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Ben’s Submission Ch. 2

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As Larry circled me with the camera, I could feel the cum drying on my face. I felt so excited and dirty – all of my desires, which I had been so afraid of for so long, were now being realized.

Larry stopped taping me, stepped back, and looked at me.

“Man are you a sight.” He said. I blushed.

“Now come over here right now!” He ordered. He was now sitting on the couch. I immediately walked over to him, standing in front of him. My limp cock twitching a bit, cum drying on my chest and face.

Larry grabbed my hand and pulled me over his lap. I could feel that he was getting aroused by our little game – his erection was resting against my stomach.

He caressed my ass cheeks a bit, then slapped me on my left cheek.

“My mother would insist that you be punished for stealing her lingerie.”

He continued to spank me – first one cheek, then the other. His strokes were getting harder. At first it felt great and exciting. Then the pain grew to take over, slowly shifting to a dull warm glow. I was so aroused. Tears were beginning to form in my eyes, but I would not have him stop!

He slowed down, and his slaps became more like strokes. He began to caress my ass cheeks, feeling their warmth. I could feel his cock against me now, quite hard. His fingers began to play with my crack – running up and down lightly at first, then focusing on my hole.

“You like this, don’t you Ben?”

“Oh god yes,” I gasped.

His fingers focused around my hole now. He took his hand and brought it anadolu yakası escort to my face, sticking his index and middle fingers into my mouth. I sucked at them hungrily.

‘That’s right Ben, get my fingers nice and wet.”

He took them out of my mouth, and began to probe my hole with his fingers. Slowly he entered me. It felt great – the sting on my cheeks combined with the penetration nearly set me off.

“Mmmmmm, you do like this don’t you Ben?”

“Oh yes Larry, please continue.”

“Continue what?” He asked as his fingers stopped.

“Ohhhhh, continue fingering my ass, fucking my ass, doing whatever you want with my ass…..”

Larry laughed. “You are a little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, resigning myself to him.

His fingers went back to probing me. Now two, moving in and out. I was so aroused.

All of a sudden he pushed me off of his lap, and stood above me.

I looked up at him. He smiled, and began to unzip his pants. Halfway down he stopped. “You do it,” he commanded.

I moved close to him, down on my knees.

I could see his cock bulging inside his pants. I unzipped his pants, feeling his hard cock straining to get out.

I pulled his pants down, exposing his briefs. His cock was so hard it was sticking out the top.

My hand lightly strokes his length, up to his exposed head. My face is close to his cock – I can smell him, and feel his heat.

I reach up and pull his briefs down. His cock springs out, towering above my face.

I avrupa yakası escort pull his briefs off, then run my hands up his legs to his ass. I feel the weight of each cheek in my hands.

My mouth moves towards his cock. Larry has placed his hands on my head, and slowly started to push me towards him. “That’s right,” he whispers,” suck my cock Ben. Show me how much you like to suck cock.”

His voice is different now – I can tell that he is lost in the moment as well – realizing his own fantasy, as I am mine.

My mouth is near his cock now. My hot breath on his shaft and head, as I take in his scent.

I lightly run my tongue up the underside – then hover at the head. My mouth moves over his head – my hot breath now on the tip. My mouth is wide open, as I slowly take him into my mouth. I feel his warm cock move over my lips, onto my tongue, down over my tongue, and slowly towards my throat.

I am looking up at him as he pushes his cock into my mouth. His eyes are closed and he is moaning. His hands are in my hair, gripping my hair and pushing me into him.

His cock is all the way in my mouth now – his balls resting against my chin.

I almost gag, but then recover. He looks down at me and smiles. I try to smile, and begin to move back and forth on his cock. He begins to move as well. Slowly at first, he begins to fuck my mouth. I am in heaven. His cock feels great. It is warm and smooth, as I had imagined. The feel of it moving over my tongue and in to my throat is even better eryaman escort than I had imagined.

My hands continue to caress his ass, as his cock fucks my mouth. My fingers trace up and down his crack, and Larry moans again. My finger finds his hole, and gently probes it. I can feel him tense up. He must be close to cumming. I can taste a bit of precum in my mouth now. My finger moves slowly into his ass – he moans even louder. He grips my head, looks down at me, and starts to push even harder. I grip his ass, one finger still part way into his hole. He throws his head back, both hands on the side of my head, and I feel him begin to cum. Down my throat, in my mouth, and then trickling out of my lips. I try to keep it all in my mouth, but there is too much.

Larry stops moving. My mouth is filled with his cum, and his cock. I continue to lightly suck him, as I feel the cum swirling around his cock in my mouth. He pulls out, and I start to swallow.

Larry lifts me up and smiles at me. “That was a nice start, Ben”

I can still taste his cum in my mouth. He looks at me. “You did not swallow it all Ben, there is still some on your face.”

He then takes his tongue and begins to lick my face, taking up his cum. He then kisses me, pushing his cum into my mouth. I suck in his cum, and play with his tongue. He grasps me to his body, pushing our cocks together.

He breaks away. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, nice kissing Ben. We are going to have a lot of fun.”

I smile back at him. “I hope so Larry.”

“My sister is coming home tomorrow. She loves to see men in sexy underwear.” He smiles and looks at me. “But first, I think we need to get you some of your own clothes. Mom’s are nice, but they don’t fit you well. We have to go shopping.”

(to be continued)

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