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Becoming a Boy 36

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I checked the hall as always before I left Ian”s room. I was scared someone would see me. Honestly I didn”t think anyone would know what was going on. It didn”t hit me that we had made all that much noise during the last couple hours. I was wrong.

When I opened the door to the room, Donor was there. He was laying on his bed and reading some book, probably for homework.

I was of course in a jock strap and nothing else. I hadn”t thought enough ahead to bring a towel or something. I was so dumb, sometimes. I walked in looking like I had just just been fucked and worked over, he wasn”t stupid, I was.

“Timmy!” he hollered out. No one called me Timmy except Ian, well, and his family now. “You faggot, you get some of what you needed? Ian get a good blow job? He gets to fuck you too?”

I looked at Donor laying on his bed. I had no clue what to say. I wanted to deny everything but I knew from what he said I couldn”t”. I wanted to run, run where? What from? From myself? Donor just looked at me. Ian said no more hiding.

I was just standing there in my jock strap; my hands were covering my bits in front. I was completely embarrassed. I am sure I blushed for him. I was completely silent, not knowing what to say to him.

“Timmy!” he shouted again. “Why don”t you just drop the fake embarrassment and admit you suck cocks. I can”t believe that Ian fucked you too. I”ve been your roomie for over a year now and I didn”t figure that shit out? I wondered but it didn”t make sense to me. I sure as hell didn”t figure Ian for queer too.”

I had no idea what to say, to Donor, to his statement. I tried to come up with something so he would stop making noise. “It”s not what you think,” I started to say but that was stupid. It was exactly what he thought.

“Don”t give me that shit,” he growled. “I heard him calling you Timmy and I listened to you moaning and he was fucking you. I was pretty sure it was you and then when the noise stops you come parading in here in a jock strap and your ass all sloppy wet and got hand prints from someone smacking it.”

“Donor, it”s complicated.”

“Nothing complicated about it. Your Ian”s little bitch. Disgusting. I kinda figured you for queer. All the staring in the mirror, all the preening and checking yourself out all the time. Just like a girl.” He swung his legs over the bed and sat there with a look of disgust on his face.

“Donor, let me explain my side�”

“Shut up Timmy. I don”t want to hear about it. You”re a fag, you take it up the ass, and my buddy Ian is some gay pig who gets off fucking whatever moves.”

“Stop shouting, Donor.”

“Why, Timmy? Why should I shut up? I listened to your moaning and shouting for a while, you can listen to mine. Timmy, that”s kinda funny actually. He calls you Timmy. Like a little kid.”


“I said shut up! I don”t want to hear whatever you have to say.” I was blocked. He didn”t want to hear anything from me, he just wanted to yell.

About that time, Ian walked in the room. He had thrown on some sweatpants but that was it.

“What the fuck are you guys shouting about?” he asked.

“Nice, here comes the big queer to protect his cocksucker.” I knew the minute he said it that Donor was in trouble. Ian didn”t even let him get up, just went off and clocked him in the chest with a right hand. It knocked Donor onto his back and left him rubbing the spot where Ian hit him.

“Fuck McNeil, what did you do that for?”

“Don”t be stupid, Donor. If I wanted to listen to your bullshit about me I wouldn”t have done it.”

“You”re both fucked up. I can”t believe you are sucking each other”s cocks.”

Ian went to grab Donor but he backed up into the far side of his bed in a corner and stayed there. Ian could have grabbed him but I guess he decided it wasn”t worth the trouble.

“Look, asshat,” Ian started in talking, “I”m not queer, Timmy is. He loves sucking cock. When I found out, I figured why not let him try mine. I can tell you, he deep throats better than any of the girls on campus.”

“So you”re saying you don”t suck his dick, or take it up the ass from him?”

“Of course not, stupid. I”m a man, not a faggot.”

“You get your dick sucked by a dude and you fuck him but you aren”t queer, whatever.” Donor didn”t seem to be buying that line of thought.

“Are you queer, Donor?” Ian asked. I didn”t like where this was going, but I couldn”t seem to say anything. My tongue wasn”t working; I was just listening. Donor clearly didn”t think of himself as gay or anything close to it. I had a feeling Ian was going to let him in on the Halloween party secret.

“Fuck no, I don”t let fags blow me,” he shot back.

Ian looked at him smugly. “That my friend is not true. You got a real nice blow job from Timmy here not too long ago.”

“What the fuck are you talking about McNeil? His mouth hasn”t been anywhere near my cock.”

“In his mouth, down his throat, you even grabbed his ass and declared it was a fine piece of meat. You blew a big load from what I heard from Timmy. You just didn”t recognize him all dressed up as an Afghan woman, asshole.”

“No fucking way. That was not Tim in that outfit. That was a chick,” he denied the possibility that it was me blowing him. “That girl had boobs. I felt them.”

“Go on Timmy. Tell Donor the truth.”

