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Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 04

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It has been a couple of months since my wife’s desires lead her training me to become her bi-sexual fuck toy. S is in charge of our sex life, not as though I am complaining as she can be tender as well as dominant, thinking of my desires as well as hers. We still hook up with Mike and Jane a couple of times a month, S and Jane have stretched my ass to a reasonable size, comfortably accommodating the variety of dildos and strap-ons they fuck me with while Mike is thrusting his cock down my throat, which I still crave for every time we meet.

During this time, I have never had Mike’s impressive cock up my ass as S has not permitted it. I constantly imagine him rubbing the tip of his cock against my hole, tantalising me as he gently lubricates my entrance with his pre-cum. I can’t wait any longer so I push backwards on his cock, flexing my rear muscles so they open to engulf him and then sheer ecstasy as he slides in, forcing the whole length of his shaft in with one push until I feel his balls pressed firmly on my ass.

Our anniversary is only a few weeks away and I know S is planning something special, but the rules do not permit me to ask or mention it, but that is the future and my thoughts are turned towards this evening as S has permitted Mike and I to play alone tonight, well I say alone, S will be there directing our pleasure. I hope I get his cock filling my hole, the mere thought of it is already giving me a raging hard on and my ass is on fire as it continuously contracts around the butt plug, held tightly with a latex thong, which S inserted there this morning. Thank god the latex sheath is housing all the cum I have already released this morning and does not show through my trousers. Another thanks to the desk I am sitting behind to cover up my evident bulge as there are clients in the office.

“…and that, I think concludes our business Matt. Just the formalities of you checking over the paper work and sending them to our solicitor by the end of the week.”

Shit, meeting over and still erect.

“Just one question,” I replied in order to gain some extra ‘ease down’ time. “Could you confirm the payment and payee details on the final page as a matter of course?”

The clients turned to the final page and read the details. “All correct,” they confirmed a little too quickly.

I gathered the papers together, my erection slowly subsiding, and placed them in a document folder.

“They will be with your solicitor first thing Friday morning,” I confirmed, putting the papers to one side, before standing up and reaching out to shake their hands, but not before I noticed that they both had taken a quick glance at my crotch as I stood.

“Nice doing business with you Matt, give our love to your wife and you both must come round for dinner sometime.”

“Look forward to it,” I answered.

“Great, I’ll give her a call to confirm a date.”

I walked around the desk and opened the door for my two female clients.

“Really good to see you both again,” I said kissing them both on the cheek and imagining these two old friends and S with strap-ons in hand as they take it in turns to ruthlessly fuck me over the dinner table. “S will be really excited to meet up again for dinner.”

“Probably not as excited as you are.”

With that they left arm in arm, leaving me blushing in the doorway of my office.

“Busted!” I thought.

I arrived home and as I was about to put they key in the lock, I was met at the door by S.

“Hi darling, good day at the office?” she asked closing the door behind us.

“Interesting,” I replied kissing her.

S took me in her arms. “So I have heard,” she smiled, “we have received a dinner invitation from Jo and Di.”

“That was quick,” I said, “didn’t expect them to call so soon.”

She moved one of her hands down the front of my trousers and began to lightly rub. “They said you appeared to be quite distracted during the meeting,” my cock immediately responded to her touch. “Want to tell me what you were thinking about?”

“Well,” I began, returning back to my earlier day dream; my shaft hard and held firmly in check by S.

“Couldn’t help thinking about being alone with Mike tonight with you directing us,” I lifted her skirt up, moved closer and began rubbing my bulge against her panties.

“Continue,” she ordered.

“Looking forward to being his sub for the evening,” I continued. S pushed me back a little and opened my zipper, releasing my sheathed erection.

“This feels extremely wet and full of cum,” she said stretching the latex sheath up and down my lubricated shaft. “Please continue darling.”

“I Just kept imagining kneeling down in front of Mike, his hard juicy wet cock hanging between his legs only a few inches from my face, his hand slowly pulling back his foreskin to reveal his shiny tip leaking precum.”

S let her skirt fall to the floor, and thrusted her sex against my cock. “Continue,” she ordered again.

“I can feel his heat as he brushes his cock against my eagerly awaiting lips so I escort ankara can taste his cum. Mike then puts his hand on my head; I know what is next so I open my mouth to let him push his wonderful thick cock inside me.”

