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Ben is Taught about Discipline Ch. 04

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It was 1970 and I was a nineteen-year-old college student in England enjoying a weekend of bondage sex at a country farm house with my new friend Gary and with Malcolm the home owner, a dominating retired military man.


I dozed for the next half an hour or so, only half listening as the guys reminisced about old times and old friends. I was cozy and warm, cuddled up against Gary’s body, thinking about all the fun we’d had. Of course, that got me excited, which became even more obvious when Gary started playing with my nipples. Seeing the result made Malcolm grin.

“Ah, the teenage dick in all its glory! Only half an hour’s rest and already it’s raring to go again. Up you get, you little slut, off to the bathroom and pull that plug out, I don’t want piss leaking all over my clean sheets. When you’re done, join us in the second bedroom.”

A few minutes later, after emptying out the cum and piss, I walked into the second bedroom, and saw its main item of furniture, an old iron bedstead ideal for bondage. Malcolm had already secured Gary’s wrists to the metal bars of its headboard, with his legs up and over his head, and his ankles roped off to the headboard next to his wrists. I got tied up in exactly the same way, which meant both of us were rendered completely helpless and defenceless, with our backsides up in the air and our holes wide open; a matching set for his use!

He scrambled up onto the bed behind Gary and shoved a finger up him. Before long all his fingers got inside him and then his whole hand up to the wrist. I could hear Gary moaning deliriously while I lay worrying about how I’d cope when my turn came, especially since he wasn’t using tit clamps and poppers. They’d been a big help evert time I’d been fucked so far; how was I going to cope with his fist without some help?

Malcolm looked over at me as he worked on Gary and saw the panic in my eyes.

“OK kid, don’t panic, you’re not getting fisted tonight. That’s only for sloppy cunt like this one! But I love tight boy holes like yours, so I will be fucking you again. So, relax that hole or you’ll get hurt.”

As he talked he pushed he pushing the index finger of his other hand into me, starting to lubricate my hole with grease. He followed up with more fingers and more grease as I tried to relax and accept the inevitable; I was getting fucked again soon.

Keeping his fist inside Gary he moved his body over until he was right behind me and once he was in position, I could feel the head of his dick poking at my hole. Unlike the way he’d rammed into me earlier, he pushed in gradually this time and stayed motionless for long periods so that my arse muscles could get used to him.

It took a while, but eventually he was all the way in and he picked up the pace and started fucking me hard and fast. He loomed over me as I lay doubled over on my back, staring up at my own stiff prick which was leaking a long thin line of precum down onto my chest.

He kept up a furious tempo, battering my hole into submission, bruising my prostate and making me squeal loudly with delight, until he swapped over and plunged his cock into Gary’s and shoved his fingers in me. As he promised, he didn’t fist me, just kept me excited while giving Gary his second load of cum that night.

He pulled out of Gary, but left him the way he was, while he untied me. Grabbing hold of my stiff dick, he gave it a couple of wanks then grinned evilly at me.

“I’m getting too old for this nonsense. I can’t believe I let you two sluts keep me up this late. Listen son, I suggest you use this cunt while you’re still hard; I’ve got him all ready for you.”

With that he walked out of the room, leaving me with Gary still tied up with his legs in the air and his open hole glistening with grease. When our eyes met Gary added his plea.

“You heard him, Ben. Fuck me, mate, do it.”

That was all I needed to hear; I scrambled to my knees and aimed my cock at his warm, waiting cavity, plunging straight into him without stopping. It felt really good to be inside him and having his ass muscles squeeze my dick. He kept repeating “fuck me, fuck me” again and again as I pumped in and out. This was my first time fucking anyone and I loved it so much that I didn’t want it to stop; but all good things cum to an end and eventually I couldn’t hold back any longer.

That did both of us in, we were exhausted! After I untied him, we snuggled up together under the blanket and didn’t wake until mid-morning. Once we cleaned up we walked into the living room to find Malcolm sitting on the couch with our clothes on the coffee table in front of him.

“I’m glad you two decided to join the land of the living. You’re up too late for breakfast, so we’ll go out and have an early lunch instead.”

We put our clothes on and headed out to the village pub, where the two of them nattered about this and that, including the previous night’s activities, while I tucked into my lunch. I was looking forward to some more fun, but as we were driving kaçak iddaa back to the house, Malcom gave me some very disappointing news; the two of them were going to have to leave soon to visit a couple of old friends.