I looked at Ian. I really didn”t want to tell Donor that I had blown him. But Donor was already freaking out from me just getting cock from Ian, I wondered what he would do when I described his dick to him. He was going to tell everyone anyway; I guess it didn”t make much difference. I had to do what Ian said to remain his boy.

“I was dressed as one of the women with Ian at the party, Donor. There was another guy in the other dress. He made me do it.” I tried to blame Ian I guess, I didn”t know what to say. “I didn”t want to blow you. I didn”t really want to be giving blow jobs to everyone, but Ian thought it would be funny. I didn”t even want to be in the outfit but Ian liked the idea of dressing us up like his harem and having us give blow jobs,” I explained. “I painted my toenails, I wore a bra with silicone boobs.” I went to my dresser and dug around under a bunch of stuff and pulled out a bra and the fake boobs. I showed them to Donor.

“No, no, no, no. You”re lying. That was the best blow job ever. No one has ever worked my cock like that. Plus, you must have blown 20 guys that night, you couldn”t do it. You”re not enough of a slut for that.” Ian just laughed at his comments.

“Actually it was 19 cocks. Ian counted,” I told him. “I can describe your cock, Donor, if you want me too.” I felt a bit bolder listening to Ian laugh. I thought I would prove to Donor I sucked him off.

“I know what my dick looks like, save me the analysis.”

“Its fat, a thick one. Not as long as Ian”s cock, but probably as wide around,” I told him anyway. “Your dick is fattest in the middle and tapers to the head, Ian”s cock is thickest at the base and tapers toward the head a little.”

“Shut up, Timmy, I told you I didn”t want to hear it. Fucking A, you sound like you love cock, the way you talk about them.”

“He does,” Ian told him. “I trained him on mine and on that night I decided to share his talent with a lot of people. Get over it. He needed to learn through practice.”

“If I had wanted my cock sucked by a dude, I would have gone to the library, and I don”t go there,” Donor replied.

“Was I really as good as you said?” I asked him. It was probably overboard. I mean I knew Ian liked it plenty. I just kind of wanted to get a dig in at Donor. Well, I wanted to know if I was really that good at it. I mean, he had been grabbing me that night more than once thinking I was a girl. I wasn”t. Okay, so I am a cocksucker and a faggot, but I wasn”t a girl I told myself; But was I any good at sucking cock?

“You”re a dude. I can”t believe I let a guy blow me. Fuck you guys. I can”t believe you did that to everyone,” Donor continued to bitch about getting his dick sucked by me.

“Dude, it”s just a warm, wet hole. What difference does it make if it is a fag or a girl?” Ian asked him. “If my cock feels good then I”m going to sit back and enjoy it.”

“Well, that”s what makes you queer isn”t it?” Donor stated, staring directly at Ian.

“Well, you”re going to get over it eventually, Donor. And I bet you come on back and ask me if you can get your dick sucked by Timmy,” Ian told him not breaking the stare. Would Ian let him do that? Would he make me do that stuff?

“The fuck I will. If I want my dick sucked I”ll just tell him to get busy,” he pointed at me while looking at Ian. I was not even here in the room as far as they were concerned. At least I was not feeling threatened like I had been. I was still freaking out. Donor would tell everyone in the frat, hell, he would tell as many as he could on campus was my guess. I was fucked. Ha, just the thought made me almost laugh if it wasn”t my life. I had gotten fucked over the weekend and now who knew how badly I would get fucked over or what would happen?

“Timmy belongs to me, Donor. He”s my fag. You keep your hands off my girls, you do the same with my fag,” Ian ordered.

“Fine by me. I”m not gonna let a fag near my cock, or my ass. He can fucking sleep in your room if you love it so much”

“You don”t get it. Timmy isn”t going near your ass. He does what I tell him. He doesn”t fuck anyone and he isn”t having sex with anyone but me unless I tell him to do it,” Ian explained.

“I was talking about you,” Donor shot back. “You”re not getting anywhere near my ass either.”

Ian just laughed at Donor then spoke when he finished laughing. “Do you think I”d be interested in your fat ass when Timmy has a bubble ass better than any girl you”ve ever nailed?”

Donor did glance over at me. I blushed. I was flattered Ian thought so highly of my ass, but now Donor knew all of the details about me, about Ian and me. I was still standing there in my jock trying to cover my dick, which was hard again. I didn”t seem to have any control over it. Why was it hard? Was it because Ian was protecting tuzla escort me? Was it because Ian was talking about me just like he did to my face, that I was his and followed his rules? All of this out in the open was freaking me out but I was boned up.

Ian looked over at me and pointed at my dresser. “Timmy, get some clothes and take them to my room. We”ll figure this out tomorrow. Donor can get over it or we”ll move you into another room.”

