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Subject: Becoming the Team Coxswain Chapter 16 Becoming The Team Coxswain — Chapter 16 Written by Bustermuscle- hoo This story will contain consensual man/man sex with humiliation (verbal and physical), one-way sex, coercion, reluctance, non-reciprocation, domination, spanking, submission, cum denial, chastity, oral and anal sex. Synopsis: A naive college freshman, Josh Clarkson, is recruited as a coxswain for the college Crew team. A coxswain (pronounced COCK-SON) is the real term used for the small guy in the stern of the boat, who yells “stroke” and steers the boat during the race. In previous chapters, Josh has been trained, through coercion and hypnosis, to serve the team sexually in hopes of gaining higher levels of testosterone, and becoming more athletic. In the last chapter, after meeting Kaito, Josh agrees to become Nate’s “girlfriend”, and discovers his female side. Josh is no longer allowed to have a cock, but only a clit, like a girl. He is not allowed to cum without permission from Nate or the Coach. The Coach has opened Josh’s holes to the team and they can fuck him with the Coach’s permission. Josh must simply by there for the team to use his holes, or be kicked off the team. Nate makes himself vulnerable and shows Josh how he truly feels about him. He knows however that, even though Josh is his new “girlfriend, he really belongs to Coach and the team. Personal Note from the Author: As I continued writing this story, I realized that I need two, or three, additional chapters before I can finish. I received several emails with ideas on Josh’s training and that has inspired me to write. I hope to get another chapter out this week that will bring Josh, full circle, into his new life as a submissive faggot. In these final chapters, Josh has finally been transformed using hypnosis, coercion, dom/sub abuse, cross dressing, piss, farting, rimming ass, chastity/edging, cum denial, being raped and finally, in this chapter, LOVE. PLEASE do not hesitate to send your comments. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE Think about all the great orgasms you have had from reading this site. Let’s work together and keep this great site going. Donate to fty/ CHAPTER 16 Josh now is not allowed to wear boy clothes while in the dorm. Nate has purchased several outfits including fishnets, corsets, nylons with matching garter belts, and dozens of sexy panties. Josh is no longer wearing the cage. The Coach arranged several appointments with the therapist, who hypnotized Josh to never touch his own clit and only cum from anal stimulation when given permission. If no permission is given, Josh must announce when his orgasm is approaching while being fucked, and to stop all stimulation until it subsides. He would tell Nate to stop fucking him so that he won’t cum, but stay on the edge. Nate would stop pumping and hold his cock buried deep in Josh’s ass until he gained control and stopped his orgasm. Once he regained control, Nate would start fucking him again. This process, day after day, has made Josh crazy with lust. He would do anything just to have an orgasm. His balls were holding his cum back for over two weeks now. Regardless of not having his own orgasm, Josh really started to feel like Nate’s girlfriend. Nate was good to his inferior roommate, allowing Josh to lick his armpits and asshole daily. It no longer felt strange when he would talk to me like I was a girl. “You’re my pussy girl, right baby?” Nate would whisper into Josh’s ear. “Yes Sir,” Josh would reply without hesitation now. Even though Nate was kinder to Josh, he always reminded him of his dominance and kept Josh in his place. He bought sexy lingerie for Josh and expected him to wear it daily. Nate loved Josh in nylons or pantyhose with 4″ heels in the dorm room. His ass seemed to push up and out even higher when he walked around the room. Josh would dress as directed by Nate and present himself to his roommate by standing, with his legs spread open and head bowed. “Girl,” Nate said as he stood directly in front of Josh, close enough that Josh could smell his roommate’s body odor. He leaned into Josh’s ear and said, “You look beautiful honey”. He turned Josh around and wrapped his arms around him from behind, pressing his crotch against Josh’s ass. “I have a beautiful girlfriend,” Nate said as he felt Josh’s nylon covered ass. “Tell me you love being my girlfriend, Josh.” Nate wrapped his arms around Josh and licked his ear and neck from behind him. Josh signed and felt happy at that moment. He loved how Nate smelled. “Yes sir,” Josh said, “I love being your girlfriend Sir.” Josh meant what he said. He felt loved and safe. “I’m going to make you feel so good tonight,” Nate said softly as he searched for Josh’s hole with his