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Subject: Birthday Present This story is complete fiction. Copyright the author. Please donate to Nifty, to keep this wonderful resource fty/ *** Then Jody left, and it was just me and Tony. Tony leaned into me, his breath pretty beery. “So, uh, I wanted to get you something you really want for your birthday.” “You don’t have to, man. Just throwing this party was great.” Tony shook his head. He was leaning on me know, obviously pretty off-balance and drunk off his ass. “Nah, man, like a real present.” He pointed at his chest. “Me.” “Uh, what?” “Me. I’m the present.” I blinked at him in confusion. Tony leaned into me harder and his lean wasn’t the only thing hard. His cock pressed firmly against my thigh. “Come on, man, ya think I didn’t see all the times you checked me out? Tried to get a look at my cock?” He ground against me. “I know you want it. So, I mean I’m not usually into dudes, but it’s your birthday and … ” He shrugged. “You’re my friend.” I must have been blushing with all the god damned blood that wasn’t already in my groin. “What?” Tony huffed a laugh. “Dude, I’m offering to fuck you, if you want. If you ask nice, I’m horny enough I might even throw in a blow job. Totally on the house.” I swallowed. I think I went from tipsy to sober in one stuttered heartbeat. “Se–seriously?” Tony nodded, solemnly. Then he straightened up and stepped back from me, no longer swaying or appearing drunk at all. “And don’t think you’re taking advantage of drunk me or something. I’ve been faking sloppy drunk for the last fifteen minutes to get the room clear. I am really fucking horny. It was you or Jody, and it’s your birthday, so I picked you.” Tony got back into my personal space, put his arms around me, and got his face right up into mine. I swallowed again, my brain oozing out my ears. This guy I’d had a serious lust-crush on for the whole year was not just drunkenly coming on to me, he was offering me sex. Mostly sober sex. I kissed him. I could feel his surprise for a moment, then the dude got into it. Never in a million years had I thought that Tony would be up for even accepting me blowing him, much less kissing me — which he was increasingly enthusiastic about — nor full on ass-plowing. Several minutes later, we were both grinding against each other, both hard, and both a little out of breath. “That was fun. Didn’t think kissing a guy would be that hot.” Tony laughed and wiped a hand across his mouth. His eyes sparkled and his caramel skin was flushed. “Come on. Lose the clothes and let’s get your birthday present started.” “You sure?” I said. I didn’t want to stop. Not at all. But I also didn’t want to take advantage of a friend. In response, Tony took off his shirt. He had a great chest, really nicely defined. Just a hint of abs but plenty of muscle. He tossed his shirt over his shoulder. “If you don’t take off your pants right now, my offer to blow you expires.” I have never taken off pants faster in my life. He pushed me down on the bed, parted my thighs and smiled. “Dude, you’ve got great legs, but that cock is something else. I’m not sure I’ll be able to gobble that whole thing.” I blinked at him. “You’ve sucked cock before?” “Hell yeah, a bunch of times, but only when I’ve had a few. It’s fun. I prefer fucking someone though, pussy, ass, whatever I can get.” He reached out a hand and casually took my balls in his hand. I sucked in a breath and I think got harder. He gave me a quick squeeze, brought his hands down to my knees, then ran them along my legs, finally circling my cock in both. His hands were warm and incredibly erotic. I think I blanked out, because the next thing I knew, his head was right over my cock, mouth open, his large lips slick. He glanced up at me. “Ready?” I nodded. “And don’t worry about warning me. I’m in the mood to swallow.” And with that, he licked the head of my cock, pulling away some pre-cum. Then he took me in his mouth, wiggling his tongue along the bottom of my dick. I moaned. The sensation, the situation, was out of control. I watched in fascination as Tony slowly swallowed my whole cock. He gagged a little, I am pretty big, and the hot, wet sensation of his mouth and throat were too much. I blew my load, right then and there. After the intense explosion, the unbelievable awesomeness of having fucking Tony sucking on my cock, I flopped back on the bed. Spent. And mortified. “God, Tony, I’m sorry.” Tony, my dick still in his mouth, slowly pulled off me, licking my cock the whole way. The sensation