“Yes, Sir,” I responded to his voice and direction. I didn”t even think about it until later when Ian had a chuckle and told me that I had answered with “yes Sir” when he was going over the discussion with me later. I grabbed some of my pants, underwear, shirts, the usual stuff for a few days and I went to his room. At least I was going to get to sleep with him again.

“Get over yourself, Donor,” were Ian”s final words to him as we left. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a blow job from a fag. They enjoy it and I do too.”

We got back to Ian”s room and he was still pissed. “Fucking asshole,” he said. “I can”t believe he acted like that. It isn”t like he doesn”t enjoy getting his dick sucked.”

“Well, he”s freaking out cuz I”m the one who sucked him off. He”s afraid of me somehow staying in there.”

“Don”t freak out.”

“Ian, Sir, He”s going to tell everyone in the frat if he hasn”t done it already. Everyone will know I”m a cocksucker and they”ll know that you are the person I”m sucking off. I didn”t want it to be out there. I thought maybe it would stay secret. I don”t know what will happen. What”s the frat house going to say? What”s the swim team going to do?”

“No one knows what happens in the future Timmy, it”s life. As far as the house or the other bros, I told you a hundred times I don”t care, and frankly most of them won”t care either. I don”t even know why Donor freaked out so much.” He laughed a little. “But as long as they are going to know, you can relax. You know they aren”t going to spread it around beyond the house much. They will enjoy it more knowing you blew all those other frat guys and those guys never knew it.”

“But what am I going to do?” I did not want to be known as the house fag, the house cocksucker.

“You”ll do what I tell you to do, just as we agreed today. It”s what is best for you. I have an idea to start. I don”t imagine you”ll like it, but in the end that doesn”t matter. I like the idea and you”ll start now.”

“What? What are you planning? I”m part of this too.” I knew though in my head and heart that Ian was in charge. He was going to decide what to do. I was still reeling from Ian being standing up to Donor and making it clear I belonged to him. It was a huge feeling of satisfaction that he really did say I belonged to him in front of Donor. He meant it. I was his. I can”t imagine a better feeling. But still, what if I did have to suck all the cocks in the house? What would it be like being a whore? I didn”t want to know honestly.

“You got any of those tight jeans you can barely get into with you?” he asked me.

I looked through the stuff I grabbed and I had the pair I had worn to his house, that I could barely get into. “Yeah, I got this pair.”

“Put `em on. I want to check it out.”


Timmy put on the too tight jeans and I looked at him. There was no way that ass could be ignored in those jeans. They would make perfect cutoffs I figured. Something Timmy could wear around the frat house to show it off to the brothers. They could easily see what I would want to fuck a piece of work like that.

“Let me go get my scissors,” I told him. It took me a few minutes to find them. I adjusted the pant legs and the waist on him and when I was satisfied with how they were fitting I told him what I planned.

“We”re going to make these into cutoffs, Timmy. They will be what you wear around the house now.”

“What? But why?”

“So the bros can see what a fine ass you have, Timmy. I like it and I want you to be able to show it off. Make those guys jealous every time they see it and know that it”s mine. They may pinch or slap it, but they won”t go any further. Plus you need to start feeling proud of it, Tim. If Donor is going to talk shit about you, then you need to embrace your identity, you know, embrace who you are and make the best of it. Show him you know you have a fine body and don”t care what he thinks.”

“Ian! I mean Sir, sorry, I”m scared of all of that.”

“I know, I know, as it should be. Trust me on this. Acting as if it doesn”t bother you and showing off your strengths is the way to go.” He didn”t say anything else, which was good. I started cutting. I wanted these things short in some areas. If some of his ass hung out the back of them, I was okay with that.

“Holy crap, you are making these short,” he said. “The pockets are going to hang below the fabric.”

“I”m good with that Timmy. You”ll turn more than a few heads here at the house, once they see that ass on full display.”

“Will you be there when you make me do this?” He had a bit of a whine in his voice.

I looked up at him as he stood there. He seemed to be really scared about the prospects of being as visible as I wanted him to be. “Timmy, I”ll repeat this again so you can hear me clearly. I don”t care if people are aware that you are my fag, or that I own you and use you. You need to realize that as long as I am happy and pleased with how you look and behave, then I am going to be there to watch over you. I know growing up that as a fag you fought to be as manly as you could. Now, I am telling you to stop it, to let your real self out and be happy and pleased that I recognized who you are and I want you to be comfortable in that submissive, obedient role that is most natural to you. You are not a sissy like Danny or Bailey, but you are a fag and you don”t need to be afraid of accepting it.”

He stared at me as I cut away the last of the pant legs on his jeans. I didn”t look back up at him, but I could feel his stare. He didn”t say anything though. He seemed to be thinking about it all. The shorts were tight, no doubt. His ass hung out a little in the back, not excessively. I went to my old t-shirt pile and found one I thought would look good with the shorts. It was a v-neck and it was too tight on me. With Timmy”s upper body development, it would probably be too tight on him also.

