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Birthday fun

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*These two characters have a bigger story that I’ll publish later*

“Tyrell I told you no gifts,” Bassir groaned when he saw me walk in with two horribly wrapped presents. I’ve never wrapped presents before especially for somebody else but I tried.

“Shut up. You knew I was going to buy you presents.” I sat next to him on the bed. He was wearing my favorite shorts of his and his glasses. He looked so damn fine with glasses on.

It’s his birthday and I wanted to do something special but I had to work and then he got called in on a case so my plans fell through. I been wanting to fuck him for so long but our schedules have been packed. Tonight is our first free night after a long day.

“Alright, I’m not saying I don’t like them but this is more your style.” He opened my presents which was a gold chain just like mine and a Rolex that also matched mine. Okay I see what he’s saying.

“I wanted us to match. Like this what I be wearing when I run the streets and and want my baby to be matching. We can run the streets together.” He looked over to me with a glare.

“You ain’t running shit but a shipping company. Let me find out you’re still going to trap houses after we moved on from all that,” he glared.

“No I’m not but I still run this streets just in a suit now.”

“Yeah but you’re not the face Dave is and you better leave it like that. Now gimme kiss.” I pouted kissing him. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back so he could kiss down my neck.

“Bassir you getting freaky and I ain’t even finish giving you yo presents.” He shrugged moving down to my chest. I pushed him off so I could go bahis siteleri get his last present. “I’ll be back, keep that boner up for me.” I rushed off the bed and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed some whipped cream and his last gift before going back to the bedroom.

He already had his dick out stroking it. I paused at the door watching him. My eyes followed his hand going up and down. Just looking at him is making me hard. He still didn’t notice me standing there watching him stroke himself.

He looked over to me and smiled. I sat the cream and gift down so I could pull out my dick. We looked at each other while we both jerked off. I am so fucking hard from just watching him stroke his 10 inch dick.

I felt myself start to cum so I held my base so I could calm down.

“Come here,” he whispered, still stroking. I grabbed the cream and opened it. I sprayed it on my his dick before shoving it down my throat. “Fuck.” I smiled around him pulling up. I looked up at him with a smirk. I took him back into my mouth. I licked his head before making him hit the back of my throat again.

“Fuck you’re to good at that,” he said thrusting into my mouth. He pulled me up and kissed me. “You almost made me cum and I’m not ready yet.” I climbed onto him and started grinding into him. His dick was right in between my ass cheeks. I could feel his dick rubbing on my hole.

I grabbed him before forcing him in. That was not the best idea.

“Fuck why is your dick so big?” He laughed and rubbed my back. Once I got used to him being in me I started slowly moving. I missed riding him.

He pulled me down by my ponytail canlı bahis siteleri till I was on my back. Instantly my legs wrapped around his waist trapping him. He started to move slowly at first then he sped up. He backed me up till I was hanging off the bed.

“Stop running babyboy,” he commanded before putting me on all fours. I didn’t have much time to recover before he slammed into me. My body dropped down with my ass still in the air being pounded.

“God damn Bassir. You fucking me into the bed.” He grabbed my hair pulling it back till my back was arched and only my chest was on the bed. The way he fucking me hard and fast is borderline painful added to the hair pulling tipped it over the edge. While I am in pain I like it rough and while he is good at getting he there every time we haven’t had rough sex like this in awhile.

“I’m cumming Bassir!” He stopped and pulled out roughly. My body collapsed on the bed as soon as he let go of my hair.

“I want you to stay like that actually I want you to finger yourself till I get back.” I did as he said and put my fingers in my ass trying to get that feeling back.

He wasn’t gone long before he came back with a blindfold and handcuffs. I smiled, slipping my fingers out.

“Oh you getting freaky tonight,” I smirked at him opening my legs so he could stand between them.

“We haven’t used these in awhile and it’s my birthday.” He grabbed my hands and handcuffed them behind my back. “Sit in the middle of the bed.” I sat where he told me before I was blindfolded. He felt him move off the bed before the room went completely silent.

I sat for what canlı bahis felt like hours before I felt a hand slowly stroke my dick. The sudden touch made me jump before I relaxed into his touch. He slowly sped it before slowing back down. He fucking with me, not letting me cum.

“Bassir I’m going to fuck you up if you don’t let me cum.” I could hear the need in my voice. My body was craving an orgasm not only that but I was craving him.

He put my dick in his mouth but only the tip. His tongue worked me good before he slipped all the way down swallowing me. He said I could suck dick good but I’m sure he’s a pro at it. He stayed like that but he was working the muscles in his throat like he was messaging my dick with his throat.

“Fuck me im cumming. Bassir!” I screamed his name and shot into the back of his throat. I flopped back with a sigh. The bling fold came off thankfully but he put me back on my chest and knees and slammed into me again. Instead of my hair he grabbed the handcuffs and started hammering me. My body was sore but he was working me up to another orgasm.

My ass is going to be hurting for days after he gets done. All this yelling I’m doing my throat is sore and I know tomorrow my voice is going to be gone.

“Fuck you’re so tight,” he slapped my ass hard before cumming deep inside me which led me to yell out his name and cum for the second time. After he was done he took off the handcuffs and kissed my wrist. We laid down in bed with a satisfied smile.

“Oh your gift.” I reached across him and grabbed the little box. Inside was a bracelet that had the day we met engraved on the back. It was simple just like he liked it.

“Thank you babyboy. I love it.” He sat it down before grabbing me in his arms. “I love you.”

“I know.” I kissed him before closing my eyes. I need a break before he starts back up.

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