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Black Law Enforcement Officials

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On the morning that Theodore Jacques got hired by the Ontario Provincial Police as a Constable, the thirty-year-old Carleton University grad and aspiring policeman had one hundred and eighty dollars sitting in his RBC bank account. He’d just paid his rent, eight days into the month of September. The grueling interview process had taken weeks, and the Ontario provincial police’s human resources department had gone through Theo’s background with a fine-toothed comb.

For a black man living in Canada, it’s probably easier to win the lottery than to join the field of law enforcement. Canadian law enforcement officials are allergic to the idea of racial diversity, and it shows in their hiring practices. Theodore Jacques moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, with his parents, Mireille and Mathieu Jacques more than a decade ago. The Jacques family fled the island of Haiti a few years before the Quake. Theodore Jacques fell in love with the Canadian Capital, and decided that he would become a cop.

Theodore Jacques strongly believed in his dream, and it propelled him through five years in the Criminology program at Carleton University. Theodore graduated with honors, and then tried to get into the Ontario Police College. For years and years, they refused him, because, even though he had Canadian citizenship, he hadn’t been in the country long enough to get secret and reliability clearance. Canada is funny like that, they know how to block minorities at every turn.

Theodore bided his time, and continued to work, while believing in his dream. He got a lot of experience working security, and even befriended some corrections officers and police officers. After gaining valuable insight into the world of law enforcement, Theodore finally got accepted into the Ontario Police College. After completing his training and getting his Basic Constable License, Theodore applied to the Ontario provincial police. Much to his amazement, the OPP finally replied to him.

“I’m in,” Theodore said to his reflection, as he stood in the washroom of his tiny apartment located in Vanier. A six-foot-one, burly black man with a close shave, and a buzz cut stared back at him. After working menial jobs ranging from Walmart shelf stocker to security guard, from store clerk to cleaner, Theodore was finally where he wanted to be. Life was finally looking up. If only the rest of Theo’s life was as orderly…

Theodore was about to brush his teeth when his answering machine picked up another unwanted phone call. This time it wasn’t the collection agency harassing him for his unpaid MBNA Mastercard, or Hydro Ottawa demanding that he honor a recent payment agreement. Nope, today’s unwanted phone call came from Louis Henderson, a certain bisexual Jamaican gentleman whom Theodore made the mistake of getting involved with.

“Theo, come on, it’s me, I miss you, I told you, it’s over between Nancy and me,” came Louis deep baritone voice, and Theodore rolled his eyes. Theodore tried not to think about Louis and his muscular body, and that long and thick cock of his. Louis, the dark-skinned, macho Jamaican stud was well-endowed and he damn well knew how to use it. Louis and Theodore had some good times, but it was time to move on.

The life of a bisexual black man is seldom easy, especially since the black community hates switch-hitters with a passion. The same black women who staunchly support effeminate gay black men have a die-hard hatred of masculine black men who swing both ways. Theodore had bad experiences with both women and men, and at the moment, the aspiring policeman was practicing celibacy, thank you very much.

“Theo, you bitch, who do you think you are? ankara yabancı escortlar My affair with you cost me everything, the least you could do is make it worth my while,” Louis whined on the phone. Theodore was about to turn it off when, blessedly, the answering message turned itself off. Theodore grinned, saved by the machine, as it were. The world is full of men like Louis Henderson, who never take responsibility for their actions. What a bunch of losers.

When Theodore Jacques met Louis, Theodore was attending a certain Haitian Adventist Church in downtown Ottawa pretty regularly. Theodore was interested in a tall, sexy young Haitian woman named Mina Jean-Paul, and really wanted to make things work with her. Mina was cute, with a great body and a nice ass. At the time, Theodore was halfway through the Criminology program at Carleton University, and Mina was studying political science at nearby Saint Paul University. They had the makings of a power couple, and looked good together.

Louis Henderson, formerly of Kingston, Jamaica, came to the Haitian church with his white wife, a sultry blonde named Nancy, and their daughter Amelia. The brother was tall, dark and handsome. A lot of the black women in the church fancied Louis, and were disappointed to see such a fine brother with a white woman. Theodore took one look at Louis and correctly guessed that the Jamaican brother swung both ways. Determined to be faithful to Mina, Theodore avoided speaking to Louis, or making eye contact with him. Theodore did not want to be tempted.