S began to breathe harder, rubbing herself against me faster and rougher. I could feel the lace of her panties against the sheath, adding further stimulation to my already over excited cock.

“He places his other hand on my head, forcing me deeper on to his cock, he rocks my head back and forth along his silky shaft, his tip banging against the back of my throat making me gag. There is no way I can stop him, my mouth is his fuck toy and I’m his cock sucker.”

S backed herself against the wall and jumped in my arms. “Fuck me now Matt!” she demanded. I held her tight against me, moved her panties to one side, feeling how wet she was and placed my latex cock against her soaked opening.

“Mike pushes me further on his cock,” I began to slide in to her.

“Further and further until I can’t take anymore,” I plunged the rest of my cock in to her making her gasp.

“Fuck me Matt, suck Mikes cock until he explodes.”

“I feel Mike’s breathing getting harder,” S picked up the pace and started groaning loudly.

“His thrusting becomes more forceful, trying to squeeze every inch of his cock in my mouth,” S rocked her hips, pushing me as deep inside her as she could.

“I can sense he is close, building up to an explosive climax, his balls clench, his shaft twitches and stiffens to the max,” S arched her back, wrapping her legs around me and forcing me closer.

My cock followed suit, balls clenched, shaft stiffened. “Mike explodes, I can feel the warmth of his seed flooding my mouth and running down the back of my throat.”

S tightened around my cock as she flooded her cunt with her own climax. She reached behind me, sliding her fingers over my trousers and forcefully pushed the butt plug hard against my prostrate. I instantly exploded in my sheath; the flood of my own warm cum coated my cock and balls. My ass muscles contracted around the butt plug simultaneously trying to expel it and pull it deeper inside.

S snuggled in to my neck, trying to catch her breath. “That was fucking hot Matt,” she gasped between breaths. “Now I understand why the girls knew you were distracted today.”

“Looks like I really need to find a new direction for you both tonight to beat this orgasm.”

“Just let me have his cock up my ass please!” I thought to myself.

We made our way upstairs. I removed her soaking panties, amazed at how wet they were considering that it was just her juice. She removed my cock out of the sheath, glistening and sticky with all the cum released over the day and the recent climax. The cool air seducing it back to a semi hard state. This time she bent down and began to suck it as I had imagined doing to Mike. As she sucked she slowly peeled down my latex briefs and gently tugged on the butt plug. My ass was still on fire and would not relinquish the plug without some effort. S continued sucking and tugging, teasing both my cock and ass with her actions. Then with a sudden jerk she yanked out the plug. There was an immediate sensual pain as the plug forced itself past my contracted sphincter driving the reminder of cum out of my cock.

“mmmm, tastes good,” S replied as she sucked the last few drops of cum from my cock.

She placed the plug into the sheath, and began to rub the plug up and down, lubricating it with my spent seed as she had masturbated my cock earlier.

“I want you to cover your fingers with the remainder of your cum from the sheath and lube up my ass with it,” S ordered as she turned round, bent over and exposed her smooth ass rose to me.

I lubed up my fingers and gently began to massage her hole in gentle circular motions. S soon started to move her hips in rhythm to my caresses, encouraging me to move closer to her centre. As I moved towards her perfect rose I felt her relax, her ass lips opening as she gently pushed against my fingers so I could lube her inner rim.

“Now insert the plug Matt,” she demanded

I placed the plug against her glistening hole and, without waiting for me to push it further; she suddenly impaled herself on the plug, the bulbous shaft instantly disappearing and held in place by its base.

“Wow that feels better filled with your Mike fantasy cum soaked butt plug,” she said clenching her muscles around the plug. “Now time for a shower, dinner and preparations for tonight.”

We showered, enjoying the tenderness of washing each other after the erotic foreplay earlier. Once dressed in casual clothes we prepared dinner and sat down to eat. We talked about our day, but all talk of tonight was strictly out of bounds.

I admired my ‘new wife’; the past couple of months had been a total turnaround of not only our sex life, but also our faltering couple. By taking control and making sure that her directing persona with Mike and Jane was also harmonised by her gentleness when we were alone, escort mersin S had ensured that both of us discovered and enjoyed her/our sexual liberation. In a sense, her control had also liberated me from the controlling husband I had become instead of being the man she married. I admired the way she never gave up on us and respected that I should be thinking about her pleasure, how she felt and how I could please her.

