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Betrayed By My Body Ch. 03

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Big Tits

After being thoroughly fucked by Neems I was promoted to Supervisor in charge of export of both software and hardware. Because supervising the shipment of computers and other hardware involved going in and out of the warehouse my dress suit was replaced (at Neems’ request) by a lose jump-suit. The front of the jump suit did not have buttons but a sipper that opened both down or up. This was for bathroom calls and as I found out, also for Neems’ connivance. Neems loved to play with my cock. In the elevator he would back up against me and open my sipper and fondle my cock. Other times, if no one was around, he would slide the sipper down and give me a ‘quickie’ suck job. Neems sure loved cock. If we were in his office, he would make me take the suit completely off and walk around naked in front of him. This would always end with me either sucking his cock or being fucked in my ass till I could hardly walk.

After the first few times my body again started betraying me. Just showing myself naked and knowing the affect I was having on Neems started giving me a perverse pleasure. Against my conscious will, my unconscious will driven by lustful sexual desires, began to look forward to being naked and teasing Neems. Sometimes when I would walk towards him I would sort of twist my ass making my cock sway back and forth which caused it to remain in a semi-hard state. I hated my self for doing things like this just as I hated the unwanted erotic sexual pleasure I was beginning to get from sucking Neems’ cock and being fucked by him. Even more confusing was the fact I had started dodging my girl friend and her advances for sex pleading that in my new position I had to work and my new duties completely wore me out (which they did, my sexual duties, that is). Of further bewilderment to me was that even when I was alone, I stayed almost always in a constant state of erection thinking about Neems sucking my cock or me having my mouth or ass full of his hard throbbing cum spewing cock. Could I be turning gay? Or at the least bi? Surprisingly, it was Neems, himself, who helped me deal with this cloud of unwanted sexual confusion I was experiencing.

I had temporally forgot what Neems had said the first time he had fucked me, “Man…I can’t wait to share this.” At first I thought he was going to make me suck other men’s cocks and let them fuck me. However, when nothing happened the first week, I figured that he meant he was going to verbally share his sexual adventures with one of his gay friends. I had come the conclusion that he was gay as were a very large number of the people we did business with. This sure offset any thought I had of threatening him with me going to tell clients he was gay if he did not quit making (?) me suck his cock and letting him fuck my ass when ever he wanted. He had me and I knew it. Thus I lulled myself into believing I would not have to suck or be fucked by anyone except Neems and no one else would ever know that I regularly sucked cock and had my ass fucked by a man. All this ended late one afternoon when I was paged to go to his private office.

When I entered Neems’ office Neems was in his robe as he generally was when he wanted sex with me, but this time his office manager, Tom, was setting over on one of the big couches also güvenilir bahis in a robe. This was not too surprising as I knew they often played racquet ball together. They had probably played and then had a shower and now we were going to discuss some account. We were – my sexual account!

Neems first words to me were, “Show me what you got!” meaning get naked.

“B…bu…but,” I stammered, looking from him to where Tom sat.

Neems whispered one word, “Twenty,” and I knew he meant 20 years for the software I had pirated.

I turned beet red with embarrassment and humiliation as I pulled the zipper down on my jump suit and stepped out of it facing Neems. Because of being humiliated by Neems in front of another man, my cock was as limp as an old dishrag. As Neems arose from his desk he ordered me to face Tom. As I shamefully turned to face Tom I was even more stunned, there playing on the large TV was a video of me sucking Neems’ cock and then showing me with my legs wrapped around him begging him to fuck me harder. I froze with astonishment; I had already guessed that Neems had some pictures from his private security camera, but not to this extent with sound and vividly showing me sucking and being fucked from different angles.

“Don’t worry,” said Neems, “Tom has seen it all. Who do you think filmed it?”

This explained why whenever I showed up at Neems’ office Tom would leave – he was taping all my sexual acts with Neems. I was devastated, not only had I sucked a man’s cock and been repeatedly fucked in the ass as I begged for more, but now someone else knew. It made no difference that some of it was role-playing to satisfy Neems, the message in the film was the same – it showed I loved sucking cock and being fucked in my ass by a man. I couldn’t bear to look up at Tom.

Neems walked up behind me and put his arms around me. He was naked and I could feel his hardening cock pressed against my bare ass. Turning me towards Tom, Neems told him “watch this.”

Neems began by rubbing and pinching my nipples, which he knew, made me hot. Without even a second thought my body disregarded the turmoil of my mind and began responding to Neems’ advances. I could feel his pre-cum wet cock pressed tightly against my ass. So completely did my body yield to Neems’ sexual manipulations that nothing else mattered, “Ohhh,” I moaned leaning my head back on Neems’ shoulder as my cock stood out ramrod straight.

From far away I could hear Neems telling Tom, “Ted is a natural born bitch. Look at his cock drool just thinking about having my cock in his ass.”

“Oh fuck this can’t be happening to me. I can’t be turned on like this in front of witnesses.” But even as I fought for control, I knew my body was winning and if Neems wanted, I would let him fuck me in front of Tom.

“Damn! Look at his cock drool just from having his tits played with and your cock rubbed on his ass,” exclaimed Tom. “I thought it might have been put-on in the videos, but he really wants your cock. He really likes to suck cock and be fucked. Wow!!”

I numbly watched as Tom stood up and dropped his robe. His cock was hard and pointed straight at me. Looking at his cock without even thinking I wet my lips as my ‘body’ wondered what it would taste güvenilir bahis siteleri like.

Seeing me wet my lips as I stared at Tom’s cock Neems knew he had won. He knew no matter what my mouth said, my body loved cock. He then took hold of my cock and led me over to the padded table he had installed especially to fuck me on. Backing me up to the table be put his arms around me tight and started French kissing me. At first numbly I let him kiss me as he pressed his hard cock into mine. But soon, even though this was happening in front of another man, my body once again responded to Neems and I began willing returning his kisses.