“I should have married Mina,” Theodore said aloud, remembering the great times that they shared. Closing his eyes, Theodore remembered making love to Mina one night, in a secluded corner of the Saint Paul University library. They started making out, and then got busy in a private study room, away from prying eyes. Theodore was strongly attracted to Mina, and wanted her more than he wanted his next breath.

“Hmm, you’re something else,” Mina said, grinning as Theodore knelt before her, and pulled down her skirt. After yanking down her panties, Theodore buried his face between Mina’s legs and began eating her pussy. Mina sighed happily as Theodore ate her pussy like a champ. Orally pleasuring his female lovers is something that Theodore has always excelled at, and he soon had Mina shuddering violently as she cried out his name. Haitian pussy is magically delicious, and Theo couldn’t get enough of Mina, the most delicious one of all.

“I would do anything for you, Mina,” Theodore said, and he kissed her, passionately. Afterwards, Theodore bent Mina over, and caressed that big round ass of hers. Theodore pushed his long, hard dick into Mina’s pussy and began fucking her. Mina moaned deeply, loving what Theodore was doing to her. A lot of women at church thought Theodore was an oddball, that there was something funny about him, but after he dicked her down, Mina became a firm believer in Theodore’s masculinity. The nerdy Haitian brother had a good dick and knew how to eat pussy. Mina liked that in a man.

In those days, Theodore loved Mina and wanted their relationship to work, but Louis kept trying to get at him. One night, as Theodore went to the Rideau Shopping Center for a new suit, he bumped into Louis in the men’s washroom. Theodore rebuffed Louis advances, for he had never been one of those gay or bisexual men who had sex with male strangers in shady places. Louis followed Theodore as he went to a bar in the By Ward Market, and offered him a drink as an apology. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I can’t believe I did that,” Theodore thought, remembering the night of stupendous ankara yeni escortlar sex he had with Louis. After the bar, they went back to Louis place and fucked like there was no tomorrow. Louis laid Theodore on the bed, and sucked the younger man’s thick dick. Theodore came twice, and Louis drank his manly seed. In the same bed that Louis shared with his wife Nancy, the two bisexual black men got down and dirty with zero qualms. It was a wild night.

“It was fun,” Louis told Theodore, who felt funny after letting another man not only suck his dick but so much more. Theodore had engaged in oral sex and mutual masturbation with other men in the past, but considered himself mostly straight since he’d only had full-on sex with women. After letting Louis bend him over and fuck him up the ass, Theodore realized that his straightness had diminished, if not vanished altogether.

After that experience with Louis Henderson, Theodore admitted to himself that he was bisexual, and his life became pure hell as a result. Seriously, is there a group in this world which is more hated than bisexual black men? When Theodore confessed the whole thing to Mina, he got a slap in the face as a result. Mina, the stylish and church-going young black woman with legions of effeminate gay black male friends, despised her lover Theodore for being a bisexual black man. Mina dumped Theodore and went around telling everyone his dirty little secret. Theodore became a pariah. Isn’t life funny?

Theodore tried dating other women, and decided to keep his bisexuality to himself. For a time, Theodore dated a young Chinese Canadian woman named Angela Zhao, and they were happy together. Angela was openly bisexual, and a member of an all-female punk rock band known as the Brazen Belles. Angela dropped out of the University of Ottawa to pursue her music career and was estranged from her parents as a result. Theodore and Angela had a lot in common, to say the least.

“Theo, boo, I don’t care if you’re bi, you are mine,” Angela told him, the first night they went all the way. They’d been dating for three months. Theodore was kind of a square and Angela’s wild ways intimidated him, but the two of them fell in love anyways. When they walked around together, Angela and Theodore checked out both females and males, and thanks to her, he became more confident and comfortable with his emerging bisexuality. To Theodore, Angela was heaven-sent…

“I can’t imagine my life without you,” Theodore told Angela, as they relaxed in her hotel room after a fantastic concert in Montreal, Quebec. Tall and slim, with tattoos, and short hair dyed bright green, Angela was quite sexy and unusual, and Theodore couldn’t get enough of her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, and then they began making love. If Theodore ever had an addiction, it would be the unforgettable Angela…

“Fuck me silly,” Angela demanded, as Theodore grinned lustfully at her while caressing her sexy little ass. After Theodore put her on all fours and buried his hard dark dick inside her pussy, Angela began grinding against him and screamed his name as he fucked her silly. Angela had an amazing pussy which gripped Theodore’s dick like a vise, and he fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, Angela grabbed her favorite strap-on dildo, and grinned at Theo mischievously.