fingers. “You’re going to feel like a real woman, baby. This is where you belong baby. As long as you devote yourself to your boyfriend, and the team, everything will be OK.” Josh nodded and realized how truly horny he was. Nate was going to make love to Josh tonight and both of them couldn’t wait. This is how every day ended for the two roommates. Josh was not allowed to cum but he gave Nate several orgasms each night. This only made Josh more anxious and horny for the next night. Eventually, Josh dressed in lingerie and presented himself on Nate’s bed on his stomach with his ass pussy up and exposed. Josh had learned how to orgasm without touching himself as he was fucked. He would have to hold his orgasms until given permission but he was always ready and waiting to be fucked with hopes of being allowed to cum. Soon, the daily routine was the same. Nate would drop his dirty clothes anywhere in the room and Josh would pick them up and do his laundry. Nate would also require Josh to remain under his desk, while he was studying, massaging and kissing his feet. Nate liked to have his cock soaking in Josh’s mouth while he finished writing his school paper, and petting his head like a dog. “You’re such a good girlfriend, baby,” Nate said, “Are you thirsty? Why don’t you seal your mouth now and I’ll give you a little drink.” Josh would close his mouth tightly around Nate’s dick head just in time to feel the tangy piss pouring into him. Josh learned to love Nate’s piss too, drinking it without losing a drop. Nate had turned Josh’s desk into an entertainment and game center for the team to play. Teammates would come to his room and, knowing Josh was Nate’s new girlfriend, sit naked while playing video games. Their swollen cocks would hang over the front of the sofa while Josh brought them beer and snacks. Josh was usually on the floor, between Nates legs, wearing only panties or a jock, waiting for instructions from one of the athletes. The coach told the team that he now wanted Josh to have several loads of sperm hormone injected into him on a daily basis. Sometimes, they would sit, with their legs spread open, as they jerked off while watching porn together. The porn was always straight, with multiple men abusively fucking a tiny girl. When it was time to cum, they would notify Nate, who would order Josh to crawl over to get his oral hormone injection. The athlete would say “front or back” and deposit his cum into the appropriate hole. There was no sucking or fucking, they would just insert their cockhead into his mouth or ass to unload their balls. There was no awkwardness at all. Josh would then lick the athlete’s cock clean and return to his spot next to Nate. This became the new pass time for the team and life was beginning to feel normal for Josh. Nate’s “cum issue” became less severe and, when alone, Nate would spray Josh’s face and try not to puke. This activity with the team didn’t effect him because the cum was completely inside Josh’s hole. The room smelled of musky male odor and sweat but that didn’t bother Nate any longer. Josh knew his place now and felt special with Nate and the athletes. After each of them had a nice cum, and deposited it into the coxswain, they would high five each other and tell Josh to get them another beer. Josh felt that he truly had a special place on the team now. He liked being Nate’s special girlfriend and taking his cum on a daily basis now. Josh would do his homework on the floor, under Nate’s desk, with his big sweaty feet close to his face so he could smell his feet, crotch and body odors. Nate said that Josh needed to know his proper place now as an inferior girl, farting at gaziantep escort will without concern. Nate would sometimes make Josh beg for his cum when he felt that Josh was getting spoiled and expecting his cum. He still wanted Josh to stay humble so he had to keep the boy in his proper place. Josh usually had a hard cock inside his panties or jock but knew he was not allowed to touch it. It stayed in the pouch swollen and frustrated, sometime with cock ring on to keep him swollen and horny. Sometimes his balls could no longer hold the cum back and he begged Nate to allow him to release his faggot juice. Nate would only allow Josh to cum by getting fucked with his cock inside his jock without ever getting fully hard. The faggot cum would dribble out while his hole was being pounded day after day. Their last regatta was next week and the athletes knew they would have to start holding their cum back for a while. The coach would prepare them for the final Regatta so the entire team was told to withhold from all sex in order to build up their natural testosterone and aggressiveness. In fact, several other coaches were planning to come to see how the TRT (Testosterone Retention Therapy) works first hand. This