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BJ # Revenge

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BJ # RevengeJust a couple of years ago, while still an undergrad student at USC, I was dating a guy named Lance. He was 23 and I don’t know what it was, but he felt that he was just a little too good for me. Maybe it was the fact he was a couple years older or maybe it was because he was on the football team or maybe it was because he was built like a tank. He had a sweet side to him but would change his mood in a few seconds and become easily enraged only later apologizing with a promise to never do it again. We had only dated for a couple of months but I had already decided that his next blow up would be his last with me.There was a large house party one Saturday evening and we showed up together. Lance was wearing his tight collared shirt with a pair of holey jeans while I wore a flimsy black mini skirt, a red top, with knee high leather boots. People were partying out on the lawn and inside while the music shook the house. Lance and I were talking to a few people when he spotted a guy named Bryce, down the hall.”What the fuck is he doing here? I can’t stand that dude. He was in one of my classes and it was all I could do to keep from breaking his neck,” Lance angrily asked as he pointed in Bryce’s direction.I lifted my eyebrows up as I took a drink from my solo cup before answering, “Well…”Lance interrupted me, “Well what? Don’t tell me you dated him. Please don’t tell me you fuckin dated him.””Well…not exactly dated. We saw each other a couple of times my freshman year and I…I went down on him once,” I hesitantly revealed.”WHAT? No fuckin way! You have to be fuckin k**ding me! You sucked that mother fucker’s cock?” Lance yelled.”Keep your voice down,” as I motioned to him with my hands. “It was two years ago and I hadn’t even met you,” I pleaded.”Fuck you! You cock suckin whore! I know, why don’t you go over there and suck his cock right now and reminisce about that,” Lance blurted out before slamming the house door, getting in his car, and squealing out.I was crying when my friend Susan approached me, “Britt are you ok? That was ugly. Why do you put up with that son-of-a-bitch?”As I wiped my running mascara, I thought about it and immediately became angry, “You’re right. Screw him. He thinks I’m a cocksucker, I will give him a cocksucker. I’m going to give Bryce another blowjob right now. I might just blow everybody at this party just to give him something to complain about.”Susan couldn’t believe what she just heard, “No way. You’re just k**ding, right? Right, Britt?”I gave her my mischievous grin and requested, “Follow me,” as I walked down the hall and approached Bryce. I then added as I took him by the arm, “Hi Bryce, remember me. Come on if you want a repeat performance of that night in my dorm room.”Bryce knew exactly what I was talking about as he allowed me to pull him along. We went out the door. I looked around and saw a little shed sitting off to the left of the house.”You are coming with us, so you can be my witness,” I ordered Susan.The door was smaller but it slid open from the side. I found the pull chain to give us some light. The shed smelled of wood, mowed grass and gasoline. It was also full of yard equipment such as a riding lawn mower, tools, and gas cans. As I looked around, there was some patio furniture stacked on each other, so I took the cushions and put them on the floor in front of Bryce.Bryce started to speak when I interrupted him while Susan snickered off to the side, “Just be quiet and enjoy my mouth.”I unzipped his jeans and shimmed them down to his ankles along with his Calvin Klein briefs. His cock was just like I had remembered. It was veiny and about 7 inches long. My knees rested on the cushions and I grabbed his hips to steady myself while I engulfed his half hard cock. In about 5 sucks it was rock hard and ready for my attention.Susan chuckled, “You weren’t k**ding were you Britt? You go girl. Suck it!”Bryce was gurgling when I grabbed him by his ass cheeks and deepthroated him down to his balls. My head was moving in and out enjoying his veiny shaft. I remembered it hadn’t taken him long in my dorm room and judging by the cum surges, I could feel with my tongue, marching up the shaft, it wasn’t going to take him long again.”Oh fuck! I’m cuuummin!” Bryce announced as his sperm shot into my throat.I grabbed his ass and pulled him forward so his cock would actually ejaculate down my throat. The second spurt caused me to slightly cough but I was able to keep control until the twitching dick subsided. When Bryce finished, he was babbling like a c***d.”Uhhh, that was…that was fuckin awesome!” Bryce gasped.I pulled off, squeezed the last pearl out of the tip and slurped it before telling him, “Ok baby, that was fun, now get out and I’ll call you.”Susan slid the door open with me still on my knees and Bryce walked out. After she shut the door, she commented in the most respectful way, while snickering, “You are such an evil bitch. You weren’t k**ding at all. Lance is going to be so pissed.””Like I said, screw him. I’m done with that asshole. We are over. I also wasn’t k**ding, I’m going to blow any guy here that wants it while I’m still officially seeing Lance,” I snickered back. “Text anybody you know that’s here to come to the shed if they want