“Here, put this t-shirt on,” I handed it to him. He didn”t say anything and just put on the t-shirt. It was tight across his chest area. Even with his tiny almost flat nipples, they showed in the shirt. His pecs would show really well soon enough in a similar shirt style. I made a mental note to find more like it. “Move over there and stand in front of the mirror. I want you to look at yourself.”

We went over to where the mirror was and stood there. Timmy did a slow spin in the mirror. I took the opportunity to narrate as he looked.

“First, look at the legs. You have nice legs, Timmy. They look great smooth. No reason to ever have that hair there.” I bent over and ran my hands along his calves. “What the laser treatments don”t get rid of, you can easily keep off with shaving. Look at your thighs, they are in great shape now, bigger than they were a few months ago.” His thighs looked particularly nice in the shorts and I ran my hands on his defined muscles so he could see them better. “Now turn around. Lift up the tail of the t-shirt. See that ass? Look at that.” I grabbed ahold of one cheek and squeezed it. “See how your back curves and the ass is almost at a 45� angle? That is fucking hot, boy. It”s like two big bubbles there. Men like that. You wear jeans that are nice and tight and men are going to notice that ass, whether they are straight or queer. Now turn around. Look at your pecs.” I ran my hands over his chest. “They are starting to look as nice as that ass. I can tell they are getting bigger and more round through the workouts I gave you. Keep up on those. See how this t-shirt shows even your tiny nipples? Imagine what nice big nips are going to look like to someone who sees you in this shirt. That will be another thing that will attract men. I like knowing my boy is attractive to other people. That makes me feel good to know I have something other men want to have. You get that? Do you see what I am seeing here?”

By now I was staring at Timmy”s reflection in the mirror. I looked at him not breaking eye contact in the mirror as I continued to talk. “The reason I want your hair longer is two-fold, Timmy. I want to be able to grab onto it when you are on your knees or with your ass in the air. It”s pretty simple, it allows me easy use of your body in several positions. It softens the musculature you have already, doesn”t look as harsh. Secondly, as a fag, its important to not look overly masculine. I won”t let it get too long, I don”t want you looking girly all the time either,” I said and I released the hair he did have up there that I had grabbed onto to demonstrate. “You know, I said earlier I would decide about your facial hair later, but I”ve changed my mind. Looking at you now, I can see stubble.” I ran my finger over his chin, feeling the razor stubble. “I want you to get rid of it. It will soften the look more. Next time you go back to that place you get her to start work on that dark beard stubble. You hear me?”

He nodded. “Yes, Sir.” My fingers ran across his lips. They were large lips to begin with and the cocksucking he had been doing of late was only emphasizing that. I slipped a finger to them and he parted them and took my index finger in his mouth automatically, never breaking eye contact.

“I really like the look that you are developing Timmy. I like seeing the changes you”ve made.” This may have been pushing it too far but I went for the clincher anyway. I took Timmy”s head in my hands and turned him to face me away from the mirror. I leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. Like any sensible girl would do when a man does that Timmy”s arms went around my waist. I used my tongue to tease his lips, licking around them and then just putting it in his mouth far enough to touch his tongue. When I broke off the kiss his face was glowing just as I imagined it would be. The fag was totally hooked.

“So, the point is Timmy, are you still afraid to wear this outfit around the house? Are you still thinking people can”t already see and appreciate the work you”ve done to improve yourself? Do you think I need to be around all the time for you to feel confident in simply showing people your body?”

“No, Sir,” he replied softly. “I think I can wear this if it is what you want. I”m scared as all hell but I can see a little what you are looking at, I think. And, I feel like you”ll be keeping an eye on me and stuff. And I want to do what will please you.”

“I will be there at first Timmy, but you need to get used to it. You are a hot looking fag and you belong to me. When you carry yourself like that, when you can show confidence in yourself, when you know you have a man, you”ll be fine and treated okay by other men. They won”t mess with you because they know I will fuck them up.”


I know that we had just had sex, that Ian had cum twice this evening already, but I did what felt right for me, right at that moment. I got on my knees in front of Ian and began pulling his sweats down. His cock was half hard, he hadn”t put on any boxers before he came to my room, well, I guess Donor”s room now and interrupted us. He didn”t pendik escort stop me so I figured this was what I should do at this point. I put the big knob of his cock head in my mouth and began running my tongue around it.

“See Timmy? You know this is what you need, and you know it makes me happy.” I looked up at Ian and I felt totally good. I was happy to be here on my knees taking his cock inside me. “Here, let me turn you around a little. I want you to be able to watch yourself as you suck cock. I want you to look at yourself this time, not up here at me, but at the mirror.”

