliness and peeled off his sweat soaked shirt. Shorts and underwear were removed and he put them down neatly next to his bag. From the corner of his eye he spotted it. A hot pink spot of colour half hidden beside that laundry hamper. He leaned over and confirmed that… yep. That was his daughter’s pink dildo.

And for a moment he thought nothing bursa escort of it. Seeing it on the floor next to the basket of dirty clothes was almost reassuring and his instinct to clean up after his messy girl kicked in. He picked the thing up again, and indeed he wasn’t naive enough to think it just happened to fall out of the cabinet and roll across the bathroom floor on its own. Obviously his daughter had used it and then just forgot to put it away. So what?

He didn’t think twice as he went over to the sink and gave it a quick rinse. It was only when he started patting it dry on a hand towel, feeling the thick, protruding vein under his hand, did the reality of it hit him. He had a similar vein running in a similar position down his own shaft, and the mechanics of it all started to fill his head. Nora would have slid this thing inside of her… worked its thick head in… she would have felt its molded bumps and ridges and he wondered what kind of face she must’ve made… He gulped, unable to stop himself from imagining what kind of position she would have to get in to use it, and his body responded in kind. The heat filled him and his erection literally ballooned up next to his daughter’s thick dildo in his hand. Aside from the colour and slight difference in size it was almost like he was holding his twin. Which at some point in the last couple of days had been stuffed inside-

He threw the cabinet door open as he shook the thing a few more times for good measure to ensure that it was dry, and plopped it back into its place. He shut the door and stomped over to the shower head, flashing on the cold water. He shuddered at the chill, but after a few seconds it started to have the desired effect of subduing his desire. Adrian was not in the habit of masturbating in other people’s bathrooms, not the least in his daughter’s. He gradually increased the temperature of the water and slowly broiled the tension out of his broad shoulders.


Nora was glad for the aerobic intensity of that day’s workout, and the variety. Adrian seemed to throw as many different types of exercises at his daughter possible, likely to see what worked best with her. What would stick. That meant she could focus on how to properly do the next set of motions and not think about how she was sweating. And how he was sweating. And how it smelled so good when he sweat. And that it was making her sweat in places she really hoped he wouldn’t notice.

When her dad returned from his shower she was relieved to see him wearing a shirt. He was clean and dry too, though not completely odourless. There was just that recognizable dadness of his presence as he wafted past, a tinge of an earthy, iron smell that was always on his skin. Freshly showered the scent was even clearer without anything else to distract from it.

“You have to eat,” Adrian said, observing the inside of her fridge and obviously counting how many containers of his preprepared meals were still left. “You can’t exercise with no energy.”

She felt that lack of energy but it was post-workout so Nora didn’t get his point. She did perk up when he put another box of salad in front of her. She was surprised again by its deliciousness, the crispness almost making the pain in her thighs begin to subside. A wave of gratitude swept over her as she watched her father sit down to the meal.

“Thanks for doing all this dad,” she told him, which put an odd expression on the man’s face. Like he was scared of what was to come next, even if it was just emotional sincerity. Luckily he sensed she wasn’t going to cry and relaxed a little. “Work stuff’s been pretty crazy so all of this,” she went on, using her fork to indicate the food containers but also his training, “has really helped.” It had only been a couple of days since they started working out together but she was already glad for how it broke up her routine.

For the last few months Nora would work all day then eat some garbage before spending her downtime scrolling through social media in bed until she fell asleep. She didn’t even have the energy or time to play videogames. She would feel like crap the next day and rinse and repeat. Granted, she still felt like crap these last two mornings but it was different. Purposeful.

“No problem, baby girl,” replied her father graciously. He couldn’t help himself and gave her that cliched playful brush of his knuckles against her cheek. Nora suddenly felt her face burning and she stuffed as much shredded carrot into her gob as possible. Oblivious, Adrian went back to his salad with a chuckle. “Let’s go for a run tomorrow,” he suggested.

Nora nodded. Getting out of her apartment sounded like a good idea. It was a roomy place, but the air was starting to feel stuffy to her. There was a thrumming vibration on the counter and Nora watched her phone skitter along the surface before picking it up. She frowned at the messages. Urgent ones.

