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Black Lawman & Swiss Miss Sissy

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Black Lawman & Swiss Miss SissyLt. Jason Whitmore had always been different. The oldest c***d of a dentist and a schoolteacher, he had three younger siblings – all of whom worked in healthcare. Jason, on the other hand, joined a city police force after college and spent eight years working up the ranks. Then, he took a job with the U.S. Secret Service’s Uniformed Division. His career saw him provide physical security at the White House, the veep’s residence, and several foreign embassies in D.C. He also spent time as a tactical motorcycle cop in official motorcades.Jason had also been the sole member of his family to marry outside of his race. The woman he chose had pale skin, strawberry-blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. Despite his parents’ initial reservations, they came to accept his bride and doted on their grandc***dren from the very start. Alas, the couple grew apart emotionally. Amy requested a legal separation initially and went on to file for divorce. It had now been six years since the end of their marriage.Due to his work in law enforcement, he had absorbed some of the institutional biases that came along with heavy policing of inner cities. It subconsciously made him associate criminal behavior with Black males. He recognized that this was an issue and did his best to confront the assumptions when they arose in his mind. Since being with the Uniformed Division in D.C., his perceptions had changed somewhat, but deep down they were still there. A generally outgoing person, he had three very close friends in the metro area – two White men and one Black man, all cops. Most of his immediate circle were Caucasians.During the course of his career, he had the occasion to interact with diplomats on a regular basis. With a few he developed lasting friendships. He was on his way to have a drink with an old friend who was back in D.C. after three years splitting time between his home country of Switzerland and it’s consulates-general in San Fran.“Florin,” smiled Lt. Whitmore.“Hello, Jason! How are you,” the dishwater-blond, brown-eyed Swiss man beamed.“I’m well,” Jason stated. “Are we going to the bar?”“Absolutely.”Florin Schaub istanbul escort ordered a Pimm’s Cup. It consisted of Pimm’s No. 1, fresh squeezed lemon, mint, ENglish cucumber, ginger ale, and a splash of cucumber-infused vodka. Jason kept it simple choosing a draft domestic beer and whiskey neat.“So, you’re back in D.C.?”“For the time being it seems,” replied the economics specialist.“That’s a good thing,” grinned the medium-brown skinned father of two.“I think so. My wife is glad to get rid of me,” Florin belted a panicky laugh.“They do get tired of us,” Jason raised the glass of liquor.“I’m serious. She wants a divorce,” confessed the diplomat.“Sorry to hear that,” Jason turned serious. “My divorce made me feel like a failure at first, but I had to learn that not all relationships last forever.”“I know. It’s just that she’s found someone else.”“Oh. Well, it’s her loss. You’re a good husband and father.”“Thanks,” Florin drooped.Then, Jason looked down. He leaned closer and placed a hand on Florin’s shoulder blade. He whispered, “But you know you’re an even better bitch ass sissy,” He let it sink in and straightened back up.“That’s true,” Florin acquiesced. “Not to kill the mood, but how did you get through it?”“I enrolled in grad school. It gave me something to focus on. And honestly, a couple of my buds had gone through it and they forced me to talk about my feelings.”“Makes sense. I need something to focus on. Want to come to my room?”“Absolutely,” grinned the Black man.Florin took care of the tab. They walked the short distance to the hotel. In the elevator, the sexual tension was rife. In the room, Jason helped himself to a honey bourbon and ginger ale from the mini bar while Florin changed. He took off his clothes and sat there wearing a white ribbed A-shirt and green boxer briefs. He looked good with an in-shape physique from frequent gym visits. He no longer had abs, but his stomach was by no means pot-bellied. Women and twinks never complained about his looks.Florin returned. He was now ‘Fiona’.Fiona wore a black lace bra with silicone breast forms, a purple avcılar escort corset, a yellow lace g-string, black fishnet stockings, and a pair of strappy black stilettos. ‘She’ had on a long, platinum blonde wig and scads of makeup.