“It’s a shame, but this was arranged long before we knew we’d have a nice submissive boy like you here. It’s Gary’s last chance to see them before he buggers off to Arabia for two years. Sorry to disappoint you, Ben. We’ll drop you back at college on our way.”

Since I had an essay to finish by Monday afternoon, I consoled myself by thinking that it was probably just as well; but I was so disappointed.

But then as we walked into the house, we could hear the phone ringing. Malcolm answered it, and after some chatter about the weather and score in the cricket Test match, Malcolm suddenly began to give a graphic description of the fun he and Gary had enjoyed last night with a “new young friend”.

I blushed with embarrassment at his description of the evening’s action; how he’d tied me up and caned me, how Gary and he had fucked me, then he’d fisted Gary while fucking me again. That was shocking enough, but then he really amazed me.

“The boy is just your type. If you don’t have anything else planned this afternoon you should come and see for yourself. We have to go out soon, but we can leave him here for you if you like. That German boy you lent me last spring was a lot like this one so I know you’ll enjoy playing with him. I’ll leave the house key under the planter by the front door.”

I looked at Gary for an explanation, but he just grinned back at me, with his finger to his lips, warning me to keep quiet. Malcolm listened for a few moments before hanging up and looking at me.

“This is your lucky day, my boy. Instead of spending another dreary afternoon in the library, I’ve arranged some more cocks for sucking and fucking. Just say yes and thank me OK.”

Even though I was being offered up to a total stranger, I said yes to him without hesitating. After all, I’d been acting like a sex-mad cock-hound all weekend, so why change now?

Gary hustled me into the bathroom and got busy with the enema hose while he gave me some details of what to expect.

“His friend’s name is Jeremy; he’s kind of pudgy and overweight but he’s got a decent sized cock. But the main thing is that he’s stinking rich enough to employ household staff, including a lad your age as his chauffer. His names Tommy and he’s a semi-pro boxer in his spare time, with a muscular body and a big cock to match. He’s a bit of a thug, which means he’s sexy as hell, but you have watch out around him, OK!”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about that; the men I’d played with so far were all a decade or two older than me, mature military men whose orders I was eager to obey. The thought of having someone my own age ordering me around, maybe tying me up and caning me sounded more humiliating than exciting. But I had no alternative; it was going to happen however I felt about it.

Once Gary had got me cleaned out, he hustled me down to the basement where Malcolm cuffed my wrists behind my back and reinserted the butt plug. Then he made me lie down on my back on the bed, tied my ankles to each corner of the footboard and blindfolded with a long piece of black cloth. After hearing their footsteps go up the stairs, just had to settle back in the dark and wait.

It must have been about half an hour later that I heard noises above me, followed by the sound of footsteps descending the staircase. I felt the presence of two people standing on either side of the bed before hearing one of them speak in a thick East London accent; presumably Tommy, the boxing chauffeur.

“What d’ya think, guvnor? Another of the Colonel’s skinny beanpoles; he likes ’em tall and thin, doesn’t he. And it looks like he’s shaved this one too.”

A posh public-school voice answered.

“I know you prefer them hairy, but I quite like the hairless look, he reminds me of all the pretty boys I can’t play with because they’re still not legal. Talking of pretty boys, get this one off the bed and onto his knees, please Tommy. Let’s see how good a cock sucker he is.”

My ankles were released from the footboard and a strong pair of arms pulled me off the bed and forced me onto my knees in front Jeremy, sitting on edge of the bed. He’d already had his trousers down and now his hands grabbed my head and pulled my mouth onto his already stiff cock. He let me suck him for a while before passing me over to Tommy, who sitting next to him with his cock hanging out of his pants.

The moment Tommy entered my mouth I could feel how right Gary had been about him being a big boy. I felt his cock slither all the way to the back of my throat, cutting my air off as it went in and choking me. There was nothing I could do about it, down on my knees in front of him, with my arms cuffed behind me and his hands gripping my ears. I almost passed out before he grudgingly pulled out, dragging along a trail of phlegm and saliva with kaçak bahis his dick. As I coughed and spluttered, I heard Jeremy taunting me.

