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Blackmailed My Hot Mom

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Blackmailed My Hot MomMy mom is a very sexy lady having big boobs and a tight ass. She has been my fascination and I have been very longing to fuck her. And my wish came true this January. My dad was out on a business trip and I was living with my mom alone in my house. One day, when I was away at college.My mom told me that she would be at her boss’s farmhouse making a presentation for the upcoming general meeting and told me to come to her boss’s house after college to have lunch there and pick her up. I agreed and after college took my bike and went to my mom’s boss farmhouse. The farmhouse was on the outskirts of the town in a lonely area by the river. It was a very quiet place and was well furnished too since the boss was a rich bastard.I parked my bike outside the house and called my mom, but she did not pick the phone up. I thought that she would be busy in making the presentation so I quietly went left the bike and went inside the farmhouse. As I was going to knock the door, to my surprise the door was unlocked. I thought it normal as there was no one around. So I went inside.I heard noises coming from the office room and so I quietly went up and started peeping from the open door.To my surprise I saw my mom standing in front of her boss with only wearing a short skirt and bra on the top. Her nipples were poking out of the bra which hardly managed her large boobs. The skirt was very short that it hardly covered her pussy. She was wearing stockings in the legs and heels.Seeing my mom in that hot sexy avatar I got a sudden hard-on. bursa escort My mom was looking like a girl in the strip club. And her boss was busy throwing money at her, changing music to which my mom was dancing and stripping. I was terrified at this and thought to go and stop my mom, but I paused because an idea hit my mind. I took out my camera and started recording the whole scene.After stripping my mom opened her boss’s pants and started stroking his dick with her boobs. Then she took it in her mouth and started licking it like a lollipop.Then she sat on her boss’s lap and inserted the dick inside her pussy. She gave out a loud cry. After that she started riding on his dick and his boss was also thrusting it inside. After 5 minutes her boss said to try another position but she refused saying that I would be coming to pick her up. And agreed to come here every day to enjoy the show. As she was leaving I quickly packed my camera and went out. Then I knocked the door and my mom came to open itMe: Mom why are you sweating?Mom: Beta, the Ac was off and we had to make an important presentation so we did it in the hot room.I knew what my mom was hiding. Moreover it looked like she had recently changed her dress, her saree was not made properly and her hair were loose. I could clearly see her cleavage from the saree hanging down. She was also not wearing any bras. But I remained quiet so that my mom did not could not suspect me.I came inside and had the lunch. Then I asked her boss whether I could see his farmhouse and he agreed. I quietly bursa escort bayan went to the office room and placed my camera there. My camera was specially programmed one such that I could switch it on from my cell phone. Then I took my mom and went home.The next day, as soon as my mom left, I started following her and saw her going to the same farmhouse. As she went in I quickly switched in the camera from my phone and then went away. This thing continued for 3 days and then there was the annual meeting. That night my mom did not come home. I called her and she said that she would be staying at her boss’s farmhouse for the night and would arrive early in his morning. I cut the phone and again switched on the camera. I thought that today it was her boss’s last day to enjoy and from tomorrow I would enjoy.My mom arrived at 9 o clock in the morning tired and slept at once. Then she went for some shopping. I saw her taking the car from the garage and then went to her room and checked it. I saw that my mom had many vibrators, dildos, and massage oils, sexy clothes like bikinis and short skirts and one pen drive. I inserted that pen drive my laptop and saw that it contained videos of my mom being fucked by the boss and also with some of the staff like the GM and the HR.Then there were many nude clicks of my mom with them. I was angry.When she came home, I went to her bedroom, inserted the pen drive into my laptop, took my pants off and started stroking my dick. My mom entered the room, saw me and thought that I was masturbating seeing porn escort bursa on the net. She came near me and then gave me a good scolding and looked at the laptop. It was her fucking video. She looked at me and I showed her all the videos that I had recorded from the secret cam, all the nude pics and the things in her wardrobe.Mom: where did you get all these?Me: I spied on you and saw everything which you’re doing with your staff and your boss and I would show all these thing to dad.Mom: please don’t do this. I would be ruined. I will do whatever you say.Me: Ok. Then…… you should obey me at all costs. First you would quit that job of yours and second….Mom: second what..?Me: I would also have the fun which your boss had.Mom: No, I would not do it. You’re my sonMe: Then I would show these things to dad.Mom: OkThat night I told mom to do the same stripping for me. She did and she was looking awesome. After stripping she took my dick into her mouth and started giving it a nice blowjob and said that my dick was larger than my father’s and her boss’s.After that, I took her to the bed and started banging her doggy-style. She was moaning very loudly. After 2-3 strokes my huge10 inch cock was completely inside her pussy and she was moaning loudly“Fuck me harder…harder…….harder, Oh Craig fuck your mom, punish her”. I increased my speed and cummed inside hereafter this I went to sleep.The next day she resigned from the office and told dad that she had to take care of her son at home. From that day I used to fuck her in all positions making her moaning loudly making her my sex slave. I fucked her at every place – in the bathroom, outside in our lawn, I our garage and inside the car. She also started loving my cock and agreed to get fucked without being blackmailed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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