was Josh’s moment to shine and he was determined to prove himself as a real member of the team. Nate reported back to the Coach periodically telling him about Josh’s progress at ingesting his cum. The coach is happy that Nate has been a big part of discreetly turning Josh into a true faggot and the team cumdump as well. Even though Josh is Nate’s girlfriend, Nate knows that his first responsibility is to the team, and that Josh also must service all the cocks on the team. On the night before their final race, Josh was called into the Coach’s office. He stood outside his office door in his spandex uniform and knocked. “Yeah,” the coach yelled. “Coach, it’s the coxswain Sir.” Josh said through the door. “Come in boy,” the coach said. Josh entered but before he could say a word, the coach took him by the hair into the corner of the room. Josh had forgotten how forceful the coach was. “Don’t say a word faggot and listen to me,” the coach yelled as he pressed Josh’s face into the corner and kicked his legs open. “We need to prepare you for the biggest race of the season.” The coach walked back to his desk. “Just be still until the doctor and I are finished here.” Josh didn’t even realize that the doctor was sitting on the sofa next to the Coach’s desk. They both were drinking. “Im sorry doctor,” Coach said, “let me just get this boy prepared.” The coach pulled out a pair of pink panties and a huge butt plug and walked back to Josh. He reached around Josh head and pushed his fingers into the coxswain’s mouth holding his face into the corner of the room. Josh naturally sucked them. “Suck those fingers like its my cock faggot.” Coach said as he used his other hand to feel Josh’s ass. “I brought you a nice pair of panties for you to wear under your uniform.” He started to pull down the spandex singlet. He slapped Josh’s ass hard. “Don’t move and focus on sucking my fingers boy”. With Josh’s face still in the corner, the coach managed to peel off the spandex and pull up the panties. They were crotchless. Josh could feel the coach’s finger playing with his hole through the panty opening. The doctor was watching intently. Then, without warning, Josh felt something press against his hole. It was the dildo. “Bend over and pull up your uniform back on boy.” Coach ordered, “and keep your nose in the corner.” Josh knew what was coming. With the coach’s fingers still in his mouth, he pulled Josh’s head down slowly in order for Josh to grab the spandex singlet around his ankles. As soon as he was reached low enough, he felt the force of the dildo against his hole. Josh hesitated but the coach held his chin, with his fingers still in his mouth, to keep him down as he forced the dildo into his ass. He didn’t stop until it was completely embedded in his hole. As the boy stood back up, the coach went back to his desk. “He still thinks too much Doc.” The Coach said as though Josh was not present. “You gotta clear his head so he can focus on only one thing, right?” “Exactly,” the therapist answered as he walked right over to Josh, who turned to face him. “No, no boy,” the doctor said, “nobody told you to turn around. I heard you are a good little girl these days, eh? Well, what did I say about thinking? Good girls don’t think. Good girls listen and obey, right? This will make you a better coxswain and a better athlete. It will help you to focus on your job son.” Facing the corner of the room, Josh nodded his head as he felt the doctor feeling the dildo embedded in his ass. “You don’t want to be NAUGHTY, do you girl?” The doctor said naughty loudly and slapped Josh’s ass several times. Josh jumped in surprise. “No Sir,” he instantly replied. “Don’t think, clear the thoughts from your head and only do as you’re told girl.” The doctor said, “You must improve your focus here.” The doctor started to pumped the dildo slowly. “Now, focus only on your pussy girl.” The doctor said, “Think of how that pussy will help Coach and the athletes. The men need that pussy to service their cocks, right?” The coach walked to him and took Josh by the hair, pushing him to his knees. The coach moved fast and put his big smelly cock in Josh’s face. The doctor knelt down next to Josh, spoke in his ear as he continued to move the dildo in and out of his ass. “Look at that cock little girl. Smell that nasty cock girl.” The doctor whispered in Josh’s ear. He pushed Josh forward as he inhaled the crotch odor. “This is what you want and need to become a real man like the coach.” The doctor pushed Josh’s face lower, into the coach’s balls. Suddenly, there was a vibration in his ass. The dildo was vibrating. Josh instantly felt a tingle in his cock as he felt it begin to grow. He was no longer wearing a cage because he has learned to not touch himself ever. “That’s right girl,” the doctor whispered, “You feel