“Can’t take it, eh? Better smarten up laddie because that cock won’t be getting any smaller. Go ahead, Tommy, give him another go.”

Somehow, I’d learnt how to cope or he held back enough this time that I could breathe, since the choking stopped. After a while I even thought I could hear him grunting with pleasure and I was disappointed when he passed me back to his boss, who, to my surprise and pleasure, clipped a pair of tit clamps on my nipples. The minute he pulled on the connecting chain, I was reminded of how much I’d learnt to love the intense mix of pain and pleasure of nipple work.

They spent the next few minutes passing me back and forth between them, with Jeremy pulling on the tit chain and Tommy enjoying himself by bouncing my balls up and down on the toe of his boot, laughing at me while he did so.

“What a little perve! He’s getting off on having his balls kicked. His fucking dick leaks every time I poke it!”

All of a sudden Jeremy got up off the bed, pushing me out of the way as he brushed past me, telling Tommy as he did so the he’d just remembered an important phone call he should have made earlier, which he’d forgotten about in the rush to leave after Malcolm’s call. He said he was going to have to pop upstairs and use Malcolm’s phone.

In the silence after he’d gone, I heard the rustle of clothes and the jangle of a belt and realised Tommy was taking off his clothes. Moments later the blindfold was pulled off and when I looked up I was very impressed by what loomed over me; the well-defined athletic musculature, the curly dark hair on his head and body, the handsome clean-shaven face, and especially the long circumcised dick.

I felt ashamed to think of how I must look in comparison; this muscular stud towering over my gawky, stick-thin body, kneeling in front of him in handcuffs, with clamps on my tits and a butt plug up my arse! Also, obeying older, mature men came naturally to me, but a bloke my own age didn’t feel like an authority figure to me, and I felt weird about submitting to him.

However, there was nothing weird about how seriously he took things; his big muscles were not just for show when he effortlessly pulled me to my feet and shoved me up against the bedroom wall. He was in control and I responded by slumping back against the wall, closing my eyes and waiting submissively for his next move.

That move came instantly; he grabbed my balls and squeezed them tight while pulling hard on the tit-chain so suddenly and painfully that I couldn’t stop myself trying to jerk away from him. He responded by slapping me so hard across the face that my head snapped back and hit the wall behind me. Then he back-handed me just as hard, leaving me standing in front of him with my cheeks stinging, tears in my eyes and snot running out of my nose. When he said if I didn’t behave, he’d really hurt me the next time, I stopped the sniffling.

“I’m sorry, I promise I’ll behave.”

“I know you will, because next time it won’t be slap, I’ll close my fist and you’ll have to explain a couple of black eyes to all your poncy friends at college tomorrow. Now, we don’t want that do we?”

Once I’d blurted out an apology and another whiny promise of good behaviour, he surprised me by uncuffing my wrists. But I could see that he had no need of handcuffs, my fear and my obvious submissive attraction to him were going to keep me under control; he knew I’d anything he told me to do.

Right away he raised his arm above his head, grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face into his armpit. He didn’t have to tell me to start licking it; I savoured the strong aroma and enjoyed the taste of his sweat, then slobbered over his other pit when I was allowed to.

Once I’d cleaned them both out, he barked the word “kneel” at me and I dropped down hoping to get another mouthful of his big dick. But instead, he walked over to the bed and lay down on his stomach with his feet touching the floor, leaving me where I was staring at his beautiful body.

I was confused until I heard him growling at me to come and lick his sweaty arse. That was a whole different thing from licking his armpits, but when I hesitated, he shouted at me, angrily repeating his order. With no alternative. I crawled across the floor and began lapping at the film of sweat covering his buttocks.

As I swept my tongue over his cheeks and upper thighs, I realised that the rest of his body tasted just as good as his pits had. As he was grunting loudly with pleasure, I carried on licking in the same places until I suddenly heard him growling at me to stop wasting time and get my fucking tongue up his crack! I put my face close in, fearing the worst, only to find he was clean as a whistle, and what I tasted in there was a sexier, muskier version of his bodily aroma.

I began tentatively pushing my tongue into his hole and swirling it around, producing illegal bahis animal sounds of pleasure from him. With my head buried in Tommy’s ass and my eyes closed I didn’t realise Jeremy had returned until I felt a slashing pain across my buttocks. I looked around in surprise, to see him standing behind me, holding the same leather crop that Malcolm had used on me the night before.