“God damnit,” she breathed, getting up and shaking her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh bursa escort bayan it’s just work stuff,” Nora said. She waved a hand airily in place of further explanation. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Adrian nodded and watched his daughter retreat down the hall. After he finished his salad and saw hers was still on the table.


“Whoa…” he said as he stepped into what must have been Nora’s home office. She gave a quick glance at him over her shoulder. He had an awestruck expression as he took in the room, but seeing he was fine she returned to her computer.

“Do you need something, Dad?” she asked, distractedly tapping away at the keyboard and squinting at some numbers on her center monitor. She stopped when he placed something down in front of her. It was her unfinished lunch.

“No I’m good,” he said, taking a step back and putting his hands on his hips as he observed. She smiled at the salad and kept working.


“So you use all of these at once,” he stated behind her, amazement still in his voice. Nora raised an eyebrow, not sure what he was talking about.


“The screens I mean.” He pointed to her workstation setup. “You’ve got three and they’re all… they’ve all got stuff.”

“Oh… yeah it’s just easier for me to see everything,” she explained, a bit surprised by his interest.

“You’re a genius.”

“Dad, they’re just extra monitors,” she said, chuckling to herself.

“Did you set this all of this up?” he asked next, tilting his head at the neatly arranged cables behind the table. He seemed to catch himself. “Oh, sorry I’m interrupting you.”

“It’s okay,” Nora smiled. She picked up her fork and took a few seconds to eat. She could tell her father was admiring the technical marvel that was her computer system. Outwardly it was mostly dark metal with sleek lighting around some of the edges. Along with her three widescreen monitors and glowing mechanical keyboard it gave her desk the appearance of the control console on a futuristic starship. The truth of it was that building a computer wasn’t some highly complex engineering feat like he imagined. She knew that her dad had grown up working mostly with his hands and that he wasn’t the most academically inclined person. He preferred more athletic pursuits. Kicking balls on a field than sitting in a classroom. But Nora knew he wasn’t a dummy. She would blame bad teachers for her dad’s aversion to ‘book learnin’ rather than his natural ability. She knew for a fact that he had excelled in the courses he needed to get his personal trainer qualifications.

She almost didn’t want to break the illusion of her tech genius status but wanted to assure the man who raised her that computers were not scary, mysterious machines. “I can help you upgrade,” she offered. “How old is that box you have at home?”

Adrian looked away from the screens to his daughter then scratched his head.

“Not sure,” he said thoughtfully. “Just use it to check emails and pay bills.”

“You can do all of that with your phone,” sighed Nora. He probably didn’t need his computer for work either, but the chunky rig Nora had put together for herself wasn’t required for her work. Its power was for gaming. “We’ll upgrade your computer and you can stop being a console scrub,” she decided. Of course, she wasn’t some PC Master Race proponent, she had a set of the latest generation consoles slotted into her entertainment system too, but gaming was one commonality she shared with her dad. Adrian gave a grunting sort of laugh.

“Well I don’t want to be no scrub,” he responded, almost but not quite singing (and getting the lyrics wrong anyway). She rolled her eyes but he grinned. “Okay let’s do it.”

Nora got the sense that he agreed more so to be able to spend time with her, and she wouldn’t complain about that.

“Okay I’ll just be a couple more minutes,” she told him, putting down her salad for the moment.

“I’ll get out of your hair. Take your time,” her father said as he backed away. “Finish your lunch.”

“Yes dad.”


It was an hour later and Nora wandered back into the kitchen rubbing the stiffness out of her neck. She didn’t see her dad and felt like a bad daughter as she put her empty lunch container into the sink. There was a soft noise that made her turn to the couch. Her old man was laid out in it, quietly dozing. Seeing him start to stir awake to her presence made her feel even worse.

“Oh hey,” he murmured, slowly sitting up. “This couch is really comfy.”

“Sorry that took longer than I thought. They had trouble restarting all the servers and… anyway thanks for lunch and everything,” she said, still guilt ridden that she had just left her dad alone in her apartment for so long. He yawned and stretched an arm up, shoulders giving a loud and satisfying crack under his thick muscles.

