Eyl 13

Being owned – Part 11

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The days, weeks went by. Summer turned into autumn. I had never dared to make an attempt to talk to him. Not about my nightmares, not about my fears. But I had gotten my period twice so far, after that disturbing thought, so at least one fear was dwindling.

It was colder now, nearly too cold for me to go out at all. I did only short walks, while the sun was high. Missing the time outside with the dogs and with next to nothing to do at all – apart from being fucked by my owner and his dogs – the nightmares had returned. Several nights, after waking up and not being able to go back to sleep, I had spent down in the kennels, snuggled up against the bars and one of the dogs. Mainly the Irish wolfhound, talking with him, telling him all my thoughts and feelings.

Now, I was waiting for my owner. I was looking forward to seeing him, to get fucked by him. Sometimes, especially during the sleepless nights, I wondered, or rather suspected, that me getting horny and looking forward to get fucked by him or his dogs was just a way of my mind coping with this. Stockholm Syndrome or whatever you would like to call it. Truth to be told, during the last weeks I had been more often horny than not, fucking him had not only been something to pass the time. I was lonely, vulnerable, my body had been used by him and his dogs. Sometimes I even wondered if I could adjust back into a normal life, after this. But ignoring these thoughts and letting my body take over was as good as any other way to deal with this.

First, I had tried to convince myself, that it was out of boredom, even though I knew it was more than that. He was kind to me, and the sex had really turned out great. The first orgasm, when he had fucked me in his other shape, came as a big surprise, nearly a shock. Now it happened more often. I enjoyed being fucked by the werewolf.

Unable to concentrate anymore, I tossed the book aside. Slowly I started to play with my tits, rubbed and twisted the nipples. When he did it with his paws, it hurt sometimes. Tentatively I twisted my left nipple so hard, that I drew a sharp breath. It felt just like this. And in kocaeli escort some weird way it felt good. As if my body connected the good feeling that was about to come with the pain. Another coping mechanism, I guessed.

“Oh, hurry up”, I murmured as I ran a hand across my crotch. Realising, I had been horny all day, I smiled. There had been days like this, back home. Awaking horny, I had either spent all day in bed, fucking myself or gone out, hooking up with some random guy. The memory broadened my smile, even as I felt a nearly painful twitch of longing in my cunt.

I heard the front door and got up. My owner smiled, as he saw me standing next to the trapdoor. But instead of opening the door and leading me to a room he reached out, touched my hard nipples. Even this fleeting touch made me shiver. There was a hungry look in his eyes I had never seen before.

He stepped back, opened the door and went down. I followed, eagerly anticipating his cock. At least I hoped it would be his. Even though I quite liked being fucked by his dogs, I preferred to be fucked by him. It was different. He didn’t just use me, and usually I spent the time being knotted in his arms, snuggled up against his warm body, the thick, soft fur.

He opened the door to a new room. The first new room in weeks. I frowned as I stepped inside and saw the interior. The room was bare apart from some blankets in a corner. As soon as I had entered, he closed the door and reached out for me. His hands touched my body, hard and greedy. It was the first time he seemed to be too horny to stay in control. I felt his heavy breathing on my skin, fingers brushed my crotch. He moaned, pulled me in a tight embrace.

The soft fabric of his shirt rubbed against my nipples, his jeans against my leg. I could feel the bulge, pressing against my stomach. His cock was hard – and I wanted it.

His strong hands grabbed my butt cheeks and kneaded them. I moaned and he buried his face in my long ginger hair. I rubbed against his body, before I fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. My hand slid into his half-opened shirt, I felt his hairy chest, his fast darıca escort heartbeat. A low moan next to my ear. I felt him reach for his belt, open it. Stepping back, I gave him room, and myself a chance to glance down to see his cock. We were like two horny teenagers in this moment, hormones and desire.

He had his pants open and even though he was still wearing his boxers I saw the outline of his cock. I reached out and touched it, he shivered, moaned again. Not long now and he – and his cock- would change.

I wanted to go down on my knees, to taste him, but he held me by my shoulders. My owner just looked at me, an unreadable expression on his face.

“Don’t be afraid,” his voice was low and hoarse. I frowned again. I wasn’t afraid, hadn’t been since the day on the riverbank.

“I might hurt you; I want you, want to fuck you”, he went on. It was like babbling. “It will be alright, I promise… even if… I might lose control.”

I nodded. I could deal with pain. Maybe it wouldn’t be too good for me, but I would be able to live with that. “You own me, I’m yours”, was my simple reply. But his words had scared me, nonetheless. Why was he acting like this, warning me?

His fingernails dug into my shoulders. “You’re scared.” Followed by a nearly desperate moan. “I could go, now. But I want you.”

My mouth was dry. I had a choice. I could tell him to go, to leave me alone. Could I? Even though I was scared – he scared me – I was horny.

Heart beating fast I got down on my knees. I reached out, touched his cock trough the fabric of his boxers. “Don’t go then”, I murmured nearly breathless and pulled the shorts down. Pre-cum glistened on his hard dick, he moaned again as I straightened up to lick over its head.

He was trembling, fighting to stay in control. And he lost.

“Down on all fours, like a good bitch.” He panted, struggled free from the rest of his clothing. “Get ready.” The last words were more of a growl, he was changing.

This time I did not watch. I was kneeling, one had between my legs, rubbing my clit. More growling and panting behind me. gölcük escort His fast-hot breath brushed my crotch and my wet fingers as he sniffed me. I withdrew my hand, to steady myself on the floor. He jumped me straight away. With such force that I was pushed forward. I gasped as his thick cock entered me. It hurt, each thrust seemed to hurt more, fill me more, stretch my cunt. And each time I was pushed forward.

His claws dug into my shoulders as he took hold of them. Trying to keep myself steadier I spread my legs wider. He was in a frenzy, fucked me harder than he had ever done before. I whimpered the pain was intense.

Near the blankets I managed to stand, or rather kneel, my ground. I resisted his thrusts, the pain intensified, but he didn’t push me further on the floor. I moaned in pain, he growled with pleasure. Hoping it would end soon I hung my head.

More pain. His claws, dug in my shoulder before, had ripped open my right arm. As the pain flared up, I screamed in terror. The wound was deep, a long gash, ripping through skin and the muscles beneath. Blood flowed freely down my arm, pooled around my hand. He bent over me, buried his muzzle in the wound. My vision seemed to blur. I was more than scared, close to panic. Trying to fight him off I buckled under him, but I had lost control of my right arm. His weight pressed me down, his dick was still deep inside me, filling me.

What a way to die – fucked and eaten at the same time by a werewolf. I wanted to laugh, cry and scream as I felt myself getting weaker.

Suddenly something was pressed against my face, covering my nose and mouth. Something wet and hairy. I fought again, against it, tossed my head from side to side. He was too strong. I opened my mouth to scream, to bite him, but a warm sticky liquid ran in my mouth. No choice but swallowing. The coppery taste of fresh blood, my blood, made me nearly gag. The hand, paw, stayed in place, forced more of the blood into my mouth.

Everything seemed to become clearer. The pain was only a dumb sensation, but I felt his warm body over and inside me. My owner’s cock buried so deep, and the knot that would tie us together began to swell.

I gasped as he came, felt it as I had never felt it before. Hard and hot, filling me with his cum and the knot.

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