“There’s no reason to stop what you’re doing, get your face back in there, this is just adding to the fun.”

I resumed my licking, and a moment later the crop came down on my arse again, making me wince. The blows really hurt, just as much as Bill’s and Malcolm’s; but it didn’t seem to matter, since I quickly fell into a sub-space induced by the unholy mixture of pain and pleasure.

He eventually stopped and put down the cane, telling Tommy to get up off the bed and look at his handiwork.

“Look at that purple backside. The stupid bugger didn’t want me to stop, he kept wagging it at me the whole time he was snuffling away in your asshole like a pig searching for truffles. We’d better wash that filthy mouth out before he uses it on us again.”

Tommy got me up off my knees and guided me into the bathroom, where Jeremy stood next to the toilet with his cock out. I got pushed to the floor with my naked body shoved up against the cold porcelain. Tommy kept me there by pressing his knee into my back while grabbing my hair with one hand. It was obvious they intended me to drink Jeremy’s piss and I surprised myself as much as them when I refused to do so.

Since I’d spent most of the previous half hour happily licking away at Tommy’s pits and arsehole, I was stupid for me to object to swallowing Jeremy’s piss. Was it that everything was going much too fast, or that I just needed a few moments to pull myself together, or was it just the contemptuous smirk on Jeremy’s face? Whatever the reason, when I was told to open wide, I kept my mouth firmly closed instead.

“Now, don’t be stupid, open up that mouth or we’ll just force it open. Do you hear me?”

When I still didn’t obey him, he nodded at Tommy, who shoved my head down into the toilet bowl and kept me down there for a couple of seconds before pulling it back up, leaving me gasping and spluttering. That was really all it took to convince me, but before I got a chance to agree to drinking piss, Tommy had already dunked me again, keeping my head under water even longer.

He must have really enjoyed himself, since I got dunked three more times and by the time he pulled my head out for the last time, it felt like I’d swallowed a gallon of water. As the water came spluttering out of my nose and mouth, I opened my eyes and saw Jeremy grinning at me, wagging his dick, enjoying the fun! I stared up at him, opened my mouth as wide as I could and he rewarded me with a long continuous spray of pee, some of which I managed to swallow, while the rest ended up soaking my face and hair. When the stream ended, he stood for a moment smirking at me, then tucked his cock back in his trousers and walked out of the bathroom.

Tommy got up and stood in his place, aiming directly at my face. I stared at his beautiful dick, willing him to start pissing. But he was hard as a rock and nothing would come out at first. I looked up into his face and begged him.

“Please Tommy, give it to me, please.”

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide and suddenly there was a spray of piss like a fire hose. He soaked my chest and neck then aimed for my mouth; I gulped it down as fast as I could, but still it overflowed and dripped out of my mouth and from my nose. When it petered out and he stepped away I carried on staring up at him, swirling my tongue around my mouth and licking my wet lips, tasting the sweet flavour of his piss. He looked down at me, genuinely amused by what he saw.

“Bloody hell, mate, you are one seriously fucked-up fag!”

I looked down at his cock, sticking out just as hard as mine was, then looked back at him; if I was a fucked-up masochist then he was an equally fucked-up sadist! He grinned knowingly at me, handed me a towel to dry myself off and then led me back into the other room, where Jeremy had taken his clothes off.

Naked, Jeremy cut a disappointing figure. His expensive suit had done a good job of hiding a pair of spindly legs, some big rolls of fat round his stomach and saggy tits. But he did have a nice-looking reasonably-sized dick which I hoped would be the first to fuck me, rather than the beer bottle hanging between Tommy’s legs!

I was glad when I saw him rubbing lube on his stiffy and beckoning me to lie down on the bed on my stomach. Once I was there, he pulled me back by the legs until my feet were touching the floor and then I felt him pull the butt plug until he popped it out of my ass.

He only left me empty for a moment before replacing the plug with his greasy cockhead which passed easily through my loosened sphincter muscles. He didn’t stop until his hips were slamming up against my backside. It felt great to have another cock inside me and while he carried on fucking me, Tommy had climbed onto the bed and was taunting me by waving his dick around just out of the reach of my eager mouth.

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