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Being There With Her

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Being There With HerFor just over two years, my relationship with Zee had turned from fun and flirty into love. We both ached to be with each other, but distance and lack of money made that impossible. I could feel us starting to drift apart because of that.Then something changed. In the middle of March, 2016, the director I reported to at work called me into his office. When that happens, it’s not a good sign. I thought he was about to pass me a banker’s box and show me the door.Instead, he presented me with what he called an “opportunity”. The company I worked for had two or three offices in the Phillipines, mostly support and sales. Thanks to the amount of local and foreign talent available there, the higher ups wanted to build out the capabilities of those offices starting with the country head office in Manila. They wanted me to set up a team, train them, and get them up and running. They thought it would take 12 months, so I’d have to live in Manila full time.My director told me “Think about it, and get back to me with your decision by Friday.”A lot went bouncing around my head. For my career, it was a chance to build something and make a mark, not to mention an opportunity to work overseas. Personally, I could put a bit of distance between a lot of what had been happening with my life. And, of course, I could be with Zee in person.On the Thursday of that week, I told my director “Yes” and signed some papers. I was expected in Manila in early June. The next time I video chatted with Zee, I told her the good news. She thought I was joking at first. But when I assured her I’d be in the Philippines in June, she almost burst into tears.Then, the real work began. I had about six weeks to get everything in order. Luckily, my employer had an apartment near the Manila office so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a place. But I did have to put my own things in storage, find someone güvenilir bahis to rent my place in Portland for the next 12 months, hand off my other projects, and see a ther****t to try find ways to deal with my fear of flying.Before I knew it, I was boarding the plane. I got in my seat, promptly downed one and a half sleeping pills, and was out before we took off. I must have slept right through the flight. I woke up hungry and thirsty just as the plane was landing.Because of some mix up or another, the apartment wouldn’t be ready for a few days. So my company put me up in a nice hotel in the middle of the city. I quickly emailed Zee, letting her know that I’d arrived safe and sound, and asked her to meet me there the next day. I was surprised, and elated, when she replied “Yes”.That day was spent shaking off the effects of the sleeping pills I took and jet lag. I was, to put it bluntly, a zombie. But I was ready for the next day.About a half hour before Zee was supposed to show up, I made my way to the lobby. I sat in one of the chairs idly reading something or the other on my ebook reader. But I couldn’t concentrate.Then I saw her glide into the lobby. Zee was wearing a simple dress clung to her in all the right ways. Not provocative, but elegant. Her hair was tied back into a long ponytail and an overnight bag was slung over her shoulder.She sat down next to me, smiled, and put her hand on mine. I took her bag and led her to the elevator. Going up, we both had silly little grins on our faces and were holding each other’s hands tightly.I ushered Zee into my room and no sooner had I put down her bag she pulled my close to her and gave me a deep, long, passionate kiss. “I’ve been waiting over two years to do that”, she said. “I want you. Now.”We stripped off our clothes and locked ourselves in another embrace. Zee’s soft, smooth, warm skin felt so good against mine. I couldn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri get enough of her lips. We moved to the bed. Zee lay down and I did something that I wanted to do for a long time: sucked on her long, thick nipples. The left one was particularly sensitive (“It’s closer to my heart” Zee told me later).Then, I moved my head between her legs and started licking and kissing Zee’s pussy. She let out a loud “Ooohhh!” as my lips and tongue played over her clit. She was already wet when I started, and her pussy was only getting wetter. I knew Zee was about to cum when her grabbed the back of my head and she started grinding her pussy into my mouth. With an “Uuuhhhnn!” she went limp. There was a contented look on her face.We lay together for a couple of minutes. Zee said “Remember what I said I was going to do to you the first time?” I nodded. She smiled, climbed on top of me, and took my cock in her hand. She rubbed the head against her pussy, then slowly, slowly lowered herself onto me. Zee held me deep inside her for a moment, leaning down to kiss me. Then she started moving up and down at a slow, measured pace.I watched the her face and was entranced by by tits bouncing gently up and down. My hands grabbed Zee’s hips and her ass. We both gave ourselves over to the pleasure we’d waited so long to feel.Try as I might, I couldn’t hold back. I pumped a load into her pussy. Zee kept riding me until she came, too. Then she lay on top of me and said “That was better than I imagined it would be.” I had to agree.We lay there, holding each other, until I dozed off.I woke up and was greeted by the sight of Zee, standing in the dark by the window. She was staring out at night time lights of Manila, entranced by their beauty. I was entranced by what the view was framing. She stood there proudly erect, her dark hair flowing half way down her back, her magnificent ass half iddaa siteleri in shadow.I slipped out of the bed and made my way to my lady. I put my arms around Zee, pulled her close, and kissed her bare neck and shoulders. She let out an aroused “Mmmmm” as my lips touched her skin.My right hand slowly slid down Zee’s body, caressing her breasts and then moving over her belly. My fingers brushed her pubic hair and then found their way between her legs. I rubbed her pussy lips and then slowly slipped the middle and third fingers of my right hand into Zee’s warm, wet pussy.Zee gasped as I slowly fingered her, pushing back against me as her left hand grabbed mine. My fingers gradually picked up the pace, moving in and out of her faster as I brushed my lips against her shoulders.After a few minutes of that, Zee came on my fingers. She slumped against me as I kissed her cheek. Then, playfully, I said “All of Manila just watched you cum.”She laughed her little laugh, turned to face me and said “Do you want all of Manila to watch me suck your cock?”I nodded, probably a bit too eagerly. Zee kissed down my body before kneeling in front of me. What she did next wasn’t so much sucking my cock as worshipping it.She took my cock in her hands and said “Time to eat my mushroom”. She slowly, softly kissed up and down the shaft. Then her tongue, that moist and firm tongue, came into play licking and flicking. Finally, those full, soft lips wrapped around the head of my cock.Zee’s blowjobs were a wonder. She knew when to lick, when to kiss, when to suck, and when to rub. She kept me lubricated with her saliva and instinctively knew where my most sensitive spots were. I kept my eyes locked with Zee as her mouth made love to my cock, a sexy and loving and sometimes nasty look. It didn’t take long before I was ready to shoot my load.With a grunt of pure pleasure, I pulled out of her mouth and dropped my semen on her tits. Zee had a huge smile on her face. She stood up and gave me another soft kiss.After we wiped up, we climbed into bed, my head pillowed by Zee’s big tits. As we lay there, I knew the next 12 months were going to turn out well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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