was both pleasure and pain, then he was off. He smiled down at me, ran his hands along my thighs comfortingly. “Ok, so you blew your load quick, no worries. We got all night, and if I do my job right, I’m going to make you come again while I fuck you. Besides, you taste … kinda sweet.” He licked his lips and watching that, knowing he’d just swallowed my fucking load, made me start to get hard again. Tony stood up, pushed off his shoes, unbuttoned his shorts, and pushed them down. Dude was wearing a jockstrap. Or mostly wearing it. His rigid cock distorted the white cotton pouch. He glanced at me and smiled. “Like what you see?” He wiggled his engorged cock, still confined to that last piece of clothing. He was gloriously hot. I could only nod. “Ok, let’s get you ready.” He reached down, pulled a couple of things out of his shorts, and knelt down next to me. He put the items on the bed next to me. One was a small bottle, lube, and the other was a strip of four condoms. I blinked. He grinned at me as I swallowed. “Yeah, man, when I say I want to fuck, I don’t mean just one bang and then gone. I can do two in hour if I’m motivated.” He ran a hand along my thickly muscled thigh. “And I’m motivated. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that fine ass of yours. With that, and a rest break in between, I’ll get to that last condom, don’t you worry.” I grinned back at him. “I’m a little worried.” He laughed. “Good.” He grabbed me by the ankles and pushed my legs back towards me, so that my knees were practically in my face. I put my hands behind me knees to hold my legs in place. My ass was out there, open and exposed. “Damn.” He gave my ass a caress. “Really fucking fine.” He grabbed the bottle of lube, slicked up a finger, then dribbled some lube on my ass. It was cold. I sucked in a breath. Then he ran his slicked finger along my crack, spreading the lube around, and I moaned. Tony smiled as he worked. After some light finger massage along my taint and hole, he looked up at me, right in the eyes, and without breaking eye contact, he pushed the tip of his finger into me. It hurt a little but the sensation was incredible, surprisingly erotic. I started to breathe a little more rapidly. He kept watching me, holding his finger there, twisting it a little, letting my ass get used to it. When I calmed a little he pushed in farther, slowing getting his whole finger into me. My legs shook. My moaning was constant. He held his finger still for a couple of minutes, still watching my face, his free hand running caressingly along my thigh. “Ready for more?” I nodded, still shaking. I was overwhelmed by everything. Tony twisted his finger, searching for something. When he ran the pad of his finger along my prostate, I arched up and moaned loudly. It was like lightning was going up my spine — really intensely erotic lightning. He began moving his finger in and out, each time running it along that place inside me. I began shuddering and my cock was now full mast. And then suddenly his finger was gone. I felt a little empty and opened my eyes to see what was going on. Tony had two fingers up and together, dribbling lube over them. I swallowed in mild terror over the thought of both of those inside me. Tony saw me looking and grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow. But you’ll want me to prep you or my cock will feel like I’m pushing a baseball bat into you.” I nodded. It hurt gaziantep travesti when he first pushed them in. I breathed and tried to relax, pushing against his fingers. After a moment of first penetration, he slowly got them both into me. I may have gibbered a little. I definitely moaned for him. I may have whimpered a little. Then he got both fingers against my prostate and I nearly screamed my moan. Kiyoshi from next door banged on the wall. I tried to be quieter — I really did! — but I may not have been entirely successful. Tony just grinned at me. “He’s just jealous. It’s Friday night, where’s he going in the morning?” Then he started to piston his two fingers into me, back and forth, right across my fucking prostate, and after few minutes of that heaven, I came messily all over the t-shirt I was still wearing. Tony kept his fingers going while I came, leading to even more spurts. I gasped for breath after my orgasm passed, splayed out on the bed. One of my legs was flat, foot dangling over the bed. The other was propped up by Tony, who still had both of his fingers jammed up my ass. He grinned at me. “Fuck, man, when was the last time you jerked off?” “Tuesday.” I