“Go easy on me,” Theodore pleaded with Angela as she got behind him and began fucking him with the strap-on dildo. As Angela fucked him, Theodore admired their reflections in the wall mirror. Slim, tattooed Asian woman fucking a burly black man up the ass with a strap-on dildo. This is the kind of fun activity that porn movie ankara oral yapan escortlar studios have yet to create, thus placing Angela and Theodore ahead of the curve. The two freaky lovebirds fucked and sucked the night away.

Theodore introduced Angela to his parents, and secretly, he thought of her as the woman he wanted to marry. The end of their relationship caught everyone by surprise. Angela and the Brazen Belles took a flight from Ottawa, Ontario, to Boston, in order to perform at the TD Garden. They were opening for a major rock band, and this was their ticket to the good life. Theodore accompanied Angela to the Ottawa airport, and they kissed passionately before saying goodbye.

“Theo, stop being so emotional, you big goof, I’ll see you soon,” Angela told Theodore as she playfully smacked his butt. Theodore hugged Angela fiercely, and then they parted ways. He stood there, watching her until she headed to the airplane’s boarding area. Smiling, Theodore returned to work. An hour later, the brother got some devastating news. The Air Canada flight carrying Angela and hundreds of other passengers went down over New York. All passengers were confirmed dead.

Theodore Jacques never recovered from the loss of Angela Zhao, the love of his life. He proved inconsolable, although his parents and friends tried. Even Theodore’s ex-girlfriend Mina dropped by to say her condolences, though he rebuked her. Louis Henderson came by to offer his condolences, and also to seek sex from Theodore. Angered by Louis sleaziness, Theodore told him to go to hell. Theodore wanted nothing to do with other women, or men for that matter. Angela was the only person who ever truly loved and accepted Theodore, and now she was gone. No one could replace her.

In the world of gay and bisexual men, men who staunchly resist the sexual advances of other men are apparently a rarity. Louis Henderson became obsessed with Theodore, the one man he could not have. Oh, and when Louis realized that he couldn’t get with him, Louis sought solace in the arms of a Theodore lookalike. Nancy happened to catch Louis with the Theodore lookalike, and their decade-long marriage ended as a result. Louis Henderson became just another divorced, exposed bisexual black man with a sordid sexual past. He blamed Theodore for his world crashing and burning around him.

Theodore blocked Louis number, and made a mental note to file a criminal harassment claim against the bozo. Male on male stalking is definitely no joking manner. Theodore was about to embark on a new career path and he didn’t want anyone from his past to compromise his future. Theodore blocked his ex-girlfriend Mina’s number, and informed her that he wanted nothing to do with her. The least Theodore could do was get Louis out of his life as well, in a legal manner, of course.

“I will do you proud, my love,” Theodore said, looking at a picture of himself with Angela, hanging out at the Bayshore Mall a couple of Christmases ago. Theodore kissed the picture, and then got dressed in his Ontario provincial police uniform for the first time. He looked at his service revolver, and swore that he would only use it in self-defense. Theodore detested those racist cops who acted like blood hounds around black folk, an vowed he would be a fair-minded and progressive law enforcement officer.

Theodore took a selfie in his new Ontario provincial police uniform, and sent it to his parents, Mireille and Mathieu Jacques. They were so proud of him. The Haitian community of Ottawa needs more successful black men, especially in the fields of business and law enforcement. Theodore got a good night’s sleep, and reported for duty at the police station the next day. As he got in his car, he was aware of many folks looking at him. Women and men, everyone was looking at the tall, handsome brother in the police uniform. Theodore smiled at the onlookers, and headed to work. Sex and relationships could wait, duty calls.

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