We finished dinner. “Mike will be here around 11 tonight, after he has taken Jane to the airport,” S said clearing the table. “That gives us a few hours to enjoy ourselves before the fun starts,” she continued with a sly smile on her face, “come on darling; get your jacket we are going out.”

“Where we going?” I asked.

“Leave it to me darling, somewhere to put us in the mood for tonight.”

“I’m already in the mood,” I grinned.

“I know, but I was thinking of getting me more in the mood, an idea I had today which I would like to see if it could happen.”

“Sounds intriguing! If it’s anything like your other ideas recently, I’m sure you will manage to make it happen.”

“What you waiting for? Get your jacket,” she said tossing me the car keys, “you can drive tonight, I feel like a couple of drinks for Dutch courage.”

I was intrigued, “Dutch courage,” I repeated, “but…”

I stopped, looked into her eyes and saw she had no doubt that she would put her plan in to place. The drinks were still part of the shy S I married, a sincere part of her I hoped she would never lose. I grabbed my jacket, closed the door behind us and walked arm in arm to the car, enjoying the closeness we shared, but in the back of my mind I was thinking “what the fuck did she now have in mind?”

We drove the few miles into town, my mind only partly on the road.

“So where we going?” I asked turning to S. She looked radiant this evening. Whether it was the thought of embarking on her new idea, the fantastic sex we had just had, or simply my butt plug up her ass, I had no idea, but she really did look so full of happiness.

“Head for the main street and pull in as soon as you see a place.”

She was playing this one very close to her chest, not giving any clues away. I pulled in as soon as I saw a place. We got out the car and S came round to me and linked her arm in mine.

“Thanks darling for doing this,” she beamed.

“I have no idea what we are doing,” I smiled back at her, “but if it is anything like your other ideas I am sure we will both love it.”

We kissed and S led the way.

The evening with Mike tonight was still in the back of my mind, but here I was enjoying a simple walk down the street with S, with the final warmth of a beautiful summer’s evening setting behind us and heading for… well, I had no fucking idea whatsoever.

I was gently pulled out of my romantic day dream as S tugged me to the right and into the ‘Orchid’. We had not been here for a while, it used to be one of our regular haunts a few years back and it was also the place where we had our first dinner date.

“Grab us a couple of drinks and I will try and find a table in the garden.”

“Sure, any particular drink to help your ‘Dutch courage’?” I asked.

“Have a look at the cocktails, and surprise me with the one with the name which grabs your attention.”

I walked to the bar as S headed towards the garden. I watched her navigate her way through the people, gently touching the shoulders of both males and females smiling at them as she squeezed past. This, I was sure, was part of the plan, knowing that she would be receiving some subtle attention, as she made her way through. I was quite aroused to see she was turning heads as she moved between the people. Especially from a few men who, like me, were drawn to the way her butt swayed seductively under the fine silk summer dress she was wearing, the silk accentuating her beautiful curves. Even more aroused by the knowledge that out of view to all, with each rhythmic sway of her hips my butt plug would be gently massaging her hole.

When she disappeared out into the garden I looked at the cocktail list behind the bar and instantly saw the cocktail I would get her.

I made my way outside and found S sitting at the table with Jo and Di.

“Hi Matt, good to see that you have calmed down since this morning,” Jo said flashing a wicked smile.

I put the drinks down and kissed each of the ladies on their cheek.

“Evening girls. Must admit I’m quite embarrassed about that,” I blushed.

“Don’t be,” Jo replied, “Just look at you two, you both look like newlyweds. Whatever you’re doing together, it must be working.”

“And S is looking so beautiful,” Di said tipping her glass towards S.

S beamed and took a sip of the cocktail. “Wow that’s good darling, what is it?”

“Can I get you two a drink?” I asked.

“I will have what S is drinking,” said Jo.

“Me too, whatever it is,” added Di.

“Hidden Desire,” I replied starting to laugh and feeling my cheeks flush again.

“Well izle Matt, quite appropriate don’t you think,” Jo said looking me straight in the eye as she reached over to put her hand on top of S’s.