gasped out. “This Tuesday or a month ago?” I laughed weakly. “Never had such a hot guy with his fingers in my ass.” He wiggled his fingers, causing me to groan. “Yeah, well, I think you might be ready for the main event. How do you want it?” I did my best to lean up, looking at him. “How do I want it?” “Yeah. Like, just push your knees up and take you here. Or do you want it doggy style? Or on the floor over a pillow? Or hell, in the shower, standing up. Or over the railing outside?” I swallowed again. All of those were good. All of them. Any of them. I looked around the room. I pointed. “There.” “Against the door? Kinky.” He helped me pull off my shirt, as much as he could with only one hand. He still had his fingers in my ass, twisting them a little each time either of us moved. “Ok, I’m going to pull my fingers. Once I do, get up and get in position at the door.” I nodded. He slowly, slowly pulled his fingers out of me. It was still incredibly hot, and even though my dick was soft, I could tell it wasn’t going to be much longer before I got hard again. I got up, with a hand from Tony, and unsteadily made my way over to the door. I put a steadying hand on one side of it, but didn’t completely bend over. Instead I twisted to watch Tony. He wiped his fingers off on a tissue, then pushed his jockstrap down. His giant fucking cock was rock hard but still managed to bounce a little. There was no getting around it, Tony was a handsome, athletic man, and he had a nice fucking cock. I was shaking from lust. He opened a condom with practiced ease and rolled it up his dick. Then he added some more lube and ran a hand along its length. He turned and walked over. He put a hand on my back, then leaned forward and kissed me. “Hope you like your present.” “So, so much.” “Good. Now bend over, I’m going to fuck your ass.” I laughed, bent at the waist, and put my hands on either side of the door. Tony ran both hands along my back, then my butt, then pulled my cheeks aside. “You have a really great ass, has anyone told you that?” “Couple of times.” Tony put the head of his cock against my hole and gently pushed. I groaned. He wasn’t kidding, it felt like he was trying to shove a baseball bat up my ass. I whimpered as he very slowly pushed the tip of his cock into me, ending a bit like a scream. He stopped with the tip in me, my ass on fire, in some pain, but also about as turned on as I had ever been in my life. I groaned, loudly, just thinking about it. Kiyoshi banged on the wall again. I laughed a little shakily. So did Tony. Tony stroked my back and put both hands on my hips. “You ok?” “Gotta admit, hurts. Don’t wanna stop.” Tony stroked my back again. “Ok, I’m going to back up a little. Follow me. We’ll get into a better position for you to take me, though it’s going to be like an ugly yoga stretch.” Tony slowly backed up and I followed him. Staying bent over and walking backwards was awkward as fuck, but the sensation of his cock in my ass was starting to be less painful and more … filling. Salacious. We got about six feet from the door. “Ok, now bend all the way over and grab your ankles.” I complied and he was right, it was a stretch, but once I got into position, Tony’s cock slipped a little farther into me without either of us moving. “Whoa.” I breathed. Tony steadied me with his hands around my hips, keeping me from falling over. “Yeah. Really opens you up but hard to stay that way for long. I’m going to push in now.” And with that, Tony very slowly pulled out and then pushed his cock back into me. I groaned and jabbered, saying “fuck, fuck, fuck” almost continuously. Somewhere about halfway in, Tony’s cock rubbed against my prostate and my whole body lit up like I was getting a low current run through me. I breathed fast and groaned loudly. I don’t know how long it took to get that fucker all the way in me, but I enjoyed every too-full, stretching, painful, gloriously fucking moment of it. The door banged open, and Kiyoshi stood there, furious. “You assholes think no one — holy shit!” Kiyoshi was about 5’8″, stocky and muscled, and currently wearing a bathrobe over what looked like boxers. His eyes got really wide, staring at me with Tony’s cock now all the way in my ass. Tony held me tight and even jiggled a little inside me. “Didn’t lock the fucking door, did you Mike? In or out, Kiyoshi?” Kiyoshi kept looking at me and I looked up at him. Kiyoshi tore his gaze away to look at Tony. “What?” Tony was firm. “Get in here and join in, or get out and shut the fucking door.” Kiyoshi blinked