Ian moved around a bit so that I was still on my knees but my face was angled towards the mirror. I could see myself kneeling, sucking on a big cock, and Ian looking down and smiling like the Cheshire cat. Somehow it was good. I could watch myself go up and down on his dick and could see him smiling. His hand came up on my head and he just kept it there at first, letting me feel him. I put my hands behind my back and then my arms weren”t in the way of watching me bob up and down and then swallow his rod. I could even see the bulge in my throat as his dick went down inside me.

Unlike earlier he wasn”t as aggressive. He just let me bob on the knob at my own pace. It wasn”t till I had been staring at the mirror, seeing myself sucking cock for a few minutes that his other hand went to my head. Then I couldn”t see quite as clearly then, but I felt his presence. I was worshipping his cock, at his church. It”s what I thought as I kept glancing to the mirror.

“That”s it, boy. You seem pretty comfortable after tonight and this whole weekend. You doing okay with everything?”

I nodded to answer. I didn”t want to take my mouth off his cock. His pride and joy. It was my pride and joy too. I loved it. I knew it. I wanted to be his boy, his fag. I could totally understand just doing as he said, the way he explained it to me today. I just wanted to do as he said, watch myself sucking him, watch myself taking his cock, and let him worry about other stuff. If he wanted to me to wear clothes he picked out, then I could live with it. He would be around at first and I could adjust.

Ian picked up his pace but it wasn”t anything I couldn”t handle. He alternated between using my mouth as a suction device and going deep holding my head tight to his crotch. I kept my lips tight when he was pumping in and out, using my tongue on the underside of his dick. When he was in deep, I did as best I could to get my tongue out and lick at his large nuts.

“You”re very good at this Timmy. You should be proud that you can suck dick so well.” That made me feel warm inside. “Not everyone was given the talents or developed them properly.” I was suctioning on his cock and just settled in to feeling it move back and forth in my mouth. I was tempted to grab on to it with my hands, but I was trying to watch as much as I could in the mirror.

“I”m going to cum soon Timmy. I”m tired and as much as I love this, I have an early class,” he informed me. I just kept doing what I had been doing paying attention to him and his cock, overwhelmed by how much he cared for me. I had to admit what all the fags told me was true, I was in love with Ian McNeil and he had total control over me now. His cock just became completely rigid. When he got even harder than normal I knew he was getting close. Then I began to feel his nuts pull tight and the next thing I saw in the mirror was Ian pulling his cock out of my mouth and begin spraying his load all over my face. Big ropes of cum splattered me. Thank god not in my eyes because I was watching it happen. My neck, chin, cheeks got covered. When he finished he spun my head directly to face the mirror.

“Get a good look, Timmy. This is one of my favorite images of you. Looking happy and satisfied after getting me off, covered in my seed. Now use your fingers to clean up and eat all that.”

I did as he said and then we went to sleep. I was too tired to think much of what tomorrow would bring. Sir would tell me anyway.


Bailey was gone and it was the usual routine at the farm. But it wasn”t good enough for me. I needed to make some changes. I needed to be good and get out of here. I needed to find a man of my own. I could admit it, I was nothing without an alpha man to take me where he wanted to go.

“Mr. Johnson? May I speak with you?” He paused doing whatever it was he was doing walking between buildings on the farm. I had just seen him as I was coming out of the bunkhouse.

“Sure, what is it Danny?”

“Mr. Johnson, I want to find a man. No, let me be clearer, I NEED to find a man,” I told him as clearly and as concisely as I knew how. “Now that Daddy has decided things, I need to find someone to belong to, I want to be that man”s faggot, Sir. Can”t I meet some men soon?”

“Danny, your Dad and I have been talking about that very subject,” Mr. Johnson stopped and began talking. “He agreed that you needed to start on your way and find someone who you could belong to also.”

“He did? That”s great!”

“You seem to have changed your tune a bit, Danny. Are you sure you”re ready?” he asked.

“Yeah, at Thanksgiving it was pretty clear to me. I know Daddy loves me, but he can”t be my Man. I wish it would be that way, but he is set at keeping Mom happy, and he doesn”t want to have me dangling around thinking I can have him.” I could feel tears start and I wasn”t going to let it happen. I did not want to be all the time crying, it was a waste.

“Your father loves you a lot Danny. Everything he has done for you and with you demonstrate that, but it is an unusual situation and a Man”s first job is to take care of his wife.”

“Yeah, I know and I love Mom too. I don”t want to hurt her, I need to get a Man so my attention is focused on that person, not Daddy.”

“That”s very mature, Danny. I”m glad you are understanding things better. You know, your father will never stop loving you.”

“I know.”

“And he may always try to sneak in a fuck with you if he can get it, you realize that?”

“Oh yeah, I know he will,” I grinned. “He”s a horny old man.” Johnson laughed at my statement and I smirked.”

“When I talk to him I will forget to mention you called him an old man, Danny.” He swatted me on my ass to remind me of my place.

“Thank you, Sir”, I told him.

