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Subject: Being with Steve: Chapter 3 “Adam?” the hostess said from behind her podium. All I could do was weakly shake my head in the affirmative as all of the saliva in my mouth and throat had suddenly disappeared, leaving only a gritty feeling of sand. “Right this way.” she said with a smile and began the walk to toward the rear of the restaurant. There he was. In person. Steve stood and towered over the hostess and myself. The sand in my mouth had turned to a fine dust by now. “Thanks, Sam.” Steve said as the hostess turned and walked back toward her post. “Hello, baby. Sit… please.” Steve motioned to the booth opposite him. I shot a look around to survey any other restaurant patrons or staff within earshot. “Don’t worry, baby. We’re on our own over here. A $20 tip to a hostess buys you an hour or so of privacy.” Steve said with a wink. “Thanks.” was the first word I would get out in what felt to be an eternity. I seated myself across from him, nearly convinced that he had also paid to have my side of the booth lowered to the floor to further call out the stark contrast in our sizes. I looked sheepishly up at Steve, instantly recalling that the man I was sitting across from was the same that said he was going to cum in my mouth and fuck me. I became intoxicated in anxiety at that thought, nearly paralyzed in fear. “Baby, you look like you’ve seen a ghost or something. You’ve gotta calm down. I told you that nothing sexual would happen tonight, no matter how much either of us were begging for it. That’s not the way this works with me. Do you understand?” he said forcefully. Doing nothing to calm my nerves, I just shook my head yes. “I’ve ordered us a salad and a pizza. It’ll be out in a moment. Until then, I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me if you’re willing to keep going, or if we should go our separate ways now. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but you look like a frightened little girl right now.” I was almost insulted that he though I wasn’t wanting to go through with this. I shaved my entire body, refrained from masturbating, and walked here in the cold. Of course I wanted to go through with it. “No, no… I want this. I really do.” I forced out as hard as I could. “Daddy.” That garnered a large smile from Steve. He beamed on hearing that. “That’s my girl.” He noticed the look of confusion on my face following that comment, but only offered a grin in response. “House Works and salads?” the runner asked, placing the food on the table without waiting for confirmation that the order was correct. “Actually, we’ll take it to-go, buddy.” Steve said to the peeved looking runner who gathered up the food and walked it back to the kitchen to box up. “You’re here. You’ve followed the rules, I can tell. You’ve followed the rules so well that you’ve even shaven the hair on your arms. I’m proud of you, baby. Here’s what we are going to do. We are going back to my house to play a game. I’m going to give you two items to pick from, and you’re going to pick the one you like the most… or not pick the one you hate the most. Once that’s done, I’ll take you back to your house and we’ll work on planning our next little outing. Clear?” Steve said with a devilish smile on his face. I nodded my consent and began to stand just as the runner emerged from the kitchen with the food prepared ataköy escort for carry out. Steve paid the bill and escorted me to the passenger seat of the black Mercedes. The ride was mostly quiet, I was too nervous to say much. Steve did tell me that he was a corporate lawyer for a healthcare company, and had been fairly successful in a few lawsuits early in his career. He chuckled as he told me that the company he works for now was actually one that he sued while he was in his own firm leading to a multi-million dollar payout on behalf of his client, and six weeks later the company called asking him to lead their legal department. I can only imagine what that paycheck looks like. After about 10 minutes of driving east, we arrived at a gated community that overlooked a beautiful lake. Steve pulled into the first house on the right… a large home with a circular driveway out front. He parked the Mercedes at the front door of the house and reached over me to open the passenger door. Mere inches from his face, I caught an intoxicating scent of cologne that left me nearly breathless. I climbed out of the SUV and waited for Steve to come around and lead me inside. Once in, the home opened into a beautiful foyer with two staircases running up either side. “So this is how the other half lives” I thought to myself. Steve led me into the kitchen, and proceeded to open the pizza box and hand me a slice. I took it eagerly, realizing that I hadn’t eaten in nearly 24 hours. Steve handed me a can of Diet Coke and showed me to the dining room table. “Alright, baby. To cover the rules of this part again… you will wait here while I prepare the two items to choose from in the master bedroom. Once prepared, I will come back out here and write down my guess of what you will select. You will then enter the room and have 2 minutes to examine and determine your most favorite item of the two. You may not like either. In that case, you will need to decide which you dislike the least. Once you decide, you will place the preferred item into the bin on the bed, and you will place the item in the bin in the closet. Once done, with the five choices, I will have you present the items to me and will show you my guess as well. If we’re compatible, I believe we will match on most, if not all, of the items. Do you have any questions?” “No.” I responded in a low voice. “Great, lets get started.” Steve walked into the master bedroom across the hall from the dining room and closed the door behind him. I waited what felt like an eternity before the door opened again and Steve emerged, closing the door behind him. He took his seat again, and pulled a notebook from a bag next to him and scribbled something on the paper. “You may go” he said. I stood with shaky knees, completely unaware of what I would be walking into. I arrived at the door and twisted the heavy knob and pushed the door, entered, then closed the door behind me. I turned and noticed the huge bed, king sized for sure, but taller than any bed I had ever seen. A sheet covered the food of the bed and I could see two shapes covered by the sheet. I approached and moved the sheet up. Sitting in front of me were two dildos, one massively large, one smaller but still significantly larger than my own dick. What was I supposed to do here. What merter escort was picking one or the other going to signify? I picked the smaller one up to examine it. It was so lifelike, it was scary. The head of the dildo was spongy, veins running along the shaft, and two testicles situated at the base. It flopped very slightly as I turned it over in my hand, the synthetic skin moving slightly over the substructure. I could nearly wrap one hand around the shaft, my thumb and middle finger not quite touching. The massively large dildo was very heavy, but just as lifelike. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was here in Steve’s home examining dildos on his bed. I’d never thought I would touch any cock or cock like thing not belonging to my own body, yet here I was. I knew time was running short, and afraid of the implication of selecting the large dildo, I placed the smaller on in the basket near the bed and took the larger one into the closet. Steve had a large smile on his face as I emerged, and walked past me to reenter the room. The next choice again threw me for a loop. We had never discussed any specifics, so pulling the sheet off to see two pairs of panties laying on the bed confused me. One pair was pink cotton with little hearts all over and white lace around the legs and waste, boyshort cut. The other pair was a black lace crotchless thong that would leave nothing to the imagination of the observer to the wearer. Picking up both, I decided on the pink panties, relegating the black to the closet basket. The next choice was between a large anal plug and a chastity cage. I chose the chastity cage as it seemed less painful, assuming it was Steve’s intent to use any of the items on me. I carefully placed the chastity cage in the `keep’ basket and again emerged red in the face. Fourth was a choice between a flogging paddle that looked like Steve had picked it up on Fraternity Row, or a ball gag. I made this choice easily as spanking with that paddle did not resonate well with me. I placed the gag in the `keep’ basked and happily tossed the paddle in the closed bin. The fifth and final choice was one that caused significant pause as the choice was between more than just one item. I first pulled off the sheet from the left side of the bed and was staring at a full gimp suit, complete with a hood with zippers on the eyes and mouth, a full vinyl feeling body suit with a zippered pouch at the crotch and a significant built in butt plug at the seat. I’d never seen anything like it, and frankly would be happy to never see anything like it again. I had absolutely zero desire to ever be in anything like that. I had already determined that the other option couldn’t be as bad and would be my default choice. The blood drained from my face a bit as I uncovered an outfit that looked as if it had been curated for a giant toddler. There was a snap crotch onesie with a pink skirt around the waist and ruffles on the butt with princess adorned across the chest. Under it lay a pink and white disposable diaper with fairies and unicorns covering the tape and pink and white designs covering the rest. Above the onesie was a large pacifier that had “Daddy’s Girl” across the front and a large nipple the would fill my mouth. The outfit was finished off with white tights, and ruffled socks. bahçeşehir escort I was nearly breathless, so confused as to the game Steve was playing with me. No way in hell would I end up in either of these outfits. I had considered walking out and saying I wouldn’t pick, but I know the end result of that would be unfavorable, most likely ending any possible future meet ups we would have. Resigned and defeated, I placed the gimp suit in the closet and packed the toddler items in the `keep’ basket. I slowly emerged from the bedroom. Steve stared across the dining room with fire in his eyes. I could tell the look I had was exactly what he wanted to see. I could see the lust in his eyes. I knew what he wanted to do to me at that moment, and I’m not sure I would have resisted. “Alright, baby… go get the items you’ve chosen. Starting with the first, I want you to place them on the table in front of you when I say.” I turned back for the bedroom, fighting the urge to run, and picked up the basket. “And up first we have…” he said, almost seeming as if there were a drumroll playing in the distance. He smiled as I pulled out the smaller dildo. He asked if that was bigger than my dick, I nodded. “I bet much larger, to be honest.” he said with a smirk. I should have been offended, but it gave me butterflies when he teased me like that. “Alright, lets see the panties my little baby has chosen. Are you a little girl or a big girl?” he said gleefully. “Aww, you’re a little girl. How cute. You’re going to be fucking adorable.” he said as I laid the pink panties out on the table next to the dildo. “Next up…” he said as I pulled the chastity cage out from the basket. “Hmm.” was all he said to that item. I was curious if he expected me to pick the other. “Aright… does Addy like spankings or having a full mouth?” the excitement in his voice was palpable, almost over the top. “Ahh, mouthful it is. Good.” he beamed. “Alright, Addy… I know this last one was probably a tough choice. I want to know if you’re going to be my little baby or my little bitch slave. Which is it gonna be?” I slowly pulled the diaper from the basket and set it on the table, nearly tearing up hearing him confirm that in order for this all to move forward, I would be wearing a diaper at some point. Steve clapped one time loudly and proclaimed that he had guessed every item correctly. He opened the notebook and flashed the page confirming “Addy’s Choice” and all of the correct items labeled below. “See baby, I knew this was something. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. You’re exactly what I was hoping for. I have a bonus question for you… you get to pick from one of these three.” He pulled out three 5×7 photographs from the bag and placed them down in front of me. One was a picture of a cabin in the mountains, the second was a cabana on a beach, and the third was an apartment overlooking a large city. I nearly immediately pointed to the cabin in the mountains and he smiled and winked. “Good choice.” Steve loaded the items back in the basket and dropped them into the master bedroom and ushered me to the door and into the Mercedes. He reiterated how happy he was that I selected the items I did nearly the entire way to my apartment. Once there, he reached over and opened the passenger door and gently placed a kiss on my forehead as I went to get out. “You’re life is about to change, baby. You’re going to love this.” he said “I know, daddy. Goodnight.” I said back with a smile. I drifted to sleep peacefully knowing I had ultimately made the right decision to reply to the email, and was very excited for what was to come.

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