twice, stepped inside, shut the door, and then locked it. “So, ah …” “This is my birthday present to Mike here.” Tony patted my ass with one hand. “Did you get him anything?” Kiyoshi pulled his boxers off his wonderfully hairless toned body and then stroked his hardening cock. He was no where near Tony’s size, but he made up for it in girth. “Where?” “Step back to the door. Mike, un-stretch and put your hands on Kiyoshi’s thighs. Nice, by the way, those legs are like tree trunks.” “Thanks, man. Didn’t know you played for our team.” “Don’t.” Tony helped me lean up as best he could, then shuffled-stepped me a little nearer to Kiyoshi so I could balance myself on his very thick thighs. “But I do enjoy the occasional fuck or suck with a hot guy.” “Nice.” Kiyoshi’s cock was already getting stiff and he offered it up to me. I obligingly took him in my mouth, running my tongue around his head. Kiyoshi sighed and slumped against the door. “Oh, man alive, this makes up for all the fucking noise you guys made.” Tony’s reply was to pull back and push into me. It didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first time in. That erotic lightning became a regular blast, every time he pushed in or pulled out. I groaned into Kiyoshi’s cock. Tony laughed. “We should have thought of this earlier. He’s kind of a screamer.” Kiyoshi laughed into a groan as Tony’s fucking pushed me further onto Kiyoshi’s cock. “Don’t have to fucking tell me that. Now that I know what he was getting — ohhhh — uh, getting for his birthday, I kind of regret calling Campus Safety.” Tony fucked me a few more times before taking that in. “You what?” “Noise complaint.” Kiyoshi’s cock was now fully hard and filling my mouth completely. Good thing I could breath through my nose. I gave him some suction. “Oooh, fuck. I, uh, sorry.” Tony picked up speed. “Well, damnit, I guess we’ll have to make this fast.” With that, Tony thrust faster and faster, pounding me good. Each stroke up pushed Kiyoshi’s cock farther into me until I was choking a little on each push. It was glorious and Kiyoshi was breathing heavy, I was breathing heavy (through my nose), gaziantep masaj salonları and Tony was giving me his best impression of a machine. My body couldn’t take much more. On one particularly vigorous thrust from Tony, with Kiyoshi’s cock part way down my throat and me gagging on it, I came and came hard. It splashed on my carpet. Tony groaned, as my ass was spasming all over his cock. I think he came, or his cock got bigger. Either way he slumped down on my back. Then Kiyoshi came down my throat. I quickly pulled back a little to take his cum in my mouth and not choke so much I passed out. He tasted a little salty and sweet. We stood there for a bit, my head on Kiyoshi’s toned stomach, Tony with his cock still up my ass but deflating quickly, and Kiyoshi trying to catch his breath. Someone banged on the door. “Campus Safety. Open up.” “Fuck.” I said. Tony quickly pulled out, which caused me to gasp. I stood up a little shakily. Kiyoshi moved away from the door. I grabbed a bathrobe and pulled it on, then opened the door. It was a Campus Safety officer, but holy shit, where did they find him? He was squeezed into his uniform, which fit his big muscled form like a fucking glove. He looked to be not much older than me, if that. He had chiseled hunk features, a nice tan, his uniform shirt was a little open and showing some hair. Blonde hair. He was a beefcake calendar hunk and his blue eyes drilled into me. “We got a noise complaint from this room. Can I come in?” He glanced over my shoulder, taking in a naked Tony flopped on the bed and Kiyoshi naked but for his not-really-closed bathrobe. “Party?” He asked with just a little smirk. “Uh, yeah, sorry. Come in.” I stepped back and motioned him inside. Tony, still naked, sat up on the bed to watch. He glanced the officer up and down pretty openly. Kiyoshi still looked like a kid caught with his hand in a jar. The officer grabbed the mic on his radio and pressed the button. “Central, this is 4. I’m doing a 1088 and then lunch.” The radio crackled. “Roger, 4. See you back at 2.” Then the guy shut off his radio and closed the door. “So, guys, who’s the screamer?” Tony and Kiyoshi simultaneously pointed at me. Blood rushed to my face. “Sorry,” I said. The guy smiled. “No worries. Just try to keep it down next time.” He sniffed. “I didn’t hear screaming coming up the hall. What’d you guys do, gag him?” Tony smiled back. “Nah, man, he was choking on Kiyoshi’s cock while I was fucking him.” The guy