“In fact Danny, I have a Man or two coming to visit the farm next week. One in particular might be interested in you.”

“You think? Really?? When? How can I meet him?”

“Men come through all the time Danny. Some stay in the house and watch you boys on cameras or look at your photos. Others simply blend in with the alphas here and you might not even know they aren”t one of the regular workers who needs to unload his nuts.”

“Oh,” I hadn”t thought about that before. Sometimes I didn”t even understand how fags got along in the world. We really didn”t think of some stuff. “You mean some of the studs are really men looking for a wife?”

“Yes, Danny. You”ve been fucked before by a couple.”

“Why didn”t you tell me Mr. Johnson? I would have..” I trailed off. I realized that I wouldn”t have changed, at that time. I was focused on Daddy. Johnson just smiled at me.

“You were working out your issues, Danny. A faggot gets attached very deeply to a Man and you needed some time to release all that.”

“Yes, Sir. I know that now.”

“I think you are ready too, Danny,” He put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a man”s side hug sorta thing.

“What”s this guy look like? Is he big and strong? Does he live nearby? When is he coming?”

“He will be here soon, that”s all I can say right now, Danny. I don”t believe he will be the sort that wants to mix in with the studs on the farm. I”m guessing that he may want to watch you on the cameras, so all I CAN say is be good. Do your chores, follow your rules, and let the studs fuck you when they choose to. Those are things any Man will want to see in a fag, before he takes you someplace for a test run, let”s call it.”

“Yes, Sir! I will, Thanks Mr. Johnson.” I was really excited now. Maybe I could get a man easier than I thought.

“Run along and get to your work for now. Just know that men are looking all the time Danny.”

“Thanks again, Mr. Johnson! This is great.” I meant it too. I had no idea but it was simply because I was too wrapped up in my own drama to pay attention to the comings and goings. Ugh, I could be dense a lot of the time. I knew it.


Ian slapped my ass. “Wake up. If I”m up, you should be too, remember that.”

I sat up in his bed and rubbed my eyes. He had already been to the shower and somehow I hadn”t heard it. I had slept through the night without interruption.

“I”m headed off to class. What”s on your calendar?” he asked.

“Uhm, well I should hit the gym this morning. Class this afternoon.”

“Good. Pick up this place before you leave. You made a mess last night.”

“What do I do with my clothes?” I wondered.

“Fold them up and set them on the table for now,” he pointed. “We need to find you a bed somewhere. Unless Donor has gotten over himself.”

“Can”t I just stay here with you, Sir?”

“No, Timmy, you can”t. I need my own space. Even though you might be here a lot, I still want you to know that it is my space. Besides, how would I fuck any girls if you were here all the time.”

I hadn”t thought about that. I kinda figured that now that I was his, he wouldn”t be fucking girls. I didn”t want to think of that part. I guess not everything had changed over the break.

“Just because you belong to me does not mean I belong to you, boy. Get that thought out of your head now. I”m not going to play at monogamy; now or ever.” He looked over at me to get a confirmation.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded.

“I do not expect monogamy from you either, Timmy. I plan to allow you to have other people inside your holes, you just need to ask first or put out when I instruct you to do so.”

Wow, so he really meant that about no sex unless he approved. He planned to give me away at times. “What if someone tells me you said it was okay?” I always had questions it seemed.

“Think Timmy, what did we talk about?”

“No sex unless you tell me. So I don”t take their word for it. I wait for your instructions?”

“Good boy,” he smacked my cheek with his palm lightly. “See, you can remember it. Oh, and don”t wear your new outfit in the house until I am around with you, but you better start wearing some of those new pants we bought. They show things off nicely.”

“Yes, Sir.” He was dressed now and headed out the door.

“Stick to your calendar so I know where you are at, boy. And keep your phone on so I can text you and get you when I want to.” Then he was gone.

I picked up his room as he said. Straightened things up and cleaned up some spots of his cum that had not been sprayed on my face. I threw on some sweats and packed my gym bag with clothes. I figured I would shower there and grab something to eat before class. I closed Ian”s room and headed down the stairs towards the front door of the house. I didn”t get very far though before I saw Zach, one of the brothers.

“It true, Tim?”

“Wh.. what? Is what true?” Holy crap, Donor didn”t take long to talk.

“Donor says you”re Ian”s latest girl. Is it true?”

“Uuuhhhh,” fuck me, I had to say something. Ian said aydınlı escort to accept who I am. I needed to do it, he said it would be fine. “Uhm, yeah, sorta like that.”

“Hey, no skin off my nose,” he told me. He looked at my butt and continued talking. “Ian”s pretty lucky to be fucking that ass.” Then he kept walking up the stairs to his room. I just kinda stared at him as he left me standing there. He didn”t seem to care! He complimented my ass! Did Zach screw guys? Holy fuck. Maybe the world didn”t work the way I had always thought it did. I passed through the main room on the way to the door and a couple other guys were watching the tv.