their dick sucked. Also, tell them to spread the bahis siteleri word.”Sure enough a few minutes later, there was a knock on the shed door. When Susan slid the door open, there were already 4 or 5 guys standing at the entrance.”Hold on guys. This is Britt and she has graciously offered to suck all your cocks tonight but you have to remain in an orderly fashion,” she announced while pointing at a waving me.The first guy that stepped in was very young, probably just over 18. He started talking and before I had a chance to stop him, Susan told him to shut up like she was my blowjob manager. I yanked his basketball shorts down to his flip flops while his already hard cock sprang out when the shorts caught it.It was bigger than Bryce’s and had a huge mushroom head. I sucked on it for a little while, trying to use my saliva as lube. If was going to fit it down my throat, it needed to be moist. While still on my knees, I gave a repeat performance to this guy as I did for Bryce. In no time, he started screaming and once again I grabbed his ass and forced him down my throat.”Auuuggghhhh, I’m cummin! Shit, I’m….,” he grunted.With that huge head, it looked like I had a twitching Adam’s apple. I loved feeling the spongy mushroom pulse with every spurt. After he had deposited his seed in my belly, he pulled out with a glob of drool landing on my thigh.”Whew, that was fuckin hot,” he mumbled as Susan showed him the door.When she opened it, now the number of guys waiting their turn to get sucked off had doubled. My knees needed a rest so when the large guy stepped in who looked to be in his mid-twenties, I had him take his shorts off and sit down on the riding lawn mower. He was about 6’4, with bushy brown hair and probably weighed 270 pounds. I had to turn him sideways so the steering wheel didn’t hinder my performance.He had a fat hairy cock. Unlike the others, he kept quiet while I prepared to suck him off. I stooped down and grabbed his half hard manhood and began jerking and sucking simultaneously. He became hard very quickly and his fat 8 inches were not the easiest to fit my mouth around. I jerked and sucked his dong while he leaned back to allow me to do my thing.Susan announced as she watched his face, “He’s gettin close Britt. Get ready for it.”I just kept sucking and jerking until his legs kicked forward and dinged the mower as he grunted like a bull without saying a legible word. His cum blasted and hit the roof of my mouth as spurt after spurt filled my jaws. His ass shook and eventually, his orgasm stopped. When I pulled off it, I couldn’t believe the amount this guy let loose. My mouth was full of warm, clumpy sperm.I swallowed as the large guy growled in satisfaction, “Damn girl that was nice. Thank you.”As the door slung open, I told Susan, “Now that was a huge load. I can’t believe how much came out. I thought it would never stop.”She snickered as the next guy was ushered in. He was a skinny, lanky, red headed guy who looked to be my age. I didn’t think sitting on the lawn mower was a good idea because it was uncomfortable for me so I had to find another way. That’s when I spotted a bucket sitting on the shelf and I turned it upside down to sit on it. It was the perfect height to the guys’ crotches as I performed while they stood.”Ok, dude, pull em down. Britt is at your service,” Susan instructed the red headed guy as if she were directing a social gathering.The redhead was wearing khaki shorts and when they fell to his ankles, out plopped a huge dong. Susan and I looked at each other and gave that look like, “Wow.””Susan giggled, “Damn, this guy might be packing a little more than you can handle, Britt. I think you may have met your match.””We’ll see,” I responded as I slid the bucket into position.I fondled the guys low hanging balls before putting my mouth on his huge light skinned cock. I loved the huge blue vein running up the bottom. I began sucking it and within seconds it was this huge, proud erection that had to be at least 10 inches long! I first sucked the head before my traditional bob and I needed to get the shaft lubed up with my saliva before proving Susan wrong. The guy trembled and enjoyed my mouth sucking his dick. That’s when I went half way down, paused, then engulfed the rest of the length until my lips were pressed against his pubic hair.”Oh my God, you did it! Hold it right there so I can believe what I’m seeing,” Susan stunningly requested as she stooped down and moved to the side to get a better angle.When I began deepthroat sucking this monster cock, Susan was giddy with excitement and the guy stated, “I’ve never had anyone that could take it all the way. You are the first.”I continued to suck, and jerk, and suck and jerk, but he was taking forever to cum. There was a long line and I needed him to hurry up so I decided to use a technique that I have had good luck with.I stopped sucking and told him to spread his legs more. As he did it, I stuck my middle finger in my mouth and moistened it. I went back to sucking his dick when I slowly slid my hand under his balls and through his legs. When I took my middle finger and slid it up into his butthole, his breathing got heavy and labored.”Oh shit! Oh shit! I’m gonna shoot!” He blurted out.He was telling the truth and at that moment began cumming in my canlı bahis siteleri mouth. I was careful not to let my teeth sc**** on such