Mar 26

best experience ever!

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Creampie Eating

best experience ever!This is a very true story that happened when i was 20yrs old and till now 15 years later make me realy harder than other encounters in my life. I was home from university summer vacations while my girlfriend took a summer job in the university she studied. Her best friend was anna(fake name) where her boyfriend was in the army by that time. Since the four of us where very good friends and we were always going out together, all the time before we left for studying or during vacations, it came as normal to me and anna to go out some nights this summer just as friends. By the way anna was as pretty as my girlfriend with brown hair and small perfectly shaped boobs. As time went by we started jocking about the fact that we both missed sex and our partners. One particulary day we took the conversation even further and we both admited that porn and masturbation was a daily routine… we laughed and keep on chatting about everuthing else but this.As normal as it seemed we also went to a nearby beach one day. I couldnt take my eyes from her pretty shaped boobs and rounded small ass. She noticed me and said “dont worry i feel the same. we will both have some work to do home” and we both laughed. That night while i watched a porn movie and masturbated i couldnt kept thinking of her. i came while i had her image in her bikini in my mind. After cumming (where all thoughts can clear) i remembered that anna is propably the talas escort only girl i cant fuck if i dont want to loose my girlfriend and my best friend. that made me realise now where this friendship with me and anna can lead and me more carefull when i was with her. A week later she asked me again to go to the beach with her and i accepted as naturally as i could just to show that i dont bother at all. while we were sunbathing under the hot sun she said to me “you know what its getting harder by the time. i see all men as dicks walking around” i quickly showed her an old guy passing by and said “him also” and she replied “no.. propably next week” and again we laughed with our ‘misery’.3 days later anna fell with her bike and twisted her ankle. she had to stay in the house for some days. I called her one day to see how she is doing and invited me to her house for a coffee. i was supposed to be there at six in the afternoon. an hour before she called me again and said “you are the only one i can ask for this. can you brink me one of the movies that we use?” although i blushed even with the phonecall i said that i will. i was expecting that their family will be in the house and i changed boxes (it was a pre- xhamster era where porn was mainly in dvd’s…) with a kevin costner movie. When i arrived in the house she oppened me the door and when she saw me holding a dvd in my hand she grabbed it! “are you crazy? you are holding this think like that?” i calmed her down and said her to look at it. She laughed and invited me to her room. i explained that i disguised it like that for her parents and i was going to say that it a film that i brought to watch. She smilled and said “thanks god they are not here. my mom loves kevin conster and she would have stayed with us to watch the film” we laughed again and i dont know how but i proposed her to put the film on. she accepted and i was already hard.as the porn movie started my dick was pressing my jeans so hard i thought it will tear them apart. she suddenly turned of the tv and said to me “NO. this is too wrong. this will lead us to somewhere we dont want to go”. i agreed. we changed subject but it seemed that we both couldnt hold a conversation and focus. i then said to her “what if we promise that we will never touch eachother and we can both watch the porn and masturbate?” she smiled at me and said “i think this is also wrong, but i dont think that this is cheating right?” “yes” i said. “we can both find some comfort in this”. She turned the tv on. she was seating on the bed while i was sitting in an armchair next to the bed. we were both sweating hard but none touched his parts nor looking at eachother. i took the initiative and un button my jeans. i slowly grab my dick inside my pants and started stroke it really slowly. i saw her without turning my head that she was looking at me and started to stroke her pussy above her pants. in a few minutes her hand was also in her panties and i could also hear her moaning slightly. i was as horny as it could be. i stood up and i said to anna “are we going to take our clothes off now or we are still going to play hide and seek?” she didnt reply she just removed her pants and string while looking at me and sat on the one side of the bed like she was inviting me next to her. i took my jeans and pants off and sat next to her. i could smell her pussy juices but as promised i wasnt able to touch it. thats made me even more hard. there we were sitting next ot other, me and anna, my girlfriends best friend and my best friends girlfriend. she was playiing with her pussy and i was playing with my dick while watching a porn movie. Minutes later we were both on our knees facing eachother, almost a hair distance away masturbating really hard till we both came at the same time. i saw my cum on her belly driping down and could help but touching her.. “we said no touching” she said. That was it. we found a very tempting way to pleasure ourselves but we never touched each other. i really dont remember how many times we masturbated this evening… but it must have been many. We spent the rest of the summer masturbating together and we kept doing it once in a while even if our partners werent away. it was our deal we never touched each other, we never fucked and that was fantastic. I still miss this settlement since last time was 10years ago. i wish i can do that again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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