“You squeal louder than any of his other girls, Timmy,” one of them spoke. They cracked up laughing at their statement. “Oh, fuck me Ian, fuck me,” the other added in a high pitched voice. I could feel my face flush; I knew I was beet red. They were high fiving and laughing at me.

I didn”t even know what to say. I had to get out. I nearly sprinted to the door.


I made it through my workout, well, Ian”s designed workout, and class without any comments. Not everyone was aware. I had almost forgotten the fact I was now heading home to face the house again. I slowed my pace and thought about it. Everyone in the house knew. Either from the noise I made when Ian was fucking me last night or from Donor filling them in. I was a fag in their mind now. Well maybe not in the sense of the word as Ian used it, but I am sure he would make that clear soon enough. They all knew I was queer, that I was taking it up the ass from him.

I walked into the house. There were a couple guys watching the tv, but they didn”t say anything. I headed upstairs and almost went to my old room. I didn”t want to face Donor if he was there but I didn”t know if Ian wanted me in his room or not. Why were there so many things to think about now? I took a chance and went to Ian”s room. There was no tie on the door so he wasn”t in there with a girl anyway. I almost opened it but remembered it was still his room. I stopped myself then knocked on the door.

“Ian, are you in there?” I asked.

“Yeah, Timmy, come on in.”

I opened the door and went inside. He was at his desk working on a paper it looked like. He turned around and was smiling. It made me smile back.

“Everyone knows,” was all I said. I looked at him for a reaction.

“Yep, you were definitely loud last night.” He kept smiling.

“And Donor told people. He told Zach.”

“Yep. You”re out now. Nothing to do but embrace it, Timmy.” Ian was still smiling. It was like he was enjoying this, had been waiting for it. But didn”t it mean he was out too? That he was gay because he was fucking me? I didn”t get it. Even though he kept telling me it didn”t matter to him or that he was the man, I still didn”t get it. He wasn”t freaked out at all. He didn”t see himself as gay.

“Zach didn”t seem to care, but some of the other bros hassled me.”

“Hassled you how?” Ian asked.

“Well they were laughing and said I was loud, they were imitating�my noise, and what I said last night.” Ian just laughed.

“Did they do anything like Donor?”

“No, but I was embarrassed. They were laughing at me, yelling I guess like I did last night for you to fuck me.” Ian smiled.

“Yep, as it should be.” What did that mean? That I was supposed to make noise? That it was normal to make fun of me? I didn”t get it.

“Get your new clothes on, baby,” Ian told me. “Those new shorts and t-shirt.” Fuck me, He was going to have me dress as his boy, his toy.

“Sir, do I have to?” Now he frowned for the first time this afternoon.

“Timmy,” he started in his dominant voice, “I told you that you need to face this. You”re my fag. You need to accept that and deal with this now, today. Yes, you have to dress in your fagboy outfit.”

I sighed. I knew I had no response to him. Ian was right. I wanted more of his dick. I wanted to be his boy. I loved that I was good at what he wanted me to be good at. I was his fag. I set my backpack down and went to the table to retrieve my “new” clothes. I stripped off my school clothes.

“Those boxers aren”t going to work with your shorts. What other underwear you got, Timmy?” I looked through the little I had brought into his room. They were all boxers or boxer briefs.

Ian grabbed the jock I had on yesterday. “Use this, but you need some new undies. Buy some thongs or bikini briefs soon,” he directed me.

“Thongs? Like girls wear?” Ian grinned.

“What else is going to work for those shorts?”

 I didn”t say anything. He was right. Unless I wanted underwear hanging lower than the shorts. I wouldn”t have cared but he did and he was in charge. I slipped on the used jock and put on my new frat clothes. He watched as I did it. When I looked he was smiling again.

“Good news too, Timmy. Zach says you can share his room. The extra bed there has been vacant for this semester, remember? He”s looking forward to you sharing.”

“Ian, uh, Sir, Zach said he understood why you were fucking me and commented about my ass.”

“Yep,” was his grinning response. “He spoke to me this morning before I left. He would like to get a crack at your mouth too.”

“So, what am I suppose to do? You said no sex with anyone else. What if he tries something?”

“I fully expect you to let Zach use your face all he wants, but he is not to use your ass. He knows this. I agreed that he could do that in return for allowing you to share his space.”

“Sir!” I started to protest but the look on Ian”s face said it was final. He had already decided. He wanted his space and I wasn”t included in that. I would share with Zach  for now. Fuck Donor, I hated him at that moment. I also wondered what Zach”s dick looked like and when he would start to make use of Ian”s offer. I can”t believe I considered it right away, but I did. I really was a fag. Yet, Ian had no problem trading my mouth for a space for me to sleep. Ian didn”t care if he shared me with the frat brothers.

“What about Donor? My old room?”