thick girth.The redhead went weak at the knees and stumbled back when he had finished. His cum was slightly bitter and very salty but I swallowed every drop as Susan showed him the door.When he stepped out, she told the guys, “Hang on a minute. We need to regroup. Be patient.”Susan then closed the door and asked, “Where did you learn that? As soon as your finger went in his ass, he started cumming. I have never done that before. Does it always work that good?”I laughed, “It works like a charm. Guys have a pleasure sensation just inside their anus and when a guy takes too long to blow, I insert Mr. finger here and it hasn’t let me down yet.””I think this may take all night at this rate. I say we let two in at a time that way the next guy in line can watch and stroke and will be ready when you finish,” suggested Susan.”That is a great idea. We will keep a good rotation going,” I agreed.Susan let two more guys in and I assumed the position on the bucket. When the chubby guy’s pants went down, he had a small cock and it probably looked even smaller because of how hung the guy was before him. Each time when one of them started to talk, Susan would tell them to be quiet and if they kept talking, they would not get their blowjob.I was able to suck the four and a half inch cock very easily. You could hear me slurping loudly and at one point I was able to stick his cock and balls in my mouth at the same time. My vacuum like sucking would cause him to bend over and shiver. The other guy who was more muscular but shorter, already had his pants down, stroking his prick while he watched.The chubby guy I was blowing began growling, “Oh fuck! I can’t hold it! I ca……Ohhhh!”He was erupting in my mouth as he put both hands on the back of my head to hold me still. His hips were bucking so strongly that I had to hold his hips and just hang on. When my mouth pulled off with a loud pop, he stumbled backward and almost fell down with his pants around his ankles. His cum was more sweet as I gulped it down.As he left through the door, the short muscular guy took his place. Susan let two more guys in the shed with us. They were both dark skinned Indian guys in which I recognized one of them from my chemistry class the year before.Susan ordered the Indian guys to be their own fluffer, “Guys, get your pants down and start whacking to get yourself ready.”As they followed her orders, I was already licking and sucking the short guy. I ended up moving the bucket and getting back on my knees to adjust my height to his. He was already rock hard proving that Susan’s suggestion would save us time. His cock was about five and a half inches and I gobbled it down like I did to his predecessor. His muscular thighs along with his ripped abs turned me on. In no time he announced he was going to “blow,” and sure enough, his cock started depositing his warm spunk onto my tongue. The first two spurts where huge but then it trailed off pretty quick from there. His cum was more tangy and salty but I quickly consumed it.The first Indian guy was the one from my chemistry class and I think his name was Sanjeev but I’m not completely sure. He had a nice uncut 7 inch cock that I first licked around the foreskin and enjoyed all the precum. I was sucking him with good rhythm and fondling his balls when my phone rang. Not to disrupt my sucking, I signaled for Susan to answer it.”Oh my God, it’s Lance. Do you want me to still get it?” Susan asked in a panic.With my lips wrapped around Sanjeev’s hard on, I shook my head yes.”Hello, this is Susan and you have called Brittni’s phone,” Susan said condescendingly.I could hear Lance on the other line, “Put Brittni on the phone and stop fuckin around.”Susan calmly replied, “I don’t think that is possible, because right now, she has someone’s dick in her mouth.”Thinking she was just referring to what started our argument to begin with, Lance responded, “Ha, very funny. Just get her please.”Susan hung up on Lance, then turned it off just as Sanjeev started cumming in my mouth. I kept fondling his balls while he ejaculated. They twitched with every blast. Sanjeev was a heavy cummer and pulled out just a little too soon causing some jizz to run down my chin. I had to wipe and swallow simultaneously as his country brethren replaced him.I sucked dick every way imaginable for the next two hours. I have no idea how many loads I swallowed in that amount of time but it had to be at least 25. My jaw was tired as well as my wrist. One guy even came back for seconds. As we were about to wrap it up for the evening, Susan spots two guys walking on the street from out the opposite window. She opened it and yelled for them to come to us.As they approached the window, Susan pointed to a smiling me and asked, “Hey, you guys need a good blowjob? This girl right here is the very best. I wouldn’t lie to ya.”The guys were excited and when they entered the shed, I noticed one was an older black man with a snow white beard wearing mechanic coveralls and a cap while the other was a young black guy who looked barely 18.The older black man spoke first, “Hi girls. Were you serious? I’m Dexter and this is my grandson Calvin. I own the canlı bahis garage down the block. Cal comes at closing time and we walk over to the diner on Oak street.”I said, “It’s nice to meet you guys and it’s your lucky night. Which one of you guys wants to go