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Bi Beki (TrueStory)

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Bi Beki (TrueStory)This is the girl who is in this story with me : http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/1352687/bi_sexual_beki.htmlThis all starts off with me going downtown just by myself to a well known gay bar. I have been bi-sexual since I was about 14 and I am 18 now. I was wearing a burgundy dress which flared out a lot at the bottom and was showing a fair bit of cleavage, my legs were bare and I had black lace panties on and a matching bra. I was in the mood for a girl tonight seen as I hadn’t had sex with a girl in a fair while. I go into this place, go up to the bar and order a drink from this cute little brunette with loads of tattoos and piercings. Secretly I like goths but she has too many piercings. I looked around to see who is around. It wasn’t too busy and from the corner of this place I spot this cute looking but beautiful young girl. I thought she must have just been 18. I walked over to her and when I got there she was alone, no drink and looking confused. “Are you okay there?” I asked.She looked up, surprised that someone was talking to her. She had beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile.”Huh? Yeah thank you.””Do you mind if I sit with you?””Nah that’s cool, go ahead.” She said giving me another gorgeous smile.I wanted to just kiss her so bad, strip her clothes off and kiss her cute little body all over. I sat next to her and introduced myself and I asked if she was gay to which she told me she was bi but never done anything with a girl. Through the whole time we were talking she was staring at my neck, breasts and my thighs. I was getting wet being able to see her small cleavage. I leant over and whispered in her ear, “You are so beautiful.” She responded to this be putting her hand on the back of my neck and kissing my neck. I put my hand on her thigh and then whispered in her ear, “I have a place of my own not too far from here.” She liked this and we finished our drinks and walked back to my place.As we were walking along the street she went to hold my hand. I couldn’t believe I had pulled a girl istanbul escort as cute, beautiful and sexy as her. I later let go of her hand and slid my hand across the bottom of her back and then down to her nice big round ass. For a girl of her height and beauty, she had the most amazing round ass and perfect thighs. We got back to mine where I poured us both a drink of wine and sat on my bed, just chatting for a bit about each other. Turns out she had only turned 18 that day and that she hadn’t told anyone at all that she was bi. I leant forward and started kissing her, straight away she was pushing her tongue into my mouth, my god I wanted her so much at that point. She looked younger then 18 and I couldn’t wait to get her clothes off and see her body. I slid my hand up her thigh, squeezing it gently to which she then took my hand and placed it on her breast, my god was she forward. I began kissing her more, kissing and licking her neck, she was breathing heavily and moaning at some points, she was getting me so turned on. She then ran her hand up my bare thigh and up my dress where she began rubbing my pussy over my panties. She was teasing me so much but also pleasing me so much. After doing this for a few moments and both our breathing getting really heavy she stood up in front of me and stripped off. She even wore clothes like a young girl. She had on black knickers/boxers and a plain black padded bra. I stood up and sat her down on the bed now and I stepped out of my dress as her eyes widened, she was staring at my body. I walked up to her, standing right in front of her as she then began kissing my stomach just above my crotch. That is my biggest turn on spot, just on my hip bones. I had my hands running through her hair as she kissed my hip bones, using her tongue and licking them a little. Her hands were around behind me squeezing my ass which I admit is rather big as well.I was soaking now and I then pushed her up the bed avcılar escort as I took off my bra and panties. I was totally shaven as I liked to be. Beki wriggled her way out of her knickers/boxers and unclipped her bra. She was totally shaven and had the body of a young girl. I crawled along the bed, my head right down, going past her tight bald pussy, smelling her sweet scent as she was really wet also, seeing the little glisten of her wetness on her inner thigh. I went up slowly kissing her stomach and then her small, young perky breasts to which she gasped to, breathing really heavily as I began to bite, suck and lick her hard nipples. I then went up kissing and sucking her neck leaving a little hickey and then went to kissing her again. She had her hands on my ass again. I pushed my waist down as I gently felt her young pussy touch mine as she then thrusted her waist up very fast. With this she rolled us over so she was on top. I wanted to grab her nice big ass so bad so I did. She was grinding her wet pussy against mine and we were both moaning as we kissed. I started squeezing her ass harder and she kissing me even more. She was definitely turned on and wanting so much more. I stretched out my arm and opened my bedside draw and rummaged around to find my small dildo. I found it and then went back to squeezing her ass. I picked up the dildo and with one hand I spread her ass cheeks and I slowly slid the dildo between her legs and slowly into her soaking pussy. Again she gasped and stopped grinding on me. Her eyes closed and mouth open I slowly slid it deep in her pussy. She was now moaning as I was going in. As I got all the way in she started moving up and go onto her hands and knees. She started leaning forward and then pushing back fucking the dildo I had in my hand. Her little tits were hanging down and wobbling back and forward. I stopped and got out from underneath her. Going on my knees behind her on her hands and knees and again I slid the dildo into şirinevler escort her tight bald pussy. I was able to fuck her with it now, she was so wet, her ass looking amazing up in the air. With my other hand I wrapped her hair around and gripped tightly, pulling her head back a little and I began fucking her with the dildo really hard. She was moaning so loud now, she was so wet and there was loud squelching noises coming from her pussy as I fucked her with the dildo. After doing this for a fair few minutes her moaning began to get louder, I was fucking her with it so hard and fast, she finally got to her climax which she moaned really loud and squirted all over the dildo, my hand and arm. She was shivering as she squirted and fell onto the bed breathing heavily.When she regained from her orgasm she laid me on my back and spread my legs wide burying her head between my legs furiously lapping at my soaking pussy. Her tongue was rubbing on all the right areas, she was also not just licking, but sucking on my clit. I couldn’t control myself and began moaning so loud, my hands gripping her hair at the back of her head pushing her head down as she then squeezed 2 fingers into me as she continued to lick my clit over and over. I was in heaven, for a girl who had never had any experiences with girls she knew exactly how to lick a girl out. I crossed my legs wrapping them around the back of her head and on her shoulders and I began thrusting my waist up, I was so close to an orgasm. She then picked up the dildo, still soaked in her juices, and began fucking me so hard and deep, pushing against my anus from the inside of my pussy. This was exactly where I like it and is where I pleasure myself alone. She was pushing all around really hard making me moan so loud and before I knew it my juices began flowing, shooting out all over the dildo, her hand and arm and all over the bed sheets. I began shivering and held my very erect nipples extremely hard and then laid there breathing heavily.After I recovered we sat there chatting naked on my bed, running our fingers across each others bodies, along our thighs, across our stomachs and between out breasts, goose bumps forming from the love of the feeling. I asked for her number and added her as a friend on Facebook and in the morning we parted ways. I hope I get to see this girl again because that night was just amazing.

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