“You look like a sexy whore,” Jason approved. “Come to Daddy!”“Thank you,” the slender vixen replied.They embraced. Even with the heels, Jason still had to lean down to kiss the gender bender.“It’s been too long,” the otherwise hetero man stated.“Gea,” Fiona murmured in her native tongue indicating agreement. She was at her most vulnerable.Jason touched her tenderly. “What language was that, babe?”“Romansch.”“How many do you speak again,” asked the Wake Forest alum.“Seven,” she reminded him.“Oh yeah. That’s right! You’re a polyglot.”“Yes,” she smiled with her eyes.Jason counted with his fingers as he said, “English. German. French. Italian. Romansch. Spanish. Uhh…”“And Czech.”“Oh yeah. Anyway, I wanna fuck you good!”Jason grabbed Fiona and tossed the dolled up crossdresser onto the bed. He climbed on top pinning down her arms by her wrists.“Take me, Daddy,” begged Fiona.“Oh I am,” assured the lawman. “You feel how hard you got my dick, gurl?”“Yes, Daddy,” she cooed as grinded against the hard 8-½ inch tool. “I need it!”“You’re about to get it!”He leaned down and kissed her neck. He straddled her chest and fed her his engorged manhood. Fiona sucked it passionately. He groaned with delight. “You give the best head, babe!”Jason slid back and entered Fiona’s pink pussy hole. He had one of her legs on his shoulder and held the other by the ankle. He thrust in slowly going in and out with about half the length of his rod. Fiona moaned with pleasure. “Oh my god! Fuck me! Give it to me, Daddy!”It was nice and slow. Methodical.Jason let the leg fall until it was hooked over the bend of his elbow. He pushed in deeper. All the way to the hilt.“Oh my god,” wailed Fiona. “It’s so big!”“You can take it, sexy,” Jason coaxed her.“Yes, sir,” she whined in some language he didn’t understand.“Dammit, bitch! This sissy pussy is tight!”“I keep it tight for you, baby!”“Hell yeah!”He şirinevler escort held her arms down and lowered his body to kiss her. He picked up the pace. He longstoked her booty hole. “Fuck me, Jason,” cried Fiona.“Yeah, bitch!”“I’m your fucking sissy bitch!”“Hell yeah! You like this big Black cock in you?”“I love that big Black cock, Daddy!”Jason moved Fiona 90 degrees. Now, they were laying across the bed. He kept pounding her missionary. “Are you going to give Daddy that sissy pussy whenever he wants it?“Oh yes! Yes, Daddy,” Fiona breathed.Jason pounded her hole.Next, he flipped her onto her stomach. He pushed one of her knees up to her chin. He thrust with every bit of his might. His brisk tempo caused her to wiggle and become creamy down there. “I love how wet this white sissy pussy gets!”“Fuck my white sissy pussy, Daddy!”“Yeah! I love fucking white sissy bitches with my big Black cock!”“It’s yours, Daddy! Give it to me.”“Hell yeah,” he choked her from behind. “Fuck me with that big Black cock!”“Oh yeah, sissy!”Jason lowered himself so he could nibble on Fiona’s neck and ears. He intimated to her, “You better not be giving this sissy pussy to anybody else!”“I won’t, Daddy,” Fiona pleaded. “My sissy pussy belongs to you!””You’re my little Swiss Miss sissy bitch!””Yes, Daddy!”Jason grabbed her up so that she was on all fours. He held her by the waist and hammered furiously. His balls slapped against Fiona’s hairless taint.“Fuck me, Daddy!”“Yeah, sissy bitch. Daddy’s gonna cum!”“Cum, Daddy! Give me that nut!”“Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”Jason huffed and convulsed after shooting a huge load of baby batter. They spooned for a little while. Jason drank some more, cleaned up, and found a driver through the app.When he got back to his apartment in northern Virginia, he was tipsy. He spotted a neighbor coming out of a unit a floor below his own. “Hey,” he smiled.“The leggy, caramel-skinned guy with dyed hair lisped, “Hey there! How are you?”“Pretty good! You?”“I’m alright.”“That’s good.”“You okay,” the effeminate dude asked because Jason was teetering. “Just had a lot to drink is all.”“Be safe.”“I’d be safer with you,” he slurred.“Really,” the punk pursed his lips.“Yeah! I like gurls like you.”“Tell you what. Let me run this errand and I’ll come see you later.”“Good deal. 1-4-3-4,” he said.The fine ass Black boi with the slim waist and fat booty headed away.Jason climbed the steps slowly and went into his apartment. He hoped the sissy would return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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