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Bear Seduction, the Buddy

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I don’t know if I’m going over board and have become a full blow cock whore, or if it’s just something new that I need to explore so it’s always on my mind.

Kevin’s cock and satisfying him are the only think that’s on my mind it seems. I’m giving myself blue balls during my work day thinking about him. Just thinking about sliding the silky smooth thigh highs on and what comes next. The game ended and the guys left, finally I could unleash my inner slut.

Kevin took a seat next to me. “Did you like your outfit you wore for me last week?”

I nodded yes and I think I blushed.

“Would you wear it again?”

“For you? Absolutely.”

Kevin’s big hand landed on my thigh. “I love that we can experiment like this. Did you bring the video card?”

I hand it over and Kevin takes it. “Lets get you back into your outfit.”

I open the box and strip down, then slip the thigh highs on. My cock is rock hard with excitement and dripping with precum. I step into my skirt, step into my heels, and slid the top on. I look at myself in the mirror, turn around and check out my ass and legs, I feel sexy and hot, I love it.

I step out into the common room and Kevin had the tripod set up and the record light is on.

“Walk over here, nice and slow, show me your sexy strut.”

I take small steps, place my heeled foot across the balance line, this helps me keep my footing walking in heels, and makes me feel sexy. I run my hands on my covered this pulling up my skirt showing off my legs more. I approach him and we kiss. My arms go around his shoulders, his arms around my waist. he whispers. “How much do you love dressing like a woman?”

I lick my lips and whisper back. “I’ll do anything for you.” Loving how he pulls me against his hard body.

“Do bears like me turn you on.”

I slip my hand under his shirt and caress his hairy chest.

“How hot would it be if there were two of me making love to you?” He plants kisses on my neck and moan with pleasure. Thinking about being sandwiched by two Kevin’s? Hmmmmm.

“How hot would you be having two cocks to please? Getting you on your knees with me behind you, and me in front of you?”

“Stop teasing” I start to go down and he holds me up. I notice he’s looking over my shoulder. I look and see another guy watching us. I try to leave and Kevin holds me firmly in his arms. I try to go again.

“One moment Tomas.” He tells the tall stranger. I mean tall, his head is touching the top of the door frame. Kevin looks into my eyes. “I wouldn’t expose you to anything dangerous, our bahis siteleri wives are friends and you catch something, I catch something. He’s a client I’ve known for years and he’s in the same boat as we are, except you’re in a position to live out your fantasies where other guys can’t or take dangerous risks”

I’m nervous, feeling exposed as a stranger is looking at me in Kevin’s arms, dressed as a female.

He turns me around keeping his arms around me holding me across my stomach.

“Look at him, he’s tall, covered in hair like you like. He’s a client from Europe.” He whispers. “You like watching videos of hot chicks blowing cock, and now you have lived that out. Please, enjoy this treat I present for you.” He kisses my ears and neck. “Go, enjoy” Kevin gives a slight nudge. I take a deep breath and start my sexy walk across the room. Tomas steps closer and when I get next to him I still have to look up at him, even in my heels.

Tomas takes the final steps and wraps his arms around me and smiles. I’m drunk on emotions and instinctively wrap my arms around his neck.

“I usually like wig on lady boy, but you are nice.” Tomas said in a heavy accent that melted me. My legs feel weak and Tomas breathes heavily. I glance to my left and see Kevin behind the camera.

I look back to Tomas and lean into him. He’s just as solid as Kevin as I look up into his dark brown eyes, curly black hair and Tomas pulls me closer around the waist. I stretch my neck up and Tomas bends down as we kiss. I truly feel like a woman dressed like I am, reaching up to kiss this man and I can feel his budge through his pants. I’m turning him on which turns me on. We kiss deeply. Our tongues mixing with each others. His rough face against mine, his scent an unidentified cologne and all man. He tastes wonderful as he drops his lips to my neck sending me into heaven. Tomas grabs and squeezes my ass and I slip a hand under his shirt feeling his hairy chest and torso. He pulls his shirt off and I can’t help myself. I kiss his shoulders, neck, his chest. I can’t get enough of his musky scent and I feel his hand on my shoulders pushing me down. I kiss my way down his chest and stomach until I’m on my knees, my hands on his belt and I look up at this hairy giant of a man.