nodded, still smirking. “So how do you guys feel about a fourth?” Kiyoshi looked confused. Tony openly grinned. “If you’re offering, I think we’re all up for it.” Tony stroked his cock, which was already getting hard again. “Hell, man, you’re such a walking wet dream, I’d consider letting you fuck me, and I’m pretty much straight.” “Pretty much?” Tony shrugged. “Ok, I’m bi, but generally prefer women. But even if I had a girlfriend, I think she’d be tickled if I got railed by that monster you appear to be packing. Mmm. Especially if I filmed us.” The officer smirked more and shook his head. “All the sex you want but no filming. I like my job.” He looked around at us mostly naked college guys. “I like it a lot. Ok, I’ve got an hour and a half or so before I need to be back on duty. Looks like you guys all came just now, so I guess I’m the one doing the fucking. Who wants to go first?” “Um, officer, uh…” Kiyoshi stuttered. “Call me Brett.” “Um, Officer Brett, what about my noise complaint?” Brett waved a hand. “I called it in as a first time thing and said I’d give you guys a firm lecture about noise.” Brett reach down and grabbed his own crotch, grinning. “Very firm.” We all laughed. Tony stood up, his cock bouncing and more than half hard. “Ok, so, I guess I want to volunteer to go first. Not my usual thing but you are so fucking hot.” Brett smiled. “Sounds great to me. That body, you’ve got to play a sport.” “Lacrosse.” “Oh, that explains that great ass. Turn around, let me take a look.” Tony obliged. Brett whistled. Then he gave Tony a playful smack on his ass. Tony laughed and turned around. “Ok, but this is Mike’s birthday and we got to make sure he’s take care of.” Brett grinned. “We could pull a train.” Tony nodded, stroking himself. Kiyoshi looked bewildered. “Ok, does that mean I’m taking it from someone?” Tony nodded. “Sure does, either you take it from me while Brett is fucking me, or you take it from Mike while I fuck him. As it’s his birthday, I say we let him decide.” I looked around at all of them. “Uh, pull a train?” Tony grinned his sexiest grin. “Oh yeah. It means we line up, the first person in line gets fucked by the guy behind him, and on until we get to the final fucker. The guys in the middle get it coming both ways, which I hear is amazing. Want to try it?” I looked at Kiyoshi. “You ok if I fuck you? I have to admit, I’ve admired your ass all year.” Kiyoshi blushed and smiled a little shyly. “Thanks, man. Gotta admit having you suck my cock has been a dream for me.” Brett slowly took off his shirt. “I think that’s a yes. So let’s get this train started.” Tony, Kiyoshi, and I helped Brett out of his clothes. There is something so damned sexy about taking tight clothes off a hunk. Like taking the packaging off a particularly hot sculpture. We also kissed the various bits that unzipping and unbuttoning revealed. Once Brett was naked and glorious, he took charge. “Ok, Kiyoshi, why don’t you kneel down next to the bed and then bend over? Then Mike, get suited up with a condom and fuck Kiyoshi. Once you’re both comfortable and you’ve got your cock all the way up his ass, let Tony here know, and he’ll get inside you. Then I can take him and get the train pulling out of the station.” Kiyoshi got into position and I knelt down behind him, sheathing myself. Tony handed me the lube and I was generous on my cock with it. Then I caressed Kiyoshi’s magnificent ass a bit. He had really generous globes, a huge ass really, but so well formed and with a mind-melting wobble. I parted his cheeks a little with one hand and applied lube with my other. Behind me, I could hear Tony and Brett kissing. I guess I didn’t really need drugs on my birthday — the sex high was incredible. Then I pushed my cock into Kiyoshi, slowly, ever so slowly. He made quiet little moans, mostly into the bed. His ass gripped my cock and applied a tight, slick heat. The sensation was amazing. I stroked his back and sides while getting my cock into him. Then I reached the end, my balls resting against his, and my cock all the way in. I pulled it out and pushed it back in just a bit, to our mutual satisfaction. I put my hands on Kiyoshi’s shoulders and looked back at Tony and Brett, both exchanging spit and rubbing their fucking hot bodies against each other. “Hey, Tony! Any time you can pull yourself away from Officer Hottie, my ass is ready.” Tony pulled his face away from Brett and grinned. “I think I hear a bottom calling to his master.” Brett laughed and gave Tony’s ass a playful swat. “Just as long as you remember