S looked startled and then started laughing. “Hidden Desires all round please Matt,” she said giving me a quick wink, which I could not help feel, was a wink of accomplishment indicating that her plan had been set in motion.

I left to get the drinks. What the fuck was S up to, couldn’t be a coincidence Jo and Di called today to arrange a dinner date and then we ‘accidentally’ meet up here as there was no time for dinner tonight. Obviously her plan involved them, but in which capacity I could only guess and knowing S and her plans this was going to be interesting, painfully frustrating in anticipation, but very interesting.

I returned with the cocktails to a round of applause from the ladies.

“Thanks Matt, S has been telling us your secret,” said Di.

“Secret I stammered?” Feeling slightly uncomfortable with where this could lead.

“Yes how you two look so much in love, we can practically feel the chemistry radiating out from you both.”

“Don’t worry Matt, S has not gone into all the horny details, but she has asked us a favour.”

“Favour?” Now I was totally confused.

“Darling,” S answered, “I was explaining to Jo and Di that you have paid more attention to me lately, making me feel so loved, so special and also so desirable.”

I was stuck for words wondering where this was now going.

“I also told them why you were distracted this morning.”

“You did?” I asked, looking down slightly, feeling like I had been caught doing something I should not have been doing.

S was loving every minute of this, watching me wondering what had been said, what was going on and feeling extremely self-conscious.

“Sorry if I have embarrassed you again, but Jo and Di have agreed to help.”

I turned to them, still stuck for words.

“We know It’s your anniversary in a couple of weeks and you want to buy something special for S but don’t want her to see it before the big evening,” explained Jo.

“They have agreed to go shopping with you and model the lingerie and dress I will wear for our anniversary evening,” S explained. “That way you will see how it looks and can also imagine know how sexy I will look in it.”

I finally started to cotton on to her plan. Giving Jo and Di just enough information about our sex life to interest them, show them how happy and open we had become whilst also inadvertently or deliberately tapping in to my earlier day dream. S was not overly flirtatious with Jo, but the way Jo was tenderly caressing S’s hand did suggest that she had picked up on how attracted S was to her. I had no way of knowing for sure and I could have been way off track, but S had now manoeuvred us in to an extremely arousing situation with the opportunity for both of us to open our relationship wider.

“Is that ok with you Matt?” S asked.

“Sure,” I said, “Sounds like a once in a life time shopping trip I can finally enjoy,” I joked.

“Been years since Jo and I have paraded around in underwear for a man,” Di said, “will make our next office meeting quite interesting Matt, don’t you think.”

“Bets on to see who makes him blush first,” Di teased.

“Or aroused,” S continued.

“I am here,” I said light heartedly.

“In body yes, but we’re sure we know where your mind is right now,” taunted. Jo.

All three began to laugh while I just sat there grinning and blushing. They looked at me and started laughing again. S was crying, thoroughly enjoying the moment, the company and, most likely, sowing the seeds of her plan.

We walked back towards the car, having said our goodbyes to the girls and also arranging our shopping adventure for a week on Saturday.

“Looks like you had your stroke of Dutch courage tonight,” I said hugging her as we walked to the car.

“Yes,” she replied returning the hug.

“Did all go to plan?” I asked

“Plan darling? I just wanted to show how happy we are and also flirt with the girls.”

“So tonight’s plan was in fact just to flirt with the girls?”


“And the lingerie shopping?” I added.

“Improvisation. You have to admit you are going to have a great time,” she replied, poking me in the ribs.

“Sure am, but why Jo and Di tonight?”

She stopped. “You really have no idea?” she asked.

“No,” I lied, well I think I lied, too be honest I was slightly confused; too many situations had been imagined today.

“Matt, I love you, I love fucking you with my strap-on, I love it when you suck Mike’s cock and he gets off in your mouth and I love the taste of his juice on your lips when you kiss me. I also love Jane fucking me, sliding her dildo in my eagerly awaiting pussy, taking me from behind and having her pound my ass, but most of all, I adore you watching me being taken by her.”

I was getting more and more excited with her words and also the fact she was being honest with me.

“It is special when we make love, the intimacy, the erotic and also the risky,” she said as she slid one hand down the front of my trousers and with her other hand she moved mine under her dress.

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