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Beth and Pam working Late, in the Office

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Beth and Pam working Late, in the OfficeBeth and Pam found themselves working late one Friday night in order to catch up with some tasks that absolutely had to be completed by Monday morning. So rather than come back in over the weekend the two women decided to stay as long as it took tonight.Beth was a 27-year old beauty with long dark hair, a firm body with large, firm boobs. While totally satisfied with her own body, she often caught herself looking over to Pam. Pam was a tall attractive girl, with shoulder length blond hair and a stacked 38-DD bust that caught the attention of men everywhere she went. Beth knew that Pam was very outgoing from their conversations. Once she had even caught a glance up Pam’s skirt while she had been leaning over to check a file cabinet. Beth was surprised to discover that her friend was wearing no panties and had a shaved pussy. Beth sported a neatly trimmed “Brazilian” shave over her own pussy.While the two girls were hard at work, the rear door to the building was being forced open by three men, intent on burglarizing the building. All three men are in their early twenties. Two of them men are normal sized, not unattractive. One with short blond hair and fair features while the other has long brown hair and a large nose. The third stands nearly 6’4″ and is heavyset, but not overweight. They sneak through the building like they are no strangers to this sort of thing. Unaware that they are not alone.They split up seeking valuables to pilfer. After several minutes the blond man meets up with the other two. “Shit, guys. There’s two women upstairs.””Aw fuck, man.” The longhaired guy complains. “We need to get in there or this is a waste.”The tall man motions for silence. “We can always tie them up.””Good idea, Roger.” The blond says. “Find some rope or something.”A quick search nets them no rope. But the blond takes several power cables and phone lines from some office equipment that should do the trick. Then they silently make their way up the stairs.”Hey, Randy,” Roger whispers. “Are they good looking?””Sure are,” Randy replies. “And big titted too.””Then maybe we can have a little fun while we’re at it.”Back in the office Beth and Pam continue working, unaware of the three approaching men. Their work comes to a halt as the door flies open allowing the intruders into the room. Beth jumps first but is quickly grabbed and shoved to the floor by Roger, the tallest and more powerful of the three. Pam tries to escape by rounding her desk. Randy pursues her as she makes her break, but Nick, the long haired man, jumps in front of her and wraps his arms around her then traps her struggling body between Randy and himself.Beth remains pinned beneath Roger as she watches the other two men shove Pam back into her chair and begin tying her up with phone cord. As Nick binds her legs he calls out, “Shit, guys. This bitch ain’t got no panties on! Look at that bald beaver!”Pam blushes in shame as her pussy is exposed to their view.Once secured, they grab Beth and tie her in her chair as well. “Listen ladies,” Randy says, “Don’t make a sound and nobody gets hurt. All we want is to rob the place. We didn’t know anyone was here.”Beth and Pam both sit silently, helpless to do anything else, while the three men ransack the office. Like the men, Beth finds herself often looking at Pam’s exposed pussy. And feeling grateful that she wore slacks to work today.Roger and Randy leave Nick to watch after their captives while they search the other offices on the floor. Nick quickly searches the room looking for anything of value to throw into his sack. The makes his way back to the desks where Beth and Pam are helplessly bound.”Man, look at those titties.” Nick says, running his palm over Pam’s bountiful bosom. “Don’t touch me!” Pam sarıyer escort cries out.”Now that ain’t no way to be,” Nick snaps, grabbing her left breast and squeezing until Pam lets out a cry of pain.Nick unbuttons Pam’s blouse while she struggles in vain. Once open he spreads the material apart and begins fondling her bra-covered boobs. Then he pulls out a pocketknife and cuts the bra. Once freed, her bosom springs out. The cool air causes her nipples to grow erect, much to Nick’s delight. Pam cries out as he leans forward and begins sucking, first one, then the other nipples. “I just gotta fuck you baby.” Nick says as he stands and starts undoing his pants.”No, please don’t!” Pam cries out. But Nick ignores her please. He drops his pants and boxers. Pam sees his 8-inch rod standing fully erect. As Pam struggles, Nick slides her hips forward in the chair. He already exposed pussy makes an easy target for him. Pam cries out in protest as the head of his cock rubs her bald cunt-lips. Nick slowly presses the head between her lips a couple times, then rams his took deep inside her. Pam screams in rage as he begins r****g her. Pounding furiously while mawing her helpless boobs.Beth watches her co-workers **** with a mixture of emotions. She is terrified that she