Putting my hand on his cock Neems made me speak, “Tell Tom what you want me to do to you.”

Standing there with Neems’ cock in my hand and pre-cum oozing out of mine, I was forced both by my body and Neems’ power over me to admit I wanted his cock in me. “I want your cock,” I softly whispered.

“Speak up so Tom can hear,” Neems ordered.

Losing my last bit of dignity and self-respect, I yielded to my body’s sexual desire and Neems power over me. Looking Neems in the eye I said, “I want you to fuck me.”

Then Neems pushed me, hard cock and all, back onto the table. Then using lube that he kept in the drawer he began finger fucking my ass until I began to moan and squirm with desire. With his fingers still lodged in my willing ass Neems leaned over and kissed me. Although not wanting to, I responded to his finger fucking and kisses. Almost as if he could see the fight going on between my lustful desire to be fucked in my ass and my shame for giving in, Neems whispered to me, “Ted, you know what your problem is? It’s you are too caught up in profiles and labels. You are so worried about if you are straight, bi, or gay, that you try to hold back your feelings. I know you love having your cock sucked, I know you love sucking my cock by the way you do it, and I know you love being fucked by the way you get into it. So don’t worry about trying to figure out a label for your self, just let your self go, you don’t need a label to enjoy your self, just react with your feelings as they come.”

Neems made sense, trying to label myself kept me under a cloud of uncertainty and doubt. No wonder my body had betrayed me – it wanted to enjoy its new found sexual utopia, it wanted to suck cocks and fuck cocks till it was unable to move. I now realized this indeed was what I wanted – I wanted to turn my self completely over to the joy of being impaled on a hard throbbing cock in my mouth and in my ass. I wanted to enjoy these new sexual feelings that brought me pleasures I had never dreamed existed. I wanted to be able to at least admit to my self– I loved sucking and fucking cocks. With my newfound discovery and freedom from my old worries, I gave my self completely over to my newfound love and unleashed my craving for sucking cock and having my ass thoroughly fucked.

Looking him in the eye, I whispered, “Yes, you are right I do love sucking and being fucked. I want to enjoy sucking and fucking cocks all the time. Then moving his fingers from my ass, I took his cock and placed it against my well lubed and cock hungry ass. Wrapping my arms and legs around Neems I unleashed all my pent up sexuality iddaa siteleri and humped him like the cock slut I knew I was. As his cock pounded my ass I begged him over and over, “Ohhhh fuck me hard stud…pour the cock to me…pound my ass…ohhhh yesss now…Ohhh fuck my ass till I can’t walk! Ride me like the slut I am. Ohhhh soooo fucking good! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARD!!!”

Opening my eyes I saw Tom had moved over to the table and was slowly stroking his cock as he watched me get the fucking of my new life. Tom’s hard cock was just inches from my face. Completely in love with cocks and in the throes of my new sexual utopia I reached out and grabbed Tom’s cock and guided it into my mouth and sucked it. Neems seeing my mouth being fucked by Tom’s cock started pounding my humping ass harder and harder.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned around Tom’s cock as it sled into my cock hungry mouth. I couldn’t believe it, I was being fucked at both ends and loving ever inch of it. I bucked, fucked, and sucked, like a whore gone crazy. After finding my way, thanks to Neems, out of my doubt and self inflicted uncertainty, I was indeed a whore who could not get enough cock. “Fuck me! Fuck me at both ends! OH Yesssss give it to me,” I screamed in my mind in unison with my body as both cocks plunged deep into my hungry throat and ass.

My wild and unbridled sucking and fucking soon had Neems and Tom to the brink of filling me with their love nectar.

“Oh fuck!! What A mouth…what a cock slut,” shouted Tom as he grabbed my head and fucked my cock hungry mouth. “Oh fuck what a mouth pussy…oh shit he’s taking it all. Oh fuck!! I’m Cumming!!! Suck it dry…yessss” shouted Tom as his cock flooded my mouth so full of his cum that I could not swallow it all and it started running out my mouth.

Seeing my mouth full of cock and covered with cum caused Neems to dump his load deep in my ass-pussy. I could feel his cock unloading deep in my ass. As Tom’s cock slipped from my cum covered mouth I wrapped my legs and arms around Neems. Digging my fingers in his back as my legs locked around him, I fucked his cock with all my might. “Fuck me…fuck me hard! Oh fuck…fill me! Ohhh fuck me deep…Ohhh YES!!! Fill my ass with your cum,” I pleaded holding Neems tight against my ass as he filled me with his cum.

The feel of two cocks fucking me on both ends and filling me with cum, caused me for the second time in my life to shoot my load of cum without even touching my cock, only this time I was not ashamed, I was proud to have the cum fucked out of me as I screamed and thrashed about on Neems cock lodged deep inside of my ass as Tom’s cum ran out of my well fucked mouth. Holding Tom’s cock in my hand and holding my ass tightly on Neems’ cock I smiled and begged them, “Do it again…please do it again…fill me with your cocks!” and they did.

Talking about sexual fulfillment…Now I was one well-fucked, and sexually satisfied beyond my wildest dreams, cock slut. I unashamedly wanted to suck cock and be fucked over and over till I couldn’t move.

With his cock still lodged deep in my ass as Tom rubbed his cock over my lips, Neems told Tom, “Boy I can’t wait till we go to our convention…”

As I savored my ass and mouth being full of cock, I wondered what Neems meant by that. “Why can’t he wait,” I wondered. I would soon find out.

Thanks for reading my story. Please write and let me know what you think.

I love receiving mail and I answer it all.



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