that in your girl cunt, don’t you honey.” He reached back and pushed the vibrating dildo deeper into Josh’s ass. “Mmmfph” Josh moaned into the coach’s balls. “This will help you focus. Focus on your pussy and cock. Tomorrow you will focus on the race but today, you clear your brain and focus on how much you need male sperm to make you stronger for the race. You need that load inside you, don’t you girl?” Josh nodded and opened his mouth.. “Oh no,” the doctor pulled Josh’s head back, “You get nothing until you ask the Coach for permission to suck his cum out of that cock. Tell him what you need now.” Josh stared at the cock with his mouth open. The Coach said, “Look up at a real man, little girl.” Josh slowly raised his focus to meet the Coach’s eyes. He was smiling down at him. The coach leaned forward and laid his cock on top of Josh’s face. His balls against Josh’s chin with his cock head in his hair. His precum already leaking on the boy’s forehead. “Ask the coach for his sperm, little girl. Tell him you know it will make you a better athlete.” Doctor whispered. “Coach, I am …. I need…. ” Josh hesitated. “I need your cum, Coach.” “Ask him politely now little girl,” the doctor instructed. “Please Coach, may I have your sperm Sir?” Josh said looking up at him. “Why should I give you my sperm cox?” the coach asked mockingly. “I would like to be a stronger athlete for the team and I need you cum to do that, Coach. Please Coach, it’s the only way. Please?” The coach smiled down at him.” “Keep going little girl.” The doctor encouraged him. “I know your superior alpha cum is loaded with your male hormone and is good for me. It will help me be stronger for the team.” Josh continued, ” I want all the cum they have for me. I want them to dump their cum in me Sir. . Please may I have your cum?”” “Good girl,” the coach said, “I want to be sure you understand your job now. It sounds like you are a little cum slut to me. Is that right girl?” The coach reached out and almost pet Josh’s head before a gentle slap across the face. ” Oh yes Sir,” josh said quickly, “Yes I am your cum slut Sir. I would be so honored if you give me your masculine superior cum. I am nothing without a man’s sperm inside me. Please?” “That is such a good girl,” the doctor said. “I think you have learned well. I am very proud of you.” Josh felt suriyeli escort a true sense of pride hearing that as he watched the coach smile down at him. “Where do you want my cum girl?” The coach asked. “You can have either hole Sir,” Josh said, “My holes are for you Coach.” “Turn around girl,” the coach said, “I think you need this sperm directly into your gut.” The doctor helped Josh turn around and slowly pulled on the dildo. He pushed Josh down to his elbows with his ass in the air. The coach was masturbating while the doctor was positioning Josh for his injection. “Be a good girl now,” The doctor said gently, “and remember, you have to keep your cum inside those balls. You do not have permission to cum. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir,” Josh said as he allowed the men to use him. “Good girl,” the doctor said, “but I think we need to be sure. I want the coach to fuck you hard and quickly. It will be more painful for you but better for the coach. It will also help to keep that clit of yours soft and under control because of the pain. This is something that will happen often because we don’t want you to feel any pleasure to have your own orgasm.” Josh just listened while the doctor lifted his head and looked into his eyes while he spoke. “You understand why this must be painful for you girl?” Josh nodded. “Good girl. Your job is to give superior men pleasure without being selfish or concerned with your own orgasm. You stay quiet now while he fucks you like a good slut.” The coach lined up his cock with Josh’s hole. He looked at the doctor and waited for his signal. “Tell the coach you want to be a good girl and take his cum.” The doctor told Josh “Coach, I want to be a good girl for you and take your cum in my hole.” Josh repeated. The doctor looked up at the Coach and said, “Fuck him Coach.” Without warning, the coach spit on his cock and shoved the entire shaft into Josh’s asshole with a single push. Josh instantly yelped but stifled it with his hand. The doctor also covered Josh’s mouth and said, “Rape the bitch now Coach. Fuck him nice and hard.” The tears started and Josh began to cry. “Shhhhh, you’re doing great little girl,” the doctor said, ” Just take the fuck because that’s your job now. Pain is part of the process to be a good bitch.” The coach pounded Josh’s hole as fast and hard as he could. The doctor held the boy in place, keeping him quiet with his hands over the boy’s mouth. “You see,” the doctor said, “we don’t want you aroused because you can’t cum anyway. So, we