who’s really driving this train, stud.” Tony laughed, got a condom on, and knelt behind me. He bent over for a moment and kissed my ass. Then he put his hands on my waist and impaled me on his fucking cock. I had just enough time to realize he wasn’t going to go slow and got my face down on Kiyoshi’s back, stifling my screaming moan on his skin. I was still fairly loose from our earlier fucking so there wasn’t much pain but the overwhelming sensation of being dominated by Tony and his cock, all the while my cock was lodged up Kiyoshi’s ass was … mind blowing. If I hadn’t come just a few minutes before, I’d have come again right then. Tony wiggled himself a little inside me, pulled back a bit and then impaled me again. He groaned and pumped me a few times. “Goddamn. I think I’m going to want to fuck gaziantep escort bayan you a few more times after this, Mike. I haven’t had a fuck this hot in years.” Behind Tony, I could hear Brett getting into position. “I haven’t even put my dick in anyone, and I’m going to second that motion. You ready, stud?” Tony groaned and leaned over me a bit. “Oh so fucking ready. But ah, take it kind of slow? It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the receiving end.” Brett chuckled. “Sure, stud. Ok, here we go.” Tony’s breath on my back was heated and I could feel him tremble a little where our bodies met. I could tell he was powerfully turned on but also a little freaked out. I couldn’t believe the sensation of having my dick in someone and at the same time having someone else’s dick in me. Especially knowing that the guy with is cock in my ass was about to be drilled by someone else at the same time, and was seriously getting off on it, turned me on like nothing else before. Brett must have pushed forward because Tony groaned loudly, partly in pain I think but also in lust, and then Tony pushed even deeper into me, pushing me further in Kiyoshi. Then Brett moaned a bit. “Oh sweet jesus that is hot.” Brett took a breath and I could feel him reach around Tony to stroke me. “Ok, I’m going to pull back. Everyone with a dick in someone else, pull back with me, and then I’ll push in again. Let’s try to get a rhythm going.” I felt Tony pull back out of me and I pulled out of Kiyoshi. There was some groaning. Brett said, a little breathlessly. “Ok, push in.” We all slowly sunk our dicks into the ass in front of us. The sensation of fucking Kiyoshi at the same time Tony was drilling me was phenomenal. I stopped thinking and just started fucking. We got going on pulling back and driving in simultaneously, like we were doing cheerleading drills on the field, so that at one point, Tony had to put his hand over my mouth to stifle my loud moans. “Fucking hell, Mike. You really are a loud fucker.” Tony said, kind of loudly himself. Right after that I heard a muffled sound from him and guessed that Brett had clamped his mouth, too. Kiyoshi had the bed to shout into. Brett just controlled himself, though not without punctuating his fucking with light groans and moans. We kept the train going for a while, no idea how long, before I came and I think Tony came, too. Brett pumped Tony, and thus all the rest of us, a few more times and then pulled out. “Ok, guys, that was fucking hot. Now I want to try Mike and then Kiyoshi. You guys up for it? I can get pretty athletic, so don’t be alarmed.” I pulled out of Kiyoshi and Tony pulled out of me, then I discarded the condom on my cock, and nodded at Brett. He smiled, stood up, then bent over to pick me up. I am not a small guy, about average, but Brett picked me up like I was no sweat. Holy crap, that man is jacked. He got me up against his chest, my back to him, then used the bed to pull my legs up and hold them there. Brett breathed in my ear. “Damn this is hot.” He looked over at Tony and louder said “Little help, Tony? Swap the condoms on my cock and then guide me into Mike?” Tony obliged and shortly I was riding Brett’s cock while he held me in the air, a situation that was sweaty, weirdly unbalanced, and erotically charged with domination. Brett was holding me up and totally in charge. He moved me up and down his cock like he was doing lifts. Really amazingly hot lifts. Kiyoshi and Tony looked on in amazement as I was repeatedly impaled and god damn did it feel amazing. I think Brett got in his workout reps and then moved me over to the bed, laid me down face-first and continued to vigorously fuck me. The man was a machine. After a while of this wonderful activity, he stopped and tried to catch his breath. The he