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Becky Loves Cum Pt.2

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Becky Loves Cum Pt.2It has been nearly a week since Becky gave me her first blow job. We had to make sure Patty didn’t get suspicious. Becky seemed to spend more time with me than her grandmother which was causing some friction between us. I kept reminding her that she loves the outdoors. She doesn’t like to be cooped up in a house all day. She understood that, but was still upset that she didn’t do things with grandma. “Do you want to send her home!?” I asked hoping to stop the bickering.”For Heaven’s sake no. I barely see Jake’s girl’s as it is. And no offense Jeff, but she’s my grandc***d, not yours.” I knew she wasn’t jealous, it was just that she wanted Becky to have fond memories of Patty after she passed away. Now it was getting harder to be with Becky alone. The only bright spot was that Patty was a member of a bridge club that played every Tuesday, and a member of a ladies church club that met on Friday bursa escort evenings. So I told Becky to spend some time with her grandmother, and we could be alone when she goes to her bridge club or on Friday evening when she’s with her church sisters.Tuesday rolled around. One of Patty’s friends came to pick her up for her weekly bridge game. I knew she’d be gone for a few hours. I waited about 10 minutes making sure they didn’t drive back.Becky was sitting on the couch. “Okay baby. what do you want to do?” Without hesitation, she tugged on my shorts, pulling me closer, as she undid them. Then she pulled down my boxers My cock hanging down below my balls. She grabbed my cock, putting it in her mouth sucking the hood as she stroked the shaft. “Wow girl. You’re not wasting any time are you?’ She shook her head side to side as she kept my cock in her mouth. She took it out of her mouth, Licking the shaft up and bursa escort bayan down. Inadvertently, she kicked my ball sack. “That’s it Becky. Lick my balls.” She licked my ball sack, getting some gray hairs in her mouth. “Take one in your mouth. But don’t bite.” She licked my right testicle, putting it in her mouth. “Mmmmm Mmmmm.” I uttered. “That’s good babydoll. That’s good.” She switched between each testicle.Putting each in her mouth. She went back to sucking my cock. The last time she blew me, her mouth got sore. I told on the way home to alternate between sucking and stroking. This she did. She would suck my cock, then when she felt her jaw lock up,to use her hand. My cock was rock hard in her mouth. My hood was a deep red as she sucked me off. She was blowing me like no one else has done before. Even Patty couldn’t do this to me the way Becky could, and there was almost 50 years difference between escort bursa them. She stroked my cock real fast. My cock was throbbing as she jerked me off. Once her arm got tired, she went back to sucking. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft. Going down all the way, stopping for a few seconds, then coming back up. She knew to breathe through her nose as my cock hit her tonsils. she sucked my cock coming up stopping at the bottom of the hood.She left her mouth there as she stroked my shaft. I gave out a loud painful moan as cum filled her mouth. She spit it out as she released her grip of her mouth on my cock.She looked up at me as cum clung to her chin, dripping on her shirt. She took a little bit on her finger, putting it in her mouth. “I did it Grandpa. I made you cum.” She said smiling. “You sure did sweetheart. You sure did. Now next time, I hope you don’t spit it out.” She got up to meet me, wiping cum off her face. As we kissed, I could taste my salty cum in her mouth. Her shirt was cum stained. I told her we better wash that before Grandma sees that. We both laughed and kissed before she soaked her shirt, and I pulled my shorts up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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