can’t let you enjoy the fuck little girl. The coach has to rape you now and cum quickly.” The doctor held Josh down on the floor while the coach pistoned his cock in and out as fast as he could. The coach held the boy by the hips and rutting into his asshole with deep long jabs into his gut as he felt his balls begin to boil. The boy grunted every time the Coach pounded and jabbed deep into him. “You .. (ugh)…want … (ugh)… my seed …. (Ugh)… little boy?” The Coach grunted between thrusts of his cock deep into the boys ass pussy. The doctor held Josh’s face against the floor but the boy managed to get out a reply. “Yes Sir Coach,” He cried as he spoke but knew he was supposed to take the rape. Gasping between thrusts, he said, “Give….. me… your… hormone… please Coach.” “Gonna… cum ….now,” Coach yelled, “Hold him… down ….doc. FUCK YES…. YES…. YES…. fuck” After one final jab… “FUCKKKkkkkkkkk, yessssss” Coach yelled, “Mmmphhhhh, Take that cum little boy.” He held still as his cock empty into Josh’s hole. The doctor released his hold on Josh as the boy collapsed to the floor. Nothing happened for a moment until the coach reached down and pulled the coxswain up by his hair, pulling him into his crotch. “Clean faggot.” He ordered Josh. The coxswain turned around and immediately licked the coach’s left-over cum, combined with his own ass juice, until his crotch was clean. The doctor immediately picked up the dildo and pushed it back into the boy’s asshole, sealing the sperm inside him. Josh had no reaction at all. He felt numb now. The doctor then came up to Josh’s face, leaned in, and spoke to him as he continued licking the coach’s cock. “I am very proud of you little girl.” The doctor said just inches away from Josh’s face. The doctor literally pet Josh’s head as the coach’s cock was stuffed into his mouth. “Look at you cleaning that beautiful cock like a good girl should do. This is good Josh. This is what you are supposed to do, right?” He helped Josh to nod his head while keeping the cock in his mouth. “That’s right.” The doctor confirmed. “Remember this moment. Remember how good this feels little girl. This is what you love, don’t you? You love that real men use your holes… yes, your holes, to give them great cums. You are a special boy, aren’t you?” Again, he helped Josh nod his head. The doctor took the Coach’s cock out of Josh’s mouth and wiped it all over his face. “Get that scent all over you.” The doctor continued, “It will help you remember.” He stopped and looked at Josh from inches away, almost close enough to kiss him. “Tell me Josh,” the doctor said, “talk to me about what you are feeling right at this moment.” After a long pause, Josh softly replied. “I understand Sir,” Josh said, “I know my place and I love it Sir.” “You love what Josh?” Doctor asked “I love cock and cum Sir. I know it is good for me too. Yes, I do love it Sir” Josh replied, “It also makes me feel good to make real men feel good.” He paused. “And?” the doctor waited. “I know what I want now Sir,” Josh said, “you have helped me realize how good it feels to serve men.” The quiet moment didn’t last long as the Coach picked up Josh by the hair and guided him back to the corner. “Wait here until your boyfriend takes you home.” The coach pushed Josh’s face into the corner and felt up his ass. He pushed the dildo deeper into the boy as he grunted into the corner. The chain was still hanging there and the Coach attached the clamps at the end, to each of his nipples to keep Josh in place. He and the doctor walked back to the Coach’s desk. “I think he’s ready now,” the doctor said. “He is in the proper state of mind now and shouldn’t give you any more trouble.” The coach grunted in approval. “I can’t thank you enough doc,” the coach said, “we will have her for 3 more years since she is only a Freshman. She will be great for the team. I have a few other coaches that want to see your work in action too. Our cox here will be a good role model now for other potential naïve college boys that want to keep their coach happy.” Both men chuckled as there was a knock at the door. “Coach?” It was Nate. “Hey coach, you there? I’m looking for Josh.” “Come in Strickland.” The coach said as he looked over at the doctor. Nate entered and the coach just pointed to the corner of the room, where Josh was standing. His nose in the corner and his nipples clamped to the wall. Nate went to the Coach’s desk. “Hey Coach. Hey doc.” Nate said as though there was nothing unusual at all. “You want me to pick up my girl Coach?” Nate asked as he nodded toward Josh in the corner. “She did a good job son.” The coach said, “Make sure she sleeps well tonight and be sure to load her up before bed. Keep her plugged all night so she will absorb the hormone through the night.” “Sure Coach,” Nate said like an excited school