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Subject: Big Bro’s Frat Party – Part 2 Pulling his cock from my ass, Jack backed up against the wall, stressfully brushing his hands through his hair as he tried to grasp the situation we were in. Brian laughed as he watched both our reactions. I scurried from the bed, grabbed my clothes from the floor and ran from the room. Making my way down the stairs to the living room, I saw a couple of frat guys, I could only assume some of them had left their juices inside me upstairs. “YO! HE’S JACKS LITTLE BROTHER!” I heard being yelled down the stairs as I reached the last step. I stopped dead as the two guys quickly stood from the couch and blocked my exit. I felt a dribble of cum escape my ass cheeks and start to make its way down my thigh as we all stared at each other. Within seconds, Brad came down the stairs behind me, his hard cock swinging from side to side as he pressed on my back, guiding me towards the couches in front of the television. The pressure on my shoulder had be sitting in the middle of the couch as the two guys sat at either side of me, throwing my clothes into the corner out of the way. Brad sat in a chair in the corner of the room where he has a better view of the room. Taking out his mobile phone, he pressed a few buttons and a video started playing on the television. It was me and Jack. The video showed Jack tagging in from the guy who now sat to my left, before spitting on his cock and sliding into my gaping, wet hole as my blindfolded head was pressed into the bed sheets. The smile on his face lit up the room as his cock became embedded into my hole, his hands had a tight grip on wrists as the video zoomed in to see the wet, sticky juices that bound my hole with Jacks cock. Zooming out, the video showed Jacks sweaty face, the face of pure lust as he thrust his cock into my hole the final time, letting out a loud moan as he filled me with his cum. I could feel my face mezitli escort turn bright red, my cock stood rock solid as I watched the video play. As did the other 3 cocks in the room, the 8 inch to my left and 7 inch to my right and Brads 9 inch resting against his toned abs as he gently smiled at my reaction to the video. We locked eyes as my embaressment gave me nausia, if the ground could swallow me, now would be the ideal time. Brads gaze shifted to the stairs where we saw Jack come down from the bedroom, still naked, his now softened cock gently bounced as he got to the bottom of the stairs. Looking over at the television he saw the last few second of the video of when we had both recognised each other and shouted one anothers names. We locked eyes in shame. “You’s are closer than ever now…” Brad laughed as he waved Jack over to his chair. Patting his thigh, he motioned for Jack to sit on his lap, which he did with no hesitation. Was Jack some sort of submissive for Brad? Brad whispered into Jacks ear and without argument, Jack moved from Brads lap and made his way to the couch I sat on, getting to his knees in front of me. Looking me dead in the eyes, Jack took hold of my hard cock and placed it onto his tongue, the pre cum glazing it. I drew a deep breath and relaxed into the feeling as my cock hit the back of Jacks throat, the guys to either side of me began stroking their cocks while twisting on each of my nipples. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know how to handle it. After several minutes of sucking on my cock, Jack turned to look at Brad while stroking my cock against his face. Giving a simple nod, Brad stood from his chair and stood in the corner. Jack stood from the floor and got onto his knees on the chair, his chest pressing against the back of it as he arched his back for his toned ass to be on display. “Eat it..” Brad demanded as pozcu escort he nodded towards me. I stood from the chair and made my way behind my brother, getting to my knees on the floor, my face was at the perfect height as I put a hand on each cheek, I pulled them apart, exposing his sweaty hole. Brad had his hand against the back of my head as he pushed my face forward, my tongue pressed against the tight hole as I lathered it in saliva as Jack let out subtle moans of pleasure. After a couple of minutes my tongue had worked its way inside Jacks anal walls and the taste of his sweat was heavily turning me on. I stood from the floor without direction and used the endless pre cum that I was oozing to coat my cock. Jack turned to look at me as I pressed my 7 inch cock into his wet hole. I took hold of his hips as my cock rested inside of him, slowly sliding it in and out. “Choke him” One of the other guys demanded from behind me. I moved my hands to wrap them around Jacks neck as he turned to look at the guy on the couch. His moans intensified as his face turned a shade of red as I picked up my pace. My cock plunged in and out of his hole hard as I tightened my grip around his neck, his moans got louder as he begs for me to fuck him harder. Pulling on his neck for his back to arch more, I fucked my big brother as hard as I could as his body jerked forward with each punch to his prostate. The guys from the couch had now both made their way to either side of me, taking hold of each of Jacks arms and holding them in place as I ravaged his hole. Jacks hole grasped tighter around my hole as his voice turned high pitched as he moaned and squealed, his body jerking back and forward as I tightened my grip on his neck. “Cumming!” He squealed as he let out a load moan, his balls emptying a massive load, hands free. I only lasted seconds afterwards, his tight muscles wrapped escort bayan around my cock sent me into over drive as I drove my cock in for one last time, emptying endless ropes of cum inside of Jack. Sliding my pulsating cock from my big brothers hole, I collapsed on the couch as the guys swooped in to fill the hole, literally. I watched as my Jacks head bounced back and forward, the toned asses of the guys clenching with each thrust into the wet hole. I rested back on the couch with my eyes closed, slowly stroking my semi hard cock as I listened to the wet, slopping sounds of my brothers hole as the guys took turns fucking it. After a few minutes rest a sudden darkness covered me, my legs were thrown into the air as Brad pressed them over my torso. I opened my eyes in shock to see the beautiful black guy towering over me as he spat a thick load of saliva onto my hole before sliding his cock into me. I moaned as my wet hole was filled with his cock with no warning, a slight pain filled my stomach as Brad held nothing back. Slamming his cock deep into my hole, he pounded me harder than I had ever seen in porn before, I was unable to moan from my breath leaving my body with each thrust, my head hitting the back of the couch each time. I turned my head to look at Jack, our gazes met as we both got our holes ravaged at the same time. Brad put his hand around my neck as he gently choked me for dominance, my face turned red as Jack and I continued to lock eyes. Within moments, the guys tag teaming Jack came into him hole one after another, their loud moans filled the room before leaving for their bedrooms, leaving Jacks dripping hole on the chair. He turned and sat on the chair carefully, not to hurt his abused hole as he watched his friend Brad slam into my body. within seconds Brad unleashed his mighty load deep into my abdomen as he groaned loudly, his musk filling my space. As he pulled his cock from my aching hole, he threw me legs to the side and left me lying half off the couch before leaving the room. Jack and I looked at each other, both our hole used and dripping with cum. What will these two get upto next…? Follow me @mycuriousfantasy for more hot stories!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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