too will face the same fate. But deep inside she also feels some sense of enjoyment at watching the show before her. Much to her surprise she feels her own pussy starting to moisten while watching Pam get fucked before her.Pam strains to free her wrists to no avail. All she can do is remain pinned in her chair while getting rammed repeatedly by this thug. While Pam had always been pretty liberal in her sex life, she never thought she would be taken against her will like this. And worse, in view of her friend and co-worker. Pam didn’t know which was worse, the **** or the humiliation?Nick was banging Pam’s pussy, trying to make sure that every bit drove deep into her belly. Pam jerked more than once as his head smashed into her cervix. While she was hoping that he would get this over with soon Nick had other ideas. Just when his pace would bring him close to climax he would slow up, taking long measured thrust. Each time he did so Pam would cringe knowing that her agony had been prolonged yet again. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse the door opened and Roger and Randy returned for their search of the adjoining offices. “What the fuck is going on in here?” Randy said as he walked in on the **** in progress.Pam knew that she must be red from head to toe as the two men watched her being ravaged. Then she saw the gleam in their eyes and knew that this **** was going to turn into a gangbang.Beth too realized what was about to happen. And while already turned on, she did not want to be taken by these men.Nick rammed Pam’s pussy a few more times then withdrew completely. Pam had not felt him cum and wondered what was up. “I want those titties.” He explained, straddling the arms of the chair. Nick laid his wet cock between her massive tits and used his hands to squeeze them together around his shaft. Then began pumping her boobs. Pam looked down, seeing the purple head of his cock pop in and out of view. She heard Nick exhale and saw the first wad of his cum launch out, striking her in the face. Wad after wad erupted onto her neck and chin as he continued to fuck her tits. She felt the warm sticky fluid dripping down her cheeks and wondered how she must look all coated in his jism.While Nick was finishing up with Pam, Roger was fondling Beth. Beth struggled against his groping but could not pull her eyes away from the scene before her as she watched Pam getting tit fucked. Nick stepped away from Pam and was replaced by Randy. His thick cock esenyurt escort was barely 7 inches, but was wider. Randy shoved his dick into Pam’s face, demanding that she suck it. Pam resisted, but he pressed it against her lips, refusing to be denied. Pam opened her mouth and took his cock. She tried sucking but Randy grabbed her head and began fucking her face.As Randy took his turn Roger and Nick began untying Beth. She struggled as they began tearing her clothing from her body. Soon they had her totally naked. While Pam had tits to die for, Beth had a perfect body. Her tits, while smaller than Pam’s, were large and firm. Her body well toned. Both men knew that they had to have her.Pam fought as they pulled her on her back over the desk. Nick held her in place while Roger began slapping her thighs with his 9-inch dick. The Beth felt him pressing his head between her lips. Unlike Nick, he slowly inserted it in her. “Damn, this bitch is wet!” He exclaimed. Beth blushed. While struggling against this attack, she could feel her pussy welcoming Roger’s cock. While her mind did not want this, she realized quickly that she was going to enjoy every minute of it. Nick lowered her head over the other side of the desk and pressed his hardening cock into her face. Beth opened her mouth and let him insert it. She could taste Pam’s juices on his cock. Beth became lost as the rods began filling her from both ends. Roger’s cock rammed deep inside her while Nick buried himself down her throat, his hairy balls slapping her eyes.Randy continued fucking Pam’s face. He squeezes her tits as he shoved his meat down her throat. Pam feels his cock swelling. Hears his breaths become quicker. She wants to pull away but his other hand holds her head firmly in place. “Ahhhhhh” Randy moans with delight. Pam feels his cum spurt into the back of her throat. The warm saltiness makes her want to gag. She is forced to swallow every drop as he spews into her mouth. Beth is surprised as she finds herself succumbing to the twin poking she is receiving. Her body comes alive as Roger’s cock fills her insides. She sucks greedily on Nick’s tool, wanting him to fill her mouth with his seed. She feels Roger’s pace increase and her hips match his pace. But she realized with some regret that he is going to finish too soon for her. Then he explodes in her pussy and withdraws from her.When Roger pulls out Nick pulls his throbbing cock from her mouth and comes around the desk. “Yes” she silently mutters as he replaces Roger in her waiting cunt. Beth bites her lip to keep from moaning in delight as he slams his cock into her. Roger moves over to where Pam is still bound and forces her to lick his cock clean of Beth’s juices. As she