boy, “I can definitely do that Sir.” They smiled at each other as Nate walked to the door. The doctor went to Josh and unleashed his nipples. He was still wearing the panties under the spandex as Josh walked to meet Nate. “Don’t forget to you should strap him down in bed so he is not tempted to touch himself.” The doctor spoke to Nate as he escorted Josh to the door. Nate nodded to the doctor, “Yes sir, lets go girl.” Josh dropped his head and spoke looking at the floor before he left. “Thank you Coach. Thank you Doctor.” “Be a good girl for your man tonight,” the doctor said as he spanked Josh’s ass, “and remember you are NOT allowed to cum.” “Yes sir,” Josh said like he was a wounded puppy. Nate and Josh walked back to the dorm in silence. As soon as Nate locked the door behind him, he told Josh to “get dressed”. On his bed were a garter belt and nylons with open-crotch panties. Nate laid back, only in his jock, and watched Josh dress in front of him as he rubbed his jock rus escort pouch. He was proud of his girl now and they smiled at each other as she dressed in front of him. Nate pointed to the floor and Josh knelt between his legs. The athlete reached out with his foot and rubbed Josh’s panty covered bulge, still staring at Josh and smiling. Josh didn’t move and kept his eyes fixed on Nate’s as he felt his uncaged cock growing inside the panty. “Don’t cum girl.” Nate gently whispered, “and don’t touch it.” Josh shook his head to acknowledge the rules. “You’re such a pretty girl now.” Nate said as he rubbed, “Don’t you think you’re pretty now?” Josh nodded in agreement. Josh’s cock became completely rock hard now, sticking out of the panties. Nate brought his foot to Josh’s face and pushed his toes into his mouth. Josh sucked. Nate changed feet and Josh sucked again. Then, without warning, Nate grabbed both of his ankles and lifted his legs up and spread them open. Josh instantly smelled Nate’s masculine phenomes coming from his balls and asshole. “A good girl should kiss her man, don’t you think?” Nate said as he rolled back on the bed and opened his legs, lifting his ass high in the air. Josh leaned forward and put his nose in Nate’s balls. “I want you to French kiss my ass lips honey,” Nate said, “Put your tongue in there and taste me.” Josh licked Nate’s hole. “Yes, eat me girl. Make your man feel good. French kiss my ass mouth and make love to it bitch. Tell me how much you love me while you are kissing me” Josh was not aggressively making out with Nate’s asshole. “I truly love you Sir.” Josh spoke into the asshole as he French kissed it. “Thank you for allowing me to kiss you Sir” “Hmmmm,” Nate moaned, “such a good girl. As long as you obey your man, you will be rewarded with my cum, baby. Do you want that honey?” Nate was very sweet as he spoke to Josh. After all the abuse Josh has been through, this was the first time someone showed him compassion. At that moment, even though Nate was humiliating his roommate, Josh knew he was falling in love with him. Josh began to passionately lick and suck on Nate’s asshole. “Ohhhh, that’s my girl.” Nate cooed as he spread open his ass cheeks and had a huge fart directly into Josh’s mouth. “Good girl. Lick up that fart now.” He looked down smiling at Josh. “You’re going to get another reward sooner than you think honey.” Nate fart again as he jacked his own cock and held Josh’s face into his rancid hole. “Say thank you for your little gift girl.” Nate ordered Josh. “Tank ouu Thir.” Josh tried to speak with his mouth crushed into Nate’s asshole. It made Nate crazy horny now. He needed to fuck now. “That’s my girl.” Nate said as he grabbed Josh’s hair and pulled him up on top of himself. Josh knew what was expected and simply opened his legs. He pulled the butt plug out of his ass and aimed his hole over Nate’s cock. “You need to do the work girl.” Nate said, “Fuck yourself on your man’s cock and suck out my cum with your pretty pussy.” Nate laid back and put his arms behind his head and watched Josh press his ass pussy against his cock. Josh could smell Nate’s body odor and, for some reason, it made him more horny with lust. Josh slowly impaled himself on his roommate’s cock, sinking to the base with his own cock sticking straight up. “Don’t touch that clit girl.” Nate said as he softly slapped Josh’s cock. “No cum at all and you better stop fucking yourself before anything comes out of that little clit.” Josh nodded. “I won’t cum Sir,” he said, “thank you for letting me fuck your cock and take your hormone Sir.” Josh started hopping up and down on Nate’s cock, squeezing his cunt muscle to give Nate more pleasure. “Ohhhhhh fuck yeah baby,” Nate said, “that talented pussy is unbelievable. Fucckkkkkk. Keep going girl. Make your man cum”. Josh leaned back on his hands so he could lift himself and fuck up