first?””Hell, I’ll go first,” Dexter said as he unzipped his coveralls and allowed them to fall to the ground.When Dexter’s coveralls were laying across a sawhorse, he pulled down his blue boxers exposing his long black uncut dong with silver pubic hair. I sat down on the bucket and started stroking it to life. With my elbow pointed outward and my thumb underneath, I jerked that dick nice and slow, getting the head to pop out of the foreskin like a long turtle neck poking out of its shell. I licked the crevice under the head while I jerked.When Dexter’s dick was completely hard, it was at least 9 inches long and had a just a little curve on the end. I put the head in my mouth and synchronized my stroking to coincide with my sucking while his grandson Cal anxiously removed his clothes.”Ohhh shit lil girl. I haven’t had this in a long long time. If you keep doin this, you’re gonna get that nut soon,” Dexter mumbled.That’s when I took that black dick and deepthoated it back and forth. I wrapped my hand around the base of both balls like a make shift cock ring while I blew this old guy. He shuffled backward and I had to gently tug him back forward so not to lose our distance. I was going so fast, I would periodically gag but not enough to stop. I literally wanted to swallow it!He was taking longer than most which was probably due to his age so I used my edging technique on him. I would deepthroat it a few times, stop, and pull off for ten seconds. I loved to watch it twitch once each time, anticipating my warm mouth to lock back on. When I repeated this, he was ready.”Yea, Britt. That got him. He is getting close. Don’t stop,” Susan laughed.”She’s right. Get ready baby girl. I’m gonna nut. Here it comes! Auughhh, yeeeaaaa!” Dexter announced while his black cock began to shoot in my mouth.He kept releasing his seed and filling my mouth, “Eat that shit, girl. Eat all I give ya.”He sure gave me a lot. Wow! I bet it was forever ago since he last had an orgasm. When he finished cumming, I ran my hand from his balls all the way up his shaft, to milk out the last drop, all without pulling my mouth off.”Damn baby girl, I needed that. Go on Cal get in there and get some of that,” Dexter instructed his grandson as he gathered his clothes to put back on.Cal who had been quiet, had stripped all the way to just his Nikes and had his big black cock sticking straight out from his body. Calvin’s dick was not as long as he grandpas but was circumcised, blacker, smoother looking and thicker. Cal also had a lean, muscular body with little hair anywhere.As Cal stood before me still perched on the plastic pail, I first cupped his nuts and that is when I noticed how large they were. This guy was supporting tennis balls. I knew Calvin was going to be the last cock of the evening. My jaws and knees were sore, my wrist tired, my belly full, and I was so wet, I needed to go into the bathroom and masturbate myself off a couple of times.I began Calvin’s blowjob with some twisting strokes around the smooth shaft. It was rock hard but had a soft feel. I needed it in my throat. I put my hands around his hips on his ass cheeks and loved how they were so hard and muscular. I sucked about half of it to create extra saliva to help my deepthroating. When I had every inch down my esophagus, his ass would clench even tighter, if that was possible.Calvin was moaning and enjoying my mouth. I wanted that cum so I began lightly slapping his iron hard ass. There was absolutely no jiggle and that only turned me on more which encouraged me to smack it harder.I would go down to the balls..”slap,” back up to the head..”slap,” and on and on.Calvin did not last long as his abs began to quiver and his ass tightened up even more. He really didn’t groan much but gave a little grunt when he blasted in my mouth. That first shot hit me directly in the back of my tongue and caused me to gag. The next two shots were just as powerful and I almost had to pull off. Thank goodness my skill allowed me to recover and keep the same rhythm throughout his orgasm.When Calvin finally stopped depositing his sperm, he let out a large shimmy like a dog trying to dry off. The last load of the night was the thickest. I swallowed it and the two guys thanked me and left. I needed a sprite to settle my stomach that was housing about a trillion sperm swimming around from a few dozen guys. When the door opened, there were more guys wanting sucked off including several back for a second round.”Sorry guys. Brittni is done for the evening. Go back to partying,” Susan announced to everyone in the midst of a multitude of disappointed groans.I was back in the kitchen, enjoying my beverage when Lance walks in all apologetic. As I sipped, I just listened to his bull that I had heard many times before. He had no idea that I was breaking up with him at that moment but I was mostly going to enjoy telling him what I had spent the last three hours doing. He called me a cocksucking whore and I was going to have much pleasure in proving him right.After Lance finished speaking and I still hadn’t said a word, he asks, “So babe, what did you do tonight? Aren’t you going to say anything? I told you I’m sorry.”I took another sip, paused, then smirked, “Well, I do have a couple of things I need to tell you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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