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black homeless camp

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Big Tits

black homeless campIts been so long. Since my moms sisters black husband, uncle Mack. Fucked my pussy. I was use to gettin that huge black cock every weekday after baby sitting there two k**s. super deep too.didn’t think I could take it so far! He really fucked me so good that i felt like it was the only time i actually enjoyed sex. I never knew it was possible to have a orgasm from anything other then orally. He is just so fucking long n thick. Dam… so thick.it felt so good .he fucked me one day after he visited my mom.I waited in his van.we drove around the corner. I was already unbuckling the belt and diving on that thickness. He told me “get off that big black daddy cock for a second. Lay your ass back in daddy’s fuck van. .I spread my legs far& he pounded me for abt 30mHis wife called while his dick was in me.he kept pounding & just covered my mouth.He was holding my legs open so I couldn’t move at almPoor pussy barely stretchd arnd it.he does luv me.he said good nieces get cum deep for taking cock so good.I kütahya escort only wore skirts arnd him so he could enter as needed. He fucked me at nite on side of his house when wife was inside. .it was hard to keep quiet. He gets it so deep Then she lost her job andd no longer need me there every day. I was getting desperate. I was on my early morning walk around the lake. As i was walking i noticed a dark shadow. I stop to look. Then i hear a sound of a flowing river coming from that direction. I step off the trail. Not paying attention, i trip on a fallen branch. The man turns to see what happened. Then i see the stream of piss. So much piss. My husbands stream reminded me of string coming out as he pees. But this was like a bucket being dumped out. Then i heard the voice ” i was hoping to see u on your knees out here. But not like that sexy lil white girl” it was mack. He walks over piss dripping off. I stay down as he walks over. That pole even soft, swinging back istanbul escort and forth between his knees. My mouth watering. I say ” i must have hit my head hard because… i. ” then i get a mouth full. It smells like piss and swea and ass.I love it. “How is your lil white slut boy… you call hubby?” I dont answer. I just suck on that big black daddy cock. But I need to be fucked slow and deep to get the orgasm i need. I ask him to “please fuck me i haven’t cum since the last time you used me.” He takes my hand to stand me up. He leads me down a path a way from the lake. Under a bush and through some vines. I see a blue tarp. As we approach i hear moaning. I turn to leave, but my hand is gripped harder. “Dont be shy lil one” as we duck under the tarp i get the real shock. Its my hubby and two homeless black men . One has his cock buried to the root in my hubby’s ass. Then yanked back so fast you could see the inside of his ass being exposed around the thick black shaft. hatay escort Then i see how big of a cock he is taking. I was shocked. I thought mack was the biggest in the world. But this old street bum had a cock that didn’t look like it was human. It had a flat head that didn’t taper like a heart shaped head. It was completely flat. Like on a horse. But the head was way bigger then the shaft. Not like a horse. Every time he yanked all of that cock out. My lil white slutty boy would moan and pant. It was amazing hearing that head pop out. So loud, like a brand new suction cup. That lil white slutty boy was not even aware that I am watching him. He sounds like a girl getting fucked .. his voice is as high as his ass. His eyes are watering and snot is all over his face. He cant say much though. As he has a mouth full of dick. Not nearly as big as the cock in his ass Or Mack. But still over 9″. Uncle mack asks me if i ever knew that I have a sissy white boy that is a total slut to all the local black alcoholic homeless people? I was floored. …what do you think I should do?1 run and never look back?2 run my tongue on some cock before I take it in back? 3 tell my husband to stop because I know we can still make it work?4 or should i tell him to stop for a few and let me have some fun with your new friends?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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