slowly pulled himself out, stood up, swapped condoms, and motioned to Kiyoshi. “Hey, if Mike is up for more birthday fucking, why don’t you fuck him and I’ll finish off in you?” Kiyoshi barked a laugh and came over. “Ok, Mike?” Groggily, because I felt like a well-used limp noodle, a little sore in some spots, and also thoroughly in ecstasy, I said “Oh yeah, definitely. Fuck me.” As Kiyoshi condomed up and got into position, Brett pointed in the direction of my head and said to Tony: “Why don’t you take care of Mike’s screaming problem with that beautiful cock of yours?” Tony grinned and came around the other side of the bed, waving his cock in my face. “You up for that, Mike? Want me to ride your face into the sunset?” I looked up at him. “I can’t believe you’re hard again. I guess you weren’t kidding about those four condoms.” Tony shook his head. “Nope, not kidding. Here we go.” With that, he pushed his cock forward and I greedily sucked him in. After a stroke or two to get used to his girth, I encouraged him to go deeper. Tony held my head and fed me his cock, taking it slow at first but gradually building up a regular face-fuck rhythm. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi worked his thick cock into me. I was pretty loose by this point, so there was a little stretch but mostly just that wonderful fullness and pressure against my prostate. Once Kiyohishi was in, Brett got in on the action. “Really fucking nice ass.” Brett breathed, probably as he was shoving himself into Kiyoshi. I couldn’t see but I definitely got rocked forward a little on the bed. Kiyoshi grunted in my ear, or at least what I could hear past Tony’s hands. He really had a firm grip on my head and seemed to be enjoying being in total control. He kept up a steady stroke, apparently timing with Brett’s ramming Kiyoshi, because he pulled out as I was pounded from behind. Kiyoshi lay on top of me, apparently lost in lust as he was being fucked. Brett was again a machine, keeping up firm, pummeling thrusts for longer than I could keep track of and then some. Even with the mild choking I was experiencing every time Tony pushed his cock all the way into me, I was totally in heaven. The little bits of pain were spice in the stew: Tony’s cock in my throat, Kiyoshi’s thick member stretching me a bit more than was comfortable, or the extra little bit that Brett’s stroke pushed Kiyoshi into me. Minutes of this wonderful lust engine went by until one by one, we came. First was Tony, driving his cock all the way down my throat and groaning loudly as he came. I choked and shivered, knowing what was going on and totally getting off on Tony’s climax. I came right as he finished and pulled out of my mouth. Then Kiyoshi came. Or at least I guess he did, he groaned in my ear and gave a full-body shudder. His cocked pulsed in my ass, that’s for sure. Then Brett came, with a great shout of lust and another thrust that drove Kiyoshi’s still-hard cock deeper into me one last time. Brett pulled out of Kiyoshi and stepped aside. Kiyoshi lay on top of me panting, which was great. Even his sweat smelled good. Brett pulled a towel off my closet door and gave himself a quick dry shower. Then he dropped it on the floor, the prick. Not that I cared, the state I was in then, and really, having to wash that towel (after a few good sniffs, naturally) was a small price to pay for watching him towel himself dry while naked. His body! Shit, I think he could turn straight guys bisexual just by smiling. Brett started getting dressed, Tony giving him a “hand” — which including quite a bit of groping — with the tighter pieces. Like I said, Brett could turn a straight guy and Tony was already bisexual. I got the definite impression that Tony wanted to get another pounding from Officer Hottie. This was reinforced when Tony fished his phone out of his pants and handed it to Brett so he could put his phone number in. Brett handed the phone back, casually took Tony’s balls in his hand, and then kissed him passionately. They were a hot couple, if only I’d thought to snap it. I was still semi-passed out and kept firmly in place by Kiyoshi’s large, hard body. Brett left, giving us a wave and making sure to close the door. Tony hopped on the bed, dislodging Kiyoshi. Then the three of us cuddled up, me in the middle of Tony and Kiyoshi. It was like a really great dream, only real. Tony sighed into my face and smiled. “So, how was your birthday present?” I grinned back at him. “So. Fucking. Great!”

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