“Honey I just had a nice nap,” he said. “You’re the one who had to work on your day off.” He gave her escort bursa a sleepy hug and Nora went stiff. She could smell him again, but more importantly she could smell herself now since she still hadn’t taken a shower. Her father didn’t seem to mind. “See you tomorrow,” he said as he picked up his bag. “Don’t have a late night. Have a proper afternoon off.” Nora nodded and quickly went over to help him with the door, not that he needed it. “And take a shower,” he added, wrinkling his nose and then he left. She nodded again, to nobody. But a shower was a good idea.


She stripped off in front of her hamper this time and tossed everything into it for once. She ignored her reflection as she crossed to the showerhead and let the water stream over her face. It was difficult to wash her hair at first, her arms shaking when she raised them above her shoulders. She contended with the soreness and tried to focus on how nice the shower felt. She was just about done cleaning when she got that twinge again. Maybe it was just the work stress triggering her, but whatever it was she turned off the tap and waved the steam away from her face.

She searched the floor for Mister Tulip, trying to remember where she had put him but failing to place her thoughts. She went over to check the cabinet then, body dripping but the air was warm and wet. The dildo was in there, where it was meant to be kept, and Nora figured she must have put it back even if she couldn’t remember doing it. She didn’t care and went back to the shower area, which really only separated from the rest of the bathroom by virtue of the different coloured tiles on the floor. The walls were still damp and she wiped a spot on it with her palm. She spat on the suction cup base of Mister Tulip then stuck him to the tile at groin height.

She winced a little as she got on her knees, the hard floor still holding a bit of warmth from her showering. She licked her lips then kissed the wobbling tip, her actions almost ritualistic. Then she started to take it in her mouth. As she stretched her lips around it she felt the warmth between her legs spread. In her mind she was ‘practicing’. She practiced a lot, but really she simply liked having this thickness press down on her tongue. The shape of it filling her mouth. Nora had a bit of an oral fixation.

She would’ve blamed her second (and pretty much last) serious boyfriend in college. Lengthy Lars she ended up calling him, a nickname she came up with a few months after their breakup. He had a long dick, as the name implied, and while she didn’t mind giving blowjobs before him, LL unlocked something in Nora she never quite found the key for ever again.

She recalled the first time he reached the top of her throat and how she gagged. And how fucking wet she instantly got. Even that memory, as overused as it was in her masturbation sessions, turned her on easily. She had been eager to get better and Lengthy Lars was an enthusiastic trainer. Mister Tulip was the replacement for that sensation now. For Lars. Thicker (and pinker) than he had been, by now she was able to take all but two inches of the dildo down her throat on the second, if not first try. A bit more spit and a bit more jawing and she would have those pink plastic balls against her chin.

She squeezed her watery eyes shut and touched herself, her arousal seeping out, warm and wet over her finger tips. She knew her nipples were diamond hard and her pussy clenched around her knuckles. She loved the overwhelming feeling of deepthroating. The ‘danger’ of it. The strange comfort of it. That lump. She reeled her head back, leaving thick and sticky saliva along the toy’s veiny shaft and held the tip in her mouth. She breathed and fingered herself, quivering. Then she went for it again, sliding Mister Tulip all the way down, her gag reflex gone. The solid thing trembled in her throat as she rubbed her clit.

“Blaahg!” she gasped as she pulled off it again, this time completely. It waggled in front of her and she shuddered from the miniorgasm she’d brought on herself which passed quickly. Nora needed to be filled a different way now and got to her feet. It was a more complicated process than she realised it would be, her joints fighting against screaming muscles as she lifted her knees. She grabbed onto one the silver safety bars on the wall and cranked herself up, really feeling the aftermath of her sudden exercise regime. Dad and his stupid squats. Dad and…

A creeping sensation ran up her back. She thought back to the dildo being in the cabinet. She recalled when she used it the other day, fucking herself on the bathroom floor, and then she climaxed and then she left. She hadn’t put him back. But he had somehow gotten back into his spot. And the only person who could have- …She pictured her father now, dildo in hand after picking it up probably off the middle of the floor. What would he have been thinking? And why did he put it away? How did he know where it was meant to go in the first place?? The panic thudded in her ears, but the blood rushing around her body only made her warmer in her currently throbbing groin. She shook her head to get the image of him out of there. She couldn’t think about the logistics right now.

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