This has gone too fast as I undo his belt, then unbutton and unzip his pants. I drop them and see his hard on bulging against his boxers. I slip my fingers into his waist band and slowing pull down. I see he keeps his pubic hairs trimmed as his shaft is slowly exposed. Half his length is showing as I lean forward canlı bahis siteleri and kiss the exposed shaft. His manly scent is here too and I love it. I pull down so only the head of his penis is covered and I plant more kisses on his cock. I lick the upper half of this wonderful shaft and I feel Tomas’ hand on the back of my head, caressing it lovingly. I pull his boxers all the way down and he steps out of them. His growing cock throbs infront of my face. I can see a drop of precum forming. My first thought is to lick it up and suck it down, but I wait. I plant kisses about his cock on his stomach, then on his hips and upper thighs. I can feel the heat of his cock as it brushes my face. I can see Kevin in my view and he has the camera off the tripod catching my every kiss on Tomas and I’m beyond turned on. I plant some kisses on his shaft and I have to resist every urge to just gobble this cock down.

I can hear Tomas groan with anticipation so I think I’m working him just right. I grab Tomas by the hips and now I lick the top of his shaft and I look up at this mountain of man. While looking Tomas in the eye I lower myself and kiss the tip of his cock. I can taste the leaking precum on my lips. I stick my tongue out and trace the head of his cock with it, then lick out top of his shaft again. I kiss the head of penis, then kiss it again and then this time I part my lips as I kiss allowing the tip to inter my mouth. My lips close around the tip and I kiss his head again. I take just the tip in, I feel him against my tongue and he tastes great. I go back to licking his shaft and sometimes running my lips against him. Making sure my hands don’t touch him, just my lips and tongue.

I take his head into my lips and just his head pulling on his cock with my mouth. When I pull away I can see my saliva has made his head shine. I take his head back into my mouth and suck on it, pull it away, I go on him again taking his head and just a little bit of the shaft. In and out I take a little more of his cock into my mouth and I close my eyes. I’m on my knees sucking on a beautifully hard cock.

Next thing I know I’m taking half his cock in and out of my mouth. Working a nice rhythm on my tall stranger. Then I go back to licking his shaft. No hands, just letting his cock go where ever it goes and licking him, running my lips along his shaft and then back into my mouth again. I take him as deep as I can which is about half his cock deep, my tongue in constant contact with his shaft, my lips sliding him in and out.

As I suck I finally reach for him with my hand and I’m canlı bahis sucking and stroking now. My mouth and hand working in tandem on Tomas. I take a few breaths with my hand still on him. Stroking his hard cock I love it. Wet with my saliva I stroke him and love how he feels in my hand, how he looks slipping through my hand.

I look at Tomas while I stroke him and love his look of concentration, his heavy breathing. I look at his cock as I stroke him some more. I hold him by the head and lift his shaft a few times. From his balls to the tip of his head, then I stroke him some more as I move lower and take his ball into my mouth. Stroking his hard shaft and allowing one ball into my mouth, then the other. Now I need him back in my mouth. I swallow him down taking him to the gap reflex. I wonder if I should try deep throating him. Rather than think about it, I take him deep, then I force him down my throat. I bury my face into his stomach and I feel a slight gag, but nothing dangerous and I withdraw his cock from my mouth, then I go deep again and Tomas groans with pleasure.

I hold him buried in my throat for a moment and take him out. I plunge his cock all the way in again and this time my gag reflux acts up and I take him out before I bite him or something of that nature. I stroke him some more while I compose myself. I’m not a deep throat queen yet, but I like it.

I take him back into my mouth and Tomas holds the side of my head and starts to fuck my face. I hold on his hips and work on keeping my lips and tongue in contact with him. I watch as his pumps my face, his thighs strong and hard pushing his hard cock in and out. When it starts getting out of control with his thrusting, I move my hands up to stop him, and I grab his cock with one hand and continue sucking him and my other hand fondles his balls. I close my eyes and just get into a nice steady rhythm of going down on his cock. As I’m working him I noticed my pace has increased and I wondered how long before Tomas would cum.

I take my mouth off of him and start stroking him at a good pace. I look up at him and he nods his head. His cock rock hard in my hand and then his face started to change. That’s when I looked at his cock and the first shot of semen hit me in the face. That first blast hit me in the cheek and eye. Instinctively I put my mouth around his cock to catch the rest of his load and as my mouth went to make contact the next shot hit the back of my mouth.

I wrapped my lips around him and he shot the rest of his load in my mouth. I kept contact with my lips as I swallowed, then i stroked his cock and milked out some more is his load.

“That was great!” Kevin said and he flipped the LCD screen around as he recorded and I saw myself on the screen with Tomas cum on my face.

(to be continued)

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