does so his erection returns. Pam fears that she can’t contain his entire length in her mouth but Roger forces her to do so. As she begins sucking him Randy gets on his knees and begins licking her pussy. Pam spasms as his tongue flicks across her clit. He eats her muff with great skill, causing her to momentarily forget about the fact that she is being ****d. She sucks on the cock in her mouth while her body begins to enjoy the tongue between her legs. She hears Beth being fucked and her mind starts to give way to lust. Beth has long since given way to passion. She matches Nick thrust for thrust as he slams his cock into her. She feels her orgasm growing closer and closer. Nick begins pumping her faster. Then he fills her pussy with cum, pulling out before she has reached her own climax. She lay still, waiting for the next cock to fill her, hoping that it will bring her a much-needed orgasm.Pam’s mind races as she feels her pussy coming alive. She does her best to take as much of Roger’s cock into her mouth as possible, avrupa yakası escort as her inner stirrings take control of her body. A muffled cry escapes her mouth as her orgasm overwhelms her and Pam can’t believe that she is getting off on this ****.Beth hears Pam’s stifled cry and knows instantly that her friend is having an orgasm and she catches herself feeling resentful of her friend’s climax.As Pam’s orgasm continues she almost fails to realize that Roger has begun cumming in her mouth. Only as she begins choking does she begin swallowing to avoid drowning in semen.Finished with forcing Pam to climax, Randy gets up and grabs Beth. “Well, it looks like we have one more pussy to get off.””Why not make her friend do it for her.” Nick suggested.”Good idea.” Randy replies. “Wh-what do you mean?” Beth asks.”Why we’re going to let your friend eat that pretty pussy of yours.””Noooo!” Pam cries out.Roger and Nick begin untying Pam. While they are busy Nick grabs Beth and sits in the chair. He forces her to sit in his lap. But while doing so he presses the head of his dick against her asshole. “No!” Beth cries. But Randy holds her hips tightly and slowly pulls her back. His cock head presses against her well-lubed anal ring and begins forcing its way inside. Beth gasps as she feels his manhood breaking into her rear. The head burst through then Nick pulls her hips back, forcing her to fall into his lap, slamming his entire rod into her butt. The pain fills her to the core. Roger and Nick force Pam to her knees, shoving her head between Beth’s legs. Beth looks as Pam’s pretty face is forced against her soaking pussy lips. She had often wondered what it would be like to be licked by a girl and now she was about to find out. She was surprised by the fact that she was actually looking forward to this. “Eat her pussy, bitch!” Roger ordered. Pam began licking slowly. As her tongue found Beth’s swollen clit Beth began humping against her face, feeling the cock in her ass sliding in and out. Roger got down behind Pam and shoved his massive cock into her pussy. Feeling him press deeper than anyone had ever been before she lost control and began licking her friend faster.Beth watched Pam’s face, enjoying every moment of her first lesbian experience. The cock in her ass only helped to increase the sensations. Her head was turned to the side where she found Nick’s cock waiting. She took him into her mouth and began sucking. Beth was bucking up and down on the cock in her ass. While Pam continued eating her pussy. She lost all control as her long awaited orgasm finally hit. Pam felt Beth’s juices running down her cheeks and felt disgust wash over her knowing that her friend was cumming as a result of her licking. But those feelings were soon lost as Roger’s prick brought her to her second orgasm. She welcomed the climax and renewed her licking, knowing that she would soon bring Beth to another orgasm.Randy couldn’t hold back, seeing the two girls climax together was all it took and he unleashed his seed into Beth’s ass. Beth felt him spewing inside her just as her next orgasm hit. At the same time Nick came in her mouth. Roger increased his speed and he filled Pam’s pussy with his own cum.Nick and Roger pulled away, then lifted Beth off Randy. The men were totally satisfied after repeatedly r****g the two office girls. Beth fell to the floor, exhausted but satisfied in a way she never expected. Pam remained kneeling on the floor. Still not believing that she had just gone down on another woman, much less her friend and co-worker. And ashamed to admit that she had enjoyed her ****. The two girls were bound with their hands behind their backs and left lying naked on the floor as the three men took their stolen goods and fled. “Of fuck, how long will we be stuck like this?” Pam asked.Beth looked to the clock, it was close to 9:00 PM. “Not long, but that’s not the worse part.” She replied.”What is?” Pam asked.”The cleaning crew will be here in another hour. I’ve seen those guys, God only knows what they’ll do when they find us like this…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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