“Donor is fucked up right now,” he told me. “He seems pissed but I am wondering if he is pissed because he can”t allow himself to think about your mouth again or if he is pissed because he is a fag himself and wants me to be getting some cock.”

Wow, I hadn”t thought about that possibility. Ian was always a step ahead. It just confirmed how much he knew and I didn”t. “Do you really think that, Sir? That he would want to suck a cock?”

“Not sure, boy. I will keep an eye on him. In the meantime, don”t hang out with him, he isn”t dealing with your outing very well. The good news is no one else has whined like him about it.”

That made me relax a bit, despite the fact I was standing there in fag shorts and a tight T.

“Ready? Let”s head downstairs, boy, “he said with emphasis on the “boy” part. I tried to keep my head up as we went down the stairs but I think it was hanging by the time I was at the bottom of the stairs.


“Hey Billy. You survive Thanksgiving?” I asked as I wandered into the kitchen. “I know Jan had you busy.

He smiled, which was unusual. “Yes, Sir. It was more fun than I thought. I was kinda scared. I don”t do well in family situations usually.”

“You did fine.” I put my around his shoulder and pulled him into me. Gave him a hug of sorts. “I know Jan really likes having you here. She enjoys your company a lot.”

“You think so? She”s so nice. I really like her a lot.”

“I want you to be comfortable Billy. You do so much that you deserve a bit of fun from time to time,” I told him. He didn”t say anything. I released him and grabbed some coffee. I was going to work from home today.

“Good morning Billy,” Jan said. I watched as she gave him a peck on the cheek. I was happy to see she was displaying affection to him. I hoped after our conversation last night, she might soon realize that Billy might be a safe person to let her think about some sort of exploration.

“Good morning Mrs. McNeil. Did you sleep well?” he asked.

“Why, yes Billy, I did. Thank you. You”re so sweet.”

This was going slowly, but well I thought to myself as I headed to my office.


When we got downstairs heads turned and then several of the guys burst into applause. They were catcalling and hollering. “There”s the bitch,” “Way to go, Timmy!” “What”s that pussy like, Ian?” It was typical frat shit but I could feel myself turning red and I wanted to run. I couldn”t look at them staring at me. I was humiliated and they hadn”t even mentioned my outfit yet.

Ian high-fived a couple guys. It was like he had conquered some great challenge. Is that what they thought?

“Timmy, gotta love that outfit,” Zach shouted. “Turn around and show us that ass that Ian couldn”t keep his hands off.” They all laughed. I looked over at Ian. He was laughing along with them. He caught my eye and did a spin-around sign with his hand. I sighed but had no choice. I was already humiliated. I spun around slowly there in the main room.

“Holy Shit!” “Look at that!” “Where”s he been hiding that all this time?” “Ian, you”re the man!” There were a dozen different guys saying a dozen different things that said the same thing. They seemed to like my ass or at least the way Ian had dressed me up.

Ian looked over at me. “Timmy, I bought some beer for the occasion. Go grab the case and bring the guys a beer.” I should have known this was coming. Again he signaled me to run along and so I went to the main kitchen and found the case of beer in the fridge.

I brought the case back in and started handing beers out. There were about a dozen guys there at the moment. As I went around it seemed like every last one of them had a grope or smack or a poke at my ass. I couldn”t believe it. I jumped a couple times at first but then I ignored it as best that I could. Everyone had a beer and Ian spoke.

“Men, here”s to my boy, Timmy. Finally admitting he needed a real man to fill some holes.” He raised his beer and they all said “Hear, hear” and took a slug. “And if any of you try anything with my boy then I”ll knock the shit out of you.” They all laughed. “You need to ask first,” Ian finished.

Total humiliation. All these guys were various buddies or friends the last year or two. Now they all saw me in a different light. I was Ian”s boy, the frat bro he conquered and made use of. The one Ian just said would suck their dicks if they asked him first. They didn”t even seem to care that he was fucking me, he wasn”t gay or queer. Brought out of my closet by my former buddy, and now serving beer to them all. I went to take one of the beers and Ian knocked my hand away.

“The beer is for the men, Timmy. Go grab a glass of white wine for yourself.” They all laughed but I wanted something to drink, to calm me down so I did.

I went to get a glass of wine and put the beer back in the fridge. Fuck it. I drank one glass in the kitchen and took another out to the main room with me. It was going to be a long night, I could tell. As soon as I got back, they were demanding more beer and I was sent to get it. I went back and forth several times before we sat down to eat. I was the beer bitch. I used to have the girls get beer like that when we hung at the sororities, now I was doing the serving. I had nothing to say. Nothing, because I had begged for it; I begged to get fucked and be Ian”s boy. I was the servant, the bitch and I really loved that Ian was happy with me, with my effort. It was all the extra stuff that was freaking me out, the humiliation, the being given away. What had I done to myself?



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