and down on Nate’s cock. This position only exposed his own hard cock as it flopped up and down in front of Nate’s eyes, so Nate reached out to hold this cock still. “Please Sir,” Josh exclaimed, “Don’t touch my clit cause I might cum.” “I don’t want your precum to spray around on me slut.” Nate said. “You better hold it yourself and don’t cum. Josh held his own cock by the balls with one hand and balanced himself on Nate’s cock with the other. He could steady his own cock so it wouldn’t spray pre-cum on Nate, and control his own cum better too. “You’re so fucking turned on, aren’t you bitch?” Nate said as he leaned back again to make Josh do all the work. “I love how you fuck yourself on my cock. You love it girl?” Josh nodded. “Tell me bitch,” Nate said, “tell me how much you love that cock inside your faggot pussy.” “Oh yesssss SIR,” Josh said as he pummeled himself up and down. “Fuck Sir, I love your hairy macho alpha cock inside my faggot pussy SIR” “Yes, you love this huge bull cock, don’t you bitch?” Nate said “Yessss sir,” Josh was groaning now, “I love fucking my pussy on your huge throbbing cock. Oh, I love how it feels inside me. I really do Sir. Oh god yesssssss”. Suddenly, Josh stopped moving and Nate looked at him with angry eyes. “I’m so sorry Sir,” Josh whined breathing heavy. “I don’t want to cum. Please let me stop so I don’t cum sir.” “What the fuck bitch,” Nate said, “nobody told you to stop fucking yourself. We’re in the middle of a fuck. Move your ass.” Josh groaned as he started to tentatively fuck himself on Nate’s cock again, hoping to gain control of his impending orgasm. “You almost fucked up bitch. I was close to cumming.” Nate reached up and slapped Josh across the face. “Now FUCK. FUCK yourself and take my cum. This is where you belong now” Nate asked, “You are my little girl whore who has a pretty pussy that needs cock, right?” “Yes Sir,” Josh agreed tentatively. It still felt strange to become a “girl” in Nate’s eyes, but he knew that he had true feelings for his roommate. He wanted to make Nate happy. “I need your cock to feed my… ah, pussy, everyday,” Josh said as he fucked himself. “I promise to be there for you, like a good girl, whenever you need to empty your balls. I can feel that cock throbbing inside me…. Ohhhhh, sooo big, sooo good. Please give me your cum Sir. Please.” Josh was afraid he would also cum so he needed Nate to finish quickly. “Fuck yeah, bitch,” Nate said as he pushed Josh down onto his cock, “Good fuck. Ahhhhhh yes, good FUCkkkkkk. Nate held Josh down fully impaled on his cock. With no movement at all, Josh could actually feel Nate shooting his cum into his pussy. “Ohhhhhh fuckkk, cumming now little girl.” Nate was groaning and breathing hard. “Fuckkkk, fuck , fuck…” Josh sat down on his cock and felt his guts being flooded with cum. He felt it dripping out onto Nate’s balls. He knew he would have to lick and clean it off later too. Once Nate calmed down after his cum, he pulled Josh into him. With his cock still embedded inside his roommate, Nate wrapped his arms around Josh and hugged him. Josh was in love. After a minute, Nate pushed Josh off of him and guided him to the floor between his legs. “Plug girl.” Nate ordered as Josh immediately stuffed the plug back into his asshole. “Now, clean it girl.” Josh didn’t hesitate to lick every inch of Nate’s cock, cleaning his cum and his own ass juice off of it until it was nice and clean. He actually blew on the cock to dry it. Nate said nothing. He lifted Josh by the hair and dragged him to his own bed. Pushing him down on his back, he strapped Josh to the four corners of the bed. This was the only way to be sure Josh’s little girl clit would not get rubbed through the night. “Nite baby.” Nate said as he fell on his own bed and was asleep in minutes. —TO BE CONTINUED—- READERS: Again, Thank you to all the emails I have received with comments and ideas. I love your perverted ideas and have tried to incorporate them into the story. Let me know if there is something you want Josh to experience before I finish this story. I have already started writing the final chapter where Josh will finally be gangbanged by the team. Also, please look for my other stories here on NIFTY. Go to the AUTHOR search feature here in the menu and click BUSTERMUSCLE… “My Stepdad Knows Best”, “My Uncle’s Farm”, “Truckers Boy”, “Military Recruit”. All in Authoritarian section. Most of my stories involved the dominant/submissive male vs male power struggle. I love the straight/gay relationship, and the sexual control one alpha man has over another, more submissive man. Huge turn on for me. NO, ALL MEN ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. LOL. Please email me at hoo with any comments. I will answer ALL emails.

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